Once More With Fruitcake: A Very Kitten Holiday Series

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So Elemental was a success. Most of all, the participants had a very enjoyable time with the collaborative workshop format.

We decided to do it again.

This Holiday season, the group that brought you Elemental brings you Once More, With Fruitcake: A Very Kitten Holiday Series.

Since it is Christmastime, it wasn't hard to come up with the theme – the Twelve Days of Christmas.

But Elemental had seven writers only?

We were seven writers and two betas. We persuaded one of the betas to take up the writing hat, and we added four new writers.


Yes, wow. Here's how we did it. We took the following:

The traditional 12 Days of Christmas song

The 12 Pains of Christmas parody song

A random activity normally associated with the Holiday season

Then we drew random lots and each writer was assigned a day. That's the only criteria: to include their assigned Traditional Day, Pain and Activity into a standalone fic.

We will kick off with Day 1 on Tuesday, December 13, there will be one new story every day until Saturday, December 24. Here's the posting order:

Dec 13, Day 1: Candle by SallyMcFine

Dec 14, Day 2: Specialfriends: A Very Special Christmas by Cyd

Dec 15, Day 3: Friendly Friends by JustSkipIt

Dec 16, Day 4: [Secret Santas] by Justin

Dec 17, Day 5: [A Holiday Pickup] by Tarawhipped

Dec 18, Day 6: [Winter Harvest] by Miss Kittys Ball O Yarn

Dec 19, Day 7: [Stardate: Christmas Eve] by Chris Cook (Artemis)

Dec 20, Day 8: [All You Can Eat] by GayNow

Dec 21, Day 9: [Your Not-So-Private Dancers] by AntigoneUnbound

Dec 22, Day 10: [Batteries Not Included?] by terra21

Dec 23, Day 11: [Highland Fling] by watson

Dec 24, Day 12: [UCSD Radio Presents: Christmas Carol Competition 2005] by Wiccanbotanist

Feel free to leave feedback on the Kitten board any time during the 12 days or afterwards. However, feedback replies from individual writers will be posted on the Kitten after the last story has been posted.

We hope you enjoy this series and Happy Holidays!

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