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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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Tara took Willow's hand, kissing the chafe mark on her wrist, "This simply won't do..." She crawled down the bed and removed the fleece-lined restraints from the redhead's ankles, refastening them to her wrists. "There... that's better," she kissed her lover gently, "I don't want to hurt you, baby... not ever."

Willow smiled, "I know that, my love... although, all this delicious frustration of yours is getting a bit uncomfortable."

The blonde grinned wickedly, "Well, we'll just have to do something about that, won't we?"

"Yes, please..."

"On your back... arms up."

"Yes, Tara," she assumed the position.

The blonde anchored the restraints to the bedposts, stretching her lover's arms just to the point of near discomfort. Placing a couple of pillows behind the redhead's back, she straddled her taut abdomen, her wetness sliding along it as she kissed her with passionate abandon. Willow was reaching her former level of frustrating arousal with horrible rapidity. Tara pulled back from the kiss, sitting back on her heels so that most of her weight was supported. She ran her fingernails all over the redhead's breasts, with just enough pressure to make it more of a scratch than a caress, but not enough to do any damage. Once she'd decided that her lover was suitably worked up, she took hold of both nipples, squeezing them with unrelenting pressure. Willow arched up into the blonde's sodden core, gasping in pleasurable pain.

"Are you alright, honey?" Tara asked, her tone the height of nonchalance. She might just as well have been discussing the weather. "Are you having an asthma attack? Do you need me to get your inhaler?"

The bound woman growled.

"None of that, now," she switched from constant pressure on the redhead's bruised nipples, to alternately pinching and tweaking one then the other.

"Yes, Tara..." Willow moaned.

The wicked blonde released her captive's nubs, causing a flash of pain as the blood rushed back into them, the redhead writhing against her.

"There, there..." she purred, moving down to straddle her lover's thigh, "You're doing very well, my little harlot." Then, reaching back to pull Willow's thigh up into her, she leaned forward and took the tortured nipples into her mouth in turn, soothing them with her soft tongue, sucking ever so lightly. Tara rocked against the redhead's muscled thigh in cadence with the tempo set by her languid tongue and lips. Slowly... softly... not enough to get her off... but certainly enough to make her dripping wet... oh so sweet... oh so sexy.

Feeling it was time to escalate things a bit, she launched an assault on Willow's neck. Kissing... licking... biting... sucking hard at the places she knew would drive her lover crazy... her pulse point... that ultra-sensitive spot just behind her ear where her jawline began.

"Oh... Tara... baby... please..." Willow moaned desperately.

"Feeling a little keyed up are we?" she teased, nibbling at her redhead's lips.

Willow glared at her lover. "You are just plain evil, do you realize that?"

"Oh... you love it," she winked, "don't you?"

"You are enjoying this way too much..."

"Oh, I don't know... I'm starting to feel a little frustrated myself." The blonde reached over her lover's outstretched arm, retrieving the vibrator.

Willow heard it before she saw it. Oh God, what's she gonna do with that?

Tara got up on her knees, stripping off her corset. Arching her back, she skimmed the vibrator over her breasts, grinding down into Willow's leg as she teased her nipples with it. The redhead was speechless, her eyes like saucers. Which, of course, was exactly what the wicked blonde had in mind. I'll give her a show she'll never forget. She dipped the vibe between her thighs, throwing her head back, moaning and gasping in pleasure, her lover making sounds in faint echo of her own.

"Oh, Willow... baby... this feels sooooo good... mmmmmmm... oh yeah..." Just when Willow didn't think she could take anymore... If she cums I swear I'll die... Tara took the slick tool from between her legs and applied it to the redhead's sensitive nipples, swallowing her moans as she kissed her passionately. Willow was bucking wildly beneath her, tugging futilely at the restraining cuffs around her wrists, the short chains adding a percussive backbeat to their lovers' symphony.

Suddenly, Tara thrust her thigh into the redhead's center, leaning in close to her ear, running her tongue around it once, before whispering, "Cum for me, baby."

