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The Sex Journals

Author: Washi (ZWS)
Rating: NC-17 baby!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Joss does or whoever. If I owned them, do you really think I would let season 6 happen? And why the hell would I be writing this? So yeah, all belongs to Joss, ME etc...
Note: In this part, I wink at JustSkipIt's Please. I hope you'll like this, even though I know it won't be as good. Thanks for the great fics Deb.

Willow arrived home later that afternoon. She dropped her keys on the end table near the phone and noticed her lover's key set was there too.

"Tara?" Willow called out. "Baby? I'm home!"

She heard footsteps upstairs and then her lover's voice drifted down to her ears.

"Honey, could you start cutting the salad? Dinner's pretty much ready!"

"Sure baby." Willow said as she walked towards the small bathroom. She washed her hands and went to the kitchen. She got out the vegetables she needed and started cutting them, as her mind drifted to the proposal scene again.

<Mmm, now where was I? Oh, yes. The moon is just rising, we're on a romantic picnic, and now, I gotta give her the speech... Ok, think Rosenberg, romantic, but not too sappy. I don't wanna guilt her into it. Yeah, Romantic. Ok, let's think... Ok: Tara, my love, we've been together for five years now, and I've been loving each and every moment I've spent with you... Ok, no, she'll think I wanna break up or something.... Damn! Ok. Tara, my love, I love you, you love me, let's get hitched? NO! Ok, that was bad, very bad. And there should be no badness while proposing, and that wasn't romantic at all. Ok...>

Willow was startled from her thoughts when she felt two very cold hands drift under her blouse.

"Eep!" she squeaked as the cold hands touched her warm skin.

She tried to turn around, but she was pinned against the counter by a warm curvaceous body. She felt warm full lips placing soft delicate kisses behind her ear.

"Mmmm... someone's feeling horny..." Willow breathed out as the lips continued their tasting.

"I missed you... I want you." Tara's husky voice replied before she lightly sucked on the skin behind Willow's ear.

Willow moaned softly before replying. "Mmm, I do too."

"So, can I have you? Right here, right now..."

Willow's hands joined Tara's under her shirt and she laced their fingers together before moving both hands to her own satin-clad breasts. She squeezed them, muffling a groan as her nipples swelled under her lover's cold touch.

"Take me. I'm yours." she whimpered as Tara's fingernails started scraping lightly over the satin covering her erect nipples.

"Baby, that feels so good..." Willow continued as she felt the contact sending sparks to her center.

Willow closed her eyes and rested her head on her lover's shoulder while Tara continued kissing and licking her neck, trailing her scorching lower lip up the smooth flesh. Tara's nimble fingers squeezed and rolled Willow's nipples through the fabric of her bra, and Willow could do nothing to refrain from rocking her hips slowly, looking for friction.

And suddenly, the hands, lips and body that were touching her body withdrew.

"Wha...?" Willow tried asking.

She found Tara's lips on hers, tasting, teasing, and her tongue inside of her mouth, flicking and swirling against hers. And suddenly, they were gone again.

"Take off your clothes and get on the counter kitten." Tara demanded, her voice husky but controlled.

Willow knew what this meant. The simple use of the word kitten triggered a whole other way of acting and Willow lowered her head.

"Yes Tara."

Willow quickly disrobed and moved to kneel on the counter, her head bent and her hands behind her back.

Tara let a pleased grin flicker on her lips as her heart swelled with love for her lover.

<So obedient my kitten... So eager, and all mine... My kitten...> Tara thought proudly.

When they had started this game a few years ago, she had never thought they'd enjoy it that much. She had never thought, or dreamed about some of the things she had done before she actually did them, and since then, she did dream about them at times, in very vivid detail.

She looked at her kitten, still kneeling on the counter and smiled.

"Oh, kitten..." she called.

Willow immediately responded. "Yes Tara."

"Lay down on your back for me kitten, but on the width of the counter."

"Yes Tara." Willow replied as she shifted her position, her legs dangling down one side of the counter, her neck straining to keep her head up.

"Relax kitten. You can let your head down."

"Thank you Tara." The kitten replied as she let her head fall back.

Tara removed her own clothing and opened the freezer and pulled out a tray of ice.

"Kitten, I wanna play. You know the rules?"

"Yes Tara." The kitten replied immediately.

<Boy, do I know the rules! No coming until Mistress says. No jerking or rolling my hips. Pleasing my Mistress.>

"Good kitten."

