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Rating: NC-17: BDSM Warning
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The idea for this Scene came from the excellent story Just Drops by Ruth Gifford. I found it in Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica edited by Tristan Taormino.
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Note: This story is a sequel to Shadow and Sunlight. You'll be a little lost if you don't read it.
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Note 4: Yes, this story contains BDSM. I am not an expert on BDSM or even on writing BDSM. Although I've tried to maintain most of the rules that I've heard for play, I still am not an expert so please don't use my stories as any kind of primer or "how to" manual. In this story, there is no safeword. They are vampires! They say that vampires don't safeword. If you're not a vampire and you decide to try play, you need a safeword. Please...

"Mmm geroff," Willow mumbled, swatting her hand lazily at the fly irritating the tip of her nose. When the irritating feeling didn't stop, she rolled over, wrapping her arms around Tara's legs and pressing her face into the girl's thigh.

Tara laughed and ran her fingertips slowly through Willow's hair as the smaller vampire only squeezed her tighter. She wondered, if she were still human would that hurt? It was quite hard but actually it felt kind of good. Kind of tingly in all the right places. Mmm. Slowly she traced her fingertips over the back of Willow's neck.

Tara extended a hand and allowed a pillow to float from the floor into her hand. She leaned forward slightly to prop it behind her back and continue holding her lover. Sun poked around the edges of the heavy curtains in her parents's room and she could smell the dew evaporating off the grass. The two vampires hadn't returned from town until well after midnight and she was sure they hadn't fallen asleep until five or six o'clock. She stretched slowly testing for soreness. Their night's exploits and those from the night before didn't seem to be leaving any permanent or lasting impression even if it sometimes felt like it would at the time. Willow did have a talent for ... intensity.

Willow rolled over and a shock ran through Tara's body as the top of the girl's head pressed against her pubic bone. She smiled at the sight of Willow's small nipples pointing skyward, the peach a contrast against her bone-white skin. Tara allowed her fingers to continue idly stroking Willow's now exposed shoulders and her eyes to drift to the other two contrasting colors on the redhead's body: the black of her fingernails and the auburn curls at the juncture of her legs. The smile on Willow's face gave away her pretence of sleep.

Tara smiled and ran her fingertips along the redhead's slight breasts until they reached the nipples. She traced them, enjoying the nubby sensation of their hardening before curling her fingers and pinching viciously, allowing her sharp nails to pierce the redhead's skin. If she were expecting Willow to be displeased, she was sorely disappointed. "Mmm, looking for another go, lover?" Willow's deep voice lilted as if she were casting a spell on the blonde.

Tara relaxed her grip only slightly leaving her fingers curled menacingly around Willow's hard nipples. The temptation to return some of the torture of the last two days was strong but she had other plans. "You know what today is?"

Willow's eyes finally opened to meet Tara's. "Wednesday?"

"Try again."

"The day we finally leave this all-forsaken wasteland?"

Tara's fingertips relaxed their position surrounding her lover's hard nipples. "That too."

"I'm telling you," Willow said, "you're going to love Los Angeles. Food everywhere."

"You just want a toy store," Tara teased nipping at the redhead's nose.

Willow rolled quickly on top of the blonde, pinning her hands to the bed. "That pick axe handle was no fun." Her childlike pout belied the story behind that particular experiment.

"Splinters..." Tara smiled at the redhead on top of her. "But first you said..."

"I know what I said," Willow snapped as she rolled to the side. "You get your little time." She rolled back on top of the blonde and pressed her leg into the girl's curls. "After all, you've been a very agreeable playmate."

Tara thrust only once along Willow's thigh before pushing the redhead off her body. "Let's go shower first." She pulled Willow by the hand toward the bathroom. Once there the blonde reached into the shower stall and turned both controls on high allowing the water to pound against the opposite glass. She stepped in without even checking the temperature and shuddered slightly as the water hit her cold skin, the contrast in temperature seeming to scald her.

Willow stepped in immediately after Tara and pulled the door shut behind her. Without a word, she reached around the blonde and gave the hot water faucet a twist, lowering the temperature to something more reasonable. She grabbed a washcloth and squeezed soap onto it as she looked at her lover's face leaning back into the spray, her hair becoming thoroughly soaked. Red lines marred her perfect porcelain skin where the water had hit her and Willow smiled at the angry marks. With one hand she caressed Tara's soft skin with the wash cloth, while she used the nails of the other hand to scratch the already red marks. It would be so easy to use those nails to draw blood and Tara was already moaning as her hands slid along the glass walls of the shower stall.

