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The Sex Journals

Author: Washi (ZWS)
Rating: NC-17 baby!
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Joss does or whoever. If I owned them, do you really think I would let season 6 happen? And why the hell would I be writing this? So yeah, all belongs to Joss, ME etc...
Note: This part is dedicated to all my perverse friends in the voice chat who make me moan or sing or just talk. I know you'll like this one! I hope so anyway!
Note #2: I hope the Spanish-talking Kittens don't skin me alive, I know only a few sentences of Spanish and I hope I didn't disappoint!

Later that afternoon, Dawn poked her head in Buffy's room.

<She isn't in, makes things easier!> Dawn thought as she made her way to her sister's closet.

She rummaged through the clothing for a minute before picking out a black see through top. As she turned around, she caught a glimpse of something unusual by her sister's bed.

<Oh my god! Buffy has a book! Buffy can read!>

She took a step closer and noticed that the 'book' was unusual.

<Ok, this is weird. Buffy is reading a book that's leather-bound. Not the usual style of the romance books she reads.>

She walked to the night table and picked up the heavy 'book' and opened it on the first page. Her eyes widened as she took in the title.

<Oh My GOD! Willow and Tara's sex journals! Oh god! They must've given it to Buffy to give it for me for the advice I asked them. Never knew they would do this. But why didn't Buffy give it to me? Oh my God! She's reading it! This is so wrong of Buffy! It's sweet of them, but I shouldn't read it either.>

She started flipping unconsciously through the journal stopping at an entry that went back to her High School graduation and that was entitled 'The Spanish Kiss'.

<Ok, what the hell is a Spanish kiss? Oh hell, I'll read this one and then return it to Willow and Tara. After all, it's for educational purposes.> she tried to convince herself.

Today was Dawn's graduation day. We all went of course. Tara started crying at the ceremony, repeating over and over that her little girl is growing up and that she doesn't need her anymore. I tried comforting her the best I could, telling her that we'll have children of our own someday and that Dawn will still love her like she used to. We are so proud of Dawn. So very proud of how she grew up and proud of the woman she became. But she'll always be in our hearts the little girl who lived with me and Tara while Buffy was dead. Looking at Tara and watching her smile throughout the ceremony, I knew in my heart and in my soul that she'd make a wonderful mother. One day we'll make a decision together and either conceive through magic or with insemination. Although, I'd love that our kids would look like us only.

Anyway, after the ceremony, Tara saw one of her friends and excused herself to go talk to her. As she strutted along, I watched her and saw a senior, one of Dawn's friend go and talk to Tara. I saw her smile at him and thought deep inside 'She's mine! Get your own!'

I got up and joined her, finding her telling the guy that she's not single.

"I'm really s-sorry, but I'm not single. I mean, I'm s-sure you're a gr-great guy and all, but ev-even though I was s-single, I wouldn't g-go out with you since I'm gay and I found the love of my life." she said, taking my hand.

The guy looked from me to Tara and finally smiled.

"I'm sorry, I had no idea. I'm glad you're happy." he said, walking away.

I smirked and squeezed her hand before she gave me a kiss and left waving to her friend Nancy. I went back to Dawn's side and we stood looking at the people swarming around. My eyes never left Tara as she chatted with her friend. I love the way she interacts with other people, the way she smiles or blushes. I just plain love that woman. My woman, my lover.

After the ceremony and all of that, we went back home, and Dawn left to go to a party while Buffy went on patrol. I love it when Tara and I have the house to ourselves. Which tells me sometimes that we should move and get our own place.

