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Author: Paint the Sky
Rating: NC-17. Sex, swearing and extra spicy talk!
Disclaimer: AU. I don't own Willow and Tara, don't sue me, I own nothing.
Distribution: Pens, and if anyone else wants it, just ask.
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Summary: Outdoor loving on the way back from the beach. Naughty Willow takes Tara for a ride in the rain. Slightly kinky in that there is the risk of being seen, but it's far from exhibitionism.

The tarmac was slick with run-off and the rain pelted down beating a tattoo on the roof of the red SUV that had pulled over to the side of the road. It was one of those heavy summer showers that come out of no-where, hit you on the blindside and move off leaving steam in its wake. But this one was hanging on, and a storm threatened to join in the meteorological fun.

"One, two, three, paper."
"One, two, three, stone."

It was a child's game, or a childish game, but the stakes were high and both knew the outcome of best of three would define their comfort for the rest of the journey.


"One, two three, scissors."
"One, two, three, stone."

One game all. Honours even.

Blue and green eyes were locked together, combat about to be joined for the last time. Closed fists were at the ready, waiting for the silent signal to begin the count.

Neither flinched knowing the importance of the decider.

"One, two, three, scissors."
"One, two, three, paper."

Green eyes closed in defeat, the challenge lost and now the price had to be paid.

Willow opened the door slightly and looked back at her lover hoping for a change of heart, a hint of sympathy, something that told her that Tara would sacrifice her own comfort for that of her lover.

"Uh-huh, Will, you lose fair and square, and those puppy dog eyes aren't going to sway me. See this," she said pointing at her own face, "Recognise it?"

"Resolve face," pouted Willow, "dammit, I knew you'd pick up bad habits living with me. Ok, but I get treats when we get home," she opened the door knowing there was no hope of a reprieve.

A quick scout round and she saw that the rear tyre on the driver's side was as flat as a funny shaped pancake.

"Stupid tyre," she growled giving it a kick, "ow, ow, stupid sneakers." She winced as she hopped around to the rear door, her big toe throbbing painfully in the wet canvas shoe.

The rain was falling even harder as the redhead made her way to the trunk. Her vest top and shorts quickly became soaked through, the thin cotton no defence against the deluge.

She pulled the spare tyre from its housing and took a slippery hold of the rim and eased it to the ground. She rolled it to the flat they'd picked up leaving the carpark at the beach.

Tara had barely pulled onto the highway when she felt the car pull to one side and they both heard the thumpity thump as flat rubber made contact with asphalt.

The blonde had pulled over to the side of road and safely parked, and then they had begun their debate as to who would brave the elements to change the tyre. There had been cajoling from both sides, flattery, threats and even promises of sexual pleasure beyond what either of them had experienced before if the other would do the wet messy deed.

With the rain getting heavier and lack of suitable clothing neither girl wanted to give in no matter what was promised. There had been only one solution that they had both agreed on, rock, paper, scissors, and Willow now wished she had suggested another game as she fetched the tyre iron and the jack while glaring at Tara who watched with amusement in rear-view mirror.

"We should've played guess the square root, or who had the reddest hair, or...or if it's on your side you damn well fix it" she shouted into the interior where Tara sat warm and dry

She saw Tara's shoulder shake with laughter before she slammed down the back door and stomped back to the side of the car.

Tara watched her in the side mirror now, and as Willow loosened the nuts before putting the jack under the car, the bedraggled sight of her lover pulled at her conscience and she opened her door and stepped out into the downpour.

The force of the rain took her breath away as she went to Willow's aide. "Let me help sweetie," she said as she took the jack handle from her and began to pump the lever to raise the car.

Willow rewarded her with a bright smile than was incongruous with her appearance, "Couldn't resist getting wet with me, huh?"

Crouched over the jack handle Tara glanced up and gave her girlfriend a lop-sided smile, "This kinda wet I could do without," she said as she pumped again feeling resistance as the car lifted off the road.

Willow stretched, her face upturned, pushing her hands slowing up through the raindrops savouring the splishity splash on her tongue as she opened her mouth and let the water collect there.

The car had raised enough for Tara to straighten up, rubbing at the palm of her hand to relieve the ache the pressure of the jack handle had instilled in it.

"What are you doing Will?" she laughed as she saw her girlfriend doing some sort of weird rain dance.

Willow's stretch had evolved into a hip shimmy and each hand was alternately pushed into the air. Now she knew she had Tara's attention, the water in her mouth was then squirted in the air, not unlike water from a whale's blow hole, and allowed to cascade back down over her face.

"Well, I don't know if what I'm doing actually has a name, but I decided that since I'm out in the rain I may as well enjoy it," she said turning her face upward again, "try it, it's fun," she gurgled.

Tara hunkered down to unscrew the nuts that held on the tyre, "You're crazy, you know that right?" she said as she wiped very wet hair off her forehead.

"Not crazy, quirky, remember, baby? We decided I was quirky, c'mon, dance with me?" Willow sing-songed as she danced around behind her lover with ever increasing erratic movements.

