Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.
Note: Part one of this fic was originally posted as part of a smut challenge (Lists). I decided to expand on it. I will post updates sporadically as inspiration strikes. Thoughts are in italics.

After waiting a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the light or lack thereof, Tara continued entering the bar. Goddess, why is it always so dark in these places? she wondered. She nearly had to squint to make out the bar area through the smoke rising especially thickly over the pool tables.

Her confident manner somewhat betrayed the slight trepidation she felt on entering the strange bar. Looking around as she advanced toward the bar, she finally reached the flat surface. Her heart leapt to her throat as she spotted the woman at the end of the bar. Approaching her slowly, she made and maintained eye contact while assessing her.

The redhead leaning against the bar was obviously nervous although she attempted to portray a casual stance. One arm rested on the bar while the other held a drink: intended to give her courage? Release inhibitions? Relax her? Quench her thirst? The last seemed doubtful. She leaned back so that the middle part of her back pressed against the metal bar and she kept switching her weight from one foot to the other, thus giving away her nervousness to the blonde.

Moving slowly, Tara allowed her eyes to trail and linger lustily over the other woman. She appreciated a nicely selected outfit and accessories. Or perhaps, nicely wasn't the right word? Maybe carefully selected would be more appropriate. The redhead wore a very short black mini with a low-cut white blouse. Her hair was pulled back from her face. Although Tara couldn't make out the eye color in the darkness of the bar, she knew that they would be emerald green.

After taking a few moments to leer at the smaller woman's legs and breasts, Tara's gaze moved to her neck. A neck that sported, thank the Goddess, a tightly woven black leather choker. Aware the other woman was watching her every move and glance, she stared at her neck and choker for a few seconds before moving her glance to take in the less delicate black leather band around the redhead's right wrist.

Willow watched carefully as the blonde approached. It hadn't taken long after she entered the bar for the other woman to notice her. She hadn't even ordered a drink before turning to slowly approach. That's ok, I've had 3 in less than an hour, that's enough for both of us she thought nervously. The redhead was nervous about this. She'd never gone to a bar for the purpose of attracting someone before let alone... Well, what she was hoping for, desperate for, praying for.

But shit and damn and fuck. Something was certainly working whether it was the carefully selected clothes or her stance because the blonde was approaching. Willow swallowed nervously as she watched the other woman take in her appearance. Speaking of appearances, the blonde definitely had her attention. She wore a tight pair of black jeans, black boots, and red silk shirt. Her blonde hair was pulled loosely back, showing a pair of ears that were so "cute" they made the Willow smile in spite of her nervousness.

Striding in confidently in spite of her slow pace, Tara kept her eyes fixed on the redhead's. She was aware that the woman was watching her intently and the smile let her know that she liked what she saw approaching.

Willow gulped loudly as the blonde moved toward and into her rapidly decreasing personal space. Moving forward until their lower bodies touched lightly, the blonde reached out her hand to run it lightly over the choker at Willow's neck. Tracing the weave with her fingertips and allowing them to stray over the other woman's skin elicited sparks of almost electric energy to flow through both bodies.

Willow felt almost incapacitated by blonde's touch on her skin. It hit her with a jolt. The energy instantly permeated her body and soul and she allowed a small sound to escape her lips as she whimpered wordlessly. The blonde's eyes held her own prisoner as she stared deeply into the pools of blue.

Enjoying the feel of her hands on the soft skin of the smaller woman and the appreciative moan it elicited, Tara nonetheless wanted to take her time. Without stopping the tracing motion of her hand on the redhead's neck, she reached out with her other hand to wrap the fingers around the redhead's drink hand.

Removing the drink, she slowly set it on the bar. She returned her hand to the now empty one, feeling the cold still trapped in the skin from the liquid and ice in the glass. She traced her hand up the cold fingers to the other woman's wrist. In a deliberately seductive and sensual motion, she traced that hand up the redhead's wrist, the soft meaty flesh of her forearm and sensitive crook of her elbow, outside the upper arm, over her shoulder, and behind her head.

Running her fingers through the red curly locks a few times, she tested the tension of the curls. The hair was soft and luxurious and she looked forward to playing with it later. Entwining her fingers in the hair, near the scalp, she tightened her grip as she leaned closer.

Without ceasing the motion of her fingertips on the now warm choker and neck, she whispered in the redhead's ear: "What's your name?" Enjoying the close contact and feeling of the other woman's hair wrapped around her fingers, she didn't move back as she finished her brief question.

A low-flying aircraft of emotion and energy, Willow took a moment to register the question from the blonde. Barely audibly she croaked out, "Willow. What..."

The simultaneous sensation of fingers tightening around her hair and the finger that the blonde removed from her choker pressing softly against her lips ceased her speech immediately. Pressing her finger to Willow's lips, Tara looked her deeply in the eye. Green! "Buy me a drink," Tara whispered as she dropped her hold on the smaller woman's tresses, turning quickly to stride away.

Willow watched in shock as the blonde turned quickly and confidently to walk away from her. Not wanting the other woman to see her hesitating to obey her command, she turned back to the bar before the blonde could check on her. After gaining the attention of a bartender and shouting over the din of the bar to order the drink, she turned back to survey the bar and find the blonde.

