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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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The lovers stood together under the hot rain of the shower, soaping each other's slick bodies, hands wandering lazily, lips indulging in languid kisses.

"Tara baby?"

"Yes, my love?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course..."

"How could you think, for even a moment, that anything could keep me from loving you?"

"Well, you know..."

"Temporary brain damage?"

"Yeah... that must be it," she chuckled.

"I'll never stop loving you, Tara... no matter what happens."

"Good to hear... I hope you know I feel the same way."

Willow kissed her deeply, "Of course I do, baby... what we have is elemental... it may change form from time to time... but it can't be destroyed."

"Kiss me, my sexy little science nerd."

"Yes, Ma'am..." and she did.

Ma'am... hmmm. "So, Willow... can I ask you a question?"


"I was just wondering... did you, by any chance, remember to bring home those handcuffs?"

"I might have," she chuckled sexily.

"Willow, sweetie... have you seen my bag?"

"Uh, yeah... someplace... oh, I think I put it in the closet." Tara strode across the room without a stitch on, not a shred of self-consciousness showing and got her bag from the closet. Hmmm, I guess that chat in the tub did do some good.

"So, Will... do you trust me?" she had that strange tone in her voice again.

"You know I do, baby... with my heart... my body... my life... I'm just one big family sized econo-pack of trusty goodness."

Tara grinned at her silly lover, "So tell me... where did you stash those handcuffs?"

"Dresser... top left drawer."

The blonde walked to the dresser and opened the drawer in question, reaching in for the cuffs, her hand brushing against hard plastic. "Hmmm... what have we here?" she said tauntingly, picking it up.


"Oh..." Willow stammered, "Well, you know... I store all my tension in my neck, and sometimes..."

"Uh-huh," she lifted the vibrator to her face, "Doesn't smell like a neck," her pink tongue snaked out, licking at the tip, "Doesn't taste like one either... mmmmmmm."

"Yeah... well... you know..."

"Naughty Willow... still, this might come in handy," she set the cuffs and vibrator down on the nightstand and sat down on the bed beside her lover, picking up her bag. "Now let me see... what else do I have for you... I know it's in here somewhere... aha!" She pulled out a long, black silk scarf, setting it down next to the other accouterments on the table.

GULP... I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting day... a very interesting day indeed... hmmm... I wonder if I should stretch first.

"Is this OK, baby?"

"Oh yes," The redhead was already trembling in anticipation.

"Before we start..."

"You want me to give you a safeword?"

"Willow! I'm impressed," she teased.

"Yeah... well... I haven't... I mean... not that I... um... I read a lot."

"Uh-huh," her lover winked.


"Excuse me?"

"Monkey... that's my safeword."

"Oh, I see... good one... hard to imagine that one coming up naturally during sex."

"Well, unless you were into... eeewww... scary visual place."

"Thank you so much for that deeply disturbing mental image."

"Hey, no problem."

"So... are you ready?"

"I was ready ten minutes ago, lover"

"In that case..." Tara pushed the redhead down onto her back, straddling her. She took the silk scarf from the table, trailing it along her lover's torso, teasing her breasts with it. Willow shivered beneath her.

"Now, Willow..." the blonde's voice and demeanor had changed in an instant, becoming sultry, demanding and damn it, just downright hot. "I want you to blindfold yourself for me."

Willow took the silk from her lover and tied it around her eyes, knowing that it signified her willing submission.

"Can you see me, baby?" Tara waved a hand in front of her face.

"Nope... can't see a thing."

"Good... hands up." This was definitely a command, not a suggestion.

Willow raised her arms above her head, feeling Tara close the cuff around one wrist. The sound of the lock clicking into place, caused a small bead of wetness to seep out of her, running down the crack of her firm ass. Next, her lover threaded the short chain through the slats of the headboard and fastened the cool bracelet around her other wrist. Willow could sense Tara's voluptuous breasts hanging very close to her face, just out of reach of her watering mouth. She knew better than to try and touch them and with the same certainty, that Tara was doing it on purpose.

