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Writer's Block

Author: Paint the Sky
Rating: NC-17. Sex, swearing and extra spicy talk!
Disclaimer: AU. I don't own Willow and Tara, don't sue me, I own nothing.
Distribution: Pens, and if anyone else wants it, just ask.
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Willow's web-conference with her New York client had gone exceptionally well. The problems she had encountered earlier with the security project her team was developing for him had taken almost five hours to solve, but it was worth the eyestrain and the headache to be able to tell Charles Jones that his project was on schedule and would be finished by the end of the month.

When Charles, as he insisted Willow call him, told her he was happy to put more business her way the redhead had struggled to keep a professional slant on things. She had wanted to shout woo-hoo and race around her office, but she acted as if this kind of thing happened to her company everyday.

The best part though, and she couldn't wait to tell Tara, was that he wanted her to oversee the installation of the software, and offered her an all expenses trip for her and her partner to New York as part of the deal.

Willow had told him she didn't have a partner that the company belonged solely to her. When Charles had laughed, she felt embarrassed, until he said he knew that, but he meant her girlfriend should come to New York with her. Being upfront about her sexuality from the beginning of her business venture it was no surprise to her that he knew of Tara.

She was finishing up some paperwork relevant to the contract when she heard her computer give a bleep.

She ran her fingers through her short red hair and groaned at the thought of what could be coming through when she was so close to heading home to her love.

She hit a key to clear the screensaver, and opened the mail that had arrived on her desktop.

She felt a quiver of excitement run through her when she saw a photo of Tara decked out in a red basque, red silk panties, stockings and suspenders. In one hand hung a harness and the other brandished a dildo. The expression on her lover's face was one of love with a side order of lust and need.

"Holy fuck!" she exclaimed to the empty office as another mail arrived. She opened it and read 'Turn on your web-cam lover, it's time for a little Mistress-pet conferencing'.

With a shaky hand Willow launched the web-cam software and connected with her Mistress. She put on the wifi headset and gasped as the screen filled with the image of her lover dressed just like in the photo she sent. She squinted at the screen but couldn't quite make out what room she was transmitting from. Tara's seat was lit from both sides and from just off centre at the back, and again Willow strained to make out the background. It could be anywhere, but she decided she didn't care about the details when her very sexy girlfriend was dressed like that.

"Hey Lover, did you like the photo?" Tara asked already knowing the response.

"Yes, Mistress, I loved it." Willow breathed heavily wondering what her Mistress had in mind. I hope the dildo is not just for show!

"Tell me pet, did you get your little problem solved?" Tara asked in a tone deeper than her usual voice.

"Yes Mistress, everything is ok now," she replied knowing that her Mistress wouldn't continue with their game if she knew her pet was still working on it.

"Oh, that's good, but my little problem hasn't been solved. You left me hanging pet, all wet and ready to come. You could say my programme crashed too." I can't wait to get it up and running again.

Willow saw the seductive smile on her lover's face and waited patiently for her to continue, loving that Tara was in the mood to play Mistress.

"I think we should pick up where we left off earlier pet. Lets get you stripped lover, but keep your panties on" Tara said with authority, "and then take a seat."

Willow swallowed hard, Tara's words and tone working her libido making her nipples harden into tight ache and her pussy twitch in anticipation. Why panties on?

The blonde settled back in her seat and watched her pet remove her clothes. She licked her lips as Willows pale skin came into view as her white silk blouse was slowly unbuttoned. When the last button was undone her pet gave a shrug and the blouse slipped to the floor, "You're beautiful pet, now remove your bra, let me see those perky tits," Tara's voice was breathy as she controlled her rampant desire.

With a tremble in her hands Willow unhooked her bra and crossing her hands in front of her she looped the straps over her fingers and took off her lacy bra to reveal pink nippled breasts to her Mistress. She felt them tighten further in the cool of her office and the ache between legs intensified.

"Mmm, pet, look at those tasty little treats, they're good enough to eat, and I will later. Licking and nibbling, I could feast for hours." Tara smacked her lips to emphasise her point.

The blonde watched the action on her screen through desire leaden eyes, she held tightly to the armrests on her chair, knuckles white as she fought the urge to plunge her hands into her lacy panties as she saw her pets body revealed bit by bit. As Willow's skirt joined the blouse on the floor Tara raised an inquisitive brow, she wasn't wearing stockings when she left home this morning, mmm?

