Writer's Block

Author: Paint the Sky
Rating: NC-17. Sex, swearing and extra spicy talk!
Summary: A little excursion into BDSM, consider yourself warned. If you don't like it don't read it.
Disclaimer: AU. I don't own Willow and Tara, don't sue me, I own nothing.
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It had been three days since Teddy Bumkins had soared away in a red hot air balloon after saving the Nimlocks from the fire breathing Burblebog, and Tara Maclay had absolutely no idea where he was going next.

Teddy had been adventuring in Squirgleland for five years and he had travelled every inch of the country fighting foes and rescuing damsels from every kind of mild peril that was suitable for children of eight and under to know or read about.

On day four, Teddy's red balloon had crash landed in a territory not completely unknown to him and Tara.

Large cartoon lettered signs declared You Have Entered the Land of Writer's Block.

Tara groaned, she had been here before, and had spent two months wandering the Landscape of Empty Thoughts, and had been lost in the Castle of Meandering Plot for weeks on end where every corridor lead back to where she had started.

There was only one cure for this most awful of afflictions.


Dirty, hot, filthy phone sex.

Dirty, hot, filthy phone sex with a dirty, hot, filthy woman.

She retrieved her cell phone from a desk which was strewn with illustrations for ‘Teddy Bumkins and Fire Breathing Burblebog' the forthcoming book from the best selling children's author. "Yeah, and probably the last book if I don't get a hand between my legs soon" she said with obvious frustration.

Punching #1 on the speed dial she settled the phone to her ear, and it was picked up on the second ring.

"Hey Tara" a chirpy voice greeted her.

"Hey, lover, wanna be dirty?" she growled, her tone conveying promises of unrestrained passion.

"Always" the reply held a smirk.

"Oh, Willow, the joys of owning your own company. No boss to answer to, no one to take orders from, you can do what you want when you want. That's what you like isn't it?" Tara practically purred as she sat back on her chair and put one leg up on her desk and raised the other onto an open drawer, letting them fall apart.

At the other end of the line Willow had made herself comfortable on her executive chair and used a remote control to close her office blinds against the prying eyes of her employees, "Mmm, baby, it's not that way all the time and you know it, but give me a minute, cos if this is going where I hope it's going I better lock the door and tell Buffy to hold my calls."

She sat down the phone and went quickly to the door, she opened it slightly and asked Buffy to hold the fort for awhile.

Locking the door she hurried back behind her desk and put the phone on speaker lowering the volume so that only she could hear.

"Ok, baby, I'm all yours."

"All mine. Mine to do with as I see fit. Tell me Willow. Can I do as I see fit" the now very horny blonde asked as she undid two buttons on her shirt and trailed sort fingernails over the swell of a breast.

Willow could hear Tara's breath hitch as the question was asked and her own came in short gasps as she answered "Yes"

"Yes what? Did we forget something pet?" the blonde almost scolded.

"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress" said the panting redhead loving the stern tone of her lover's voice.

"Good girl, that's better." Another button was released, "You left early this morning pet. I missed you, but then I always miss you when I wake and you're not there" Two more buttons and the shirt fell open to reveal naked breasts and a taut stomach. Tara ran her fingertips up and down her warm smooth skin, and lightly scratched at her nipples on each pass. "Do you want to know what I'm doing now pet?"

"If it pleases you to tell me Mistress" Willow had sat still on her chair, both hands palm down on the desktop, not moving or reacting unless Tara gave express permission. Oh, she wanted to squirm, to ease the itch and heat that was building between her legs but until told to do so she would ignore the throb in her pussy and the wetness that was surely soaking through her panties and into her short black skirt.

"Mmm...poor pet...just sitting there, not moving, just waiting, and not able to do a thing until I say so..."

Willow gave a low whimper and clenched her buttocks, "...oh, pet, is it hard for you, mmm? Is it as hard as my nipples that my fingers have teased into pebbles of pleasure? That's what I'm doing now pet, pinching and pulling, and you can only imagine it. Do you think we should turn the web-cam on? Then you could see what Mistress is doing to herself while you sit there getting wetter and wetter. Oh, how your frustration must be escalating pet. Are you soaked through yet? Are your juices making that big black leather chair all shiny and slippery?"

Willow bit her lip, hard, listening to Tara's words, Please Mistress, turn on the web-cam, let me see you.

"You can answer pet. Are you soaked through? Is the chair all slippery?" groaned Tara as she squeezed a sensitive nipple between her thumb and finger.

"Yes Mistress. I'm soaking wet, I can feel my juices beneath me on the chair" gasped her pet.

Tara closed her eyes and imagined her pet at her desk, in her business clothes, feeling totally helpless against her desires. Suppressing her own needs to fulfil hers and she knew she needed more than a session on the phone to quell the ache she felt in her cunt at Willow's words. She needed the comfort and contact that only Willow could give her. She needed to fuck her pet senseless, and in turn she needed Willow to take her where only she could.

"Oh, that's so good to hear. I'm soaked through too pet, and your not here to help make me all dry again" said Tara with a pout.

"I'm sorry Mistress" Tell me to come home.