Tara leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Are you comfortable, sweetie?"

"Yes, darling."

"OK, then... we're going to try something a little different here... this is about pushing limits... so if anything is too much for you... promise me that you won't be afraid to use your safeword."

"I promise." Willow knew in her heart that if it got too intense, Tara would sense it before she even thought of safewording, she had nothing to fear.

"Excellent... now there is one rule... I say when you cum... you can beg all you like... but don't ask me to stop unless you want to safeword... do you understand?"

"Yes, Tara." Oh God, yes!

"Now... as I recall... many times when we've been making love... you've told me to stop teasing," Tara spoke very slowly and deliberately, "Well, today... you're going to find out what teasing is all about." Willow inhaled sharply, letting out a long ragged breath.

"Oh my... aren't we eager," Tara ran her fingers softly through coppery curls, "Hmmm... already soaking wet... I haven't even touched you yet... you are a little harlot, aren't you?" Willow squirmed and whimpered, trying to get more friction from the blonde's teasing fingers. "I said... aren't you?" She pinched the redhead's nipple hard.

"Yes, Tara."

"There's a good girl."

Starting at Willow's feet, with impossible gentleness and infinite slowness, Tara began to run her fingers over the redhead's hot flesh. When she reached her instep, Willow giggled and pulled her foot away.

"Willow..." Tara warned.

"I'm sorry Tara... I won't do it again."

"No... you won't."

The redhead felt her lover get up off the bed, then heard her unzipping her bag. The reality of not being able to see what was going to happen to her made Willow tremble with excitement. She felt hyper-alive, as though she was aware of each and every individual nerve ending in her body. Suddenly, she felt Tara's weight at the foot of the bed.

"Well, I thought I could count on you to behave yourself... but I guess you need a little help."

Actually, Tara had been fully aware of Willow's ticklish feet to begin with and this was all a part of her plan. Willow felt fleece encircling her ankle and heard the jingle of buckles being fastened, then the process was repeated on the other side. The wicked blonde spread her lover's legs wide, anchoring the restraints to the bedposts. The redhead felt a tap at her hip, "Lift," then a pillow sliding under her ass, lessening the strain on her limbs.

"How does that feel, my little harlot?"

"It feels wonderful... thank you, Tara."

"Good answer."

Starting on the inside of Willow's left ankle, Tara resumed her tickling. Ever so slowly, she trailed her fingernails up the inside of the redhead's leg, raising goosebumps on her pale skin. When she got far enough up her thigh that Willow could feel the sensations directly in her core, she stopped and switched to the other leg. The redhead had to bite her lip and concentrate very hard, to keep herself from trying to thrust toward the searching hand.

Once Tara was through with her legs, she did the same to her arms, wickedly tickling the bound woman's armpits to see if she would squirm and laugh again. She didn't. Very good, Willow. Next, the sultry blonde inflicted the same pleasurable torture on her lover's torso, skirting the boundaries of her breasts and bush in a maddening way. Already the redhead was whimpering in frustration. Suddenly, Tara raked her fingernails down the redhead's abdomen, causing her to rise up off the bed, gasping. Willow moaned mightily as her wicked lover began to trace the red lines with the full breadth of her soft tongue.

God, she's driving me crazy and she hasn't even touched my... well... usual places yet... I wish she'd at least say something... I need a distraction here or I'm going to cum any minute now... let's see... ooooooh... where's a good place to go shopping... uuurrrrggghhhh... damn, that tongue of hers is... mmmmmmm... so uh... yes... shopping... definitely going to need a new pillow... this one is probably soaked through already... it's one thing tasting myself on Tara's tongue, but... oooh Go-o-od... I don't think I'd want to... ooooo... sleep in it... fuck... what's she doing now? Oh my! Dead puppies... dead puppies... dead puppies.

Tara was between the redhead's thighs, licking up the abundant juices that had collected there. "Oh Willow... you're making such a mess... I must clean this up... whatever am I going to do with you?"

