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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.
Note: Flashbacks in italics.

The awakening moment came around for Willow as she blinked a few times washing away any residue that sleep has left behind, she yawned and stretched carefully not to wake the still asleep brunette. As she finished stretching, Willow smiled when Tara didn't even stir and shifted gently so she could lean her head on her hand propped by her elbow to watch the sleeping beauty. Tara was sleeping on her right side with her left arm slightly behind her and her hand resting on Willow's left hip. As she watched Tara breath steadily, her heart swelled with love for her. Willow couldn't help herself when she leant to place a kiss on Tara's warm shoulder and it was enough get Tara to stir.

"Mmm... You have wonderful lips." Tara murmured sleepily but her eyes are still closed.

Wanting to see those beautiful but hypnotizing sapphires again, Willow began to shower her with butterfly kisses along Tara's shoulder until she pulled back to brush away light brown locks away to reveal her kissable neck. Willow continued her kissing trip on Tara's neck, waking Tara up fully. Tara moved onto her back to allow Willow continue until Willow finally reached her final destination, Tara's full lips.

"Good morning, love." Willow said kissing Tara.

"Good morning, sweetie. It was the greatest wake-call I have ever gotten." Tara said, returning the kiss.

"Greatest, you say? Well... That means I am unable to give you different ones." Willow teased.

Tara cocked her head and arched right eyebrow, "Still plan to regardless?"

"You got it!" Willow exclaimed, kissing Tara intending to initiate the passion like they had done last night, keeping her word. Tara snickered at that and pulled the redhead onto her completely then spread her legs to allow Willow's hips settle in between her legs. Their smoldering passion was getting the lovers more excited that their kissing has became feverishly arousing.

Something snapped in Tara, "Willow..." She pulled back to look up at the redhead, her hands cupping Willow's head, her thumbs caressing both sides of Willow's jaw line. Tara didn't say anything else but just gazing at Willow who was looking flushed and her parted lips slightly bruised from excessive kissing.

Willow was about to say something but Tara clasped her lips with her left thumb and whispered, "Please don't say anything... I just want to look at you and tattoo you onto my mind." Tara began to take every inch of Willow's porcelain face and caressed everywhere there using her fingertips as if she was molding Willow's face out of clay. Never failing to miss the unnecessary detail of Willow's features such as the almost invisible dimple on her left side of her lips.

Willow never felt so thoroughly explored until now, she thought she could burst with increasing love knowing that Tara would only make her feel so special. Sure, there was some number of girls who would want to get into her pants because of her being a passionate activist turned them on. However, none of them would bother to take their own personal moment to look beyond into Willow "Red" Rosenberg as Tara did. Willow knew she has to be with Tara in any way but it's not the time to dwell in it.

"Willow Rosenberg, you are truly beautiful and unique." Tara breathed, meaning every word from the bottom of her heart, pulling the redhead down to reclaim her lips again.

"So are you... Tara Maclay... Never ever let anyone tell you any different." Willow quickly said before her lips were being crushed again.

Their bodies were intertwined and moving so fluidly as one, making the sheet that covered them the night before slide off of them. They were somewhat aware of that but their desire for each other was escalating. Slowly, Willow slipped her hand in between of their bodies and slid down until she reached to Tara's wet pussy then began to rub against her clit, eliciting an aroused gasp from the brunette. Their kissing was becoming more frantic with excitement as Tara began to slide her hand towards Willow's glistening center. Willow gasped against Tara's lips when she felt Tarafingers making an acquaintance to Willow's engorged jewel. They began to set themselves in a rhythmic motion, rubbing each other's centers while their tongues making love to each other.

When Willow slowly tilted her head upwards, panting trying to catch some air giving Tara the opportunity to lock her mouth onto her neck, taking a piece of her soft skin into her mouth. Tara could taste the saltiness that was thinly coated across Willow's neck, she began to suck on it, marking the redhead with love. Willow pressed herself harder onto Tara, wanting more and increasing her rubbing against Tara's soaked center. Matching Willow's ministrations, Tara released her hold on her neck, seeing a bright red mark with purple hue in the middle making a contrast against Willow's porcelain skin.

Looking down at Tara, seeing how her baby blues deepen with need, Willow knew they wanted more, that she began to tease Tara's opening and groaned in pleasure when Tara was doing the same thing.