Tara took the ice cube tray and put it near where her kitten was laid down. She pondered for a minute about what she wanted to do before she dragged a chair to where her kitten's upper torso was. She took out an ice cube and moved it to her lover's right breast. The melted ice dripped on the kitten's aureole and nipple, making it swell even more.

Tara put her left foot on the chair before giving her kitten direction.

"Kitten, you will pleasure me like this, and if you're a good kitten, I'll give you a reward. You can use your mouth, tongue and your fingers."

"Yes Tara, thank you Tara." The kitten said before moving her head a bit and plunging her tongue into her Mistress's wet folds.

Tara moaned and lowered the ice cube to rub it over her kitten's breasts. When Willow's breasts reddened, Tara stopped rubbing the ice cube and pinched the right nipple hard.

The kitten's tongue stopped lapping for an instant as she moaned, but she quickly got back to her task. After licking at her mistress's wetness, she licked upwards until her tongue collided with her clit. Willow stiffened her tongue and started rubbing the hard nub in circles, her Mistress's moans showing that she liked what the kitten was doing.

"Good kitten! I love your tongue kitten."

Willow nodded and kept circling Tara's clit until she felt Tara pull hard at her hair.

"I said I love your tongue kitten." she repeated.

"Thank you Tara, I'm glad it pleases you." Willow replied, feeling bad for not having replied directly to her Mistress's praise.

"Good kitten. Go back to pleasuring me." Tara replied as she let go of Willow's hair. "But I will punish you later for your lack of response when I praised your tongue kitten."

Willow moaned before replying. "Yes Tara, thank you Mistress Tara."

Willow's tongue now took a different path as she circled her lover's dripping opening, before dipping in.

"Mmm, that feels so good kitten." Tara moaned before she bit on her lover's left nipple.

Willow hissed. "Thank you Tara."

"No more talking now kitten. You have to pleasure me." Tara ordered as she took Willow's cold and hard right nipple into her mouth, sucking it hard.

Willow nodded and kept herself from bucking her hips. She concentrated on giving her Mistress pleasure, like the good kitten she was. She entered her Mistress's tunnel with two fingers and began pumping into her.

"Oh yes Kitten! That feels so good." Tara panted.

Tara continued teasing her kitten by sucking on her nipples and her hand began its journey to her kitten's center. She parted her swollen pussy lips and stroked her briefly, proud that her kitten hadn't bucked her hips.

"Oh kitten, you're... soo... wet..." Tara gasped out as her kitten's fingers thrust deeper into her. "I think you'd like me to... push my fingers... into you... just like you're doing... and make you come... But you'll have... to wait... goddess kitten! That's amazing!" Tara moaned out as her kitten started sucking on her clit while her fingers were still thrusting into her.

One of Tara's hands moved to hold the counter as the thrusts got more powerful, her hips rocking against her kitten's face and fingers as they pleasured her. The other hand was now leisurely fingering her Kitten's opening and stroking her hard smooth clit.

Willow tightened her muscles, not wanting to come, her Mistress's teasing words and actions having brought her up to the edge. She focused on sucking harder on her lover's pearl and thrusting harder into her. She felt her Mistress's inner muscles start to quiver and she knew that she was close, so she sucked even harder on her clit, her fingers tapping against her lover's inner walls.

"Oh Kitten! My Kitten! Oh Yes! YES!!!!!" Tara gasped out, the volume of her voice raising as she came, drenching her kitten's face and hand.

But the kitten didn't stop. Even though her Mistress's walls were clamped tightly around her fingers, she continued moving them, rubbing against what she knew was Tara's pleasure-spot.

And Tara came again, her hips jerking, her whole body tensed up.

"Stop... No more..." she gasped out, panting.

The kitten immediately stopped moving and when Tara's muscles relaxed, she slowly pulled out and began gently licking her clean, reveling in the taste of her Mistress's pleasure.

When Willow was done. She looked up at her Mistress.

"Thank you for having let me pleasure you Mistress Tara."

Tara smiled down at her kitten and bend down to give her a quick kiss.

"I love you my kitten. You may now come as many times as you want." Tara said walking to the other side of Willow's body, and in between her legs.

"Thank you Mistress." Willow uttered before letting her head fall back as she felt Tara's tongue in her pussy.

Her Kitten had done a good job on her and Tara felt she had to reward her kitten's efforts. She went straight to her lover's opening and thrust her tongue in, her kitten's hips moving with her. She started fucking her kitten with her tongue while her fingers were pinching and rubbing her lover's swollen clit.

Tara just loved the feel of this, being inside her lover with her tongue, feeling the inner muscles squeeze her tongue, warm, wet, inviting. She paused for a second to tease her kitten some more.

