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This spring, be prepared to revisit the days of big hair, bell-bottoms, and adorable puppets.

From the producers of Elemental and Once More, with Fruitcake comes a new collaborative series. Willow and Tara star in very special, all-star episodes of your favorite TV classics.

Relive the sappy romance of The Love Boat.
Go undercover with Charlie's Angels.
Battle a deadly virus with the Survivors.
Shout 'Yee-haw!' as you and the Dukes outwit Boss Hogg.
Sing along with the cheerful inhabitants of Fraggle Rock.
Wonder how She-Ra's sexy costumes ever made it past the censors (and remember to clean up your drool).

Award winning author DarkWiccan makes her group debut in the first episode of this amazing series.

Log in every Saturday, beginning April 1, for the newest addition to the series:

Saturday, April 01 -- Fraggle Rock by DarkWiccan
Saturday, April 08 -- Survivors by justin
Saturday, April 15 -- The Dukes of Hazzard by Sally McFine
Saturday, April 22 -- She-Ra: Princess of Power by Artemis
Saturday, April 29 -- The Love Boat by JustSkipIt
Saturday, May 06 -- Futurama by Artemis and Sally McFine
Saturday, May 13 -- Charlie's Angels by tarawhipped

Originally The Love Boat was scheduled to air on April 15th, rather than The Dukes of Hazzard. Click here for a broadcast from the WTTV Newsdesk explaining the change in scheduling.

And originally Charlie's Angels was scheduled to air on April 6th. Click here for an announcement from the WTTV Newsdesk explaining this change in scheduling.

But wait! There's more!

It wouldn't be Kitten Board TV without commercials and recaps! We'll be doing both!

Commercials provided by Hermitfish Media Advertising will air throughout the 6 weeks of series episodes.

Fanfictionwithoutpity recaps, featuring the inimitable watty -- with snarky assistance from the irrepressible GayNow -- will be unleashed beginning Saturday, May 13.

Clear your schedule!

Set your online TiVo!!

Stock up on snacks and the beverage of your choice!!!

Be ready for shows of a lifetime (as opposed to shows on Lifetime...blech)!!!!

RKT Productions is proud to bring you...

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"Why is Cam last? Cam should be first! I love Cam!" -- camlover

"Absolutely Amazing! I wouldn't change or delete a thing!" -- D'Throwned

"Kittens? It's better than Cats, and you don't have to dress up." -- Lez B. Friends

"mmm...commercials...giddy now." -- hermitgroupie

"Up until now, I didn't think it was possible to have *that* much hotness in one hour of TV." -- Tom Servo

"I feel so evil and skanky. I love it!" -- Leslie van Dyke

"The Kitten Show is better than The Amazing Kitten Race and Survivor: Ash Island combined!" -- Sally McFine's mom

"My TiVo fell in love and now refuses to record anything else." -- Crow T. Robot

"The Kitten Show gave me many orgasms while viewing it." -- Anya Jenkins, Whore-to-Culture Weekly

"This gets updated more regularly than Coming Back, so I like it!" -- SkippyMother

And see how WTTV has taken the world by storm...
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