"Are you pet, sorry enough to come home? Would pet come home and lick her Mistress dry?" she cajoled.

"Yes Mistress. Pet would come home and lick you dry" Willow's buttocks clenched even harder when an image of her Mistress straddling her face flashed into her mind.

"Oh, pet" came out as a breathy groan "fuck, that makes your Mistress even wetter. She loves to hear you talk so dirty. Ok, pet you can come home"

"Thank you Mistress" Oh, thank you, thank you thank you!

"I'll be upstairs waiting for you. You are free to move" Tara instructed.

"Yes, Mistress" she affirmed as she lifted her hands from the desk, flexing and stretching her fingers to relieve at least some of the tension she was feeling.

Just as she was about to cut off the speaker phone she heard her lovers voice.

"Willow, I love you, please drive carefully" came through soft and tender voice, her Mistress left behind for awhile.

"I will, and I love you too Tara. Be home soon, bye"

"G'bye lover." Willow heard the growl and shivered, cutting off the phone she gathered her things and prepared for home.

Tara was a quiver of anticipation as she waited for her lover to come home, and as she readied herself and their bedroom for Willow's arrival she though back to the first time she had a bad case of writer's block.

It had been eighteen months previous, her second book ‘Teddy Bumkins and the Amazing Pea Green Lumpsak' had been on top of the best sellers list, her publisher had been pressing her to cash-in on her success by writing another book while her second was still riding high.

"Anya, please, I need a break. I love writing the stories, but I've been thinking like a child for the best part of eight months. I need to think only adult thoughts for a while. Do you know I even feel guilty when I have more than two glasses of wine. I keep thinking what would the kids do if they knew there favourite author likes to tie one on every now and again?" Tara almost screamed with frustration.

"But, Tara, think of the money we could be making. It would be immoral and extremely unprofitable not to keep it going while you're hot." With Anya, head of publishing at Sunnydale Children's Books, everything came down to money.

"No, Anya. I need a break. I struggled to finish the last one. I need to spend time with Willow. Her company is up and running, and now we have time to reconnect I won't let Teddy Fucking Bumkins come between us." Tara was as angry as she had been in a long time. She was practically shaking after her outburst.

"Really, Tara, what would you're readers think if they could hear such a potty mouth? Anyway, you have to write a third book, it's in your contract. You have an obligation, paragraph 5 subsection 3, and I quote "The author shall provide at least three books in the first two years of their contract subject to order of the publishing house if sales of previous books warrant a third." I think I need to remind you that you signed this contract 20 months ago. So, Miss Number One Author on the Children's List, Teddy Fucking Bumkins better be on my desk in four months, or you are in breach of contract and we will sue for our goods, namely a third book which will then become our sole property with all rights and profits retained by us," Anya the Demon Publisher, as she was bitchily known at the office, informed Tara in no uncertain terms.

Tara was incandescent with rage, "Potty mouth? Potty mouth? I'll give you potty mouth you money grabbing pustule of a cunt from hell. Ok, you'll get you're fucking book, and you can stick it where you stick you vibrator you dried up hag from hades."

The extremely upset and angry blonde hung up on her publisher with a scream and threw the phone at the wall where it broke into a dozen pieces and feel to the carpet as Tara fell to the bed and wept like she hadn't in years.

She sobbed until she finally fell asleep.

Willow had come home from work, Rosenberg Software had been launched four months previously and with it came long hours and hard work, but now with a building reputation and an increase in programmers she was having to spend less time at the office, and with a sexy girlfriend to get home to that was definitely a plus.

As she looked around the downstairs she saw no sign of Tara who when not working on her books would usually have dinner on the go and a glass of wine waiting for her. Thinking she had gone out, Willow headed upstairs for a shower and the luxury of slipping into sweats and a t-shirt and the pleasure of dumping the business suit for another day.

Entering their bedroom she saw Tara curled up fetal style on the bed. She moved forward when her foot crunched down on something hard. Glancing down she saw the remnants of their phone. What's happened here, oh god baby are you ok?

"Tara, baby, are you awake" she said with concern as she bent to lift the pieces of plastic and metal from the wooden floor.

The figure on the bed stirred and with a stretch she turned on to her back and then on to her other side and curled back into protective position. Willow quickly disposed of the debris into the waste bin by the dresser and rushed to her obviously distressed lover who looked so small and frightened on the bed.

"Baby, what's wrong, did someone hurt you, please baby talk to me" as she spooned Tara and stroked her hair.

The sobs returned and Tara turned suddenly and held on to Willow like her life depended on it.

"Shush, shush, baby, its ok, I'm here, I'm here," the redhead soothed with her voice as she continued to stroke her lover, "can you tell me what happened?"

"Anya" the blonde sobbed into Willow's shoulder.

Willow was relieved when she heard that name. Whatever Anya had done it couldn't be worse than the myriad of scenarios that had passed through her mind on seeing Tara on the bed.

"What happened with Anya, baby" as she was stroking Tara's hair and her other hand rubbed lightly on her girlfriend's back in small comforting circles.

"She called earlier, we had a fight." Tara sniffed back her tears and wiped her face on the pillow and settled back into Willow's arms. "She said I had to write another book, it was in my contract, she said they would sue if I didn't have it on her desk in four months."

