Cameron of the Gay (aka tarawhipped), rogue member of RKT Productions, is missing! When last seen, she was heard to say, "Dude! That Love Boat director's cut was HAWT! I gotta find more! See ya later!"

It is our belief that she is lost somewhere in the cavernous vaults searching out more smutty deleted scenes from her favorite TV shows. A search party--consisting of AntigoneUnbound (who has also been suspiciously absent), Emms (who needed a break from writing her 52 million fics), and Cecile (who seems to be everywhere these days)--has been deployed. It is our hope that these three earstwhile members of the Kitten community will be successful in their mission.

Our goal is to have Cameron of the Gay returned to her computer by Saturday, May 13 so that she can post her contribution to "The Kitten Show."

We need your help!!

If you see Cameron of the Gay wandering around muttering about smutty scenes, please notify an RKT productions member at once.

In the meantime, we are happy to bring you...

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