We looked at each other and wordlessly, we ascended the stairs. I closed the door behind us and I just gazed at her for a while. She crept closer to me and drapped her arms aroumd my neck, while mine found their place around her stomach. We just held each other for a few minutes, just happy to be there, wrapped in the warm embrace. She pulled back slightly and looked deep into my eyes, mine boring into her deep blue orbs, now becoming smokier, as if liquid passion was seeping into them. I felt my mouth becoming dry as I switched my gaze from her eyes to her rosy lips, now slightly parted, as if in invitation. She leaned towards me and her lips met mine, brushing sensually against each other. Slowly, she kissed my upper lip, then my lower one before pulling it slightly with her teeth, then running her tongue on it, soothing the bite mark. I pulled her closer to me, my hands snaking lightly under her top to slowly run my fingertips on the warm skin of her lower back while her hands drifted to play with my hair, running her fingers through the red tendrils, her fingertips massaging my nape while pulling my face closer, our lips tighter. I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and sucked it lighlty, running my tongue on the smooth flesh. She moaned lightly, wanting more and she parted her lips, wanting to feel my tongue in her mouth. I slid my tongue in and she devoured it, nipping it with her teeth before sucking it deeply into her warm mouth. I felt my wetness start to pool between my legs. I never thought that just kissing could provoke this kind of reaction in me until I kissed Tara for the first time.

We stood there, kissing each other sensuously while breathing through our noses, trying to prolong the lip lock. We had to pull back and we stood there, our foreheads together while we tried to catch our breath.

"That's a French kiss." Tara said, her breath tickling my lips, still wet from the kiss.

"Uh huh." I replied, not understanding where she was getting at.

"Want me to show you the Spanish one?" she asked, her lips curling into a leering grin.

I swallowed once and nodded.

"It's a geography and language lesson. Are you sure you wanna take this class?" Tara asked, her eyes blazing.

"Oh God yes! I bet the Spanish kiss is spicy." I replied, having finally regained my speech.

She smiled mysteriously and for a minute, I thought she was just kidding me.

"Wait, you're not gonna bite into a jalapeno pepper and kiss me right?"

She laughed, the low rumble I love hearing from her and she shook her head.

"Class starts on the bed, in full birthday-suit in five minutes. Don't come... late." she said, her eyes darkening even more.

'Goddess, if only Tara had been a Spanish professor in High School. I would've learned how to use my tongue... I mean speak in tongues! I am such a perv!' was exactly what I told myself when I saw the wicked grin on Tara's face.

I quickly undressed and I laid down on the bed on my side, my head propped up on my hand, elbow bent. Tara looked at her watch and smiled, her eyes devouring me. I shivered from the look of utter lust that was on her face.

"Class begins now." she said as she turned towards the small stereo in our room and popped in a CD.

Sensual latino music streamed out of the speakers, and a woman's deep voice joined in. Even though I don't understand the words, they made my arousal shoot up as I imagined what the woman was saying. I looked at Tara expectingly.

"Spanish is a sensual language, isn't it Willow?" she purred while slowly swaying to the music, her hands starting to slowly tease the hems of her peasant top. I swallowed and nodded, the room's temperature starting to rise steadily.

Her hands started to lift up the cumbersome material of her top, and now dancing with the music, she stripped off her shirt, letting it fall down near her feet. She continued dancing as her hands drifted down her own body, her palms running down her breasts to her stomach finally arriving at her hips. My breathing hitched as I watched a small shadow emerge on each satin-clad breast. I saw her nipples hardening and all I wanted was to move off the bed and lick them, taste them, suck them. God, my mouth felt dry and yet it watered at the sight of those precious exquisite nubs. She saw me looking at them and she reached up a hand to pull back her hair, her back arching and her breasts straining against their confines. She ran her hands down to her hips again, this time starting to slowly unzip the skirt.

"You see the key word here is sensuality and rhythm." And to demonstrate this, she started moving her hips in circles as the skirt fell down. She was left in a pair of low-cut panties and her satin bra. She kicked the skirt away and continued her sinuous movements, her hips falling into the music's hard rhythm.

I gulped and tried to control myself. It was a lost battle. I felt my wetness start to trickle down my thighs. I squeezed my legs together trying to tell the ache that was starting to grow to shut up. I knew that if I reached towards myself, Tara would stop. And I didn't want her to stop, I never do. So, all I could do was to grip the bed spread tightly. I swallowed down again and watched.