"Help me change the tyre and I'll think about it," she shouted at the crazy dancer and she tugged the wheel to loosen it. Her grip was slippery against the rubber and she held it tighter and with one last pull the tyre came away so sudden that Tara fell backwards, her ass hitting the ground with a splash.

Willow stopped her dancing and began laughing as Tara lay on the wet ground flailing around with a large tyre resting on her tummy. The blonde glared at her antics, "Will, stop goofing around and help me." Tara's tone left Willow in no doubt that playtime was over and she bent over to lift the tyre away and help her girlfriend to her feet.

"Sorry, baby, you're not hurt are ya? Your beautiful ass hit the ground hard, maybe I should kiss it better?" she teased, her hand creeping around to lightly rub her lover's sodden derriere.

"Maybe I should spank yours?" Tara countered with a narrow eyed look to her lover, who grinned like the Cheshire Cat at the thought of it. The blonde watched as Willow went a little spacey and she felt the hand on her butt rub a little harder.

Tara knew that look well, her naughty minded Willow was playing out some fantasy in there, and the far-away look in her eyes was also clouded with desire. It wasn't something that had ever come up before, except in playful banter, but maybe it was time to give it more consideration if the look on Willows face was anything to go by.

Slowly Willow came back to reality, and she gave Tara a small embarrassed grin, she knew that her lover could read her like a book, "Would you?" she asked nervously her hand still now on her girlfriends ass and her free one wiping wet hair off her forehead.

"Only if you'd been really naughty, have you been naughty enough though, that's the question" she mused, quirking her lips into a teasing half smile.

"I'm seldom naughty, but I know how to be bad," the redhead countered as she moved behind Tara and moving soaking wet hair from her lover's neck, she brought her mouth close and licked along rain soaked skin with a broad flat tongue, "wanna be bad?" she growled into Tara's ear.

It always amazed them both how they could go from teasing to arousal so quickly. It only took a touch, sometimes it only took words or a look and they wanted each other with an aching need. It hadn't diminished over the years, if anything it was more intense. Neither of them could fathom it, and as Tara felt herself respond to Willow's words she didn't care what the reason was, she just knew that it happened.

Tara shivered as Willow's hand wormed its way under her top and moved over her stomach and up to her breast. An already stiff nipple tingling from the cold of the rain became deliciously painful as her lover teased and pulled it, and Tara's knees almost buckled as Willow's other hand slipped into her shorts and sought out her now throbbing clit.

Experienced fingers toyed with her, skimming the surface of hot skin that was now as slick as the blacktop. She watched the cars go by on the highway and hoped that no-one could see what her naughty girlfriend was doing to her. She flushed at the thought of it, exhibitionism wasn't something she felt the need to indulge in, yet Willow's fingers were lowering her inhibitions by the second. She bucked her hips, pushing herself against Willow's teasing hand.

"Oh yeah, you wanna be bad," said Willow as she applied pressure to Tara's clit and pinched her nipple.

"Fuck, Will, oh shit, we have to stop, this is crazy, someone will see," her hips kept moving belying her words.

Willow had pressed herself against Tara's back, her hips grinding into her lover's ass, "Do you really want me stop Tara? Is that why you're riding my fingers?" she growled the words into Tara's ear. "Move over to the car baby, put your hands against it," a nudge of her hips pushed her girlfriend in the right direction.

Tara stood at arms length from the car, her hands flat against the metal just above the driver's door. She felt a light kick at the inside of her ankles as Willow told her to 'spread-em, and assume the position'.

It was still raining, but that didn't matter anymore, on the side of the highway with cars whizzing past Willow's hands were working her body, pushing and grinding her to the point of no return. She bent her head down between her open arms and watched the movement of her lover's hand in her shorts. Tara's hips matched the rhythm of the fingers that had now slipped inside her. She pushed her clit against the heel of Willows hand that was tight and snug in the confines of her shorts.

Tara was beyond words, the only sounds she made were small grunts and moans as Willow dirty talked her to orgasm.

"You're so fucking hot baby, letting me fuck you here where someone could see, trusting me stop if that should happen. How would that feel Tara, if I had to stop now? Would you scream in frustration, beg me to keep going? What if I wanted you naked Tara? Would you let me strip you here on the highway? Would you safeword? How far would you let me go before Mistress appeared and spanked my naughty ass? Is this enough to earn a red ass? Taking you here, risking discovery, dominating my Mistress?"

"Oh fuck, yes pet, fuck your Mistress hard, make me come and I'll spank your ass till it's as red as your hair," Tara screamed as her cunt contracted around Willow's fingers. She raised her face up and felt the rain beat on it as her climax ripped through her, she gasped for breath as her open mouth took in water as Willow fucked her relentlessly pulling out every last spasm from her gushing pussy.

Willow had heard her Mistress' promise and her own pussy clenched in response as her mind played out a scene where she was over Tara's lap and her ass was a rosy pink and tingling with heat from the blows that rained down on it.

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