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Author: Paint the Sky
Rating: NC-17. Sex, swearing and extra spicy talk!
Disclaimer: AU. I don't own Willow and Tara, don't sue me, I own nothing.
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Willow left her office on the sixth floor of a converted warehouse in downtown Sunnydale. It wasn't the most fashionable part of town, but the rent was reasonable, and the square footage more than met her needs. Her clients were the type that never visited, conferences and meetings were via web-cam so putting on a fancy fašade in an overpriced box in the business district was false economy.

On her way to the elevator she told Buffy she was leaving for the day, and not to forward any calls to the house saying she would catch up with things in the morning. She left quickly before Buffy could ask any questions. She needed to get home, her Mistress needed her to get home. Tara needed her.

Willow drove quickly but carefully through the light afternoon traffic and arrived home forty five minutes after leaving the parking lot.

Two minutes later she was in her living room.

One minute after that she at the bedroom door.

One more minute later she was naked, her clothes on the floor in an untidy heap.

In the room behind the door Tara smiled and waited, her pet would be standing there breathing deeply in preparation, her adrenaline increasing and, her mind going to a place where its only concern was to serve her Mistress.

Mistress had prepared the space behind the door with care. Lit candles adorned every available surface and heavy red velvet curtains blocked out any trace of daylight leaving the room bathed in a warm glow that threw flickering shadows onto the walls and ceiling.

Mistress had stripped the bed of its usual cosy bedcovers and redressed it with a black silk sheet. She loved the contrast of her pet's creamy white skin against the silk as she writhed in pleasure and pain administered by hand of her Mistress. At each corner of the bedstead she had fixed black silk scarves, one for each of her pet's limbs, and a fifth lay waiting to cover sensuous green eyes.

She had showered quickly after preparing the room, resisting the urge to fuck herself to orgasm as her hands travelled her body in soapy circles. So much better to wait, to let the tension build within her, swirling and crashing waiting for the fingers, tongue or hand to release it.

She dried off with a warm fluffy towel and tied her still wet hair in a loose Chignon. She had eschewed the use of any scented products, save shampoo. Mistress loved it when her own scents were the only ones her pet would taste. Her pet had told her that Essence of Mistress, sweat mixed with lust and love, should be bottled so that every woman in the world could know how it felt to be enveloped by her lover.

Now dressed in a short red leather skirt that barely covered her recently waxed mound, her upper body had been encased in a soft red leather bustier, the zipper undone enough to show her ample cleavage. Her feet were clad in red stiletto heels. Her pet loved red.

Three knocks were heard in the quiet room, and from her place on the bed Mistress ordered her to enter.

Willow entered the room calmly though her heart hammered in her chest, and closed the door quietly behind her.

She walked to a circular rug near the end of the bed, and slowly knelt and placed her hands behind her back and crossed them loosely at the wrists. She lowered her head and waited.

"Welcome home lover" the blonde growled.

Willows heart skipped a beat and her nipples tightened when she heard Mistresses throaty voice.

"Tell me pet, did you escape without any naughty questions from Buffy?" she asked with a smirk her mind replaying a previous occasion when Buffy had asked her pet if she was rushing home for hot monkey loving.

"Yes Mistress" Willow blushed as she remembered the same incident.

"So, pet, do you know why your Mistress called you home?" Apart from wanting you to fuck me senseless.

"Yes Mistress" To fuck you until you don't know your own name.

"Mmm...I bet you do," she said salaciously, "You may look at your Mistress, pet"

Willow raised her head and took in the position her Mistress had taken on the bed. She inwardly gasped at the vision in front of her as her eyes focused on the object of her desire.

Her Mistress had moved so that her back was against the headboard, her legs were drawn up causing her thighs to part slightly. Willow swallowed hard as her mouth watered at the thought that her mouth would soon be clamped to the bare wet pussy that was less than six feet away.

"Let me tell you about my morning pet, its left me very, very frustrated. Nasty writer's block is tormenting Mistress again."

Tara opened her legs a little more. Willow took a deep breath and swallowed again.

"Torment is a terrible thing pet. I know you understand that feeling" Mistress smiled and placed her hands on the inside of her thighs.

Oooh, Mistress is trying to kill me. I'm so wet I can feel it dripping from me.

