Writer's Block

Author: Paint the Sky
Rating: NC-17. Sex, swearing and extra spicy talk!
Disclaimer: AU. I don't own Willow and Tara, don't sue me, I own nothing.
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Summary: This one won't just be as kinky as the last one, but there is still an element of power and control given to one partner, totally consensual, of course. This is set at an earlier date from the first story, so the Mistress/pet relationship has been developing over a 4-5 month period, which is hopefully reflected in the level of intensity portrayed. Boundaries have been explored from both points of view, and our girls are comfortable with their roles at this point.

Tara sat her desk typing. Dressed in sweats and her long blonde hair tied back in a loose pony tail her fingers flew over the keys as she wrote Teddy Bumkins latest adventure.

She had been working on the story now for a month and all was going swimmingly. Writing these stories allowed her to indulge her inner child, and Teddy Bumkins was a childhood imagining that in adult life was making her a tidy living.

When she had been young, sometimes the noises in the night would frighten her. She would curl up under the covers and bury her head with her pillow and pretend she was in a warm and happy place where a golden bear called Teddy Bumkins would take her by the hand and away from her fear into a land of sugarplum trees and dancing kittens. As she grew older she needed Teddy less and less, but she never quite said goodbye to her furry little friend, and when she felt the pull towards writing, as a means of practise she wrote down some of the stories from her childhood.

She had started in her first year of college, she smiled sadly when she thought of how alone she had been then, but her early foray's into writing about Teddy eased her loneliness, just like how he had eased her childhood fears. She really loved her cute little bear.

Finishing her current paragraph, she saved the file, and stretched back into her chair loving how easy her work was now that she had escaped the clutches of Sunnydale Children's Books. Not having Anya on her case since delivering her third book two months before the deadline, Tara felt under less pressure to produce her fourth.

Willow had upheld her promise about getting a lawyer to look over the contract. The best contract's lawyer in town was Geoffrey Chase, who was not only one of Willow's clients, but the father of an old school friend. The outcome of his examination of her contract was that after the third book, the contract had to be renegotiated, and the terms had to be acceptable to both parties. His recommendation was to supply the third book to fulfil the contract, and then renegotiate or leave SCB.

Anya had insisted, of course, that Tara stay with SCB, and offered her enhanced terms to hold on to her. But Tara had declined the offer when Rupert Giles at The Children's Library publishing house had contacted her. When she met with Rupert she knew that there was no way she could go back to Anya and her profiteering ways. Rupert's philosophy of education through imagination won her over, and when he admitted he had had an imaginary friend as young boy Tara knew he would be someone she could trust and rely on.

She left her office and headed to her bright sunny kitchen in her stocking feet carrying her empty coffee mug and rubbing at the small of her back with her free hand.

Just as she sat her mug on the counter her phone rang. Taking it from her pocket she smiled as she saw Willow's cellphone on the caller id, flipping it open she rested it against her ear.

"Hi Will"

"Hey, baby, did I disturb you?" Willow greeted her, but didn't sound her usual peppy self.

"Oh, no, just taking a little coffee break sweetie, you sound a little down, everything going ok?" she asked taking a seat at the breakfast bar.

"Yeah, just work, um...I thought I better let you know I'm gonna have to stay late. Sorry, I know we had plans..." she hoped Tara wouldn't be too disappointed.

"I was so looking forward to dinner, Will. It's been ages since we went out, how come you have to work late anyway?" She idly rubbed the surface of the counter with the pads of her fingers, as she listened to Willow's explanation.

"I am so, so sorry baby, but the New York client wants to conference tonight. We agreed to talk at 7.00pm, I thought he meant 7.00pm his time, which is 4.00pm our time, and I thought yeah, that's great, conference for an hour via the web-cam, finish at 5.00pm be home by 6.30pm dinner you and me at 8.00pm. It never occurred to me he meant 7.00pm our time, it was only when he e-mailed earlier to say he had to shift the meeting back half an hour to 10.30 EST that I realised the mix-up. I have to do this baby, we were recommended to him by another client, it wouldn't look good to reschedule."

Her lack of babble during her explanation relayed her own disappointment, and Tara wished she was there with her to give her a reassuring hug so that she could know that it was all ok, and despite her own disappointment she understood that business came first.

"I understand sweetie, I really do, and I can't say I'm not disappointed, dinner with you would have been the perfect way to end my day," the blonde sighed pushing an errant lock of hair behind her ear.

"When I get home maybe I can find a better way to end your day," said Willow with a flirty tone.

Tara smiled, and warmed to the change of direction in their conversation.

"Oh yeah, what could you do to make up for cancelling our date?" giving Willow an opening to continue in the same vein.

"Well, lets see, I could give you a foot rub, or a massage, or both. That's a nice way to end the day, get you all relaxed and sleepy for bed," she was teasing now that Tara's disappointment had eased.

