'Tis the Season
Five Golden Rings

Author: JustSkipIt
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own Willow and Tara and the Buffyverse. No copyright infringement is meant by this fic and I will not make any money from it.
Note: This story takes place in the Shadow and Sunlight-verse. That includes: Shadow and Sunlight, Water, and Shower Scene #3. If that isn’t enough for you, let me say that Tara and Willow are vampires. Yes, evil vampires. Willow is Tara’s sire and Drucilla is Willow’s sire. Willow killed (on her first night as a vampire) Xander, Dawn, and Buffy. She later killed Joyce. At Tara’s implicit request she killed Tara’s father and brother and presented their hearts to her as a sort of valentine before turning Tara (completely with Tara’s approval).

Note 2: Bill was the name of the guy who did Diane’s tattoo. Thanks for the loan, Diane.

Happy Hannukah, Joyous Solstice, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwannza

"It's like a sodding menagerie out in the courtyard. I had to practically run through not to end up with bird shit in my hair."

Willow looked up over the magazine she was glancing at. She couldn't call her activity reading, per se, but it occupied her time for a few hours while she waited for Tara to return. "I think you mean aviary, brother." She stood up and crossed the cavernous room to plant a kiss on his thin cheek.

"The family is together for Christmas." Drucilla's voice echoed as she entered the room twirling and looking at the ceiling as if she saw something there.

"Not grand-dad," Willow pouted.

"Yes. Where is Angel-pouf?" Spike still hadn't gotten over losing the bet over whether Willow would manage to kill the Slayer and he was clearly in no mood for Angel's return from Europe.

"On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..." Drucilla sang as she walked, taking Spike's hand in hers and pulling him to waltz her toward the courtyard. She finished counting down from five to one and let go of her blonde childe to pull Willow to her feet. "They are all lovely and I know your childe appreciates it."

Willow kissed her sire back, smiling as she thought of the ways Tara had shown her appreciation for the past four nights. "I just wanted her first Christmas to be special."

Spike slumped into the chair Willow had vacated and lit a cigarette. "I can hardly wait until we've got all those sodding maids a milkin' and lords a leapin' and geese a layin out there. Then it will be a bloody menagerie."

Willow leaned against the pillar. "You won't care what to call it when I let you share the meal."

The blonde vampire shrugged nonchalantly as if a catered dinner didn't appeal to him. "If you say so. I still don't understand why you're making the effort. You're here reading about Angelina Jolie in People and she's out doing who knows what."

Willow smiled at the vampire. "Yes. I should be so jealous." She rolled her eyes to show just how little she cared that Tara was still out. The youngest vampire in the family needed more blood than the others. Drucilla could go days without feeding as could Spike and Willow only needed a little blood each night. But at Tara's age, she needed multiple victims a night. She returned each night to regale Willow with tales of her chases, and Willow remembered those heady first few months. She was still excited by the chase and the power of the kill so she understood completely why Tara stayed out and played her games.

Drucilla had drifted into the courtyard as Spike and Willow bickered. She spun around with her hands flung out level and tilted her head to look at the full moon through the doorway. "She runs with the wolves and will return much stronger from their blood."

Spike got up and kicked a coffee table as he passed it. "She better not be sodding bothering that Watcher. She left that Nancy boy white hat's body on his doorstep two days ago. He's going to call and see if the Slayer in Boston will pay us a visit if she's not careful."

Willow laughed. "A new Slayer might be fun. When was the last time you killed a Slayer, brother? Oh, wait I remember. I killed Buffy last year and mum killed Kendra a few months later but you haven't had one since, what, 1975?"

"Sod off."

His departure from the room coincided precisely with Tara's entry. Willow shook her head as she looked at the newcomer. "I wish I had a camera."

Drucilla clapped her hands. "For me?"

Tara approached the family matriarch and with great ceremony held out the live armadillo she held in her left hand. She planted a kiss on Dru's cheek and bowed slightly. "Merry Christmas."

Dru ran her fingertip along the scales on the terrified animal's back. "I can read the future in these leaves." She danced out the doorway to drop the incredibly ugly animal in the courtyard, an action which caused the turtle doves and partridge to all fly into nearby trees.