"Pet, what happened to what you were wearing this morning?" Tara smirked at her pets 'busted' face. C'mon Will, get out of this one.

Willow looked down at her legs clad now in stockings rather than the pantyhose she left home in. Oh shit, forgot about these.

"Mistress?" she tried to bluff her way out feigning confusion over the context of Tara's question. Think Willow, think...dammit brain work!

"The stockings pet, didn't you put pantyhose on this morning?" Willow looked so cute just standing there topless and flustered that Tara almost dropped her Mistress persona, but she focused on the fact that they both had committed to this game, and even though tonight was all about the pleasure she understood that some of the time it was about regaining control or letting go of responsibilities and it was important for those times that the game be taken seriously, she coughed lightly, not only to suppress a laugh, but to re-focus her pet and elicit an answer.

"Yes Mistress, I ripped the crotch of my pantyhose and had to get a replacement" the now blushing pet explained.

"I see, you may keep the stockings on too pet, much much sexier, and you can tell me how you ripped the pantyhose later, you may sit now," Tara said, her Mistress mantel fully back in place.

Willow sat on her chair and waited for further instructions.

"I want your legs wide open, why don't you put them over the arm rests."

As Willow placed hooked her legs over the armrests her crotch slid forward on the chair and the silk of her panties pressed up against her sodden core, she gasped as the cool silk made contact with her boiling heat. She groaned as her Mistress mimicked her position and her eyes widened as Tara's pussy was presented to her in crotchless panties. Woo! This is new!

"What do think pet, a nice surprise isn't it?" her hand moved down to finger the silky edges of her panties and she lightly teased her pussy with a fingertip. "Do you like how the silk frames my pussy? The feel of silk against me as I...what did you call my just love your geek speak don't you pet," she mused as her finger circled her clit, "I wonder what funny euphuism a writer would give it? Sharpening their pencil...oh no...too masculine...dipping into the inkwell?" she smiled as pushed her finger into her wet opening and gave a low moan, "that might work," she smiled and removed her finger from her pussy to toy again with clit.

Willow's hand crept towards her own sex as she was entranced by her Mistress's movements and whimpers of pleasure.

"Stop! You don't get to play, you get to watch," Tara's voice was stern but teasing, "it's a pleasure punishment deal pet, I get the pleasure and you...well, you get the picture don't you? Put your hands behind your head, and if they get the urge to wander I suggest you grip the back of the chair."

Willow's hand had pulled back at the first word spoken, and both now were placed behind her head. She glanced down at her body, she felt so open and exposed despite the stockings and panties and her pussy pulsed against the tightness of the silk, and although she couldn't see she knew that her wetness had soaked through leaving a visible damp patch. Ah! That's why panties on, naughty Mistress.

"Do you know what you're going watch pet? Let me tell you, or better still," she reached behind her "let me show you," and with a lopsided smile she held up the dildo from the photo.

Willow shuddered and more wetness pooled beneath her. Her body stiffened in the chair when her Mistress took the dildo in both hands and teased herself with it, sliding its length along her wet cunt, coating it in her juices. I wanna be that dildo.

"Mmm...that feels sooo good, can you see how wet I am?" she held up the toy close to the camera. Ooh, yeah, you know how wet I am.

Willow licked her lips, "Yes Mistress, I can see your juices on the dildo," she groaned, frustrated by the image in front of her.

"I can see yours too pet," she said bringing the dildo back to her pussy, this time slipping the first inch into her slick channel, "your panties are fucking drenched already, your want and need marking the silk," she groaned and pushed the faux cock in a little further lifting her hips to give her pet a better view.

Willow's frustration grew exponentially, her own hips lifted from the chair and her hands left their place from behind her head and gripped tightly onto the back of her chair. Her green eyes closed despite the protests of her brain to keep them open. She gave a low moan as her pussy fluttered in response to the titillation on the screen.

Tara seen all of this and was pleased at the reaction she was evoking in her pet, "Open your eyes lover, you don't want to miss this part," a low growl accompanied her words as the dildo was withdrawn so that the tip rested just at her entrance.