With no stimulation aside from the steady pressure of Tara's leg and the torturing vibration of her nipples, Willow came explosively at her lover's word. Lifting the blonde right off the bed with the power of her arching body, she sprayed her hot nectar all over lover's thigh.

"Taaaaaaaaaaaa... raaaaaaaaaa..."

The blue-eyed beauty scooted down and began cleaning the wetness from her lover's sex with long, slow strokes of her whole tongue in more of a soothing caress than any sort of stimulation. When Willow was finally still, Tara climbed up her body, detaching the restraints from the bedposts and taking her boneless lover in her arms.

"Oh, Willow... baby... that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen... your beautiful body arching and heaving... the feel of your muscles fluidly changing shape beneath your skin as you writhed under me... so hot, darling... thank you for this, baby... you're amazing... I love you so much."

Still breathless, Willow mumbled, "Mmmmm... I love... you... too... baby..."

"You did so well, my love," she held her close, kissing her hair, "I'm so proud of you."

The only response the redhead could muster was, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..."

"That's OK, lover... don't try to talk... rest a while... you've earned it," she kissed her softly.

When Willow could speak again, she jingled the chain hanging off her wrist, "I'm guessing this isn't over yet..."

"Do you want it to be?" Tara whispered, nibbling her ear.

"Oh, no... definitely no to that question."

Tara smiled wickedly, "Just let me know when you're ready for more, lover."

"Ready when you are, my vixen."

"Vixen, huh? And which are we today, the pot or the kettle?"

"Whichever is the wettest, I'd imagine."

"Sorry lover, I don't think that distinction is going to amount to much at this point," she chuckled lustily.

The redhead stretched mightily, a contented smile on her lips. "So... how do you want me?" she grinned wickedly.

"How long have you got? That could be quite a list," the sultry blonde teased.

"Well... pick one..." the redhead taunted.

"If you insist..." Tara piled a couple of pillows in the middle of the bed. "I noticed how much you enjoyed my little show," she winked, "so I'm guessing you like to watch... I want you to lie down on your stomach... with your head toward the foot of the bed."

Willow did as she was told, without her lover having to explain further, her body draped over the pillows so that her sweet ass was raised high in the air. Tara walked around the bed, fastening the redhead's restraints in place and adjusting the mirror so that the bound woman had a clear view of herself.

Ooooo... this is going to be... interesting...

The blonde climbed onto the bed, spreading her lovers legs and settling in between them. "Now, isn't that a pretty picture..." She laid down lightly on her redhead's back, kissing her neck then smiling at their reflection in the mirror, Willow smiled too.

Slowly moving backward, the blue-eyed beauty kissed her way down her lover's spine, the redhead emitting a low contented moan each time the soft lips made contact with her skin. Tara smiled inwardly. She likes this as much as I do... the power games... the restraints... oh yes, definitely made for each other.

"So... Willow..." she spoke between kisses, "We're... going... to... do... things... a little... differently... this... time..." The blonde was now kissing the baby soft flesh of her lover's firm ass. "You... can... cum... as often... as you... want... to..." the redhead moaned happily, "I... want... you... wet... as wet... as... I... can... get... you..." She ran her tongue slowly along the crack between the pale globes.

"Mmmmmmmm... I don't... think... oooo... that is... OH... going to be... oh God... a... problem."

Tara's tongue was delving deeper, not quite bottoming out yet, but getting there. The redhead shivered with delight. Was that a shudder or a shiver... hmmm... careful, Maclay. She ceased her licking tease for a moment.

"Is this OK, lover?" she asked, gently easing the cheeks apart.

"Oh yes, Tara... it's wonderful... and you look so sexy doing it."

Did I peg her right or what?

Tara's tongue ventured further in, tickling the redhead's sensitive ring. Willow was moaning with every stroke, pushing herself up into her lover's questing tongue. The blonde reached her left hand down between her lover's legs, cupping her center, pushing her forward.

"Get on your knees for me, baby."