"That feeling when something is so close" Her thighs opened more, and she moved her hands to her knees "so close you can almost smell it, almost touch it" she teased as she watched her pet lick her lips.

She snapped her legs shut.

"But, then it's gone"

Bring it back Mistress, bring it back.

Tara swung her legs to the floor and pushed up from the bed and walked to the kneeling redhead. She stood directly in front of her pet and lovingly stroked her hair.

Willow wanted to push into the touch but pet knew that she could only move when her Mistress allowed it and she felt Mistresses approval of her stillness when her hand moved along her jaw line to tip her face up so she could see her Mistresses smile.

"Stand-up pet" Mistress said softly.

Willow stood, ignoring the ache in her knees as she drew closer to that smile that was her world.

Laying both hands on her pets head she stroked Willow from her hair along her shoulders, down her arms until they came to a halt at her pet's wrists. As they'd travelled she enjoyed the softness of pet's skin and thrilled at the shiver she was causing as Willow's skin goose-bumped where her hands had been.

Oh Mistress never stop touching me.

"Do you like that pet, me touching you softly?" she brought one hand round and placed in between Willow's breast, "or" her hand moved to her pet's breast, catching a stiffened nipple between her finger and thumb, "do like a rougher touch?" she twisted the nipple hard just keeping the pain this side of pleasure.

With a sharp intake of breath and slight wobble in her legs her pet answered shakily "Either, Mistress, the choice is yours."

Does she know how wet I am? How wet this makes me. I'm yours Mistress, everything I am and everything I will ever be is because of you.

Tara leaned in and put her mouth to Willow's ear, she inhaled the subtle scent of her pets shampoo "Today, Mistress wants it rough. Go lay on the bed, you know the drill pet, you can groan, gasp whimper and moan, and you will, but no talking unless I ask a direct question or you safeword"

She emphasised her point with another sharp twist to the same nipple and an open handed slap on her pet's ass.

Tara stepped to the side and allowed her pet to go to the bed. Her eyes hungrily watched her pet as she walked away. She ran a moist tongue over her bottom lip as she saw Willow climb up on to the centre of the bed and lay herself on it shiny silk cover.

Her pet placed her wrists on the scarves and waited for her Mistress to restrain her.

Oh, Willow, I love it that you trust me so much, that you always give me what I need just when I need it the most.

Tara stood now at the bottom end of the bed directly in line with her pet.

"Oooh, pet, you look so good against the silk. Don't you just love how it feels so cool against your skin?"

"Yes Mistress" she answered respectively.

Tara bent forward and took Willow's right ankle in her soft warm hands and gently lifted it over to the scarf at the footboard.

As she tied a loose knot her eyes travelled up over the creamy skin of Willow's leg and settled at the apex of her thighs.

"Look at you, all wet and ready for me to fuck your hot pussy. How shall I fuck you pet," she watched her pets sex twitch at her words, "with my fingers? Tongue? Maybe I'll stuff you full with that dildo you like...mmm pet? Or maybe, just maybe I'll use my fist." Her blues eyes were dark with passion as her pet's juices leaked out even more. "I know how you love that pet, feeling your Mistresses hand inside you, stretching and flexing, making you feel soo good, leaving you totally fucked as your orgasm screams fill the room."

She smiled as her pet gave a long groan of frustration, her hands balling in to fists where they rested on the scarves that were waiting Mistress's attention.

Oh, fuck. Does Mistress mean that. No more teasing Mistress. Please.

With her eyes stilly firmly fixed on her pets weeping cunt, Tara lifted and tied the other ankle.

Tara idly trailed her fingertips up and down the inside of Willows calf, still transfixed by the sight before her.

"So wet, so pink, so open" came as growl from somewhere deep within and her breathing increased as her own arousal coursed through her. She felt the walls of her cunt tighten as a spasm of need passed through it and her own wetness seeped out to coat her upper thighs.

I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up, I so need my pet inside me.

Tara walked slowly around the bed her hand trailing along Willow's body, the backs of her fingers leaving hot trails on the flesh beneath them.

She smiled down at her pet, marvelling at her patience. Willow hadn't moved despite the teasing words and actions of her Mistress, "Such a good pet, just lying there, patiently waiting. I don't know how you do it. If it were me, I would have thrown you to bed by now and fucked you so hard you wouldn't be able to walk straight for a week."

Willow groaned, her mind flooding with the image her Mistress had conjured.