Tara's hands now entered the dance, gliding like butterfly wings across her body. They stopped once she reached her breasts. She squeezed them lightly before moving her hands towards the clasp of her bra, arching her back. I heard a soft click and she slowly lowered a strap then the other before taking of the bra and throwing it to me. I watched unmoving as the bra fell on my hip. I sat up some and rested my back on the headboard before I took the bra and sniffed it. Her Tara-y scent was all over it. As I sniffed the air, I realized that there were two scents permanating the room, my own arousal and Tara's. I could almost taste her wetness on my tongue, on my lips, in my mouth and all I could do to not reach out was to sit on my hands. For a second, Tara looked like she was about to protest, but when she saw that I just lifted my hips to sit on my hands, and not to touch myself, she smiled and continued dancing.

"Do you know what 'Te Amo' means?" she asked me as she slowly pinched her nipples, her body moving to the rhythm of the second song.

I nodded, happy to have remembered how to say 'I Love You' in Spanish. I cleared my throat several times before I answered.

"It means 'I love you'." I finally whispered.

She smiled and nodded as her hands started tweaking her own nipples. All I wanted to do was jump up from the bed and just plain ravish her. It took me all I could to hold on.

"Do you know what 'Desde che senti tu cuerpo, ya non puedo resistir' means?"

I tried to figure out what it meant, but my mind wasn't really focused on Spanish at that instant. My body was focused entirely on the body dancing in front of me, the body of my lover. I shook my head.

"It means 'From the moment I saw your body, I knew I couldn't resist'."

I looked at my almost naked lover still dancing and I repeated the words, seeing her smile. I looked in her eyes and I said:

"Te amo mucho."

"Good, you've been a good student. It's time for the geography part of this class." she said as she crawled onto the bed.

She told me to lie down on my back and I complied. She laid herself down between my spread legs, my wetness smearing the flushed and slightly sweaty skin of her stomach. I couldn't hold in my moans anymore and I released a low one, deep in my throat. She leaned down and kissed me, sliding her tongue in my mouth. I moaned again as she grazed my tongue with hers, over and over, and as I felt the heat rising further.

She pulled back, her eyes a blazing inferno of passion that shot arrows of fire into my already molten core. She was melting me, and I was loving each and every moment of it.

She breathed hotly in my ear, whispering:

"That's a French kiss. The Spanish kiss starts lower."

She started kissing my neck, licking and biting slowly at my flesh. She sucked lightly at my pulse point before going licking her way down to my breasts.

"You see, the Spanish kiss starts here, at the peaks of the Pyrenees." she said, running her tongue on my aching nipples.

Her wet warm tongue slowly bathing them made me arch my back to push myself more in her mouth, begging her to take them and to suck them. I was beyond the normal thinking stage and all I could feel was this gaping hole that Tara was slowly filling as she complied and drew the entire aureola into her mouth before releasing some of the flesh, leaving only my nipple in her warm haven, sucking it in earnest. I was lost in a spiral of want. She switched nipples, giving its twin the same treatment while toying with the other one, her saliva making it slick and hard, her fingers hardening it even more, the contact making them hyper sensitive. I thought fleetingly that I could come just from this, but I wanted more. God, I wanted so much more!

As if reading my mind, Tara removed the nipple from her mouth.

"After you explore the peaks, you lower yourself to the plains of Barcelona." she said as she started to move lower, placing kisses on the undersides of my breasts and down to my tummy.

I felt my abs clench underneath her lips, and I felt her lips curl up. She started to slowly lick around my belly button, slowly making her way to the depression.

"There... are... so... many.. beautiful... sites... in... those... plains..." she continued, punctuating each word by dipping her tongue in the shallow hole.

My moans seemed to never stop as her words, her lips, her tongue and the way her movements made her flesh brush against my soaked center seemed to be pushing me one step further into madness. I would have begged if I knew it was going to get her to move faster, but I knew she would just linger more. So I just bit my lower lip and stayed there as my body lay twitching in front of her, each new move of her body making me feel her breasts brush against my soaked pussy.

Slowly she dipped her head and began to head south much to my relief. She started kissing my lower stomach, her mouth soon finding itself in front of my mound.

