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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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Willow woke up alone. What the... where's Tara? Well, her clothes are still here... my robe's gone though. She drifted into a brief reverie, featuring her lover's considerable attributes stuffed into her tiny robe. Mmmmmmmmmm. Ooh... what's that wonderful smell? The redhead pulled on a pair of boxers and a wifebeater and followed her nose to the kitchen.

Where she found Tara standing at the stove and Buffy sitting at the counter, stuffing her face.

"Morning, baby," the goddess smiled, "I hope you like blueberry pancakes."

"Oooh!" Willow exclaimed like a giddy child, slipping her arms around her sweetie from behind, kissing her neck, "Good morning, gorgeous... I love blueberry pancakes, apparently I'm not the only one."

Buffy made a yummy face, waving at her friend with her fork.

"Yeah, well," Tara teased, "When she gave me those sad puppy dog eyes, I just couldn't refuse her."

Willow whimpered like a kicked puppy, "Pancakes please... with Tara kisses on top."

The blonde handed her a plate and kissed her fully. "Now honestly, isn't this better than PopTarts?"

"Oh yes... PopTarts don't come with a hot blonde in a skimpy robe," the redhead patted her lover's firm behind.

Buffy cleared her throat dramatically.

Tara blushed, winking at her lover, "Sit... eat."

"Yes Ma'am." Hmmm... Take Charge Tara in the kitchen... if only Buffy wasn't here.

Tara joined them at the counter, bringing the coffee pot and two cups. "Mmmmmm... caffeiney goodness... thanks lover... I'm seeing a big tip in your future." She waggled her eyebrows, taking a break from her scarfing to kiss the blonde on the cheek.

"This is really great, Tara," Buffy mumbled through a mouthful of blue, "I think you should move in..."

Willow's jaw hit the counter with a resounding crash. The blonde hid behind her hair, blushing to her roots.

After retrieving her face from the formica, Willow stammered, "Uh... um... she said it... I didn't." Her breakfast suddenly becoming so fascinating as to require her undivided attention.

"What?!?" the ever-clueless Buffy queried, both of her companions staring at her in stunned silence. "Yeah... whatever... thanks for the yumminess, Tara... I'm off to the beach... see you suckas later."

"Bye Buffy... have fun," the lovers said in stereo.

"Oh... and Willow," the petite blonde peeked her head back through the door with a mischievous grin, "I called in to the station... you have the flu... enjoy your day, you two."

"OK... something's not right here..." the stunned redhead mumbled, "Has the earth tilted on its axis or something? First off, it's morning and Buffy is behaving like a human... if you knew her at all you'd realize that's one of the biblical signs of the apocalypse... and now she's going out in public on her day off?"

Tara kissed her softly, "I had a little chat with your roomie... somehow it ended up with her telling me that you and I need some alone time... calling you in sick was her idea too... at least she thought so."

"What is this... some sort of witchy mind trick?"

"I can be very persuasive when I want to be," Tara winked.

"You vixen, you..."

"Your vixen," the blonde purred, "And now I have the whole day to prove it to you."

"Ooooooooo..." Willow kissed her passionately, "I can't think of a better cure for this awful flu... just so long as we stay out of the tub."

Tara smirked, her eyebrow shooting up, "No baths... check... is the shower off limits too?"

"If you want, I can clean up this mess while you take one."

Tara slipped her hand inside the armhole of Willow's shirt, teasing her nipple, "Or... we could leave the dishes for later and you could join me."

"Well... it would be the responsible thing to do... conserving water and all that..." the blonde sucked at her earlobe, derailing the babbletrain. "Oh... mmmm... of course... if we wanted to be really eco-friendly... oh my..." Tara pinched a nipple, "Oh God... we could take the... um... dishes... in the shower with... us."

"There's only one dish I want in the shower with me," she nibbled the sensitive flesh behind her lover's ear.

"Mmmmmmmmm... the frying pan?" Willow teased.

"Naaaa," she murmured, kneading her love's breasts like soft dough, "I was thinking more along the lines of a certain hot redhead I met a while back... know her?"

"I'm guessing someone slept well last night."

"I was in your arms, baby... far and away my favorite place in the world... how else would I sleep?"

"I suppose you could sleep hanging upside down like a bat," Willow teased, cupping the blonde's voluptuous breasts, "But then you'd probably suffocate."

"Oh... I'll get you for that!" Tara shrieked, chasing the redhead as she ran up the stairs.