Tara placed one knee on the bed and leaned across her pet to fasten the scarf to the waiting wrist.

Willow moaned at the proximity of her Mistress and could smell the warm earthy scent that emanated from her. Essence of Mistress. She shivered as she felt soft leather brush against the side of breast, and had to grit her teeth as her Mistress lightly scratched along her arm, across her breasts and up to her other wrist. "There now pet, all done" she said tying the final knot.

Tara walked slowly again around the bed surveying her handiwork and checking the tightness of her knots.

Laying on her side beside her pet she gazed down into emerald eyes which were full of love, lust and trust.

With the middle finger of her right hand she trailed lazy circles on Willow's tummy savouring the quiver she could feel under the surface.

She broke the circle and started a mazy, meandering path up her pet's body until she reached a pale pink nipple. She circled again, using her fingernail to lightly scratch the rubbery nub.

"You have beautiful nipples, pet, pale pink and perfect. I love to lick and nibble on them knowing how it makes you feel. But you know what I love best" she removed her finger, and quickly moved her hand down between her pets legs. Willow whimpered, and her Mistress loved the sound of it as she dipped that same middle finger with a partner into her pets warm wet cunt, gathering juices that were now seeping out and wetting the silk.

Willow's walls contracted as her Mistress entered her and her breath became shallow as her Mistress fucked her with slow deep thrusts that teased low whimpers and grunts of pleasure from her pet.

"Ah, were was I, yes, what I love best is this" and with a sudden movement she dropped her head to her pet's breast and bit down on the nipple as she pushed her fingers harder into Willow's cunt. She pushed harder into her pet, and with every thrust she twisted her wrist, literally screwing her pet senseless with this added sensation.

The biting and licking and fucking and twisting were driving her pet crazy.

Willow wrapped her wrists into the scarves and pulled against them, her arms straining and her face contorted with the effort it was taking not to come.

Oh, oh, oh, don't come, don't come, don't come...

Mistress loved taking her pet hard, and she knew her pet loved it too. She pulled her mouth off the nipple and it released with a pop. She blew cool air over the hot little nub and watched it crinkle and harden more. Her fingers were pumping hard and fast in her pet's warm wet pussy, and she watched her pet's stomach strain under the effort it took for her not to push her cunt down on her Mistresses fingers.

"Pet you look so fucking hot with my fingers inside you. I can feel how much you love this. I don't think you have ever been this wet, and I love it that it's me making you feel this way. It must be taking all your control not to come pet."

She kept thrusting and twisting.

"You know that Mistress will have to punish you if you come without permission. I remember that last time pet, oh how I loved the redness of your ass after that spanking. Such hot red cheeks, ooh, how I loved the heat of them on my tongue as I licked and soothed you."

She felt a quiver in her pet's velvety walls and slowed her pace, drawing out each stroke until she was barely moving at all. She gave one last hard slow push and let her fingers rest.

Don't come, don't come... please Mistress, help me stop it, help me stop it...

"I think you were nearly in trouble pet, but what a good Mistress I am to stop fucking you when it would have been so easy to push you over the edge. I think you owe me something special don't you pet?" she wiggled her fingers to let her pet know just how easy it would be.

Her pet gave a long moan as her body relaxed and the tension dissipated, "Arg! Yes Mistress, anything" she cried her relief.

"Anything pet, that's a dangerous offer, are you sure?" she wiggled her fingers again and then opened them for good measure stretching her pets pussy.

"Nrrg! Yes Mistress anything, I don't want to come without permission Mistress" she begged.

Tara slowly removed her fingers from their warm home and felt her pet totally relax, she brought them to her mouth and with her pets eyes firmly fixed on her she licked her index finger clean, her tongue lapping at the fragrant musky sweetness it found.

With her tip of her middle finger she traced her pet's lips anointing her with her own juices, the remainder was smeared on one her nipples.

The combination of juices and nipple made Tara's mouth water and she again took the nub into her mouth, laving it with a wet tongue and savouring the taste and feel of her pet's renewed arousal as the nipple stiffened.

When all traces of her pets liquor had gone she gave the nipple one last little bite and moved up to capture her pets mouth with her own. She licked at her pet's lips with long wet strokes and plunged her tongue into the waiting warmth of the restrained girls mouth allow pet to taste herself on Mistresses probing muscle.