Switching hands, the redhead continued to soap her lover's gorgeous body. Her right hand now occupied itself tormenting Tara's breasts-scratching them and pinching the nipples. She smiled as she thought of the blonde watching herself heal from Willow's rough touches in the last few days. She seemed thoroughly fascinated by her quick recovery and healing--each scratch, welt, or cut gone in minutes.

There was no doubt to Willow that her childe was made for this unlife. The girl thrived on Willow's power. She liked to pretend she had none, to allow Willow to use her and hurt her and it just pleased both demons more and more. She'd even suggested to Willow that the redhead pretend she were still a human. A human Willow could physically control.

Oh, that game was so fun.

Smirking, Willow stopped her attentions to Tara's soapy body and handed the blonde the washcloth. Tara didn't voice a moment of displeasure or disappointment at the loss of Willow's cruel touch. She knew what the redhead was up to. What she wanted. She wanted to set the pace and Tara would let her.

For now.

Tara took the cloth and mirrored Willow's actions, soaping and washing her lover's body, the skin the temperature of the water. Carefully she washed every inch of her sire's skin, dropping to her knees to delve between the girl's toes. With each movement of the wash cloth between Willow's toes the girl tried and failed to restrain her giggle. Such a young thing. Tara smiled at her lover. Tara was 20 years old and 2 days dead, Willow 17 years old, 3 years dead.

"What are you laughing about?"

Tara stood up and brought her lips to Willow's. Finally pulling away, panting from the bruising kiss, she whispered with a smile, "Jailbait."

Willow's eyes darkened in playful anger. Tara knew already what it would take to anger her lover and this was not it. The girl did like to play, however.

Quickly Tara found herself turned around with Willow pressing against her from behind. The small but powerful redhead gave her lover a not so gentle push and Tara was sandwiched between the shower wall and Willow's unyielding body. She could feel Willow's fingers questing at her sopping entrance for just a fraction of a second before they were unceremoniously thrust inside, nearly lifting her from the floor. As Willow thrust inside, she used her legs to spread Tara's own as wide as she wanted them.

Willow gave no prelude before thrusting deeply in and out of Tara's hot wet cunt. She knew how much her companion liked it like this. Liked the feeling of loss of control. She flexed her fingers inside Tara's body and felt the shudder pass through the other girl's body. She began taunting her pet. "When we get to LA, we're going to a toy store."

"You ... said...," Tara gasped.

"I've got quite a few ideas." Willow's hand moved faster as her free one gripped her lover's hip.

Tara's hands clenched and unclenched but found only the slick surface of the shower as the water continued to pound into her side and face. Her breasts were pressed up against the glass and it felt awkwardly cramped. The water had long since turned cold but neither vampire took any notice. Being such a young vampire, Tara couldn't maintain her human countenance when her orgasm hit. Throughout the powerful waves that shook her body, Willow continued thrusting, coaxing moans and screams from her lover.

Finally content that Tara had taken all she could at the moment, the older vampire removed her hand from her lover's body and quickly shut off the water before kicking open the door and carrying Tara to the bed. "Mmm," Tara purred, "so chivalrous."

"Or I want you on your back," Willow teased as she moved to hover over Tara's waiting mouth. The blonde didn't have a chance to answer, other than the quick movement of her lips, tongue, and teeth over Willow's center. The redhead kneeled on her arms, effectively holding her in place. Tara could easily lift Willow off but didn't want to. Both women liked this game. This game that said Willow was the sire and she was in control.

Tara knew it was only a matter of time.

And they had hours before sunset.

Willow's hands wrapped around her childe's head, stilling it so that Tara could only move her mouth and tongue. "Mmm, just like that, Pet," Willow moaned, beginning to move forward and back, humping herself against Tara's mouth and chin. Tara moaned in response, her sounds effectively muffled. Willow shifted only enough to allow the younger vampire to free one hand. "Touch yourself."