"I can think of something."

Tara pinched her inner thigh, Willow took it like a pro, not making a peep. "You do realize this isn't about what you want?" It wasn't a question.

"Yes, Tara... I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry... just improve."

"Yes, Tara."

"Good girl." The blonde broke character for a moment, "How are your arms doing, lover?" she asked tenderly, stroking her cheek.

"Fine, baby... I'm great... believe me," Willow chuckled lasciviously.

"Well then, Willow..." Tara slipped effortlessly back into her role. "What shall we do with you next, hmmm?"

"Tara? Baby?"

"Are you OK, lover?"

"Oh yes... just a question..."

"Askin' ain't gettin'... but go ahead."

"I was wondering... since I can't touch you... can you at least take off the blindfold so I can see you?"

"And what will you do for me if I grant you this request?"

"Anything, baby... anything."

"I'll think about it..."

Tara reached down and started stroking Willow's sodden curls, so lightly that the redhead wasn't quite sure she wasn't imagining it. The bound beauty was moaning like crazy, trying so hard to keep still, but Tara continued the maddening tease, giving her no actual skin on skin contact. She straddled the redhead's leg, not actually touching it, but she was so wet that her juices dripped all over her lover's thigh. I can't wait to see how she reacts to this. Willow's breathing grew exponentially more ragged, as she felt the hot cream running over her fevered skin.

Suddenly, Tara was on her. Taking as much of her lover's breast in her moth as she could, she sucked hard, very hard indeed. The redhead raised up off the pillow, arching into her lover's wet, hot vacuum.

"Oh God... uunnngggghhh... Taaraaaaaa!"

Sensing just how close her lover was to cumming, Tara released the breast with a small pop and went back to her tortuous caresses of Willow's bush. The redhead was making a high keening sound, which the sultry temptress soon realized was the word please being moaned over and over again.

"Did you want something?" she asked, in the same tone she would have used to ask whether or not Willow wanted another cup of coffee.

The redhead was so aroused she found herself unable to form words. She moved her lips and tongue like a baby looking for a bottle, hoping that her lover would take the hint.

"Oh, you want to show me your goldfish impression?" Tara teased, "Very cute."

Willow growled.

"No? Are you thirsty... did you want a drink? Something to suck on perhaps?" The redhead moaned enthusiastically. Had she been able to see the lustful grin on her lover's face at the moment, Willow would have climaxed on the spot, rules or no rules.

"Well, I suppose... since you're being such a good girl..."

Willow could feel Tara moving down the bed, then something moving through her overheated core. What is that... the tip of a finger? She almost came on the spot when she felt the softness press against her swollen lips and realized what it was. Then it was gone and she could smell the strong musk of her arousal right under her nose.

"Open your mouth, Willow," Tara put her sticky, wet nipple between her lover's lips, "Clean it."

The redhead moaned against the soft breast in her mouth, licking her own wetness from the rock hard nipple, sucking at the pebbled flesh surrounding it, making Tara cry out in ecstasy. Feeling naughty, she bit down on the nipple, shaking her head from side to side.

The wicked blonde pulled the tasty treat away in an instant, "Did I say you could use your teeth?" she scolded.

"No, Tara."

"Well, since you have such a luscious mouth, I feel compelled to forgive you." She leaned down, kissing Willow fiercely... sucking at her tongue... biting her lips... her nipples so painfully erect that they felt like pebbles pressing into the redhead's sensitive breasts.

"Tara... baby... please..." the redhead groaned.

"What is it now, hmmmm?"

"Please baby, I want to see you..."

"Still gnawing at that bone, are we?" she teased, pinching Willow's nipples mercilessly, the redhead panting like a dog, trying with all her considerable strength of will not to cum. "Oh alright..." she sighed, "but you'll have to wait a minute."