Willow watched her childe with a grin. "And the tree?"

Tara leaned the fully decorated tree against a nearby wall, dropped a stand she had folded in her hand on the ground, kicked it open, placed the tree and plugged in the lights to flood the room with blinking red, blue, green, and white patterns. "Mr. Giles had it in his living room but I don't think he's feeling that festive."

Willow clapped her hands in joy. "You are the very Grinch who stole Christmas and I can't believe he hasn't put the locks back on his apartment yet." Upon their arrival a few days ago, Tara had gone to the Watcher's apartment in the clothes of a very poorly dressed girl she had eaten just minutes before, and shouted for help before falling half-way down the stairs. When he and his laughable band of white hats had rushed into the courtyard they found a college-aged blonde girl with a nasty scrape on her forehead crying and shaking with terror and had immediately invited her inside where they gave her hot cocoa and warnings to stay inside after dark before driving her safely "home." Although she hadn't used her entry for anything more malicious than writing "Willow sends her regards" on his calendar and stealing the Christmas tree as far as Willow knew, the redhead also knew Tara liked to imagine that he lay in bed at night surrounded by crosses and garlic and filled with fear.

Once Tara's hands were empty of the tree she dashed across the room and swept Willow into her arms, kissing her soundly. Willow could taste the mingled blood on her lover's lips and tongue. "Mmm, gamey."

Tara laughed as she picked up the redhead and wrapped the girl's legs around her waist before backing her against a wall and kissing her more thoroughly. "I ate wild game tonight." She licked her lips with a loud smack. "My first werewolf." She giggled. "And second and third." When Willow looked at her with mock outrage she shrugged. "I had to find the right one you know."

Willow ground herself against her child's waist. "You didn't leave him on the Watcher's doorstep did you?"

Tara wagged her eyebrows.


"What did you do, my monster?" Willow tapped her foot as if she were genuinely bothered at her childe's recklessness but it was all too amusing.

Tara giggled again. "Well, I felt bad about stealing the tree..."

"You aren't capable of feeling bad." Willow swatted Tara's ass with her hand as she lowered her legs from around the other woman's waist.

Tara continued to giggle and Willow thought unnecessarily of catholic schoolgirls which actually made her remember some plans she had for after the Christmas season was over. "I left him in place of the tree."

The redhead knew she should admonish her childe for torturing Giles but, hell, Willow was the one who had killed Xander, his Slayer, the Slayer's sister, the Slayer's mother and had goaded him after each kill. Her childe had only learned a healthy appreciation for bothering the Watcher from her. She cocked her head thoughtfully. "Was he a wolf or a boy?"

Tara rolled her eyes in excitement and bit at her own lip. "He turned back into a boy as his heart beat its last. Good thing too or I might not have been sure I had the right wolf finally." She took a few steps backwards and held out her hands toward Willow, waving her fingers. "Now my pressies."

Willow looked at the other vampire with feigned innocence. "What pressies?"

Sweeping her lover into her arms and carrying her down the hallway and toward their bedroom, Tara sung a she walked. "On the fifth day of Christmas, my monster gave to me... five golden rings." She paused. "Four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree." She kicked closed the door to their room and pressed Willow's body against it, reaching up to grasp the collar of Willow's shirt as if she intended to tear it away before the older vampire could grasp her hand and pull it away.

"Maybe you've been too naughty to get your present tonight."

Tara kicked off her boots and kneeled down to remove Willow's as she laughed loudly at Willow's suggestion. "First, you made me so much more naughty than I ever used to be and second, you like me naughty." She ran her sharp fingernails up the backs of her lover's legs from ankle to ass, careful to avoid damaging the tight leather. Once she reached the waistband, she slid down the side zipper and began to ease the trouser from her sire's body, now using her razor sharp nails to scratch and cut Willow who took an unnecessary breath.

Willow allowed her childe to finish removing her trousers before pulling her to her feet and kissing her violently. "You can have the first two golden rings now, my monster."

Tara smiled smugly and held out her hands, her surprise apparent as Willow pulled off her billowy blouse revealing the glint of gold in the moonlight. Tara required no invitation as she grasped one ring between her adept fingers and the sucked the other into her mouth. Willow's delight at the feel of the new jewelry was obvious as she grasped the back of her childe's head to her with both hands, not caring if she tugged too tight.