"You'll have to catch me first," Willow taunted her, laughing and dropping the back of her shorts to hang a moon.

"Now if that's not an incentive to run..."

Once in Willow's bedroom, Tara grabbed the redhead, peeling her clothes off like she was a big tasty banana. As soon as her lover was naked, Tara dropped her robe and tackled her to the bed.

"Oooh... frisky Tara," Willow grinned up at the woman straddling her. The blonde gave her a look of such pure lust that it took her breath away. Wow... all these years and I never knew pancakes were an aphrodisiac.

"Um... uh... sweetie... didn't you want a shower?"

"Seems to me a shower would be an awful waste if we didn't get all sweaty first."

"Well, I can't argue that point..."

Tara leaned down and kissed Willow with a fierceness that shocked her, not that she minded. The redhead moaned into her mouth, kissing her with equal fervor. I'm feeling awfully warm all of a sudden... must be that pesky flu. When they broke apart, questing for oxygen, Willow gazed into deep blue pools of love and trust, stroking her lover's beautiful face. "Not that I'm complaining, sweetie... but, what's going on here... you seem so... um... what's the word..."


Tara kissed her puzzled lover,softly, "Well, baby... it's... you know all my deep dark secrets now... and you still love me... I don't have to hold back any more."

"You mean up to now, you've been holding back? Oh God, am I in trouble..."

"You have no idea darlin'... you have no idea."

Tara descended on her lover like some sexy bird of prey... devouring her with her lips... sucking and nibbling at her earlobes... biting and kissing her neck... then capturing her lips and tongue like she intended to make a meal of them. Willow was gasping and moaning, digging her nails into Tara's back. How cliche... but hey, if it works, go with it. The blonde changed position so that she was lying on top of her redhead, their centers rubbing together. Never stopping her assault on Willow's hot mouth, she reached between their bodies, opening two pairs of dripping, swollen lips, so that their nubs could rub against one another. She ground her pelvis into the redhead's, kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples mercilessly. Willow was sliding against her fluidly, pulling her in with strong legs, anchoring Tara to her with eager hands grasping her firm bottom. The blonde's moans rose in both pitch and volume as Willow ran her finger up and down the crack of her ass. Reaching below for lubrication, she probed deeper to tickle Tara's sensitive ring. As the redhead pushed a finger inside her nether entrance, the blue-eyed goddess cried out in ecstacy, cumming all over Willow's heated core. Her lover continuing to slowly massage her inner muscles until the spasms stopped.

The redhead could feel Tara's cum running down the insides of her thighs, the crack of her ass... so so wet... oh yeah. Then the blonde, regaining her head after coming back down to earth, slid down her lover's body, licking the copious wetness off Willow's hot flesh, her tongue everywhere but where it was so desperately needed.

"Tara..." the redhead groaned, "Please baby... don't... tease..."

With that, the blonde shoved three fingers inside her lover, sucking hard at her straining bud while the fingers inside massaged her sweet spot. Willow screamed out her lover's name, climaxing explosively, Tara lapping up as much of the precious juice as she could as it sprayed her face, dribbling down her chin onto heaving breasts.

She moved up the bed and took her trembling lover in her arms, kissing her with all the love in her heart. "Mmmmmm... that was unbelievable... I love you, Willow... so much."

"Wow... and again... wow... oh, I love you too baby," she suddenly smiled goofily at Tara, "Looks like you already had that shower." She licked her lover's face, cleaning off their combined essence, then giving it back to her in a kiss. "Ooooh... you were right darlin'... we do taste good together... of course, I wouldn't mind a taste from the source."

"Soon, my love... soon... I promise... but how about that shower now... I need to rest a bit... we've got all day and I'm still a little sore from my failed stunt riding incident."

"If it's a shower my lady wants, then it's a shower she shall have," Willow proclaimed dramatically.

Tara laughed, taking her lover's hand and pulling her up, tugging her toward the bathroom, "You're such a doofus... admittedly a sexy doofus... but..."

The redhead reached out and gave the blonde's ass a hard pinch.


Willow bent down and kissed the reddening skin, "Better?"

"Well... I guess it helped a little..." Tara teased.

"OK then... maybe I should try a different method." Holding her lover by the hips, the redhead squatted down and ran her tongue through Tara's sodden, swollen core, dipping in for a slow taste, then along the crack of her beautiful behind, all the way up her spine, until she had her arms around the blonde from behind, her head on her shoulder.

"Better now?" she whispered in her ear.

"Oh yes..."

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