Tara sucked her pets tongue into her own mouth and massaged it against the roof of her mouth as her hand again sought her pet's breast. She pulled and teased at the fleshy mound under her fingers, plucking at the nipple and pulling it to a hard peak.

When her pet's taste finally left her mouth she broke the kiss and gave the nipple one last almost vicious twist and smiled down at her very frustrated but immensely happy pet.

She loved her pet like this. Restrained and her body flushed with colour and sheen of sweat picking up the glow from the candle light. Tara watched the flickering shadows play across the scene before her and she was filled with such love for this girl who gave her so much of herself to her.

"So, pet, will you still do anything for Mistress?" she asked with a raised eye-brow.

Oh, God, what did Mistress want to do? What if I safeword? Will she be disappointed in her pet? No, Mistress is never disappointed in her pet and pet trusts her Mistress to know her boundaries.

"Yes Mistress" her pet's voice was steady and Mistress heard the undercurrent of trust within it.

"Lift your head pet, its time to shut out the world" she said as she lifted the fifth and final scarf from the bed where it had lay just beyond her pet's sweaty red tresses.

Her Mistress kissed her lightly and told her to wait while she went downstairs.

"Pet, feel free to stretch and move while I'm gone"

Tara went to the kitchen and opened the freezer and retrieved a bag of ice. She placed it on the counter and went to a cupboard and search for a large bowl.

Setting the bowl on the counter she emptied the contents of the bag into it. She felt a shiver run through her and she knew that it wasn't only from handling the sub-zero contents of the bag.

As she added water at the sink she looked out of the window, finding it hard to reconcile the bright cold sunny day with the darkness of their bedroom and the warmth that had been generated by their passion and play.

She returned to their room and closed the door shutting out the light that invaded from the landing window and casually watched her pet who now blindfolded slightly cocked her head, listening intently to fix her Mistresses position in room.

"I'm at the door pet, and I'll be with you very soon"

Mistress smiled at her pet, watching her face as she walked toward her. The contents of the bowl chinked against each other and she gave a small laugh as her pet's face betrayed her thought process.

Its ice, it sounds like ice, Mistress likes ice.

Willow's thoughts were confirmed when the bowl was set on the bedside table and the small blocks of ice gave a more solid and familiar sound so close to her ears.

Mistress is beside me now. I can smell her. Oh, god I can smell her wetness. I want to taste it, I need to taste. Patience. Mistress is moving away. Shoes clicking on the floor. One, two, three, four...four steps. The dresser.

Tara gave a look behind her and gave a small laugh as she saw her pets face scrunched in concentration.

"Watching me with your mind pet?" the tone implied the questions rhetorical nature and her pet remained quiet.

"Oh, how the not knowing must be for you. Your senses being played with. Taking you out of your comfort zone. But I wouldn't do it except I know that you love it. You love all this as much as I do, pet, I can see it glistening all over the sheet pet, and your wetness tells me just how much" She turned back to the dresser and put her hand to her breasts.

Willow heard a noise.

What was that...a zipper...oh, shit, Mistress is taking off her top...I want to see Mistresses breasts...or was it the, four...something was placed beside the bowl? What? It didn't matter now. She could smell Mistress again beside her.

Before rejoining her pet on the bed Tara ensured that everything she needed was near hand on the bedside cabinet.

Willow felt a weight, pressing on the mattress, by her hip. She knew that her Mistress was joining her on the bed when soft warm skin caressed hers, as her Mistress straddled her prostrate form.

A pleasurable sigh was heard as Tara settled herself on her pet. Straddled across her pet's hips the open legs beneath her ensured that Mistresses own thighs were stretched and that her wet warm folds opened when she eased herself down on her pets abdomen.

The sigh became a groan as her pet felt Mistresses warm slippery cunt make contact with her.

Tara revelled in the feeling of her pets skin against her most intimate place and ran her hands slowly up her pets stomach to finally rest the on her pet's small but perfectly formed breasts. She pushed her hips forward and then let them settle back smearing her juices on her pet's skin.

Her pet was breathing heavily, deep rasping breaths that were exhaled as she fought not to raise her hips and push into her Mistress.

Willow felt the hands at her breasts tighten, gripping her breasts hard, and her Mistress moving faster, grinding her hot wet cunt on her abdomen. The grip on her breasts was relaxed but the grinding continued and she could hear her Mistress moan.