"After a thorough exploration of the plains, you arrive at the coast, where you can smell the clean scent of the sea, and where you start to feel the humidity." she said before she leaned her face closer to my throbbing desire point. She drew a lungful of air and I saw her nostrils twitching as my frangrance drifted into her. She placed a lingering kiss on top of my mound and then raised her heavy-lidded gaze to lock with my unfocused one. She smiled.

'Don't tell me you're stopping! Please don't tell me that!' I screamed inwardly.

I bucked my hips, trying to make her understand, but she just looked at me, smiling mischievously.

"Now, the question is, should I take a dip in the Mediterrean sea? Should I taste the sweet yet salty wetness on my lips, in my mouth, should I feel it coating my skin?"

Her words did nothing but highten my frustration and my arousal. I nodded, my head bobbing up and down. "Yes, please Tara, take a dip, even a swim! Please!" I said as I bucked my hips again.

She smiled and leaned forward, parting my swollen lips.

"Oh Willow." she purred. "You are so fucking wet."

I whimpered and moaned out when I felt Tara lean more into me and take a long slow lick from bottom to top, her tongue grazing my throbbing clitoris. She began slowly lapping up my essence, being slow but thorough. I wanted more, I needed more. The rhythm was too slow, and the contact her tongue made with my clit was too fleeting. I bucked my hips to show her what I wanted, but one of her hands pinned my hips to the bed and continued her slow exploration. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I started begging.

"Please Tara, please! Please stop teasing, I'm begging you! Pleas... Ohh Fuck!" I said as she eased two fingers deep inside me.

I bucked my hips again but this time installing a deep hard rhythm.

"So, you understand the concept of rhythm sweetie?" she asked, her voice a hot whisper against my clitoris.

"Oh Yes!" I moaned out as her hard thrusts brought me closer to a mind-blowing orgasm.

She sped up her thrusts, her fingers pumping into me as my hips danced to her rhythm. The only sounds in the room were the still-playing music and our own gasps and moans. In a sudden moment of lucidity, I pulled on her shoulders, motioning her to move back up. She did so and looked in my eyes, easing a bit on the hard rhythm.

"I want to look at you when I come." I barely gasped out.

She smiled and continued thrusting, her eyes locked on mine. I wound my hands in her hair, holding on like a mare's reigns. She drove deeper into me and I felt myself falling. I wanted to let her know that she was the only one that could make me feel like this.

"I'm coming... for you... Ta... RA!" I screamed out as I felt myself falling into bliss, feeling my inner muscles lock tight around her fingers. I held onto her hair as my hips slammed forward, my eyes closing for a second before opening again to lose myself into her smoky blue depths.

"Ride the waves." she whispered as she continued to thrust, slower, riding out my orgasm.

I felt my muscles start to relax and I was able to breathe again, albeit heavily. My hands which were tangled in her hair let go of their grip and they fell to my side. I drew in a shaky breath as she folded me in her arms, rocking me slowly. When my heart beat slowed down some, I looked in her eyes and smiled.

"I knew learning was fun, but not this much fun! Baby, that was... just wow."

She smiled and nodded. "I'm glad you enjoyed the class." she replied smirking.

"I loved the class. Let me show you how much..." I said as I leaned over and kissed her, slowly easing her on her back. My tongue slid inside of her parted lips as I shifted to straddle her...

Dawn looked awestruck for a moment. She wan't so much shocked at the kind of language the witches used in the throes of passion, she had heard their nightly sexcapades more than once and knew what guttermouths they were, but more at the passion in each and every one of Willow's words. She closed the journal before leaning over and taking her sister's phone in her hand and dialing a number.

"Hey Amanda. I'm good baby, and you? Good. I was just wondering if you wanted to get together tonight. Yeah, there's something I wanna show you. I'll see you at eight at you room. Ok, I love you too." She said into the receiver before hanging up and smiling wickedly.

<I never thought of this Spanish kiss. I'm so gonna thank them later for this.>

She took the journal and skipped to her room to get ready for her date.

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