Tara did so, moaning louder into Willow's center as her hand glided through her wet curls and against her clit. She could hear Willow's cries becoming louder and the vampire's fingers clutched painfully at her head. With her orgasm she screamed into Willow's center, the vibrations of the sound apparently pushing her lover over the edge as Willow loosened her hands from Tara's head and fell forward. Apparently enjoying the extra stability of the position, Willow bucked harder onto Tara's face, rubbing on Tara's forehead ridges and keening loudly throughout her climax.

Having rolled onto her back, Willow now lay on the pillows, her arms wrapped around her childe. "We're not supposed to be like this."

"Like what?" Tara traced her fingertips over her lover's hip bone and around her belly button.

Willow placed a kiss on Tara's forehead. "Gentle. We're supposed to be all ‘grrr argghh' and hurt each other and fight and have hot sweaty violent sex."

Tara quirked up her eyebrows. "Which part of that are we not doing?"

Willow's eyes sparkled as she smiled at her lover. "It's different. I-I-I feel ... something for you." She leaned in and gently kissed the younger vampire.

"Isn't that normal? I mean was it like that with you and your sire?" Tara didn't want to seem obtuse but Willow had told her very little about her turning. For all the blonde knew, she would be out of the picture when they got to LA. That thought hurt but she knew that if it was what Willow wanted, there was little she could do about it.

"Drusilla?" Willow laughed. Then she noted the look of insecurity and fear on Tara's face. "It's definitely not normal. My sire turned me only to hurt my best friend. She didn't want me like I want you." She nipped at the blonde's neck. "Like I want you every day, every hour of every day."

Tara turned her head to kiss her lover more deeply before asking, "Why did she want to kill your friend?"

Willow nodded her head. "She was the Slayer." At Tara's quizzical look she elaborated. "One girl in all the world meant to fight the forces of evil, blah blah blah. Now she's one girl in all the world decomposing in Sunnydale Memorial cemetery." She got an evil smirk on her face.

"So you killed your best friend?"

Willow smiled again. "Both of them. Slayer blood is quite a rush." She looked wistful for a moment. "I miss Xander though." Her lips curled up in a cruel smile. "He always knew the best places to party."

Tara quickly flipped so that she was on her stomach on top of Willow. She pressed her body into the smaller girl's. "I want you again," she growled.

Willow returned the kiss with passion and was surprised as Tara pulled away.

"My turn."

"I thought there were going to be more smoochies," Willow pouted a few minutes later as she lay face up on the cot in the basement. When Tara didn't answer she taunted the blonde. "This room has such memories for me." Tara fastened the cuffs around her sire's wrists and then pulled them tight so that Willow's hands were bound under the narrow bed. She had already fastened the leg shackles in such a way that Willow's knees were raised and bent, her center fully exposed.

"How is that?"

"I'm not hoping to spend weeks like this but I can stay this way for a while." Willow smiled as her lover prepped the scene. It was all she could do to keep from laughing. Here was Tara, the sweet, if insane, girl whose virginity she had taken the same night she'd turned her, a girl who had never fought a second of Willow's games and in fact had welcomed them, had suggested more. And suddenly she wanted to play at Mistress. Willow figured it ought to be an entertaining way to spend the afternoon. And if Tara didn't fulfill her dreams it would only cement their roles and ensure more fun.

Assured that the bindings were tight enough although she knew that if Willow chose to use magic, the binding would not hold, Tara ran her fingertips from the redhead's toes up her leg. Suddenly she grasped the girl's cunt, slipping three fingers inside and kissed her deeply, breaking into her demon visage and nicking Willow's lips with the tip of her tooth. She licked at the cut and pulled away leaving her hand in place. "I know you can break the binds but if you do it will be like safewording."

"Vampires don't safeword," Willow said smugly.

"I think you might have mentioned that." She checked the bindings again before leaving the room. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

Willow smiled as she allowed her eyes to wander and linger around the room. It certainly did bring back memories. Of course she had taken her lover here for the first time as well as turning her in this very room. Tara was her first childe and right now, she felt the girl would be her only. Over the past four days she had frequently felt quite confused about her feelings toward the girl. She was supposed to be a demon. Not some pansy human. Not some weak creature who had deep feelings. Certainly she wasn't capable of love.

At least she knew what to do when those feelings arose.

"What are you thinking about?" Tara stood in the doorway, one hand propped on her hip, the other wrapped around some type of metal stand.

"Fond memories."

Tara laughed. "The riding crop?" She entered the room and set the stand down next to the cot. Seeing the glazed over look in her lover's eye at the mention of the riding crop, she guessed again. "The rake?"