She sat alone at a table at the edge of the dance floor. After perfecting her departure from Willow, leaving the smaller woman standing shocked and deserted with one instruction to follow, Tara had glanced back only once to see the redhead already turned toward the bar, fulfilling her first request. No, maybe request wasn't the right word. That thought brought a smile to Tara's eyes as she began imagining the night ahead.

She gave no help to the redhead as she turned to quickly survey the bar, a look of desperate hope on her face until and after she located the blonde. Tara stared at the approaching woman, moving quickly if not confidently and carrying her drink in front of her along with a napkin. How very neat of her.

Willow blushed red as she moved toward the table that housed the relaxed blonde. Goddess, how can she look so relaxed when I'm carrying her first drink and I've had three? I know I look a mess. Fuck. What am I doing??? She could feel as well as see the blonde's eyes on her. Although the eyes were locked on Willow's green ones, she felt as if the other woman was looking elsewhere: at her, over her, through and into her.

Reaching the table, Willow realized that it held only one chair: the one the blonde sat in. She stopped next to the table and reached out to set down the napkin before placing the drink on it. Her nervousness betrayed her as she shook setting the drink down, spilling precious drops onto her hand.

Tara darted her hand quickly to grasp Willow's wrist before she could retract it after setting down the drink. Pulling the offending hand toward her, Tara brushed her fingers over the wet before taking the fingers in her mouth. She slowly licked the drops from the smaller woman's digits before quickly releasing her hand completely. Picking up her drink from the table, she ran her tongue over her lips before taking a slow drink, knowing that Willow watched her every move, just as she should.

Not releasing her hold on the drink or the other woman, Tara again whispered her intent: "Dance for me Willow." Slowly, she released Willow's wrist.

Willow gulped once before glancing down, her nervousness obvious in response to Tara's request. Or again, not request. Uh, ok, dance. Dance for her. Ok, walk to dance floor, listen to beat, face her. Shit. Calm down. You can do this. Fuck! Willow found her internal dialog helped her to transverse the short distance to the dance floor and begin swaying to the music.

Fortunately, the dance floor was nearly deserted and most people were either at the bar ordering or drinking their beverages, playing pool, or visiting with their friends. Willow's nervousness would only have been augmented by an awareness of a crowd of people watching her, although her awareness of the blonde watching her was enough.

As she sipped her drink appreciatively, Tara watched Willow dance. The redhead was moving slowly to the music, her entire being focused on the blonde and her reactions. Her nervousness was evident with every movement and breath and that could only be a good thing. Before the music could change, Tara had ordered another drink from a passing cocktail waitress and now enjoyed a second while still watching the redhead dance.

Willow was really getting into her performance now, running her hands through her hair and over her leather choker as the blonde had done. The blonde had given up any pretense of staring at her eyes, and allowed her eyes to linger lustily on her legs, hands, breasts, and waist. She leered at the inverted V formed by the smaller woman's legs before locking the redhead's eyes once again. Setting her drained drink back on the table, she waved her fingers casually at Willow as if ordering another drink or some other insignificant addition to a meal.

Tara felt pleased as the Willow immediately ceased dancing and approached the table, dropping to kneel casually at Tara's side and lowering her eyes to the blonde's booted feet. Nearly ready to get out of the smoke and crowd of the bar, Tara ventured one last question: "Do you have a safe word Willow?" She drew out the last syllable, allowing the ll and w sound to roll over and under her tongue and lips, taking up residence for a few seconds in each location.

The question confirmed Willow's highest hopes and greatest fears all in one simple sentence. The way that the blonde played with her name emphasized the way she knew this woman would play with her. "Unicorn," the redhead whispered back. Jesus Christ. What am I doing? Fuck.

For a second, Tara had worried that Willow was about to back out of this encounter, that the request for a safe word was too far, that it confirmed in an undeniable way where they were going. But her voice, while quiet, was clear and unhesitating. Tara laughed internally Unicorn. Good choice. Can't imagine how that would come up in casual conversation. Not that we're going to have casual conversation. Her mouth turned up in a sly smirk at the last thought just before she raised Willow's face to look at her. Leaning forward, she kissed the redhead quickly as she spoke the one word she knew she was waiting for: "Tara": a word Willow wanted to know. Needed to know. Had to know.

Like the Goddess Willow thought as the blonde took her hand, pulling her to her feet and toward the door. Tara never looked back as she moved confidently against the tide now as more and more women entered the bar, the noise rising against the space and smoke. Exiting the building, both women were relieved to feel the cooler air and to escape from the overwhelming cacophony of voices, music, and pool balls.

Willow wondered briefly where Tara was taking her as they rounded the corner by the entrance before she realized that for once, she didn't need to wonder. She didn't need to wonder about anything, to plan for anything. A hot feeling filled her nipples and clit as she realized I can't plan anything. I just do whatever she says. Whatever. She was tempted temporarily to worry as she noted that the blonde had led them into the alley next to the bar. Alleys – never a good idea in Sunnydale.

