Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.
Note: This one-off is in response to a writing challenge posted over at The Kitten/DCP. It required:
1. The fic must be completed in one posting - it can be as long as you wish/need it to be, but you must have it done with one posting.
2. The fic must make use of the following elements:
A. Tumbleweed (sagebrush)
B. Cordless power tools (real tools, any tools you wish)
C. Asparagus (I don't know why)
D. A blowup baby pool full of jello (flavor of your choice)
3. The fic must contain SMUT. I will leave the definition of smut up to you. I'm thinking PG and PG-13 ratings won't count though.
4. The required elements mentioned in #2 need NOT be included in the smut -- because in some cases, that just may be too weird. However, if you really feel the need to include those elements in your smutty play, by all means, have fun.
5. The power tools must be used by either Willow or Tara. There will be no using Xander to fix a broken window JUST to include the power tool requirement.

Across the field Willow could see a red barn silhouetted against so those are amber waves of grain behind them, the horizon letting her know that the barn was her only chance. She speeded up as she felt the air starting to warm around her and knew that she had only a few minutes, no more. Faster she ran, cursing Spike under her non-existent breath as she went. Oh brother Spike just had to see a concert in New York. It would be so great, so fun for the two of them. Some Goth-a-pollooza which he swore would be filled with Goth chicks, happy meals on legs.

She should have known that the two of them couldn’t get along for more than a day which was about how long they had driven when the fight broke out over the blonde Willow spied first. And her lying brother swore he saw the girl first. Not. His damn car made it not another 3 hours before sputtering to a stop on some deserted highway in Kansas as tumbleweeds rolled by. Her initial plan, to flag down a car and eat the driver before taking the new car to find some cover fell through when she realized that no one was coming down this road in the middle of the night and anyone who did wasn’t stopping for a girl dressed in black leather no matter how innocent she tried to look.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been running after giving up on the driver-dinner plan but she was thankful for the barn now just steps away. It took no effort to pull open the door of the barn and dive inside. If anyone had lived in the barn, she knew she would have bounced off the barrier and that would have been it: Goodbye lovely evil Willow. Sizzle, sizzle.

As she hit the wooden boards, she rolled to regain her composure. A strange noise erupted right over her head and she hit the deck again. She laughed as she realized the source of the sound and that she really had just made it. So roosters really do announce sunrise, she chuckled. Ensuring that she could move around inside the barn without being burned by the slivers of sunshine coming between boards or through knotholes, she explored it a little closer. No animals were inside but the place reeked of vermin. Cows, perhaps horses and goats had been in the building not long before. Again the picture of Spike popped into her head and she considered how she most wanted to kill him for this. Even though Willow knew Mother would be very displeased with her for doing such a thing, she still enjoyed the fantasy of taking care of that bleached-blonde poetry spouting poof.

She was broken from her fantastical reverie by the sound of a screen door slamming. Quickly she rushed over to the door of the barn and put her eye against the slight opening. Perhaps the house’s inhabitant would come into the barn and she could feed before sleep. Luckily Willow had come out on top in the earlier contest so she wasn’t starving by any stretch.

As she watched a young woman stood on the porch drinking a cup of coffee. Incredible, Willow thought, She’s up at sunrise? What kind of nonsense is this living on a farm? The woman, girl really, finished her coffee and whistled loudly and clearly. A dog came bounding up onto the porch to greet her. After petting the dog, the blonde stepped from the porch and walked toward the barn. It was apparent that she was concentrating and Willow wondered if she had a list of tasks to remember. Surely anyone up at dawn needed to keep the farm running and come in the barn? She hoped...

The blonde walked up to within about ten feet of the barn and then just stood there. A smile broke across her face and she suddenly turned on her heel and walked toward a truck parked a few feet away. Opening the door to the truck, she patted the seat and the dog jumped inside followed by the girl who started up the truck and drove off. Willow waited a few minutes before deciding to sleep for a while. She pulled together a pile of hay and went to sleep.