"Ooo, that too," Willow said with a smile. She raised an eyebrow as Tara hung a large rubber bag from the arch of the metal stand.

Tara didn't respond to the redhead's inquisitive look until she had checked the placement of the bag. Then she pulled up a chair next to the cot and sat down gracefully. Her hand reached out and began stroking Willow's hair. "Do you think you'll mind a blindfold?"

Willow smirked openly and wondered why Tara wasn't punishing her blatant lack of respect. Sure she didn't respect her childe's effort but shouldn't that offend the girl?

Without another word, Tara tied on a bandana and ensured that it completely covered her lover's eyes. Then she began stroking Willow's red hair. "I've enjoyed the last few days."

Willow's smirk grew again. "Me too, pet."

Tara's hand stilled on the top of Willow's head. "For the afternoon, you are my pet."

Willow's smirk did not diminish but at least she addressed Tara appropriately. "Yes, Mistress. Of course."

"You've been quite... attentive." Her hand returned to stroking her pet's hair. "Right here in this room... so many times... so very... how should I say? Compelling."

Willow forced herself to breath deeply. She wondered if Tara were weaving some sort of spell. She couldn't detect any magic but it was if the combination of the girl's words and her light stroke was lulling her to sleep. She felt so very relaxed.

"I've felt wood, leather, metal, and flesh." Willow kept herself from responding to Tara's fond reminisces. "Sometimes more than one at once." She leaned close to her lover's ear. "And it was always absolutely worth it." She was pleased as an almost imperceptible shudder ran through Willow's body. "All those substances are cold, rigid, or unfeeling. Or all of the above." She waited and when Willow didn't interrupt continued.

"But water can be soft and sensual. Little feels better than a hot bath at the end of the day." She moved her hands to stroke Willow's face. "The human body is 50-65% water and a child's body is 75% water. A person can live weeks with no food but only a few days without water."

Bored now.

"When that girl fell down the well in West Texas, they used a water drill to cut through solid rock and get her out."

Great so she's going to put me to sleep?

"The Tsunami killed over 100,000 people and that was just water." Tara lifted her hands from Willow's body. "Water can be the most gentle and refreshing substance in the world or one of the most destructive." One of her fingertips softly touched Willow's clit and the redhead smiled. Willow felt a drop of water run off Tara's finger and onto the side of her clit. "Perfect," Tara whispered and removed her fingertip.

The second drop fell directly on Willow's clit, neither hot nor cold.

"How is the temperature, pet?"

"Perfect," Willow responded, the feeling of another drop of water on her clit. "Is there going to be holy water sometimes?"

"You wish," Tara laughed. Next Willow felt her lover's mouth by her ear. "Now pet, I don't want to hear you speak unless you need to safeword."

"No safeword." Willow repeated stubbornly. Another drop of water hit the redhead's clit and she wondered if Tara was just going to stand there while it rained on her. This has the potential to be as boring as one of Spike's poetry-fest afternoons. And she only ever agreed to one of those when they were trapped inside by daytime and he had snacks. As another drop of water hit and then another and she finally heard Tara move away. The blonde's footstep on the stairs was light and then was gone and Willow could hear her moving around upstairs.

Willow's anger rose at her childe. I agree to let you play at Mistress and you can't even stay and watch? Another drop of water fell followed by another and another. Actually it was starting to feel good. Each drop seemed to increase the swelling in her bud. But why had Tara left? Perhaps she could stave off the boredom of the scene by imagining another scene?

What if those steadily falling drops were actually Tara's talented tongue? Willow might be sitting in an armchair, her pet kneeling in front of her, hands bound behind her back...

Another drop fell on her clit and then another.

Once they returned to LA, they were definitely going shopping. Nothing Tara owned was even remotely suitable. While she had a few pairs of tight jeans, denim shirts were not the look her lover would be sporting in front of any other of The Blood. Ooo, another drop hit her clit just as she was picturing her lover's ass in black leather. A long duster would maintain the cowgirl look but have very sexy appeal.