Suddenly, she felt her body pressed up against the brick wall of the club. Tara looked at Willow as if stalking her prey. Of course, she had already captured her prey but still, she looked like a wild animal, surveying a delicious meal and planning for later. She ran her hand once again over the choker and then placed her palm against the solid wall next to Willow's head. Leaning in, she ran her tongue over the choker and up the redhead's jugular, nipping it playfully and then more roughly. Taking a secure grip with her teeth on the redhead's upper neck, she was disappointed to hear Willow fail to choke off a quiet but sudden, "ow."

Digging her teeth infinitesimally tighter into the skin for a second, and then placing her fingers on the redhead's lips, she drew back. "No," she whispered firmly.

As the Willow lowered her eyes, she whispered her apology, "I'm sorry Tara." She knew that in all actuality, she should drop to her knees but the blonde's body pressed firmly against hers and the fingers wrapped once again in her hair her made it clear that Tara didn't want that. And that was all that was important. Wasn't it?

She felt slightly ashamed for allowing the whimper to escape from her lips. Briefly she doubted her ability to carry through with this game. With this this this... If a mere bite on the neck elicited a cry of pain from her, what would happen later when Tara's attentions surely intensified. Would she break? Would she accept it and pass any test handed her by this blonde, this Goddess, her Goddess tonight? If she failed, if she disappointed, would it be better or worse? How to even judge that and what is better and what is worse?

Willow's body trembled with a combination of excitement, fear, and discomfort. Part of her neck still throbbed painfully where Tara had dug her teeth in both before and after Willow's forbidden exclamation. While Tara's fingers in her hair did not actually hurt, they let her know who was in charge and added a hint of pain. She knew that Tara could twist her fingers or hand slightly to punish or play with her. Small nubs of sharp mortar pressed into her back where Tara's weight held her against the rough wall. Her nipples felt almost painfully erect against the rough lace of her bra and she could feel her wetness already bathing her.

Tara felt shock at Willow's little outburst. Such a small thing and yet... If a small bite elicited that sound. That couldn't be good. Ok, maybe it could be good. It depended on what you considered good. Good could be more play and more reason to play. If Willow was that ill-trained, it could turn out to be a very long and very fun night. A part of the blonde thrilled to the thought of the redhead's futile resistance. Oh yes, this was likely to be a very long and very fun night.

Part of being in charge, Tara thought, was in controlling tempo and tone. In keeping the other woman off guard. Lessening her pressure against the smaller woman's body slightly to allow her relief from the wall which the blonde knew must be digging into her back, she released her fingers from the redhead's curly locks and brushed her fingertip down the slightly freckled face. Lifting Willow's chin to meet her gaze, she slowly lowered her lips to softly touch the other woman's. Gently she pressed her lips to Willow's as the redhead began to return the kiss.

Wrapping her arms gently around the smaller woman, Tara pulled Willow into a soft embrace as she quested gently with her tongue. Pleased to find the redhead immediately open to the intrusion, she darted her tongue quickly against Willow's lips and teeth. The redhead let out a low moan before gently sucking the tip of Tara's tongue within her mouth. Tara enjoyed the sound of the moan echoing through her body as she again looked forward to the evening Oh Goddess, if a gentle kiss elicits that sound, what sounds will this woman make later? Soundlessly the blonde removed her mouth from the kiss to trail her tongue across Willow's jaw and lick up her neck.

Willow felt lost in the sensation of the gentle kiss the two women shared. She felt glad that her moan was taken appreciatively by the other woman. Feeling the strong arms wrapped against her, arms which had released her from the pain of the mortar pressing into her tender back, Willow melted into their embrace. The trailed kiss across her face was comforting and disturbing at the same instant. The tenderness was such a contrast to to to ...

And now there the contrast is. Willow tried to relax as she felt Tara's teeth press softly and then more firmly into her flesh. To pour herself and her trust into those strong bones working toward piercing her tender flesh. As the pressure of those teeth increased and not wanting to fail the blonde or herself again, Willow bit down on her own lip to contain any exclamation of pain. Her teeth moved in mirror to those on her neck and she felt the salty taste of her own blood against her tongue as Tara released her hold, licking and kissing the spot where her teeth had created a firm impression of ownership.

Pleased with Willow's commitment to not making the same mistake again, Tara ran her fingertips again through the smaller woman's hair. She kissed the redhead on the mouth as gently as she had bitten roughly. Tasting the trace of blood on Willow's lip, she understood immediately why the woman had this time been able to resist making any sound. Oh, she could really appreciate that type of resistance. Not many types of resistance sounded good but that type, oh yeah. Darting her tongue out, she softly licked the blood from Willow's lips: "oh, you cut your lip. Does that hurt?" she teased.

As she was attempting the difficult process of forming understandable words, Willow felt the blonde's hand on her leg. She succeeded in not reacting with surprise to the intimate contact. Instead she answered the only words she could find: "Yes Tara."

"Say that again," the blonde whispered.

"Yes Tara."

Continuing to snake her hand under Willow's skirt, Tara half-teased, half-promised the smaller woman, "You will have plenty of opportunities to use that phrase tonight."

