'Tis the Season

Webmonkey's note: It's become a bit of a tradition to do a Christmas story collection here on Looking-glass. This year, Foomatic, a regular poster over on the Kitten Board, posted a Christmas challenge for authors to participate in, and has kindly allowed the challenge to be archived here, along with as many of its participant stories as I can get permission for. For more, have a look at the 'Tis the Season thread, where you'll also be able to leave feedback for the wonderful authors who continue to keep Willow and Tara going strong. And now, over to Foo for the challenge rules:

Hey guys! We wanted to inject a little holiday season into Pens, seeing that things are moving quite slowly over here. So masterjendu, dline, and I came up with a little fic challenge, and hopefully some of you guys will participate!

Based on previous fic challenges moderated by GayNow, here are the requirements as follows:

1. The fic must be completed in one posting.

2. The fic must be set during the holiday season, be it Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, New Year's . . . you get my gist.

3. The fic must make use of the following objects (how and why is completely up to you):
- an armadillo
- gold, frankincense, or myrrh

4. Willow or Tara should quote one holiday lyric as part of normal dialogue.

5. There must be a mention/inclusion of some (any) element of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas (the 1966 Boris Karloff cartoon).

Alrighty, have at it!


How the Witch Stole Christmas by Jasmydae

Oh, Oh, Oh by ophelia11

Christmas Comes But Once A Year, Maybe For Good Reasons by taralicious

My First Christmas by Darkwillow6

Lighting the Flame by thiswomanswork

Mammals and Mayhem by BentBrokenTheory

Five Golden Rings by JustSkipIt

Willow and Tara Save Christmas (again) by Chris Cook

The Most Wonderful Afternoon by DaddyCatALSO

A Christmahanukah One Shot by Foomatic

What Defines Us by Zooeys_Bridge

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