She was startled awake by the sound of the truck, or some other vehicle returning, some time later. She could feel by the heat in the barn that it was midday and again checked the distribution of light beams in the barn before making her way toward the barn door. She noted that there was nearly no shadow as the truck pulled into the yard. The vampire was shocked to see that the girl was driving slowly, towing the car with the blackened windows behind the truck. She drove into the center of the yard separating the house and the barn, looked at the barn as if making a calculation and then drove around the house once more. This time both vehicles emerged closer to the house and the girl brought them to a stop. She hopped down from the truck after letting the dog out and reached back inside to retrieve a straw cowboy hat which she plopped on her head. The lean in gave Willow quite a delectable view of the farm girl’s jeans and what was inside them and she really wondered when the girl would come into the barn.

Next the blonde shut the truck door and walked to the back of the truck. Whistling as she worked, she pressed a button and the winch-Willow thought that was the name-lowered the car to the ground. Once it was on the ground, Willow was again treated to a shot of the blonde’s backside as she reached over to unhook the tow hook from the car. She got back in the truck and drove it around to the side of the house and parked it there.

Willow’s normally very smart and very busy brain seemed not be working correctly on this one. This girl brought back the car? Did she know that Willow was here? Was she stealing the car? What was she doing? The redhead watched as the blonde carried a few brown paper grocery bags into the house which at least answered the question of why it had taken her so long to tow back Willow’s car. Apparently she had driven into town for her shopping and retrieved the car on the way back. It didn’t answer why she had taken the car though.

After a few trips into the house, the blonde had stayed inside for a while and Willow assumed that she was putting away the groceries. A longer wait and the vampire guessed that her "hostess" was eating her lunch. Come out here so I can have my lunch, she wished at the house.

After a little while longer, the blonde again emerged from the house. She carried a large tool box in one hand and her hat in the other. She looked up at the sun before setting the tool box down by Willow’s car, ok really Spike’s car. Then she returned to the truck and pulled one more paper bag from it. Willow’s curiosity was piqued when the blonde walked half way to the barn and stood there for minute. The vampire attempted to will the blonde to keep walking. As the sun moved across the sky the barn’s shadow was extending toward the house and although she could only walk perhaps 3 feet from the barn, in a few hours she could make it half way to the house. A few hours more and the car would be in shadow completely. The blonde smiled as she took a few more steps closer to the barn and then stopped and set down the paper bag.

Once again whistling to herself she turned her back to the vampire and walked over to the car. She popped the hood and leaned inside to look. Willow had no idea what the blonde was doing to her car. She could have been fixing it or dismantling it completely. She pulled tool after tool from the bag and twisted, adjusted, wiped, and who knows what else the stupid engine. Truly, Willow wasn’t really concentrating on what the girl might be doing to the car; every time the girl bent over the vampire got a truly spectacular view and she wondered if her brain might be turning to mush. Most of the mush was filled with pictures and sounds of taking the blonde in various ways.

After about 30 minutes working on the car, the blonde looked at her watch and went inside the house. A few minutes later Willow saw her pulling an inflatable child’s pool from the porch and setting it in what appeared to be the family garden. She went back inside and carried a large pot over to the pool and dumped the contents into the pool before going back inside with the pot. She immediately returned to working on the car although she repeated the strange procedure with the pot every 30-40 minutes.

By late afternoon, the shadow of the barn had enveloped the paper bag and Willow’s attention was split between her curiosity about the bag and watching the girl continue working. Her denim shirt had become quite sweaty and oily and she had eventually pulled it off, revealing a white wife-beater beneath, a shirt which was quickly drenched with sweat in the afternoon heat. As she worked she seemed to be checking the progress of the shadow periodically but regularly and Willow realized that she had a good reason for putting the car closer to the house than the barn.

Deciding that she had to do something, Willow pulled open the barn door. She would have thought the girl would look up in shock or something but she didn’t budge. The vampire walked slowly from the barn, wondering if this was a trap. Perhaps the girl wanted her to come out. She stalked slowly and carefully over to the bag and picked it up, uncurling the top and seeing a few Styrofoam containers inside. She was looking into the bag when she heard the girl speaking and actually jumped back a step in shock.

"I hope pig is ok," the girl said without looking up from her work on the engine.

"I can think of better," Willow said in as seductive a whisper as she could manage. And she knew from experience that her sexy whisper was quite effective.

