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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

Tara was stroking the redhead's bobbing head while reveling in wonderful pleasure Willow was giving her. Willowhands were caressing all over Tara while her mouth was busy making love to Tara's center heightening Tara's senses. Sensing Tara was getting closer, Willow didn't want to have Tara come, not right now... She released her hold of Tara's clit so slowly that Tara barely noticed and began to focus her tongue onto her love tunnel.

Feeling that, Tara moaned loudly in pleasure, wanting more...she cupped her both hands on the back of Willow's head and pressed herself onto Willow's hot and slick tongue.

"Oh fuck... that's so amazing!" Tara breathed, semi-conscious that she just swore.

'She swore. I am doing really good!' Willow thought to herself, circling her tongue around the opening of Tara's pussy hole before thrusting inside.

Tara's half-lidded eyes shot wide open at the new sensation, "Oh Goddess, that feels so good! More..." Tara bucked her hips trying to get more of Willow's tongue.

Acting on some sort of primal instinct, Willow gently pushed Tara's legs wider and her hands were right under Tara's knees with her palms caressing against her thighs, holding her. As she continued thrusting her tongue in and out of Tara's clenching love hole... Tarajuices splashing onto Willow's chin and her nose bumping onto Tara's engorged clit, pulling her into blissful heaven.

"Yea... Willow... Willow..." Tara mumbled while flexing her hands in Willow's red locks.

Hearing Tara becoming more incoherent, Willow could feel Tara's inner muscles beginning to clench, a few more thrusts...Willow heard Tara's high-pitch moans and pulled back.

"No... Please... No... I was so close!" Tara whimpered.

With that, Willow released her hold on Tara's legs and slid her hands until they reached Tara's breasts. Playing with her strawberry-colored nipples which were hard as diamonds, as she twisted them with gentle pressure, she ducked immediately and sucked Tara's clit hard. That was more than enough to send her over the edge.

"Willllow!" Tara screamed as orgasm splashed all over her coming from three points at the same time, arching her back as the second wave splashed.

Losing her hold on Tara's nipples, Willow immediately locked her arms around Tara's legs and gave her clit some hard licking.

"Yes... Yes... Yes!" Tara chanted, her arms frantically searching for something to hold onto but accidentally grabbed the wiring of Christmas lights as the third wave shattered her.

That scenario didn't even stop Willow from allowing Tara to ride out her massive orgasm, as Tara was being brought down, Willow was lapping Tara's center clean of juices. Before pulling back, Willow placed a lingering kiss on Tara's sensitive clit, looking at Tara and arched her left eyebrow when she took the notice of the still lightened up multicolored lights laying on Tara's arms.

"I am sorry about the lights." Tara mumbled slightly embarrassed after catching a few deep breaths.

Willow simply chuckled, "Don't worry, love it's fixable anyway. I wouldn't even get mad at you if you actually broke it." That Willow began to untangle the wiring and turned off the lights. Willow reached to the bottom and pulled out a folded heavy cotton sheet.

"Come on, Tara, scoot up a little so you can sleep comfortably." Willow cooed, rubbing Tara's left shoulder.

"Okay sweetie." Tara complied, allowing Willow cover her with the sheet.

Willow grabbed an extra pillow for Tara and slid it under her head, "Comfortable, love?"

Tara glanced at Willow in semi-darkness and nodded with a smile, "Thank you for the most incredible night in my entire life." As she spoke, Tara pulled Willow down besides her and had her spooned with her.

"It won't be the only night because there will be more nights and even days just like this to come." Willow spoke with resolve in her voice.

"Really? I hope so too." Tara said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Catching that, Willow propped herself on her right elbow and began to stroke Tara's left temple with affection, "Why are you sad? Are you having second thoughts?"

Tara jerked her head to look at Willow and spoke, "No, I wasn't even having second thoughts and I don't regret this not even one bit. It's just that I want to stay in this forever, but I am a realist... You are from California and I am right here. I just can't imagine myself being so apart from you. I am head over heels in love with you and it scares me." Tara allowed her eyes fall.

Willow cupped Tara's chin and tilted her, "Look at me, love. I know and I am a realist too but I do believe in dreams coming true. Tara, we are forever and please believe in that then it would happen no matter where we are. I too can't imagine being apart from you and I love you so much that I could feel my cells multiply. But we don't need this right now, just focus on what we have right now and we could watch the rain fall together because we will always have the rain."

Tara's heart swelled just hearing Willow say those things and offered her lips to be kissed which Willow was more than happy to comply. They allowed their kiss linger only enough to show affection before pulling apart only to shift to have their bodies so close together. Tara sighed happily when she felt Willow's left arm wrap around her midsection and covered her hand with her own that their fingers intertwined. They listened to the soothing music that only the Mother Earth could make before allowing themselves be taken into the slumberland.

"Come on, I want orgasms right now!" Anya whined being stuck in thoroughly soaked tent with Top-X.

"Hold on, I am trying to get this damn tent closed." Top-X said, struggling with the stubborn zipper while his face was being beat down by heavy rain water.

"Forget that, I heard Red and Tara having orgasm! They obviously had best orgasms and I want that too!" Anya complained.

Earlier that night, Top-X and Anya were trying to get to their spot but there were so many people laying around. As they got closer, they was about to pass Red's bus but Anya exclaimed, slightly too loud, "They are having sex!"