Again, Willow felt her lover get off the bed, then she heard what sounded like something heavy being dragged across the floor. Huh? She was in no condition to play Guess that Noise at the moment, she'd find out what it was soon enough. The redhead was experiencing a sort of floating sensation and she felt as though all her senses had been heightened. She imagined that she could feel the air currents, created by the blonde's movements, blowing across her heated skin. The blonde had not only become the center of her universe now, she was her universe, her world, nothing existed but Tara and this unquenchable desire. I wonder if this is what they meant by sub-space in those stories I read on the Internet.

Willow was torn from her mental ramblings by the sound of water running, then the slap of Tara's bare feet on the bathroom floor, the sound of curtains being drawn and the feeling of her goddess climbing onto the bed.

"Close your eyes, lover." Tara was making a brief appearance before the wicked vixen returned. She tugged at the knot in the scarf and Willow felt the silk sliding over her cheek, then Tara moving off the bed once again.

"OK... you can look now."

The redhead opened her eyes and saw Tara standing beside the bed, wearing the leather bustier she'd been wearing at Pride and nothing else, unless you counted the wicked grin. Her eyes took in the rest of the room, the drapes had been closed, there were candles burning everywhere and then she saw what her lover had been moving. The old full length mirror was at the foot of the bed and slightly off to the side. Willow could see herself fully in the large reflector, the scratch marks on her stomach, nipples empurpled by their advanced state of erectness and her center, fully exposed and vulnerable, dripping like a leaky faucet.

"Look at yourself Willow... now do you see why I want you so badly? I've never seen you look so sexy... and in your case, that's saying something..." The blonde's tone became a little naughtier, "So tell me, Red... are you enjoying being my little harlot? I won't ask you if it makes you hot... that much is obvious," she smirked, running the back of her hand over Willow's wetness. The bound woman arched and gasped at the touch, trying desperately to bring her straining, swollen bundle of nerves into contact with Tara's hand.

"Ooh... naughty, naughty... you are a randy little thing, aren't you? Are you like this with all your women?"

The redhead just gazed at her, mesmerized.

"Answer me," she pinched her lover's clit hard.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeee... no Tara... mmmmmmm."

"No? Did you say no to me??"

"No... I mean yes... um... oh... only for you, baby... you make me so hot... so wet... the best, baby."

"Well, well... tell me something Willow... do you want to cum?"

"Oh God, yes... please Tara," she whimpered.

"You're just dying for it aren't you?" the vixen asked in the sexiest voice Willow had ever heard.

"Yes! Tara... please... please..." "I think I'll have to make you wait just a little longer then," she ran her tongue over the redhead's pouting lips, "It'll be so much sweeter that way."

Mentally, Willow scratched her head... Just when was my lover replaced by this evil twin, anyway?

Willow groaned in frustration, a single tear running down her flushed cheek. Shit, Tara... I think you may have gone a little too far here... take pity on the woman for chrissake... anyway, I'm pretty close to cumming myself... now there's an idea...

"OK lover... I'll make a deal with you... if you can satisfy me... make me cum screaming... then I'll give you release afterward... eventually..."

"Oh yes... please Tara... let me taste you."

"Well, since you asked so nice" the blue-eyed vixen purred, "But first..."

Tara crawled to the foot of the bed, detaching Willow's restraints from the posts, but leaving the cuffs on her ankles as a reminder. The redhead let out a sigh of relief. Tenderly, the blonde moved up her lover's body, taking a minute to massage her arms and shoulders, checking her hands to make sure they weren't cold. OK, all good. Then to Willow's infinite surprise, she released one of her wrists from the handcuffs, attaching the empty ring to the headboard.

"Mmmmmmmm..." the redhead moaned, rotating her wrist.

"Are you OK, sweetie?" Tara asked, stroking her damp hair.

"Oh yes, Tara... this is... uunnnghhh... that's the only way I can describe it."

"Would you like a drink of water?" she asked holding a glass up to her lover's lips. "I'm glad you like it, lover," she smiled broadly, "are you ready to go on?"

"Oh yes..."