Willow felt the blonde's anger immediately as the fingers which were wound in her hair tightened and she felt herself roughly pushed against the wall of the building. She felt Tara's fingers wrap around the edge of her dripping wet panties, winding them to tighten them against her skin. Tara's anger was barely contained in her speech to the redhead. "Off now," she commanded pushing the redhead from her and taking a step back. How much training do I need to do tonight? As a smile crossed her face at her thoughts, she observed Willow's quick reaction to her instruction.

"Yes Tara," Willow spoke as she quickly pulled the panties down over her thighs, calfs, and finally shoes. The soaked silk left a thin trail of dampness as it passed over her tight flesh before coming to rest in her hand. Unsure what to do with them, she stood there intent on the woman in front of her.

Tara pressed her hand into the bunched up panties, appreciating the thoroughly soaked material for a moment as she allowed her hand and the hand of the other woman to absorb the dampness. She could smell Willow's excitement and feel her own. Dropping the offending panties to the ground, she retained her hold on the damp hand. "I'll drive," she announced as she started from the alley, trailing Willow behind her.

Reaching the car quickly, Tara felt some relief. The visit to the alley was very fun and revealed a bit to each woman about the other. But it also carried danger of discovery, from other people visiting the bar or something else. Any number of something elses. In a town like Sunnydale, these games would be better played in the "safety" of a home.

Glancing around, she opened Willow's door, placing the smaller girl in the car before locking the door and shutting it. As she entered the car on her side, she was pleased to see the redhead sitting quietly hands folded in her lap, seemingly concentrating on those hands. Tara began the drive in silence.

Willow sat in the passenger seat of the car concentrating on not moving. She stared intently on her hands folded in her lap as she knew they should be. It was so hard not to turn and look at the beautiful woman next to her. To even sneak a look by cutting her eyes to the side but she knew better. In retrospect, she now knew that the panties were a mistake. Yes, saying "Ow" was a mistake but she hoped that she had made up for that with the next bite. But the panties...

Willow no longer felt the anger radiating from Tara as it had in the instant she had contacted the offending material. She might think this was a good thing. That perhaps the blonde had let it go. But. But Willow knew better. No one with the level of experience she assumed the blonde held ever let something like that go.

She tried to control her breathing to keep from feeling the fear that pooled within her chest. Fear of what was coming. Fear of losing control. No, not losing control: giving up control. Because isn't that what this game is all about? About saying "you are in control and I am yours. Completely and totally. You are all that is important to me in the world." But that feeling, that release and exhilaration, the almost spiritual unity with faith took a journey to reach. And that journey was what made the fear so palatable.

But it wasn't all fear she was feeling was it? No not at all. A smile played up at the corners of the redhead's lips as she assessed her feelings. With the silk barrier now gone, left on the ground in that alley, her juices continued to flow, bathing her pussy, thighs, and skirt. Her nipples strained painfully against the silk of her bra and her skin hummed with an almost magical level of excitement.

Willow did not move as the car pulled to a stop in front of a two-story house. Tara moved around the car to release the smaller woman, taking her hand and leading her from the car and up the stairs to the porch. After assessing the area for unwanted visitors, the blonde unlocked the door quickly, ushering the redhead through the door before pulling it shut and locking it behind them. As the Willow stood in the entryway of the house, facing the stairs Tara spoke in her ear, "no one will be home tonight but us."

Willow gulped audibly in response to this information. It could mean anything really. But why would this woman tell her this? Because she wanted her to know that she could make noise? Because she wanted her to know that Tara would make her make noise? Again, she felt the somewhat conflicting expressions of fear and intense sexual excitement as the blond led her up the stairs and to a large bedroom on the second floor.

Regardless of her announcement of their solitude, Tara shut the door firmly upon entering the room. Seeing the dual emotions of fear and excitement on Willow's face, she again stroked her cheeks and kissed her lightly. Locking her eyes on Willow's beautiful green ones, she spoke again, "I'm going to change. Do the same." As she turned to exit through the door to the bathroom, she heard Willow's clear response, "Yes Tara," and smiled broadly.

Minutes later Tara entered the room though the door from the hallway to a very pleasing sight. She wore a long sheer gown, which buttoned up the front and carried two glasses in her hands. One tall glass contained water while the other contained an alcoholic drink with abundant ice cubes. Closing the door behind her she moved toward the figure on the floor of the room.

Willow kneeled in front of the bed, facing the door of the room. She was completely naked and her clothes were folded neatly and placed in the corner under a chair. She pressed her hands flat against her own lower back and held her head in supplication, looking at the floor in front of her.

Tara strode in front of the beautiful woman and beautiful sight in front of her. Guiding Willow's chin up slightly to allow the redhead to see her clearly Tara directed a kind question to the nervous woman, "Would you like a drink of water Willow?"

Not breaking the eye contact the blonde had initiated, Willow responded as expected: "if it pleases you, yes Tara."

The blonde smiled at the response as she held the glass gently to the redhead's lips, allowing her the opportunity to drink the refreshing liquid. Their earlier kisses had allowed the blonde to estimate the amount that Willow had had to drink tonight and she wasn't planning on giving the girl any more alcohol. She would need to be alert. Tara, on the other hand, felt free to take some liquid relaxation. As she removed the glass from Willow's lips, the redhead thanked her: "Thank you Tara." Tara turned to set the glass of water on the nearby table.