"You like it when I fuck you with my tongue kitten? Or is it better when I fuck you with my fingers or with a dildo?"

"Whichever pleases you Tara." Willow moaned, tossing her head from side to side as she felt even more of her essence gush out with her Mistress's teasing. The position she was in was weird, and she felt herself become lightheaded.

"I think I'm going to get the harness kitten. You can sit up, but don't play without me."

"Yes Tara. Thank you Tara." Willow said, sitting up, the throbbing between her legs almost painful.

Tara gave her a slow kiss before going upstairs to get the leather harness.

The kitten heard her mistress come down the stairs and she ducked her head, strands of red hair falling over her face, obscuring it. She could feel her juices dribble down her thighs as she thought of the possibilities her mistress had in the kitchen to punish her for not replying when her mistress had praised her tongue. From her position, kneeling on the counter with her head lowered, the Kitten could see Tara's legs as she walked towards her.

"Kitten, I trust you haven't played alone while I was getting the harness."

"I haven't played by myself Tara." the kitten obediently said.

"Good kitten. Now, let's give you your reward for pleasuring me so well. Put this on me." Tara said, dangling the harness in one hand and the transparent red dildo in the other.

But instead of the 'yes Tara' she was used to, she heard her kitten say:

"But Mistress, weren't you supposed to punish me for not having responded to your praise on my tongue?"

Tara thought for a second before she replied.

"Make that double punishment now. I told you to put it on me, and you should have. But your intentions were good. Get down from the counter kitten."

"Yes Tara." The kitten said as she got down, her eyes behind her back and her head lowered.

Tara looked around the kitchen for a second before dragging the chair she had used to prop up her leg towards Willow. Then, she went to a side drawer and rummaged through the various utensils, before her hand touched a sturdy wooden spatula.

<Mmm, this one's pretty good.> she thought as she twirled it in her hand, finally choosing it.

She left it on the counter before she crossed the room and went to stand behind her kitten.

"Kitten, hold on to the chair's back."

The kitten did as she was told, leaving in her tight ass in the air for her Mistress's punishment, her breasts dangling lightly.

Tara looked at her lover, noticing the wetness on her inner thighs and the round curve of her ass.

<That milky skin... so round, so smooth...> Tara thought just before she reached out and caressed her kitten's firm ass. <And it's going to be so red...>

"You may not come. I changed my mind. You can only come when I tell you to."

"Yes Mistress." she replies, the tension in her body showing her anticipation.

Tara circled the chair before bending slightly to twist on her kitten's hard left nipple, earning her a moan. Her mouth was near her kitten's ear.

"Kitten, I'm going to spank you, fifteen blows, and then, I'm going to fuck you on the counter. Would like you that? Ramming Mistress deep into you, but you not coming until I tell you you can. Feeling the tension in your body rise, while I pump into you and taunt and tease you, my hand in your hair, pulling it. And, then, finally telling you to come, to come all over me... That would be so nice kitten, wouldn't it?" Tara said, twisting her kitten's nipple once more.

Willow felt her clit throb and her juices trickle down her thighs.

<Oh gods! That'd be fucking great!>

"Yes Tara." she whimpered, breathing heavily.

Tara moved and pinched the other nipple hard, twisting it. Willow moaned again, the contact sending trails of arousal to her soaked pussy. Her clit was hard and swollen to it's maximum. Tara had climaxed already, but the kitten was still waiting for her Mistress's command to come. And her Mistress's teasing wasn't helping her control.

Tara continued pinching and twisting her kitten's nipples for a few minutes, varying intensity, before moving to the counter and getting the spatula. She moved behind her kitten, raising her hand.

"Count!" Tara said before the first blow of the spatula ended on her kitten's smooth ass.

"One! Thank you Tara." the kitten moaned, the throbbing in her clit become painful.

Each blow Tara laid on the kitten's ass left a bright red pear-shaped mark on the pale skin. By the time the kitten called "Fifteen! Thank you Tara!", all the skin of her ass was bright red.

"Are you okay, my love?" Tara asked her lover, checking to make sure.

"Yeah. Don't worry, if it's too much, I'll safe word." Willow replied, smiling at her lover, even though tears of frustration were leaking from her eyes.

"Okay love." Tara whispered in a soothing voice before kissing Willow lightly. She stood up.

"Now Kitten, put this one me."

"Yes Mistress." The kitten replied, taking the harness and the dildo from her Mistress.