"Be good," the blonde whispered back in what Willow realized was a sexy whisper to put all other sexy whispers to shame.

Not sure what the girl’s game was Willow decided to meet her a little more openly. She took the bag with her and walked closer the car. When she reached the edge of the shadow, she took one step backwards for good measure and then sat down cross-legged on the ground. She opened the first of the containers and smelled the blood. Pig yes, but better than nothing. Hoping to disturb the girl, she first slurped the viscous liquid. When that seemed to have no effect on the blonde’s car-fixing-activities, she gulped it down and then licked out the inside of the container. Looking inside the bag and seeing the other two she tried again to disturb the girl: "I fed not long ago. Can the other two go in your refrigerator?"

"I’ll take them when my water is ready," the girl said without looking up.

"Ok," Willow answered, "I was hoping for a little something else later anyway." She switched to her vamp face and waited for the blonde to look up. The blonde failed to deliver so Willow asked her next question. "Can you fix it?"

"Tomorrow or the next d-day," the blonde answered. She looked up and saw that Willow still held the bag. "Put the bag at the edge of the shadow," she directed the vampire.

Willow wondered how the girl intended to get the bag without coming into the shadow, especially as it was extending toward rather than away from her. The question was answered as moment later as Willow felt the shocking prickle of magic in the air and the bag rose and floated quite smoothly into the girl’s left hand. So that explained how the girl knew Willow was there. She took the bag and turned on her heel to go in the house.

After the ritual with the pot of water, the blonde returned with a small cooler in her hand. She pulled a beer from it. "Do you want one?" she offered.

"My brother would have taken you up on it," Willow said, "but I don’t really ..."

"Ok," the girl shrugged as she kicked her feet to easily sit on the trunk of the car, drinking her beer and fixing the vampire with a stare.

"Are you making a potion?" Willow teased. "Frogs and livers and all that stuff? Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble?"

"I guess something l-like that," the girl smirked. "It’s for my mother."

Willow knew the shock was apparent on her face. "Your mother? Is she here?"

"No," she told the vampire, "she’s not here and she won’t be back." She took a breath before explaining, "My father on the other hand: he and my brother will be back from the state fair in two days."

Willow quirked her eyebrow at this very strange girl wondering why she was telling her this. She returned to the subject of the potion: "Your mother wants you to make a kiddie-pool of something but she’s not here and isn’t coming back?" She considered for a second. "Are you crazy? Not that there’s anything wrong with it. My mother, is pretty spectacularly nuttso but she’s really ok."

The girl laughed a low melodious laugh. Delightful really. "Spectacularly nuttso?" She thought about it for a second. "I may be crazy. I never really thought about it before. I guess, what do they say? Criminally insane?" She jumped down from the trunk and walked back around to the engine of the car to continue her work.

Willow continued watching the girl and every so often attempted to catch her by surprise. "You smell so..." she growled.

"It’s sweat and oil and grime," the blonde laughed. "I’ll smell better after my shower."

Suddenly she cursed loudly at the engine and pulled her hand away quickly. Willow knew her face broke out at the first scent of the girl’s blood and remained that way even as the blonde pressed an oily cloth around her finger. The girl finished holding the cloth to her finger and looked up coquettishly at the vampire. She winked as she tossed the rag just to the edge of the line of sunshine.

Willow again growled as she realized what the girl was doing. She wanted to tease. If Willow reached to get the rag, she would be burnt but if she didn’t the blood would all dry into the rag. Sure she could still suck on it but while it was wet would be so much better. Deciding that two could play at the surprise game, Willow smiled back and without changing her face back to human, she showed a hint of her own magic. If the blonde was surprised as the rag floated toward the vampire or when the vampire began slowly and quite lewdly sucking the blood from it, she showed no sign of it.

Willow savored the taste of the young witch’s blood for nearly half an hour. As she finished she tossed the scrap of material back at the girl’s boots. "I think that’s good for today," the girl declared as she closed the hood of the car. She turned and went into the house without another word nor a look at the vampire sitting ten feet away in the growing shade.