For her part, Tara alternated between the two diamond hard nipples, sucking and nipping at them while tugging at the rings and enjoying the way Willow's moans became louder and louder. Suddenly she removed her mouth and took a step back. She slid a pinkie through each ring and tugged her sire toward the bed before releasing the gold rings and tossing Willow onto the bed. In a moment she straddled her lover, flipping her onto her stomach.

Willow's breasts ached deliciously, bolts of pain shooting directly through her freshly tender piercings and further inflamed by the friction of the rings against the bed as her lover pressed her weight onto her back and spread her legs. She could feel the wetness even before she felt Tara's fingers delving between her lips and then thrusting up into her cunt. Tara's other hand snaked around to tweak first one and then the other ring as she drove her fingers in and out. Each thrust pressed Willow's chest into the bed and she began to whimper in pain and pleasure, finally erupting in climax as her childe bit into her shoulder hard enough enjoy her blood.

As soon as Willow's climax had passed, she slipped her left hand under her childe's knee and quickly upended the younger vampire. She might allow to Tara to dominate her from time to time but she wanted Tara to always understand that Willow was her sire with all that it meant. She quickly pounced onto the other woman's stomach, pinning her shoulders to the bed with her knees and grabbing a handful of hair to pull Tara's mouth to hers. She could taste her own blood on her childe's mouth and knew that Tara would be ready now to have Willow inside her.

Instead, Willow reached into the nightstand for a black velvet jeweler's box and opened it as Tara's eyes followed her movement with excitement. "Bill at the tattoo shop showed me just how to do this." She held up a curved hollow needle in one hand and with the other pinched together Tara's left nipple. Bill, of course had worn rubber gloves and cleaned the nipples with alcohol and been exceedingly gentle. Of course after seeing Willow's reaction to the first piercing he had been much less gentle with the second. For an extra $25 he was happy to explain to her how to do her girlfrend's when she explained about the gift she had planned.

Tara tensed as she anticipated the needle. "Did you eat him?"

"No. He seemed like our type of guy: covered with tattoos and piercings and he seemed quite happy to have the business. I told him I'd send my friends." With no further warming, she drove the needle through Tara's nipple and then threaded the gold ring through it before withdrawing the needle. It was no surprise to her as Tara arched in climax from the intimate pain. The second piercing went faster as the older vampire inserted it before Tara had even recovered from her first powerful orgasm. She knew just how sensitive and painful the piercings would be while they were so fresh and immediately grasped one between her fingers and leaned over to take the other in her mouth. Her childe whimpered her pain and suddenly Willow flipped around to straddle the dark-blonde's mouth, again leaning forward to suck and bite at the fresh gold rings.

Her childe lapped hungrily and eagerly at her dripping pussy, using her hands to separate the folds and pinch her clit. Each time Willow pulled on one of the rings, Tara pinched her clit again until both vampires's cries threatened to interrupt Drucilla and Spike. Willow felt Tara's fangs pierce her lips and screamed her orgasm, not caring what her sire and brother thought or did. As soon as she was done, she took not a moment to recover but kneeled above her lover and thrust three, then four fingers inside her dripping wet cunt. She could feel Tara's new nipple rings rubbing against her chest and increased the friction by moving as she thrust in and out. The younger vampire came screaming when Willow bit into her hip and tasted the evening's kills before collapsing onto her body.

Allowing Tara a few minutes to recover, Willow repositioned herself next to her lover and kissed her as she played with the new piercings. "I adore you, my monster. Do you know that?"

Tara whimpered softly. "And I you, my monster."

Willow smiled at the exchange. It had become something of a ritual for them. She knew, or believed, that vampires did not feel love, were not capable of love. But she couldn't imagine a stronger attachment than the one she felt for her childe. For all the teasing she had done on their journey toward Sunnydale about sire's rights, she had no intention of sharing her lover and would have faced down Angelus or Drucilla had either mentioned the tradition.

She leaned over and picked up the box to show it to Tara. "Now, what should we do with the fifth golden ring?"


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