"So do we." Top-X said, not seeing the point.

As the bus began to shift some, "Look! They are having mind-blowing sex because they are rocking the bus!"

"Anya, just shut up, we need to get back to the tent." Top-X suggested, urging Anya to move.

As Anya was about to follow and she heard a scream in pleasure, and another then another. She turned back at the bus, gaping in astonishment. 'They are really good!' Anya thought with envy.

"Why don't you sleep with either of them?" Top-X asked sarcastically.

Anya's eyebrows shot up, "Hmm, I would go and ask."

"If I were you, I wouldn't do that. You have seen how Red is, she is a fucking firecracker. Hell, she could mouth off the fuzz without thinking twice." Top-X said, while struggling with the zipper.

"Well, Xander... I would risk myself for the most orgasm ever if you don't give it to me now!" Anya retorted.

"Please shine that flashlight over here." Top-X asked ignoring Anya's last remark, frustrated with that damn zipper.

Anya let out a heavy and annoyed sigh and shifted the flashlight that was shining onto where Top-X asked her to. After a few moments, Anya could see that Top-X wasn't having much luck and exasperatedly shoved Top-X away and grabbed the zipper.

"Anya, don't!" Top-X shouted.

The zipper went down smoothly closing the tent completely, Anya looked over her shoulder and raised her eyebrows, "Hmm... don't what?"

Top-X stammered, his manly ego slightly bruised, literally and chuckled uncomfortably.

"Now you owe me a lots of orgasms! I want the ones that Red and Tara had, they were mind-blowing!" Anya pounced on Top-X.

'Oh Jesus, it will take all night! Let's hope I can have her satisfied by before then.' Top-X thought wearily.

"Come on, let's get your little Xander to work!" Anya exclaimed excitedly, already busy unzipping his shorts.

'It's definitely gonna take all night!' Top-X thought, allowing his sex-crazed girlfriend undress him.

The morning rolled in, the clouds have cleared away allowing the sun to shine its beams everywhere once again.

"Can I have a hit of that?" A college-aged male asked.

Ginger looked up and took in the sight of the man standing before her, clad in nothing but pants and sandals, slightly soaked. He has wavy black hair and grey eyes that seem to lure you in if you look into them too long. He has olive skin and his features made him look somewhat Italian. 'He's cute.' Ginger decided, "Sure thing..." passing the joint to him.

Taking a long hit and after he exhaled, "My name is Mike in short of Michelago, thank you for letting me have a hit. What's your name?" Mike asked, handling back the joint to Ginger.

"Ginger, you are welcome. Want another? I don't like smoking alone so..." Ginger took a hit and offered him the opportunity of another hit.

"Sure, lemme give you some bread for this." Mike prompted, already fishing for some bills in his pocket and was stopped by Ginger's hand.

Looking down at Ginger who was shaking her head, "You don't have to, after all I am sharing with a practically stranger." Ginger said, with a genuine smile.

"Are you sure? I don't like taking something without contributing for this. You know, I am all about free love but you seem to have a wonderful spirit, you know. I really gig that." Mike tried again, but again was declined.

"Don't waste time and enjoy this!" Ginger prompted, taking another rolled up joint. Looking up at Mike, "Come on, sit down with me." Pulling out an extra folding chair for him.

"Are you sure, I mean did you come with someone?" Mike asked, uncertain.

"Yes, I did but my best friend is with her girlfriend right now, over there to be exact." Ginger pointed her thumb in the direction of brightly painted VW bus.

"Wow, your best friend is a dyke?" Mike asked, carefully lowering himself onto the chair.

"Yeah, do you have a problem with that?" Ginger asked, lighting the joint.

"Nah, my sister is a dyke and I love her to death." Mike shrugged with a smile.

"Me too, I love Tara who is my best friend like she is the sister I never had." Ginger took a hit before passing it to Mike.

"So do you go to school?" Mike asked.

"Yes, I will be a senior at NYU this fall."

"Really? I am in graduate school at Columbia."

"What major are you studying in?" Ginger asked, already liking how the conservation was progressing.

"International Affairs, I speak fluent in Italian and Swahili. I plan to join the Peace Corps after I graduate. What are your plans afterwards?"

Ginger was genuinely impressed with Mike that she almost missed his pass of the joint, "Hmm...Probably travel throughout Europe and after that, who knows."

"I think it's wonderful, you know the traveling and all. I think it's really groovy." Mike chimed.

"Thank you, Mike... So today's the last day of Woodstock, do you want to go the concert with me?" Ginger asked nervously.

Mike grinned, showing white teeth and dimples in both cheeks which Ginger immediately thought he was such a dreamboat, "I would love to! So do we meet here at like three in the afternoon?"

"Yeah, we can..." Ginger trailed off, wondering.

"Great and many thanks for the dope! It was fantastic!" Mike stood and extended his hand waiting to shake Ginger's hand.

Ginger was so sure that she was too busy mentally lusting after him that her subconscious took over and made her hand meet his hand and shook his hand.

"Welcome, Mike... See you later." Ginger breathed. "Oh Goddess, I really dig him! I can't wait to tell Tara!" With that, she zoomed for Red's bus.

When Ginger was about to knock onto the window, she heard heavy moaning coming out and the bus was rocking slightly. 'Er... On second thought, I can wait.' Ginger thought, heading back to her tent with a smile.

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