Willow pulled her close and asked her to continue.

"I don't know what to do Willow. I tried starting a new one, but I sit at the computer and nothing comes. It's like I've no words in my head. I've typed so many beginnings, but they all hit brick walls and the sentences break apart and the words run away and I can't ever catch them. I needed a break. I wanted time with you. We've both been working so hard. But she just kept pushing, and I lost it. I said horrible things to her." She pushed her face further into Willow's shoulder and repeated what she had called Anya.

"Oh, Tara, honey, it's ok. I'm sure she's been called worse" the redhead found something within her that didn't allow her laughter out when Tara had told her how she had insulted her publisher.

Tara smiled a little, knowing that the inner Willow was probably applauding her outburst against a woman her lover had never warmed to, but loving all the more for keeping it so well hidden.

"If Anya is right about your contract, and knowing Anya, she probably is, then she has the upper hand. You'll have to write the book, but in the meantime, why don't we get a lawyer to look at the terms and conditions. Maybe we can get you out of further commitments to SCB."

Willow felt Tara's arms tighten around her and a warm mouth on her neck kissing the tear wettened skin. "Oh, sweetie, what I wouldn't give to have the upper hand for once. I'm fed up doing what others want, and Anya is just another voice I have to answer to. And I hate it that I have no choice."

"Well, having the upper hand isn't always a good thing. Sometimes when the hard decisions have to be made it isn't easy to be the one who always has to make them. It takes a strength that sometimes isn't there, but you have to find it, and sometimes the decisions you make hurt other people, even when you have no choice" Willow said sadly.

"I thought you liked being in charge Willow, it sounds like something happened, do you want to tell me? I'll help if I can." It was Tara's turn to be the comforter and for her girl well that came easy.

"I do. It's my company, and I'm responsible for so much now. You remember I told you about Xander, the trainee programmer, well today I had to let him go. It was the right decision, but it was sort of scary having that power, that control over people, he's a nice guy, but his work wasn't up to scratch and his programmes kept crashing. Ugh! I just wish someone else could take the reigns sometimes," she sighed and rested her head against Tara's.

Tara gave a soft laugh, "It seems we have what the other wants, ironic isn't it?"

"Yep, irony's kinda ironic that way. I can give orders all day if I want, and you have to take them. You can give me orders if it makes you feel better?" Willow said lightening the mood.

"Ok" said Tara, "Kiss me"

"Kiss you?"

"You see, you're questioning me already. I don't think you can take orders, deep down you like making the hard decisions, you like being in control. You like order, and logic. It's your comfort zone" teased Tara with a very straight face enjoying the expression on Willow's face.

Willow thought for a moment on what Tara had said, and she admitted to herself that it was true, but she was willing to play along if it helped her girlfriend get over this incident with Anya.

"Ask me again" she said with complete seriousness.

Tara fixed her blue eyes on her, and raised an eye-brow, well if she wants to play we'll play. Lets see how far she'll go.

"Kiss me"

Willow moved her face closer to the blonde and allowed her lips to find Tara's. She tightened her grip on her girlfriend and pulled them close as her tongue sought access past soft inviting lips. Her hands that had been giving comfort now gave sensual strokes along the blondes spine and down over the swell of her ass. Just as Tara was following her lead Willow pulled away with a smirk and asked "Well, did I follow orders?"

"No, not quite, I think you need more practise. Now, kiss me again and don't stop until I tell you. And, a kiss does not include wandering hands. You may put them around my waist, but you can't move them. Think you can do that Willow?" That's what happens when you smirk, wiseass.

Tara initiated the kiss this time, she teased the redhead with her tongue, tracing it over Willow's mouth and withdrawing when she felt the redhead's tongue darting out to meet it. Tara's hands roamed freely on her lover's body driving Willow to disobey orders and the writer felt a hand snake down to her ass again. Reaching behind she gave it a sharp slap and placed it back on her waist. She broke contact and said "Behave, or we stop now. Your choice."

Willow wasn't sure what to do. From the look on her face Tara obviously meant it, and it was a look Willow hadn't seen before. It excited her, this Tara, the blue of her eyes had darkened with desire and the timbre of her voice had changed. Willow heard a strength and a resolve that didn't associate with her lover. God, Tara could be powerful if only she could believe in herself the way I believe in her.

"Ok, I'll behave" she took a deep breath while biting on her bottom lip and said "Mistress."

Tara felt a thrill run through her when Willow said those words, she was slightly shaken by them, but hoped Willow hadn't seen that moment of doubt. Is this where we're going? Shit, is this somewhere we want to go? Is this somewhere I want to go? One night, one time deal. It wouldn't hurt. If Willow didn't want this she wouldn't have used those words. Admit it, it turns you on, and if you really don't like it...well you don't have to do it again.

"I like the sound of that. Can you call me Mistress tonight and mean it Willow?" she said sending a shiver through her lover.

The redhead hesitated, and breathed deeply. She looked further into those dark blues eyes that had fixed their gaze upon her and said slowly "Yes" a beat, a moment, "Mistress."

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