As Willow watched her every motion, the blonde languidly dipped a finger into her drink. She inserted it slowly into her mouth, sensually licking and sucking the liquid from her fingertips as Willow's eyes roamed over her finger and lips. Again dipping her digit into her drink, she touched the wet tip against the redhead's hard nipple and ran it around the aureole. After repeating the action on the other side, and playing with the response of the already hard buds, she commanded Willow to rise: "Stand up Willow."

"Yes Tara," was the redhead's obedient response as she fluidly rose to her feet without removing her hands from their placement at the small of her back. Quickly Tara moved to taste the alcohol, running the tip of her tongue slowly around the edge of Willow's nipple. Shifting her attention to the other side, she surprised the redhead as rather than running her tongue over the flavored flesh, she sucked it greedily into her mouth, scraping over the surface with her teeth.

Casually retreating from the flushed redhead, Tara took a long drink from her glass. As Willow stood still and attentive, the blonde moved slowly around her body, obviously appraising her. Stopping to stand behind the smaller woman and running her hand lightly over Willow's hip, she intentionally breathed into her ear as she spoke: "You are very beautiful Willow."

Nervousness obvious in her cracking voice, the redhead answered immediately, "Thank you Tara. I'm glad my appearance pleases you."

The blonde released a hidden smile as she ran her hands over Willow's tight ass. Quickly, she reached between her legs, parting her lips and tracing her hands through the redhead's wetness. "It seems that something is pleasing you too," the blonde teased. Willow gave no response but a desperate whimper as Tara gave the smaller woman's clit a sudden twist before turning toward the bed.

Willow felt the pain in her clit radiating through her flesh before she could think. The contrast was nearly excruciating. Although she knew the blonde was playing with her, alternating kind gentle touches with more harsh treatment, it was still a surprise after the feel of those fingers gliding through her wet pussy. She resisted making any sound in response to the sudden movement or the increasing excitement as the sensation radiated from the point of contact.

Standing once again in front of the redhead, Tara commanded her: "Hold out your hands."

Willow obeyed instantly, moving her hands from the small of her back to point towards the taller woman. As she responded, "Yes Tara," she attempted to place her wrists at exactly the height and location she anticipated the blonde wanting, and hopefully appreciating although the style of appreciation could vary in any manner.

Her skin tingled as she felt Tara fasten leather restraints to first one and then the other wrist. Each restraint was thick black leather, about an inch and a half wide. A metal ring was attached to the side of the leather. Tara fastened the restraints, and then slowly ran her pinky finger under the material to test for tension. The leather needed to be tight enough that it didn't cause bruising but loose enough to allow adequate blood flow. Willow's arms and hands shook as Tara completed the process of attaching the bands to her wrists. In response to the shaking, the blonde again leaned forward, gently kissing the smaller woman.

Following Tara's instruction to lie on the bed, Willow assumed that the blonde would want her arms spread to the edges of the headboard. As Tara clipped two spring clips to attach the rings to those already attached to either side of the headboard, Willow was impressed with her ingenuity. The clips made attaching or detaching the restraints easy and Tara could achieve either with one hand at any time. Willow admired her thoughtfulness even as she pondered her helpless position. Surprisingly Tara had not restrained her legs.

As if reading the redhead's thoughts, Tara spoke in a whisper: "Do you know why I didn't fasten your ankles Willow?" As she spoke, she accented her words by alternatively caressing and pinching the redhead's nipples.

"N-no Tara. Please tell me if you wish," Willow croaked.

As Willow responded, Tara moved her hand to glide once again through the wet red curls. Willow was soaked and now dripping onto the bed and it was all Tara could do to resist plunging her fingers into that waiting pool. Instead she trailed her fingers through and around the wet, tracing liquid over the redhead's thighs and stomach. As she brushed Willow's clit, the smaller woman tensed slightly. Tara was aware that her own juices flowed freely under her thin gown and that both women could easily detect the excitement permeating the room.

Taking her time in answering, the blonde leaned forward to whisper in Willow's ear: "I'd like you to be very good. I can tie your legs but I'd prefer that you be good. Do you understand?" As she completed her question, she grasped Willow's clit between her fingers, not twisting or tweaking the muscle, just holding it firmly to underscore her point.

"Yes Tara," Willow answered quietly.

Maintaining her hold, Tara continued her teasing, "Do you think you can be good? Very good?"

"Yes Tara," Willow responded. Yes Tara? Are you insane? You can be good. Jesus. You're going crazy already and she's barely started. As if to reassure herself, she repeated, "Yes Tara."

Locking her eyes to the green ones directly in front of her, Tara raised her hand to her mouth and sucked her fingers. As she did so, she rose from the bed and moved slowly around to the end of the bed. She lay down quickly, pressing her mouth to the redhead's glistening curls and immediately questing for her clit with her tongue. Willow's juices flowed freely and abundantly into the blonde's mouth and she savored the taste and feel. The smaller woman was definitely making the types of sounds, quiet moans and whimpers that Tara loved, but she was "being very good" in terms of not moving her legs. Glancing up, Tara could see the tension in the restraints, the pull of leather against the redhead's tender skin. Hmmm, that might require some care later she inwardly mused.