By the time the shower in the house shut off, Willow was sitting on her car trunk in much the same position the girl had taken while she enjoyed her beer. She could hear the girl moving around the kitchen for a while. By the time the girl finished her dinner, Willow could step onto the back porch, the mud room she thought she had heard it called. Before she could approach the back doorway-the girl never had closed the door to the house-the girl moved into the hallway and sat Indian style on the floor. "Do you smoke?" she said in that oh so sexy voice again.

"It’s supposed to be ‘do you smoke after sex? Don’t know, never looked," Willow flirted before mirroring the girl’s sitting position on her side of the barrier.

The girl giggled. Actually giggled at Willow’s ages old joke. "You must be very old," she said as she lit a joint and took a deep inhalation.

"You must be very bad," Willow returned with a motion at the girl’s fingertips holding the home-rolled cigarette and noting the scent of marijuana wafting through the open door.

"I’m probably as bad as I am crazy and as crazy as you are old," the girl said as she took another puff and held out the joint toward her visitor.

"You have to invite me in," Willow suggested as she motioned toward the hand extending the pot.

"Not yet," the blonde said with a smirk. Willow’s smile quirked up at the corners at the girl’s statement. Yet she said. That meant she would invite the vampire in eventually. The girl released the cigarette and allowed it to float through the barrier.

Willow caught the item and took a deep inhalation. She’d never smoked, mostly to set herself off from her idiot brother, but this was sweet and smooth. As soon as she finished she attempted to send the cigarette back but found it stopped by the barrier.

"Interesting," the girl said as she controlled the joint back to her hand and took another hit. The two girls were silent for a few minutes as they finished the cigarette.

"That’s really smooth," Willow complimented. Not an expert, she nonetheless could feel the drug coursing through her veins, making her feel like she was flying already without even feeding.

"I grow it myself," the girl reported proudly. "It really helped," she muttered under her breath and for the first time Willow detected a feeling of sadness. She gulped and looked up at the vampire. "My horse is in the pasture north of here," she pointed with her hand to indicate north, "If you kill her I will burn down the barn as soon as the sun rises." She stood up and walked away from the hallway leaving the door open.

Willow waited for a few minutes wondering if her hostess was going to come back and make more threats or demand agreement with her rules. She did neither, nor did she close the door. It was as if she wanted the vampire to understand their positions. She heard the girl running the water again and then getting into bed, patting the bed for the dog to settle in next to her.

Feeling more alive than she had since she’d died, the vampire stood up and looked around the porch. She stepped off and scented the air. Plenty of animals were farther north and she might have a fun time hunting. First though...

She walked over to the garden and looked into the kiddie pool. Drusilla would love this crazybird! was her first thought as she took in the strange sight of a kiddie pool filled to the brim with jell-o. The jell-o hadn’t hardened completely but she guessed that it would as the night air cooled more.

Whatever the explanation for the pool of jell-o, Willow shrugged her shoulders and took off at a run. She passed the horse and considered killing it just to hurt the girl but her threat of burning down the barn did seem very sincere and besides, Willow had never particularly liked horses. A pasture of cows presented her with abundant dinner but no challenge. The stupid animals just stood there or mooed at her as she took three of them down. Bored now, she thought and began running again. Eventually she realized that she wasn’t the only predator around the area and she slowed her run to track the other beast. Her efforts paid off shortly before dawn.

Before going to sleep, Willow waited to see the girl emerge from the house. She did so, stretching as she went and smoothly stepping over the coyote carcass Willow had left on the porch. Next she walked over to the kiddie pool and looked inside it before pulling a piece of paper from her pocket and making a mark on it. She then walked in the direction she had indicated as the north pasture. Realizing that the girl may be gone a while, Willow decided to get some sleep.

She woke later than she had the first day and smiled when she realized that she could actually already leave the barn. She came out and blinked her eyes at the brightness of the sun in the sky, thankful for the shade of the barn. As the day before, the blonde had left her a container of blood at the edge of the shade and Willow retrieved it before taking her seat opposite the car.

"Are you Tara or Dorothy?" Willow asked. She had taken a chance and checked the mail coming to the farm before returning this morning. She ruled out Stephen and Donnie which left Tara and Dorothy.