The redhead's body relaxed and she opened her eyes and re-focused on the screen. Mistress was waiting for her, open and ready. She zeroed in on Tara's hand where it held the toy, her eyes taking in the image of her Mistress's cunt, pink and shiny. She imagined the scent that would be now filling the room and her mouth watered at the remembered taste, sweet and musky and all for her. She took a deep breath and held it, her heart beating wildly as Tara pushed the dildo all the way in. She heard her Mistress verbalise her pleasure with a long moan. Willow released the air in her lungs with a deep groan, her fingers dug into the leather of the chair and she pulled her hips from the seat and bucked the air. You are so fucking sexy oh fuck I could come just watching you.

Tara knew that her lover's frustration was going into overdrive, her own wasn't too far behind. Willow was lost to her passion and Tara marvelled at the effect she was having on her pet. She could see the tendons at the top of her thighs taut with the strain of holding her ass off the seat as Willow's hips rocked back and forth. Her own pussy contracted, little ripples of pleasure squeezing the dildo sheathed within her and bathed in her wetness. She shivered at the sensation and the toy moved slightly putting pressure on her aching clit.

"Ooh, I feel so full pet. Mmm...when I tighten my muscles I can feel every part of my cunt pressing on the cock, can you imagine how that feels, and I haven't even started to fuck it in and out of me yet," Tara's voice sounded heavy, conveying the effort it took not to take things to their natural conclusion so fast.

Willow's eyes went wide at the words coming through her headset, twitches and spasms in her pussy drove her crazy, and her Mistress's voice raised the hair on the back of her neck.

"Keep watching pet, watch while I fuck myself," she slid the dildo halfway out, "making up for what you denied me today. I was so close to coming this morning pet, your words made me so wet I was ready to explode," she gasped sliding the toy home, "can you see how easy the dildo slides in pet, I think I'm getting even wetter than I was then." Oh, fuck, I need to come soon, just watching Will is making me hotter.

The borders of Willow's world narrowed, she only saw the dildo in her Mistress's cunt, and the only sound was that of her lover's voice. She felt more wetness leak from her as her Mistress fucked herself with the toy. She watched it slide in, the labia stretching to accommodate its girth, and she groaned at its slick wetness when it came back into view.

Tara felt the first tremors of her orgasm, a fluttering and rippling travelled the length of her channel and she fucked the dildo harder, her hips lifting higher from her chair, she felt her wetness trickle down between her ass cheeks tickling her anus and pooling on the leather below her. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was rictus of pleasure, the tendons in her neck stretched and she pulled air in greedy gasps. Her hand was a blur as she thrust the dildo into herself faster, the other pulled and nipped at her breast tweaking the nipple into a diamond hard point.

Her body convulsed as the orgasm soared and she was sure she was screaming, she pushed the dildo in hard and held it there, her hips grinding and circling pushing the plastic even harder. Her heart raced and her body flushed with colour as the air in her lungs was expelled in a series of gasps and moans. Incomprehensible sounds that signalled her peak, a point of pleasure that caused all reason to leave her to be replaced by noise and lights that clamoured within her ears and brain.

In her office Willow whimpered as she watched her Mistress come, her own orgasm was out of reach, the physical stimulation denied to her, but her emotions synched with those of her Mistress, and her actions mirrored those on the screen. She held her breath when her Mistress did, her hips rose and fell, she ground down and circled. She was totally enthralled by what she saw. Her Mistress was always beautiful, and even more so when she came, and despite her own need dripping from her Willow felt a satisfaction of a deeper kind knowing that what her Mistress gave was for her only and her heart filled with love for the gift she had been given. Mistress, you are a goddess! A sexy, hot, teasing fucking goddess!

Slowly Tara's body returned to normal, her breathing less laboured and her pulse a little steadier. She looked down at herself, she groaned as the dildo was removed and a copious amount of wetness trickled out coating her thighs with musky scented slickness. Her legs ached now from the stretch of the armrests, but she was loathe to take away her pet's view of her satiated cunt. I can see where you're looking pet, and I won't take it away yet.

The screen in front of her showed her that her pet had thoroughly enjoyed the show. Willow looked flushed and out of breath, had she come too just from watching her Mistress, it certainly looked like it, but Tara wanted to make sure.

"That was such fun pet, did you enjoy it as much as I did?"