Willow strained against the bands encircling her wrists, but she was unaware of any pain or discomfort there. She was aware of only two things: the incredible sensation of Tara's mouth on her—devouring her, endlessly pulling her deeper and deeper into her own mouth and into Heaven. She whimpered endlessly with the pleasure of the blonde's mouth so firmly on her. The second was her wish to control her legs. In the past, her legs had always been bound and she always thought that was difficult: to not be able to move against whatever attention or punishment she received. But this. This self-control. This imperative to "be good" when it was imminently obvious what "be good" meant. "Be good" means don't move, don't thrash, don't assume an inch of control.

With the restraints on her wrists, at least she could pull as hard as she needed. The pain beginning to move through her arms was a counterbalance to her awareness of anything else. But her legs... She had no weight to hold them against. She could only tense and relax them to hold still. And still, Tara's mouth on her clit, on her pussy, in her cunt drove her higher and higher. Willow knew that she was about to come. That when she did, she would have to control it. Not move. Not raise her ass from the bed. Not pull Tara closer with her calves and ankles wrapped around the larger woman's back. She tried to hold back the rushing waves of pleasure that so surely wanted to break free.

And Tara stopped.

Standing quickly, she noted the tension in Willow's body, which refused to release itself. The redhead still strained against the ties although her eyes were wide with surprise and need as she searched Tara for a hint of anything. Tara picked her drink up before sitting in the chair facing the bed. She cocked one eyebrow at Willow as she took a long drink.

Shaking with excitement and frustration, Willow whimpered, "Th-th-thank you Tara."

After taking a few more sips of her drink, Tara set it on the bedside table. She moved to the dresser and opened the top drawer. "Do you like to play games Willow?" she asked teasingly.

"Yes Tara, if it pleases you." Tara could barely hear Willow's speech and that in itself was answer enough. She smiled as she reached into the drawer: "Oh, I think this game may please me quite a bit. Let's count."

The blonde's hand emerged from the drawer holding a silk tie, perhaps a belt from a robe or a slip of material from some project. She held it up for Willow who obediently responded, "One?" Setting the blindfold on the top of the dresser, Tara proceeded to pull a progression of items from the top drawer. She noted that while Willow counted each item as directed her tone ranged from excitement to fear. The blonde mentally noted which were which.

As she drained her drink and set it on the dresser to join the other items, she asked the redhead, "How high did we count Willow?"

Willow noticed that whenever Tara spoke her name, she seemed to play with it. To roll it around in her mouth as she did her nipples or any other part of her flesh. As if she wanted to own and possess even that part of the smaller woman. Slightly confused, she answered, "Eleven?"

Hovering her hand above the array of items on the dresser, Tara whispered, "that's right. Now our little game: I put each item I took from the drawer on a number. Pick a number Willow."

"Four?" Willow answered, unsure what was about to happen. Tara picked up the silk once again and moved toward the bed, running it through her fingers. She was pleased to see that she didn't have to tell Willow anything as the redhead had already lifted her head a few centimeters from the bed. "Mmm, now you are being a good girl Willow," Tara purred as she tied the material around the smaller woman's head, completely obscuring her sight.

Willow responded in the only way that she could: "Thank you Tara." Willow felt fear and trepidation but also excitement as she fully understood the game. Some of the items from the drawer were not what she would choose on her own. None of them were things that would cause her to automatically safeword out but still they weren't what she would request either. And certainly not beg for. Although some of them... Well, that was a different story and she imagined there might still be begging with the way Tara was bringing her so close to orgasm and stopping repeatedly. When Tara asked for another number, she hoped for a good one as she croaked, "three."

Willow anticipated something, anything happening right away. Instead she found herself lying on the bed and waiting. And that in itself was an almost torturous experience. She was keenly aware of her every bodily sensation. Her wrists, while not uncomfortable, were securely held in their restraints: restraints which would certainly offer considerable resistance to any tugging or pulling, which already had offered that resistance. Her legs, she concentrated on holding still, wanting to be that "good girl" that Tara wanted her to be. Her nipples and clit throbbed with excitement and her cunt ached for a release she knew was not going to be forthcoming any time soon. Then she felt a shift in the bed as Tara joined her. As the blonde moved closer, Willow realized that she had removed her gown. Perhaps at this point, the differentiation in their roles was so pronounced that that extra layer of distinction was no longer necessary.

Lying next to Willow's inert body, Tara began to run her fingertips over the redhead's flesh, her arms, up to the wrist restraints, the cordoned necklace, her nipples and neck. Feeling the redhead relaxing with the gentle touch of skin on skin, she reached for her cup from the bedside table and removed a cube of ice. ahhh, so perfect that I set the glass on number three. A good way to get the game going she smiled to herself. Intentionally, she clinked the cubes together to ensure that the smaller woman knew what was coming. Not so much to relieve her of worrying, but because anticipation is such an important part of the whole experience.