Mistress, I want to move. I want to push myself into you. Oooh fuck.

"Can you feel my cunt on you pet, all wet and hot." She reached out her right hand towards the cabinet and lifted on of the items she brought from the dresser. "With just a little more pressure I could come pet." She kept moving her hips sliding easily in her own wetness and loving the sensation. "Fuck, pet, I feel like I'm going to burst. Would you like that? My hot juices flooding down over you?" Tara examined the item in her hand and watched as the candlelight reflected off the shiny metal and glinted on the chain, before placing it on the bed.

"Ughh! Fuck, yes Mistress, come on me, let me feel you soak my skin" her pet groaned her voice distorted by pleasure and frustration as her Mistress squeezed the breast she still held.

Tara scooted back a little and her thighs opened more, her cunt was now on her pet's neatly trimmed mound. As she circled her hips, she could feel the pubic bone apply extra pressure to her clit, and the new sensation only made her wetter.

Willow's mind reeled as her Mistress took up her new position, and the urge to push upwards intensified.

"Would you like to move pet?" her Mistress asked when as she felt the tension in her pet escalate.

A choked "Only if you want me to Mistress" struggled past her lips.

Oh, fuck, if I don't move Mistress, I think I'll die...

"Move pet, let me feel you push up into me" her Mistress told her.

Free to move Willow pushed her hips up, her mound met her Mistresses pussy with force and she heard a moan as grasping digits squeezed and pulled on her nipples. She felt pleasure and pain in equal measures as her nipples tightened. Her Mistress rode her hard gasping out her own pleasurable sounds.

With her vision obscured she focused totally on the sounds her Mistress made and her memory painted a picture for her. In her minds eye Willow could see those beautiful blue eyes clouded with lust and passion, the luscious warm mouth slightly open, and the flawless skin flushed with exertion. She imagined her Mistress's breasts. Heavy, rounded orbs perfected by mocha coloured nipples that pet loved to suckle and nibble. She could see the pale skin of the stomach, taut and tense with effort, the muscles rippling just below the surface.

While her pet was lost in her own world, Tara pinched both of her nipples eliciting a hiss of pain in her pet. She removed her hand from one and lifted the object of the bed.

Her pet bucked harder beneath her, grinding upwards when her Mistress pushed down.

Both women were now totally in synch with each other and Willow whimpered when her nipple was pinched and then released.

Willow felt a slight shift in position as her Mistress leaned forward, and she howled as she felt quick sharp nips on the bud of each breast. She pushed up hard using her heels as leverage and grabbed at the scarves attached to her wrists. She was rigid as she adjusted to the new sensation.

Oh, oh, fuuuck, that feels goood.

"Nipple clamps, pet, what a delicious sensation they create. Biting and burning, do you like it?"

Willow's body relaxed as the pain in her nipples toned down to a sharp tingle like pins and needles.

"I love it Mistress" she said with a thrust of her hips.

"I thought you might" she ground down again onto her pet's pubis, and gently lifted the chain connecting the clamps, "and it gets better pet" she tugged on chain and the clamps tightened.

Her pet let out a tortured groan as the chain was lifted from between her breasts and when her Mistress tugged and her nipples were pulled upwards the tiny teeth on the clamps giving an extra bite, her hips shot up off the bed almost dislodging her Mistress as she screamed anew.


Her Mistress dropped the chain, and when the clamps relaxed she knew her pet would feel an all new set of sensations as the blood flowed slightly back into the sensitive buds.

She watched as her pet gritted her teeth enduring the prickly feeling in her nipples.

"You are fucking beautiful pet, and your Mistress is very pleased with you." She bent over and kissed her pet pushing in her tongue and sweeping it around her mouth.

Willow swallowed a groan as she felt Mistresses breasts brush her highly sensitive flesh.

Sitting back up her Mistress told her that she wasn't yet finished with her pet.

"There's more I want to do with you" she spoke softly "hold on tight to the scarves pet."

Willow wrapped her wrists tightly in the silk and pulled hard against them, and when her Mistress removed the clamps and the blood flooded fully into her nipples she saw stars and screamed as prickles of needle sharp pain assaulted her stiff nubs. Again she dug in her heels and lifted her body high of the bed. She tensed and held the position her face contorted with pain.


She almost came and she felt a flood of wetness in her cunt.