Now that she had better access, Tara resumed her tonguing and started in stroking the redhead's hot core. All palm... no fingers... gently... slowly... making her wait. Then, slipping one finger between her lips on the upstroke... not penetrating... just tracing the dripping cleft. She could feel her lover's sex pulsating under her tender touch, the redhead's body trying to pull her in. Probing Willow's nether entrance with her tongue, but not penetrating, Tara slipped her thumb into the grasping channel, rubbing her swollen nub with her fingertips.

Willow was thrusting back into her lover's demanding hand, panting and growling like an animal. Knowing just how close she was to cumming, Tara pressed her tongue in a little, trading three fingers for her thumb, curling them into Willow's sweet spot over and over again. The redhead came with a feral cry, filling the palm of her lover's hand, hot juices running down the blonde's wrist. The boneless woman flopped down onto the pillows, breathing hard. Tara snuggled her from behind, kissing her neck and ears.

"Oh, Tara... that was... so hot... watching you... I was so... turned... on..."

"Was?" the blonde teased.

"Oh... not was... so not was..."

"I thought so..." she stroked her lover's sex gently, "You ready for more, baby?" she whispered in her ear.

"Yes, Tara."

Oh... yes Tara... not baby... or lover... yes Tara... she is so into this... woo and hoo.

"On your knees, Willow."

Once the redhead was in position, Tara held the vibrator up in front of her face, "Clean it."

Willow gladly took the toy into her mouth, greedily sucking her lover's luscious juices from the sticky plastic, until Tara pulled it away.

"Was that yummy?"

"Mmmmmmm... yes, Tara... although I do prefer it straight from the source."

"Aren't you sassy all of a sudden?"

"Well... it wouldn't be as much fun if I was completely submissive, now would it?"

"You do have a point there..."

Tara suddenly thrust two fingers into her lover's soaking wet core... slowly and deeply... in and out... adding another finger... working her swollen nub with the vibe. The redhead was bucking against her so wildly, that she was having a hard time keeping her fingers inside. Willow moaned dejectedly when the blonde withdrew, feeling less than complete without her lover inside her. Still, the emptiness didn't last long. Tara pushed the vibe inside her redhead, pumping hard, her sticky wet fingers traveling to the place where her tongue had just been. As she felt the wicked blonde penetrate her nether entrance with two fingers, slowly screwing her from both ends at once, Willow climaxed again. The orgasm didn't stop Tara for a minute, in fact it barely slowed her down, she rode Willow's spasms like a wave, continuing her assault on the redhead's luscious holes as her own wetness dripped copiously on the bed. I really need to figure out a way to do this and have her suck my kitty at the same time.

"Open your eyes, my Willow," the redhead gazed at her in the mirror, "do you see how well we fit together... how we complete each other... two halves of a perfect whole?"

"Oh yes, baby... God yes... Fuck me, Tara... it's all for you... make me cum..."

The blonde continued to pump her lover as she leaned down and bit her neck. Willow exploded instantly.

"Yours, Tara... all... yours..."

Mesmerized, Tara watched her lover in the mirror as she came... the breathtakingly beautiful expression of ecstasy on her face... the ripples of pleasure undulating through her lithe form... and hottest of all these things... watching Willow watch her in return.

"How are you doing, lover?"

"Mmmmmmmmm... more... please! I'm all yours, Tara... take me..."

"Mmmmmm... you read my mind..."

Tara slid the vibrator out of her lover's center, replacing it with three fingers. As she thrust slowly into the redhead, she pulled out of her rear entrance and picked up the vibe again. Using her knee to spread Willow's legs a little further apart, effectively opening her, she applied the humming shaft to the place her fingers had just vacated. Massaging all along the redhead's luscious cleft, she teased around the grasping ring of muscle, not entering. Willow, meanwhile, was breathing like she had a collapsed lung and her sex was producing so much lubrication that the blonde's fingers inside her offered no friction at all. The blue-eyed temptress added another, thrusting slowly... deeply... probing her lover's sweet spot... raking her fingers across it. The redhead's eyes were riveted on the mirror, her mouth open, tongue questing as though she was tasting some invisible lover.