Tara looked at the vampire for a few seconds. "Dorothy was my mother," she said.

"I’m Willow," the redhead said.

"Mmm, bendy," Tara flirted.

It was apparent before long that the blonde preferred to work in silence or near silence. Although Willow attempted to make friendly, and sometimes not so friendly, conversation with her, Tara rarely answered her. She hummed or sang to herself but mostly concentrated on the car. As on the day before she went to get a beer but this time did not offer one to Willow. Willow watched her with great interest. Again her sweat soaked her denim shirt and then her wife-beater and the vampire could smell her. When she strained to tighten or lift something her veins bulged and Willow could hear, could feel the pulse of her heartbeat. She felt almost intoxicated with it. She wondered if she could make it to the car. Could she pull her overcoat over her head, run to the car, grab the girl and bring her back to the shade before bursting into flames? As if sensing the vampire’s thought processes, the girl shut the hood of the car and went into the house.

Repeating the actions of the night before Tara again had her dinner, this time a steak and asparagus eaten in the hallway where Willow could see her. She lit the joint and offered it to the vampire who this time passed. "Your loss," Tara said. The blonde reached behind her and pulled two small pictures from her back pocket and sent them through the doorway to land on Willow’s lap.

"My mother," the blonde said with the coldest voice the vampire believed she had ever heard. "She died two months ago in this house."

"I’m sorry?" Willow offered. "Actually I’m not sorry because demon and evil you know? But um you seem sad about it and I don’t ... no, that’s not true because again, demon and evil. But sorry?"

"Thanks anyway," Tara said still using a completely flat emotion. "She was a demon," the blonde said catching Willow completely off guard.

The vampire scrunched up her face. "A demon?"

"That’s the story," Tara explained, "Maclay women are all demons. We become demons on our 20th birthday."

"When is your birthday?" Willow asked; something told her that this girl’s birthday had not passed yet.

"Day after tomorrow," Tara explained. She indicated the picture in Willow’s hand. "That room is in our house. It’s under the kitchen and completely hidden to any visitors and soundproof." The vampire looked at the small cell with concrete walls and two cots chained to the floor, other chains hooked to the wall.

Willow looked on with interest at this sudden information sharing session.

Tara took a deep toke on her joint before continuing: "Each month the women in this family, that’s me and mama are locked in that room for three days. Only ‘mature demons’ require disciplining but all must be locked up."

"You’ve been locked up every month?" Willow said with mild horror. Another part of her was imagining what she could do with a soundproof cell complete with chains and a human girl who was used to that scenario.

"Since I was a baby," Tara confirmed. "Watching them... disciplining my mother." She said the word disciplining with such intense hatred that there was no doubt what it meant.

She then passed the small piece of paper Willow had seen her take from her pocket earlier and passed it across the barrier. "Before my mother died she gave me a list of things she wished she had done and hoped I would do," she explained.

The first nine of ten items were all neatly crossed off the list including #9-"Fill a kiddie pool completely with jell-o and let it set under the light of the full moon." Willow laughed outloud on reading that but stopped as she read #10-"Kill your father."

"My father and brother will be home tonight," Tara said calmly. "They will come to the barn first thing in the morning to unload the livestock." Willow nodded. "Your car will be ready to leave tomorrow mid-day but I think you’ll want to wait until the day after to leave."

Willow smiled her understanding. "I’m sure I will," she agreed.

When Willow returned to the farm early that morning, she could smell that the two men had returned. They had the stench of evil and dirt, a potent combination.

Wondering what to do until daylight, she tried to start her car which did not start. Nor did Tara’s truck start. Apparently the blonde had disabled it to keep her vampire at the farm. She walked around for a while before going into the barn for a spot of sleep before the men came to her.

Willow woke with the rooster’s crowing.

Then she waited.

She heard the men’s voices and smelled their rancid scents simultaneously. They were arguing and discussing the whores they’d apparently visited while in the big city for the fair. "Then, I backhanded her and she shut up about her tip," the boy bragged.

"Damn whores," his father spat.