Willow tensed as she heard the clink of ice cubes in the glass. Obviously Tara was going to remove one and... She tried to relax and trust the blonde. Although she was mentally relaxed, her body was not relaxed as the first drop of cold water fell directly on her already hard nipple. Tara didn't waste any time or energy running the ice over any other part of her body; she instantly rubbed the ice cube on first one and then the other nipple as if trying to see just how hard she could make the small nubs. Willow tensed and strained against the restraints but managed to keep her legs still.

Suddenly she felt the blonde's mouth on one of her nipples. She scraped her teeth repeatedly over the intensely hard nub even as she rubbed the ice on the other and began alternating from one to the other. As the intensity of the bites increased, Willow again bit down on her own lip to keep from screaming out. She could feel the tug and pinching in her nipples and her clit - a clit that was more engorged than she had ever felt it.

Again Tara asked for a number and Willow tried number eight. Tara felt some relief as she reached the dresser and saw the item at number eight: nipple clips. Some of the items were not her favorite and not really something she wanted to play at. In fact, had Willow selected those numbers, she would have just picked up something else. Still, the nipple clips matched the attention she had been paying to the redhead's tight little buds and would look beautiful there. She quickly took them from the dresser and lubricated them with her mouth. Running the ice cube over each nipple to make it hard again (not that the effect had ever dissipated), she quickly attached the metal to each nipple and tugged lightly at the chain. She was encouraged by the whimper Willow released as she attached each metal piece.

As she toyed with the chain, continuing to elicit moans and whimpers from the redhead, Tara lowered herself over the smaller woman. She straddled her, allowing her wetness to contact Willow's lower stomach. Bending over her servant, she lowered her nipple to Willow's mouth, teasing the lips with the tip of her nipples: first one and then the other. Somewhat surprisingly the redhead was able to resist pulling the nubs into her mouth. Instead, she obediently asked, "Tara, may I please kiss your beautiful nipples?"

Smiling at Willow's obedience Tara responded with affected indifference, "that might give me pleasure," as she lowered her nipple to the redhead's waiting mouth. Willow quickly went to work on the hard nub lowered to her lips. First she kissed the tip. Moaning, she licked around the entire nipple and as she felt it hardening under her attention, she sucked it deeply into her mouth.

Tara was nearing a point that would make taking her time impossible. She had to stop and make Willow stop what she was doing. But it felt so good. And... She sat upright again, leaving her wet center contacting the smaller woman's stomach and then moved from the bed entirely. She mused, "that was a good choice and you are playing like a very good girl. Another number Willow."

Willow went high end with her response: "Eleven?"

Tara looked over the items: oh no, eleven just wouldn't do. But seven would be fun. And there was still the matter of the panties to deal with.

Willow felt Tara quickly detach her right wrist and just as quickly attach it to the restraint already holding her left wrist. "Roll over Willow," the blonde quietly whispered.

"Yes Tara," Willow instantly answered, rolling onto her stomach just as quickly. As she rolled over, her nipples and the clamps pressed into the bed, creating more tension on the already painful region. That feeling spread through her body and heightened her already sensitive clit. She knew that she was quickly moving toward that point of needing release and not being able to have it. Or, Goddess, past that point by a long shot.

Tara moved to the bed, rubbing her hand over Willow's ass. "Oh you have such a nice tight little ass Willow. Raise it for me."

Willow did so, resting her weight on her elbows and knees. The chain on the nipple clamps hung down to the sheet, pulling slightly at her already impossibly sensitive nubs. Just before she heard Tara's voice she felt the soft frayed leather strips being draped over her ass. "Now Willow. I must say that I have been pleased with your obedience since we arrived here."

Willow could feel the soft strips of suede gently touching her ass as if just swinging back and forth. She tried not to shy from them as she responded to her best ability, "Thank you Tara. I'm glad that pleases you."

Tara began to swing the leather faster, still teasing the redhead as she spoke again, "But..." She left the word hanging out in the air, allowing Willow to anticipate her point.

"While it seems that you have had some training. I can't imagine that you didn't know not to wear panties." As she spoke, she swung the whip, connecting with Willow's raised ass with a clear but quiet smack. Finally she released the breath she had been holding to add another three swings to the first one. Each was progressively harder and she kept an eye on the tension Willow was holding against the restraints. The redhead was completely silent but Tara could see the concentration in her face.

Tara continued her attention to Willow's reddening ass, alternating softer strokes with harder ones and moving the site of contact to visit the entire area. Throughout the punishment, Tara taunted Willow with questions about why she had chosen to wear panties and why it was the wrong choice. Although Willow was obviously contrite, not to mention whimpering and moaning with each stroke, Tara continued her training until the smooth ass in front of her was criss-crossed with wide red lines.

Pleased with the red lines decorating her slave's tight ass, Tara ran her hand over the sensitive flesh. As she darted her hand between her lover's legs, she felt incredible wetness. The redhead's clit was as swollen as it had ever been and Tara was tempted to take it in her mouth once again. Instead, she suddenly plunged two fingers deep into Willow's cunt as the redhead moaned loudly.