She crouched down, her cold heels touching her reddened ass, making her moan at the change of temperatures. She slipped the harness onto her lover's legs, sliding it up until the base of the dildo sat against Tara's core. She tightened the straps until the harness was snug, but not too tight, and the dildo was pressing firmly against Tara's clit. The kitten got back up on her feet, head bowed and waited for her Mistress's orders.

"Scoot onto the counter kitten, but not fully, just enough for your ass to rub against the counter top when I fuck you." Tara told her kitten, her voice thick and mellow.

<Oh Goddess! That sounds so fucking hot!>

"Yes Mistress." The kitten whispered as she got on the counter top, her ass rubbing against the counter top, the moisture from her center not quite letting her flesh slide as much as it was dragged across the surface, reviving the pain.

"Does it hurt kitten?" Tara said, looking up Willow's body lustily.

"Yes Tara." The kitten replied, her eyes fixed on the ground, even though she was dying to look at her Mistress, her once shy lover who was about to take her for one hell of a ride.

"Look at me Kitten." Tara said, sensing that her kitten wanted to look at her, to watch her.

The kitten raised her eyes and was struck speechless. Her Mistress was gorgeous, and Willow's heart filled with pride.

<Look at my Mistress! She's so beautiful, and she's mine, my Mistress... I wonder what I did to have this wonderful person in my life, but whatever it is, I'll do anything to keep her.>

"Mistress, you look amazing." The kitten said, looking at her lover's body, shining with sweat and arousal.

"Thank you kitten. Now, spread your legs open for me."

The kitten immediately complied, spreading her legs as much as she could, restring more of her weight on her arms, which were resting on the counter top.

Tara's eyes dropped to her kitten's glistening pussy, and she licked her lips. She was open and ready for her, her wetness smeared all over her inner thighs. Tara could smell her kitten's arousal from where she was standing, and her mouth watered at the thought of tasting her kitten. But right now, all she wanted to do was to fuck her kitten.

She walked over to the kitten and teased her ultra-sensitive nipples, twirling her tongue lightly around them. The kitten moaned and her arms started trembling lightly, but she had to remain up, and so, concentrating, she straightened her arms, and the trembling lessened.

Tara continued teasing the kitten, until she pulled a nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. The kitten couldn't do anything but toss her head back, moan and push herself into her Mistress's mouth.

Tara continued sucking while she ran the silicone dildo up and down her lover's soaked inner lips and clit, lubricating it and teasing the kitten mercilessly. Tara stopped sucking and her mouth migrated to her kitten's neglected nipple, while one of her hands went to the kitten's right hip, steadying her as she simultaneously bit down on the sensitive nub and slipped the extension into her kitten's flooded well.

The kitten let out a long drawn-out moan, the double feeling of being filled by Mistress and of Tara's teeth skittering around her nipple almost overwhelming.

"You like this, don't you kitten?" Tara teased as she began slowly rocking her pelvis back and forth, the extension moving inside her kitten.

"Yes Mistress, I.... Love it." The kitten moaned.

"Wrap your legs around me kitten so that Mistress will reach deeper into you." Tara said as she began thrusting faster and deeper into her kitten, the redhead's hips moving with her, rubbing her ass on the counter.

"Yessssss Tara." The kitten hissed as she wrapped her legs around her Mistress's hips.

Tara continued pounding into her kitten furiously, occasionally twisting a nipple or biting it. Willow's face was contorted in agony, she couldn't come until her Mistress told her she could, and the sensations building inside her were almost overwhelming. She kept biting her lower lip, trying to hold on, and the pressure broke the skin.

Tara could feel her orgasm getting closer and closer with each thrust as the base of the extension pressed against her clit. Willow was so wet, there was a squishy sound every time Tara drove the dildo into her. Tara felt the tightening in her body and knew that the next thrust would make her come.

"Come kitten, come for me!" she commanded.

As soon as the words registered in Willow's brain, she let go, her inner muscles clenching tightly around the extension as she came, screaming on top of her lungs.


And Tara came with her, the trembling of her body making the extension vibrate inside of Willow as she came again and again, drenching Tara's leather-clad pelvis.

As they finally relaxed, Tara pulled out of her kitten and Willow fell back on the counter, panting from exertion.

"Are you okay baby?" Tara checked.

"Yeah... I love you." Willow replied, her voice showing her post-coital bliss.

"Mmm, love you too."

Tara smiled and took off the harness, before moving on top of the counter and laying down with Willow. They rested for a while before moving to clean up their toys and taking a shower together, wrapped in a cocoon of bliss.

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