Then she felt a cold and numbing sensation as the pain ebbed away and realised that her Mistress was rubbing them with ice. She felt cold rivulets of water run down her breasts leaving a chilly path on once hot flesh.

She felt high from the endorphin rush. Her heart pounded and her breath became shallow. Still her Mistress caressed her with the ice, cooling down the tortured flesh until they were numb. She shivered and clenched her teeth against this new pain and tears pricked her eyes under the blindfold.

Tara had watched her pet's reaction and was suddenly worried that she had gone too far. She had never used the nipple clamps before on her and when she had tried them on herself she had felt pain but the pleasure afterwards had been amazing.

"Are you ok pet? Do you want to stop?"

Willow's brain kicked in when she heard the concern in her Mistresses question.

"Oh no Mistress, I don't want to stop" she smiled at her Mistress hoping she was reassuring her.

"If you're sure pet" she said stroking more ice over her pet's nipples, "Tell Mistress how you feel, but be precise, no babbling pet"

"Oh mistress, I feel wonderful. After the incredible pain subsided I felt such a rush. When the endorphins kicked in I felt a high like I never felt before. I'm so turned on Mistress, I've got even wetter, and now I can feel only cold on my nipples. They're freezing Mistress"

Satisfied, her Mistress told her they would be warm soon enough.

Tara dried her hand on the sheet, and reached again to the dresser, wrapping her hand around what she needed.

Mistress began to move against her pet again and pet meet her thrusts welcoming the resumption of their game.

With her free hand she pinched her pets very cold nubbins and only heard the barest of moans as she stopped her movements against her pet's mound.

She heard a disappointed whimper as she dismounted and repositioned herself between her pet's wide open legs.

She ran her left hand down her pet's body lightly scratching it with her nails as it made her way to the apex of Willow's thighs.

She turned her hand palm up and entered her pet with three fingers.

Willow's hips bucked and a long groan of pleasure escaped her throat.

The object in Tara's right hand was held high above her pet's body, and the fingers in her pet's cunt started to thrust at a fast pace. She felt her pet's channel tighten and grip at them but the pace was too furious and the fingers rubbed against the ridged muscle causing Willow to push harder against her Mistresses hand.

Tara watched her pet writhe in pleasure, and pull on her bonds as she fought the urge to come.

Just as before Willow felt her Mistress twist her wrist at the zenith of every thrust and her breathing became ragged as she gasped air in short gulps.

"Tell me pet, are your nipples still numb?"

"Nurg!! Yes Mistress" she grunted.

"Good. Pet, when you feel the heat you may come" she said and tipped her right hand and hot wax fell from the candle she holding and splashed onto the cold nipple of her pet's right breast, it trickled wetly then hardened. Giving the other nipple the same treatment she moved back to the right one.

She watched pet's face as the wax hit, her features froze wondering what had happened. When more wax hit, her frozen nipple thawed and the next drop burned before it cooled.

Heat...oh, fuck heat...

Tara dropped more wax and thrust hard into her pet, and the first clench of her pet's pussy initiated a scream and her pet bucked on her hand so hard and Mistress thought her pet would pass out from pleasure.

Inside Willow's mind, time and space ceased to exist. As her body bucked and pushed against her Mistresses talented fingers an incomprehensible babble of words and sounds flooded her brain. AARGH...TARA...MISTRESS

Tara watched her pet's face, loving the expression of pure pleasure and happiness that graced it. She got wetter just watching her, her own pussy feeling an empty ache that only made her hornier. She felt her pet's hot wet slippery cunt on her fingers, the spasms getting weaker as her pet's orgasm waned. She slowed her movements and gently brought her pet down from her orgasmic high. With a final thrust she withdrew, and blew out the candle and set it back on the cabinet.

"Fuck, that was intense pet, Mistress is very, very horny watching you come." Her voice was ragged with desire.

Her pet gave her small exhausted smile, and quivered when she felt her Mistress crawl up the bed and place her knees either side of her head.

Willow felt something fall onto her chin and groaned with renewed lust as she smelt her Mistresses cunt that she knew hovering just above her mouth.

Tara removed the blindfold from her pet allowing her the treat of looking directly at her smooth cunt.

"Time to lick your Mistress dry pet" Tara growled each word lowering herself slowly onto her pet's waiting tongue.


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