"What if I don't want to be all relaxed and sleepy? What if I want something else?" Tara's low sexy voice travelled right to Willow's core and fired her imagination.

"I'll give you anything and everything you need baby, you know that," Willow sat back in her chair, kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on her desk, "so, how should I give you that perfect ending Tara? Should I go sweet and slow? Mmm? Make love to every inch of you, worship your body and pay homage to your beauty? Or would you prefer hot and heavy? Fucking you hard and deep, making you scream my name over and over until you're hoarse."

Willow grinned into the phone, she knew how Tara would be feeling. Spicy talk always turned her on.

Back home, the stool at the breakfast bar suddenly seemed uncomfortable as Willow began to tease her. Tara headed to the lounge and took refuge on the large comfortable sofa. She lay down, propped against some cushions and the armrest. She put one hand under her head and relaxed as best she could despite the warming effect of Willow's words.

Tara smiled a wicked smiled as Willow came to the end of her smutty suggestions, "Ooh, Will, what a dirty mouth you have," she groaned, squeezing her thighs together and enjoying the throb in her pussy.

"All the better for eating you with, baby" Willow purred down the line, "and we both know how much you like that don't we?"

The writer gave a soft throaty laugh, not even trying to deny her lover's comment, "Oh yeah, that talented tongue of yours, it should have a health warning printed on it."

Willow smiled, remembering the previous evening, "Have you recovered from last night baby, I swear I thought my jaw was broke I was down on you for so long. But it was so worth it. You taste so good Tara, all sweet and salty at the same time. And you were so wet for me, I almost came just looking at you. I bet you're wet as hell now baby, tell me how wet you are?"

Tara groaned and reached down into her sweat-pants with her free hand, she ran her fingers through her sodden sex, and rubbing lightly at her clit she let out a long moan, "Fuck, I'm soaking" she told her lover and she heard Willow groan at her words.

Willow's hand had travelled under her skirt and she was lazily stroking herself as she listened to Tara's pleasurable noises. "I wish I with you now baby, touching you, like I know how you're touching yourself, kissing you, fucking you." She heard Tara moan again and she shivered with frustration, "Tonight baby, I'm gonna give you so much lovin', really make it up to you."

Tara had thrown one leg up over the back of the sofa and her other was drawn up and bent at the knee, her fingers worked in long strokes slipping easily through the wetness, "I love Willow lovin'...ugh... God, Will, I'm almost coming."

Willow was breathing hard, her eyes were closed as she listened to Tara and as she visualised her lover pleasuring herself her own hand rubbed hard between her legs. She wished she had worn stockings instead of tights, the nylon barrier frustrating her questing fingers. She removed her hand and reached behind to undo the button on her skirt, leaning slightly forward she fiddled with the little plastic disc and pushed it through the hole. She pulled down on the zipper and felt the waistband loosen.

"Don't come baby, not yet, wait for me," she breathed, "I want us to come together."

"Hurry Will, I'm so fucking close," Tara's voice was urgent as it was expelled through gritted teeth. She had stilled her hand, but her fingers pressed hard on her clit, the pulse in her fingertips causing involuntary spasms in the little muscle.

The redhead brought her hand around and slid it down under the waistband of her skirt and worked it under her tights and into her panties. She groaned as her hips rose to meet her fingers.

A loud buzzing from the intercom made her jump and she dropped her cellphone, and she almost tipped her chair as she scrambled back into a sitting position.

"Willow, we have a problem in programming. The new data has crashed the Jones project, they need your help down there."

It's not the only down there that needs help!

Pulling herself together, Willow pressed the answer button, and taking a calming breath she told Buffy she would be there in a few minutes.

Willow heard a faint voice calling her name, "Oh, shit, Tara, hold on baby" she said loudly hoping that her voice carried to the phone on the floor.

She bent down to get the phone, and quickly brought it to her ear, "Sorry, Tara, I dropped the phone. Are you ok?" It was an inane question, and Willow knew it.

Tara laughed, "Am I ok? If you consider being left pre-orgasm and totally frustrated ok, then I guess I'm ok."

"I'm so sorry I have to go work. The programme for the New York client has crashed, and they need me. Tonight, I'll do anything you want to make up for it, but for now just tell me you're not mad, frustrated yes, but not mad"

"I'm not mad sweetie, just very, very frustrated, and you will make it up to me, that you can be sure of," Willow liked the sound of that, maybe Mistress would make an appearance tonight just to make sure.

"Oh, I'm very sure of that, anyway, what is it they say ‘Don't get mad, get even.' Bye baby," she said smiling knowing that Tara would get her inflection.

"Bye lover."

Tara's reply ensured Willow knew what was to be expected later. Ending the call, the very frustrated writer let out a low groan and rearranged her lower limbs into a less wanton position. She lay on the sofa for a few minutes contemplating what form of penance Willow could do for leaving her so frustrated, and she was sure that her girlfriend would be thinking the very same thoughts.

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