"I enjoyed it Mistress, but not as much as you did," the redhead answered with a pout to let her Mistress know what she needed.

"Now that is a shame, but what a good pet you are to resist the temptation of touching yourself. Are you very frustrated pet? I bet you wish I was there to give you what you need. Would you like that? I could take you over your desk, fuck you hard from behind with the dildo that just fucked me. It's still wet, warm and slippery from being inside me, think how hot it would be to make it slick with both our juices," Tara smiled as she racked up the frustration in her pet.

"Oh, yes Mistress, I wish you were here, I'm so ready to be fucked," her voice was constricted and almost a grunt as she fought to stay focused again. Understatement much?

"Stand up pet, turn off the web-cam and bend over your desk," she saw the confusion on her pet's face, a visual commentary to the myriad of questions that were running through her head.

She saw Willow stand on shaking legs, and her hand loomed large on the screen just before it winked out of existence.

Willow bent over her desk, her arms outstretched gripping the hard wooden edge and her mind still racing from the events of the evening and racing even further now that she was totally alone in her own office having assumed the position her Mistress asked of her.

A few minutes passed, and then her office door opened, a shaft of bright light cut through and came to a rest on the floor in front of her desk. A moment of panic gripped her and she looked up to see a curvy and instantly recognisable silhouette in the doorway. Huh?

"I hope I didn't scare you pet, but I believe you need to be fucked" her tone held amusement and relief.

Tara sauntered over to her pet and stroked her hand down her back as she moved in behind her. She turned her hand and cupped Willow's very wet centre feeling the slickness of her seep into her hand as she pressed hard against it. Her fingers moved massaging her pet's clit and Willow pushed back into the touch. Ooh yeah, that feels soo fucking good.

"Sorry to keep you waiting pet, but I had to attach something so I could fulfil my plan," she pressed the dildo now in its harness against her pet's silk covered ass.

Willow groaned as she felt the hardness against her, and she spread her legs in readiness. Hurry, hurry!

The hand at her crotch moved away and Willow could hear a drawer opening and items being shuffled around as Tara searched through the contents.

A moment later Willow felt cold metal on the outside of her left thigh, and she shivered as it traced a cold line up to her hip "I think the panties are ruined pet, they'll have to come off."

She felt the rounded point of scissors slip under the scrap of lace at her hip, and then a snip as Tara cut through. The back of her panties fell away from her ass, and the scissors where moved to the other hip and the action repeated. The weight of the wet silk caused the now completely ruined panties to fall to the floor leaving her now only wearing the stockings she had bought earlier.

"I love your ass pet," she dropped to her knees as she spoke, and Willow jumped as she felt a moist tongue travel over her muscular cheeks. Tara's hands were at the backs of her thighs, rubbing and caressing the bare skin at her stocking tops, and as she licked her pet's ass, her mouth watered from the scent of her pet's pussy which was so close and oh so wet. She moved her face lower and inhaled her lover's arousal, the musky aroma sending her senses wild. Her tongue darted into her pet's opening and coated with wetness she swiped upwards and over her pet's anus, stopping for the briefest of moments to tease it with the tip of her tongue. Her pet squirmed at the sensation and pushed back hoping for more of the same. Oh, fuck, Mistress that's so fucking hot.

Tara's own thoughts echoed her pets, and as she stood she allowed her finger to follow the path of her tongue, and she felt her pet's rosebud twitch in anticipation hoping for penetration. Tara almost pressed forward, but she withdrew and a small whimper came from her pet. Not this time Will.

Tara stood and positioned herself behind her lover. She held the dildo in her hand and teased the entrance to Willow's pussy with occasional touches on her hard clit.

Willows hips were moving following the maddening motion of the toy. She felt the length of it slide along her pussy as her Mistress placed her hand her mound and used her fingers to pull and tease at her clit. Inside, I need you inside.

Willow's frustration levels were peaking again, higher than ever.

"Mistress" she pleaded not caring that she had spoke out of turn.

The dildo was pushed home with a groan and she felt her Mistress's weight against her back.

"Not Mistress, Tara," she pulled out, "I love you Will," and sliding back into her lover's wetness she began a deep but slow ride rocking into her lover's pussy.

"Oh, fuck, I love you too baby."


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