Tara sped her pace inside the bound woman, Willow humping back against her hand with great vigor. Leaning down to kiss and lick the redhead's back, the wicked blonde slowly pushed the vibe inside her. After giving her a moment to become accustomed to the fullness, Tara shook the toy a bit, watching her lover's ass wiggle. Willow came furiously, screaming like a banshee, the blonde slowly fucking her backside all the while. Then, taking advantage of the volcanic orgasm, Tara tucked her thumb and slid fully inside her lover, Willow's swollen lips like a pink bracelet around her wrist.

"Oh God... Taaaraaaaa... yes baby... yes... yes... yes... taake... meeeeee..."

The redhead's sweet cum running down her forearm, Tara slowly pumped her with her fist, pushing the vibe into her rear entrance each time her hand stroked outward. Gradually, she increased her pace and force, Willow's inner muscles drawing her deeper, beckoning more more more. The bound woman collapsed onto the pillows, no longer able to support her own weight.

"Oh God... Willow... baby... sooooo hot... you feel so good... look at me, lover..." The redhead opened her eyes, gazing at the mirror, "So beautiful, baby... sooo beautiful... I love you so much..."

It took all of Willow's concentration just to moan in response. The tension was slowly building inside her and she felt like she might just die of pleasure, if the sultry blonde didn't grant her release soon. Tara was being quite strong and firm with her now, but somehow tender and loving just the same. How does she do that?

Sensing that her lover needed a little more to push her over the edge, the blonde began twisting her hand with each thrust. Straddling her lover's leg, she pushed her sodden sex into the back of a muscular thigh. Willow was chanting now, one word over and over again.

"Yours... yours... yours... yours... yours... yours... yours... yours... yours..."

Taking her hand off the buzzing massager, Tara leaned down a little to hold it in with the weight of her body, reaching underneath to tease Willow's... wow... unbelievably swollen bud. Grinding against the redhead's leg with increasing speed and fervor, Tara stretched out her fingers to stroke her lover's cervix. She was chanting louder now... YOURS! YOURS! YOURS! YOURS!... her whole body trembling with unreleased tension.

"Oh... fuck yes... Willow... baby... cum... with... me... now baby... oh God... yeeeeeeeesss... Wiiiiii... llooooooooowwwww..."

Tara came unfathomably hard, the redhead following not long after, spraying her sweet nectar all over the blonde's golden curls, her inner muscles clamping down so hard on her lover's fist that she was afraid she might break her hand. The blue-eyed beauty collapsed on top of her Willow, gently pulling her hand out of its warm wet home, once the spasms had stopped. The vibe had popped out on its own and Tara tossed it aside, reaching over her lover's spent body to remove the restraints. With a strength that surprised them both, she lifted Willow, carrying her to the other end of the bed, where she set her down in a rare dry spot. Then she laid down beside her, taking her in her arms. She kissed the redhead over and over, wherever her lips would reach... her hair... her neck... her shoulders. Tara cradled her lover gently, tears rolling down her cheeks as the emotion welling up inside her, spilled over.

"Oh... Willow... darling... I love you so much... that was... mmmmmmm... the best, baby... you are a goddess."

Willow moaned contentedly, barely able to mumble, "Love... you... Tara... mmmmmmm... stay... with... always... OK?" she sounded positively exhausted and a little intoxicated.

Her blonde kissed her gently, lovingly, "Sleep now, my love..." She repositioned the redhead to pillow her head on her own soft breasts, God knows all the other pillows were a wash.

"Mmmmmm... soft..." the redhead smiled feebly.

Tara chuckled at her loopy lover, "Yes, baby... soft... and yours... only yours... we'll talk later... sleep now... I love you, my Willow."

The redhead nuzzled into her lover's bosom like a drowsy child. Tara pulled a blanket over them both, closing her eyes and sighing in perfect bliss. She wants me to stay... as if I could do anything else. Tara fell asleep stroking her lover's damp hair, happier than she'd ever been in her life.

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