First to enter the barn was the boy who led two cows in behind him. Willow waited for the father to enter with his goat before slamming the barn door behind them all. The sudden movement and darkness plunged both into a panic and their hearts began beating in their chests. The vampire morphed as she grabbed the younger of the two men and immediately plunged her teeth into his neck. It was the first human blood she’d had in days and even a being as disgusting as he was, was better than cow or coyote. In a matter of seconds he was hitting the floorboards and she was upon the father. "What," he shouted, "who are you? What do you want?" Ironically he shouted for Tara: "Tara! Help, someone is out..."

Willow grabbed the man and bit him harder than she had the boy but didn’t pull his life from his body yet. "Now you can find out what a real demon is," she said with disdain before ripping out his throat. He fell dead to the floor and she smiled even though she hadn’t fed from the man. She licked the blood from her fingertips and looked at her handiwork.

The animals were freaking out so she opened the door and they ran into the barnyard. She returned to look at the two men and considered them for a minute.

When she awoke again it was midday and Tara was again working on the car. She had quite obviously finished letting the animals out of the trailer and was whistling as she worked. She didn’t look up when the vampire came out of the barn but did when Willow laid the two hearts on the ground in front of the car. She made eye contact with the vampire and nodded before pulling the list from her pocket and crossing off the last item on the list. Even the vampire was moved as the girl closed her eyes and raised her face to the sky, mouthing a silent prayer.

Tara finished her work on the car early in the afternoon. Rather than go into the house as before, she sat down in the sunshine just across from the vampire. Mere inches separated the two girls although Willow doubted Tara would cross into the darkness and Willow couldn’t bridge the gap. After sitting down, the blonde again pulled a joint from her pocket and began to toke on it. After every few hits, she would set it just at the border between dark and light and scoot back a few inches. Willow followed her in this way until Tara reached the porch steps.

At some point the phone rang and Tara got up to answer it. She came back and reported, "Strange thing. Three cows killed at the Anderson place night before last and three last night at the Coit place. Sheriff says they saw coyote tracks and that we should have the gun out." Willow just nodded and continued their strange dance across the yard.

At the porch steps, Tara rose and moved to the doorway of her house. Although a few feet of sunshine still remained between Willow and the covering of the porch, Tara nonetheless teased the vampire: "I invite you in, Willow."

She then turned her back on the vampire and walked into the house.

Willow considered this action. This teasing. Did Tara want her to jump through the sunshine? It wouldn’t even hurt the vampire really but she didn’t want the girl treating her like some trained animal. Instead she kept her position sitting at the edge of the shadow and scooting forward for another fifteen minutes.

When the shadow reached the top step of the porch, she slowly stood and with great pretense brushed off her leather pants and duster. Slowly she walked across the porch and into the house, breathing unnecessarily as she crossed the barrier. She could hear Tara’s heartbeat and knew that the girl was waiting for her. She looked around the floor of the kitchen, finally spotting a broken piece of linoleum and reached down to free it. Sure enough, under the broken piece was a small handle which she pulled up to see a 2x2 piece of the floor disappear, a ladder hidden beneath it. Once she was on the ladder, she pulled the piece of floor back into place. She could see perfectly well in the darkness and wondered how well Tara could see.

Seconds later she realized she needn’t have worried about the darkness. Tara stood in the center of the small cell, candles blazing around the room, completely naked.

Willow was on the girl in a moment, their lips meeting in a kiss which seemed both passionate and a bit violent. The vampire took control of the kiss. Oh this witch had controlled the game for three days and now she felt it was her turn. She pressed and the girl stepped backwards until her legs struck the cot. And then the soft thing beneath her was squirming and moaning and Willow had her hands just absolutely all over the girl. One hand went to a breast, roughly pinching and twisting a nipple. "Oh yes," Tara moaned as the vampire conquered her flesh, inch by tender inch. She tried to undress Willow but quickly felt her hands captured by the much stronger and faster vampire and held over her head.

"You’ve been a bad girl," the vampire teased as she held her prey down, "haven’t you?"

Tara’s pulse quickened to the game instantly. "I have," she admitted with a blush.