"Well then... you are to use only your mouth... no hands... I released you cuz it's hard to say monkey when you have a mouth full of kitty."

Willow giggled naughtily, Tara smiling at her with absolute adoration. She'd slipped back into vixen mode in the blink of an eye, moving up the redhead's body to straddle her face. "Tap twice to safeword, darlin'..."

The sultry blonde grabbed on to the headboard, trying to keep as much of her weight on her hands and knees as possible. Her molten core dripped on the redhead's lips, running down her cheeks. At the first touch of Willow's tongue, Tara felt like she'd been hit with a jolt of electricity. Her lover was taking long, slow licks, reveling in the nectar that ran down her throat. Feeling that this was a good opportunity for a little payback, she was judiciously avoiding the blue-eyed temptresses clit. Tara was rocking back and forth, moaning in rhythm with the redhead's strokes, then crying out her name as Willow plunged her questing oral muscle as deep inside her core as it would go. She was tongue-fucking her and moaning at the same time, which created a sensation so intense that the blonde could scarcely keep herself from putting all her weight on her redhead's mouth. Wouldn't want to smother the girl... talk about a tough one to explain to the EMTs.

Tara groaned at the sudden loss of her lover's tongue, but her feelings of emptiness didn't last long as Willow pushed her whole face into the blonde's center, rubbing the hot juices all over her cheeks and chin and hell, probably even her eyebrows, judging by the way it felt. The blonde knew what her lover was up to, varying the intensity, making her wait. Oh... she'll pay for that... oooohhhhh! Just then the redhead switched her technique again, speed-tonguing Tara's straining bundle of nerves. The blonde's eyes rolled back and she screamed out Willow's name, riding her face like a bronco. She bucked against her in such a way that her chin came into contact with her slick, swollen, nether lips with every thrust.

It seemed that Tara was getting a little too close, so the redhead slowed things down again. She pushed inside her dripping center once more, languidly moving in and out, stretching her tongue to its limits in an effort to reach Tara's sweet spot. Just as the blonde had settled into the slower pace, Willow pulled another trick out of her bag. Continuing her languorous tongue-fuck, she sucked at the same time, leading the blonde in a breathtaking chorus of desperate moans and gasps.

"Oh Willow... baby... so gooood... so so goooooood... please lover... I need... oh God... make me cum baby... uunnngghhhhhhhh..."

The redhead slipped her tongue out of Tara's grasping channel and grabbed hold of her swollen nub with her teeth, sucking for all she was worth. The blonde bucked and thrashed, moaned and gasped, her vocabulary reduced to guttural sounds and dirty words.

"Oooh fuck... oh Willow... baby... harder... harder... oh yeeeesssss... .lick my kitty, baby... suck it... oh Willooooooooooowww..."

Tara came, screaming her lover's name, grabbing on to the headboard so tightly that her knuckled were white. Arching backward like some bacchanalian ballerina, the lights flashing behind her eyes. The redhead drank down her lover's hot nectar, sucking every last honeyed drop out of her, licking at her wet, hot cavern until there wasn't a trace left.

Carefully, Tara climbed off her lover, dropping down beside her to take her in her arms. She kissed her fiercely, with all the love she felt bursting from her heart, until she felt the redhead struggling beneath her.

"Oh... Tara... baby... need... to... breathe... sorry..."

"Don't you... dare... apologize... to me... after... that... Rosen... berg." She snuggled into the breathless redhead, resting her read in the crook of her neck. "I love you, Willow."

"Mmmm... I love you too, baby... um... sweetie?" she tugged at the cuffs, "Do you think you could undo this... just for a little while... I want to hold you."

"Of course, baby... but no touching yourself," she teased, unlocking the cold steel bracelet, "I'm not through with you yet... oh no... not by a long shot..." The look in her eyes when she said it, made Willow shiver to the bone. Mmmmmmmm, I like Take Charge Tara... She sighed happily and wrapped her arms around her soulmate, grinning as she jingled the restraints still attached to her ankles. I can't wait for round two...

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