It seemed as if it had been an unusually long time since the last drop had fallen and Willow began to concentrate on the rhythm. She wondered if she could time the water. As a drop fell she started a mantra, hearing Tara's voice in her head. "Yes, Mistress. Yes, Mistress. Yes, Mistress." Exactly three times through the recitation the next drop fell. Now she could time the drops to know when the next one was coming. Not to mention that hearing Tara's voice in her mind only increased her building excitement. Another drop fell right on schedule almost burning into the swollen bulge of her nub. Her mantra was forgotten as she released a low hiss of frustration at the next contact.

Immediately she concentrated on scanning for Tara's presence. She would never hear the end of it if her childe had heard her exclamation. No reason to allow Tara to know just how wonderful and torturous the water felt. The blonde was still not in the dungeon and Willow returned her attention to repeating again the mantra. If she knew when the next drop was coming, she was sure she would not allow a sound again. "Yes, Mistress." Tara's whispered voice lived in her brain.

Each drop of water fell just on schedule. Each a little more potent than the one before. She noted Tara's quiet return and then the girl seemed to settle herself into a chair nearby. Willow would have expected the blonde to say something, to speak, or touch, or take some action to assert her dominance. Instead she just sat stone-still as drop after drop struck.

Sometime after Tara returned, Willow noticed a low sound in her ears. She suspected that her childe was making some noise of approval as she watched Willow's increasing frustration. It wasn't until another three drops had fallen, each perfectly timed by her mantra, that she realized that the sound she heard was her own teeth grinding. She opened her mouth slightly to release the tension and felt another strike.

This simply would not do. She had to concentrate on her dominance of the blonde. "Yes, Mistress..." the phrase repeated over and over, every three recitations punctuated with another bullet. Every part of her body ached and she wondered how many hours she had been tied here. It seemed to have been forever, as if she had never existed anywhere before this room, as if she would never exist anywhere after this room. Her legs and arms in particular felt strained and she realized that she had pulled the bindings tight, in fact was bowing the frame of the cheap cot, so hard was she tearing against it.

She willed her disobedient and aching limbs to relax once again, wondering if Tara was smirking that half-smile at her. That half-smile... So cute. So sexy. Another drop struck and she willed the voice to sound in her ears again. "Yes, Mistress." Her own voice sounded sultry and sexy and she wondered at the difference in timbre. Again she heard her voice echoed in her mind. "Yes, Mistress." Once more and she felt the next so-needed drop.

Oh, her childe was such a wonderful lover. Willow had plundered every one of her secrets and wanted to come back for more. She would kneel at Tara's feet, drinking her juices, bathing her face in her luscious honey. "Yes, Mistress."

She expelled an unnecessary breath as the expected drop didn't come. Perhaps she had counted wrong. Her voice echoed in her brain once more and still no drop. Tara squatted right next to the cot and Willow wondered how the blonde had risen and crossed the small room without her notice. She expected the girl to say something. To demand some acquiescence but there was only silence and stillness. Her clit throbbed with need. It was all she could do to not scream for attention, for fulfillment.

She heard the other vampire's hand move and then water was pouring onto her center. Willow screamed as her orgasm broke free, tensing up toward the flow of water. Her childe proved once again her mastery of the scene as she magically released the bonds and the blindfold so that Willow's arching body rose toward the waterfall. She continued screaming as her body rebounded down against the cot once again, shaking as shudders racked her frame.

Willow tried to speak. Tried to say something pithy but all that came out was "wwpphyyrrr."

"I agree," Tara's whisper accompanied the lightest of touches, her fingertips along Willow's still swollen clit and the redhead felt her body explode into climax yet again.

When Willow's shaking had stopped, Tara gently leaned over her lover and kissed her on the lips. Her arms wrapped around the redhead's slight body and lifted her effortlessly. Willow managed the strength to wrap her arms around her lover's neck like a child and nuzzled her nose into Tara's neck, thinking how she was going to repay the girl for her pleasure.

Tara's confident stride carried them out the door of the house and into the darkness of the night. The blonde gently set her lover in the passenger seat of the car with its blacked-out windows. "We've got a lot of miles to cover tonight, lover," she whispered, her hand again brushing against Willow's impossibly swollen clit and sending the girl into another climax.

Tara started the car and backed it away from the house. Willow lifted her head lazily to watch her childe as the girl stared at the only home she'd ever known. Then Tara's hand reached out and grasped her nub again, inciting yet another climax.

As she pulled away from the house, Tara held a container out toward her sire. "Blood?"

Willow barely found the energy to speak her response. "Water?"

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