"I see," Willow said. She released the girl’s arms and smiled condescendingly down at her. Quickly she pulled off her bustier and dropped it on the side of the bed. The vampire knew that she lacked many assets in the breast area, but Tara’s hiss of pleasure at seeing her pert breasts and hard nipples assuaged any doubts she was feeling. She leaned forward to hover over the blonde and began licking and sucking the girl’s own nipples, interspersing occasional bites in with her attentions to the hard nubs. She was surprised and pleased when the girl didn’t move her arms from where they were over her head. Leaning forward she licked a trail up the girl’s neck and told her, "I’ve never met a human like you."

Tara smiled as she arched her back, attempting to brush her center against the powerful vampire’s leg.

"Oh no, no, no," Willow said with a playful finger wave. She stepped from the bed and peeled off her pants and deposited them with the bustier on the floor. "Such a bad human," she said as she ran her fingers through the blonde’s wet curls. Quickly she stepped from the bed for a moment as she flipped Tara onto her stomach and just as quickly resumed her position on the girl’s back. Still in human face, she nipped at the girl’s neck.

"You’ll want to ... wait to...," Tara attempted to say as the vampire held her down, her legs effectively spreading the blonde witch’s.

"To bite you?" Willow said. "Why is that?"

"You’ll see," Tara smirked as if unaware she was being held down by a powerful and lust-filled vampire.

Instantly Willow’s fingers groped at her captive’s wetness. Tara hissed in pleasure as she felt the cold fingers exploring her body, stroking her clit. "Oh my pet," Willow whispered, "such the sweet bad little kitty. So hot and wet for me. You’d hump into my hand if you could move. Wouldn’t you?"

"Yes," Tara moaned, "hot... for... y-you. Wet... yours..."

Willow switched her hands, coating the other with the girl’s wetness. She was quite exciting this girl. She was fighting being held down ever so slightly but obviously even more excited about it. She knew the girl was expecting her to take her and she did, sliding two fingers into her hot wet cunt. They met surprising resistance and her continued pushing brought a delicious scream of pain from the human and the unmistakable scent of blood. Oh, she would definitely clean that up soon. Starting to stroke in and out of the girl’s tight channel she decided to take even more than was being offered, after all, demon... She placed one wet finger at the girl’s tight ring and pushed inside, hearing the accompanying hiss. Once inside she held still for a minute to talk to the shaking girl.

"How does that feel, my pet?" Willow asked.

Tara answered through her tears the vampire craved but couldn’t reach. "G-good," she whimpered.

"I told you you were bad," Willow told the blonde. "Now you’re going to come for me and then I’m going to lick the blood from your delicious cunt."

"Yes-s-s," Tara hissed.

Willow raised up slightly to order her lover, "Now move into my hand, pet."

Tara began rocking back and forth against the vampire’s strong hand. Willow could feel the girl’s inner walls beginning to spasm and went to game face in preparation. When the witch screamed out her orgasm, Willow sank her teeth into the girl’s neck and drank deeply of her sweet blood.

Too much?Willow wondered as she settled between the blonde’s legs. She had only taken a few draughts of the girl’s blood but Tara still had passed out. Now the vampire sat between the girl’s legs, licking her juices and blood from her fingertips before lying down to lave her pussy.

When she noted the girl stirring, Willow redoubled her efforts, pleased when the girl came a second time, this time screaming the vampire’s name. A big shit-eating grin on her face, Willow slid up Tara’s body and kissed her surprisingly softly. "That was so lovely," she said.

The vampire was quite gracious in allowing her new lover to recover from her powerful climaxes before guiding her head between her own legs. And the newcomer definitely had talents. Oh what talents.

Willow stood up from the bed and assessed her beautiful lover. A companion to keep her interests. Mmm.

She reached for the cordless drill she had found in the toolbox and quickly used it to fasten the chains around the body’s wrists. She didn’t think that Tara would wake before she returned but she wanted to be sure that she would be safe. She checked the chains again before going up the ladder.

Tara woke to find a cold body wrapped around her from the back. "Happy birthday," she croaked, finding her voice somewhat less workable than she expected. She wasn’t surprised as the vampire behind her immediately handed her a large container of blood.

Once she had begun to sate her thirst she grinned at Willow. "We should go into town," she smiled.

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