Beginning to fuck the smaller woman with a rocking tempo, Tara leaned over her body to whisper in her ear: "Did you know not to wear the panties Willow?"

Just as Willow was moaning out "Yes Tara," the blonde added another finger, thrusting deep in the redhead. Feeling how close the redhead was to release, Tara thrust a few more times more deeply before removing her hand to Willow's plaintive moan. With her soaking hand, Tara slapped Willow's ass a few more times, pleased with the loud smack she heard.


"Yes Tara," Willow answered. Although her voice broke with the frustration she felt, she spoke clearly and quickly.

"Would you like to show me how sorry you are about wearing the panties?" Tara teased.

"If it would please you my Tara," Willow instantly responded as she felt Tara quickly detach both restraints. She also unfastened the nipple clips and untied the blindfold before gently and lovingly kissing the redhead on the mouth for a few moments. As she drew back, she hooked the wrist restraints behind the redhead's back as she spoke, "Oh I expect that it will please me quite a bit."

Tara pulled the redhead to her as she sat in the chair across from the bed: "in fact Willow, you NEED to please me. Do you understand?"

Willow had dropped to her knees even before Tara began speaking again. Looking up at the blonde, she begged, "oh please Tara. May I give you pleasure?" In response, the blonde gave Willow another soft loving kiss before entwining her hands in her red curls and pulling her close.

Tara almost came the instant the smaller woman's mouth contacted her pussy. Willow went straight for the wettest part: diving her tongue deep within Tara's depths before alternating that motion with lustily licking and drinking her juices. As she licked Tara's entire pussy, she moaned appreciatively in response to the juices flooding her mouth. The redhead could feel her own juices flowing down the insides of her thighs although she could do nothing about them with her hands restrained behind her back. Not that she would anyway, not until Tara told her to.

Slowly but devotedly, Willow began to lick and suck the hard clit she found in Tara's wetness. She could feel the blonde starting to contract in response to her attentions and was vaguely aware of the excited moans escaping from her. She darted her tongue firmly inside Tara's opening again and noting the very favorable response began alternating thrusting her tongue inside her lover and sucking and flicking the clit with her tongue. Her own juices exploded as she felt Tara's hands tighten against her hair and the blonde came hard, thrusting her center against Willow's active mouth.

Even as Tara's body continued thrashing with the power of her orgasm, she reached around Willow's back to unfasten the clip holding the two wrist restraints together.

"Use your hand Willow," she commanded.

Aware that the tension on her hair had not lessened at all, Willow slipped her hand past her still active mouth. Concentrating her tongue on the clit, she brushed her fingers over Tara's quivering opening. Quickly, she thrust two fingers inside to feel Tara's incredible warm wetness. Moving her hands from Willow's hair to her cheeks, Tara gently pulled her up to kiss her mouth and tasted her juices on the redhead's mouth. Darting her tongue within Tara's mouth, Willow thrust her fingers deep into her wetness, quickly adding a third. With the addition of the third finger and a few more thrusts, Tara screamed out Willow's name as she clenched repeatedly around the smaller woman's hand.

After relaxing from the powerful and repeated waves of pleasure surging through her body, Tara pulled Willow onto her lap. Holding the smaller woman against her as she recovered her strength she informed her, "that was very good Willow."

Feeling Tara begin to tease her clit as she spoke Willow could barely respond appropriately, "I'm g-g-glad it p-p-pleased you Tara."

Aware of the tension and frustration the redhead held in her body, Tara continued stroking her clit as the smaller woman whimpered her frustration: "It did Willow. Would you like me to fuck you Willow?" she asked teasingly.

"Yes please Tara," Willow moaned out.

"Yes what Willow?"

"Please fuck me Tara," she begged and felt the blonde enter her with two fingers, thrusting deeply into her. After a few thrusts, Tara removed her hands to Willow's unbelieving eyes. Quickly she explained, "let's move to the bed lover."

As soon as Willow lay down on the bed, Tara covered her body with her own. She softly kissed the redhead as her fingers sought her center. Guiding two fingers inside Willow's waiting cunt, she began a slow rhythm. As she brushed Willow's clit with her thumb she whispered in her ear, "move with me baby." Free to move, Willow thrust against Tara's exquisite hand. After two or three thrusts she shouted out, "Oh Goddess!" and her entire being exploded around the blonde's fingers.

While Tara continued her gentle strokes, Willow felt her cunt contract around the hand filling her. She contracted and released repeatedly until she felt that if asked she could not even answer her name let alone any one else's. When Tara pulled her fingers out, Willow gave a low moan.

As Willow lay spent, relaxing from her powerful climaxes, Tara gently removed first one wrist restraint and then the other. Next she unclasped the leather band encircling Willow's left wrist and dropped the three bands over the edge of the bed. Nimbly unfastening and removing the choker from her lover's neck she kissed its former host lovingly: "So that was n-n-number eight on your list?"

Unable to do more than moan in response Willow nodded her head none-to-vigorously: "mmmm huh."

As Tara wrapped Willow's body in her arms, feeling both of them drifting toward exhausted and satisfied sleep, she whispered in her ear: "Wow, I wonder what number seven will be like."

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