"We have to come together... Please..." Willow panted, allowing her fingers slide inside Tara's love tunnel and sighed when she felt being filled with Tarafingers. As they began to thrust in each other, Willow began to massage Tara's scalp with her left hand while Tara is rubbing her left hand against the small of Willow's back, her fingers occasionally brush against her firm butt. They could feel their inner muscles begin to clench around their fingers, they began to thrust harder and faster. Somewhere in their subconscious, they could hear wet and smacking sounds and they knew it was coming from down there. As the first wave of painfully wonderful pleasure hit them at the same time, they gasped in unison. Willow flexed her hand in Tara's hair into a fist along with ample of hair inside. It pained Tara only slightly but made Tara even further aroused that she clawed at Willow's back and scratched a few thin lines into Willow's smooth skin. They thrust harder and faster, wanting more of insanely amazing pleasure. Together, they screamed as the third wave of orgasm pushed them over the edge completely.



They were breathing so hard, their fingers still intact in each other's centers while Willow is stroking Tara's scalp gently and Tara hesitantly fingering the fresh bumped lines along Willow's skin. They shifted, withdrawing their fingers from each other's centers, jerking slightly when the fingers left their centers completely. They both felt slightly sore and they silently knew they took each other's virginity.

As Tara's breathing became normal, she whispered, "I am sorry for scratching you like that. I mean, it was more than anything I have experienced before."

Willow was smiling lazily, fingering Tara's lips before placing a gentle kiss against hers and whispered, "Baby, I didn't even feel it and you didn't hurt me. You shouldn't apologize for something that you couldn't control. At least I should apologize for hurting you a little, I couldn't control myself."

"Aha! Okay, we are so lost in the moment... actually our incredible moment." Tara was giggling softly.

Willow giggled too and moved off of Tara's body and laid besides Tara with her left leg sprawled over Tara's legs. They stayed that way for a long while until they heard a very soft rumbling sound.

"Uh-oh... We gotta eat." Willow prompted but not making a move.

"Yes we have to." Tara was rubbing her stomach in agreement.

"Want some Californian plums?" Willow asked, finally raising her upper body and grabbed a plastic bag full of fresh picked plums.

Tara looked down at Willow's back and blushed when she saw three bold lines and the faint fourth line marring Willow's skin. Tara's eyes shot up when Willow turned her head to look at Tara over her shoulders. Tara smiled when Willow held out a plump plum for her to take and when she bit into the fruit, a drop of its juice snaked across her chin. Willow quickly leant in and licked it off, making Tara giggle.

"Love, what's so funny?" Willow asked, biting into her own plum.

"It tickles when you did that. By the way, this plum is really far out!" Tara complimented.

"Well, there is more where it comes from..." Willow trailed off with a wink.

They began to eat some more fruits in silence, basking in the morning after lovemaking.

The morning sun beams crept inside of Jack's school bus and they were kissing across the couple's faces, awakening them.

"Hmm..." Buffy mumbled sleepily and smiled when she felt Jack's arm around her bare shoulders, remembering what just happened last night when they made love for the first time. It was more than wonderful because Jack was so gentle and incredible. When she looked up, she saw a pair of smiling blues meeting her.

"Hey Hazelnut." Jack greeted, placing a kiss on the top of Buffy tousled blonde locks.

Buffy smiled, feeling almost giddy with happiness, placing her head against Jack's lightly haired chest to listen to his heart beating. Then she looked up, "Good morning, Joker."

Remembering what just happened the night before...

Jack and Buffy arrived to the school bus after fetching the lantern from Red, he motioned the blonde to go ahead onto the bus and he turned on the lantern before following her. Jack turned around to lock the door while Buffy was already putting down some blankets on some seats. Jack motioned her to sit down with him on the floor along with the lantern sitting right in the middle of them. Buffy had an itching question to ask Jack.

"Why did they call you Joker instead of Jack?" Buffy finally asked.

Jack did nothing but grinned showing all his whites.

"Ooh, that smile, eh?" Buffy asked for confirmation.

Jack burst in laughter and shook his head, "No, it was not because of my smile, I think the Joker in Batman and Robin series smiles way bigger than mine. Actually Jack is short for Jackson and they nicknamed me Joker because I am known for crazy pranks and telling jokes. Even though I was a straight-A student back in high school, they named me as the class clown. I have always loved making people laugh, you know... just to brighten their day."

"Really? You are all about free love, is that why you are doing all those things just to brighten their day?" Buffy asked impressed.

"Yeah, pretty much, Buffy. So what about you?"

"What about me?" Buffy asked, uncertain.

"Have you got a nickname?" Jack clarified.

"Oh... I don't believe so, they usually call me by my name or Summers." Buffy said dismissively.

"Hmm... I would nickname you Hazelnut." Jack alleged.

"Why Hazelnut, not that I don't like it but why are you going to call me that?" Buffy asked with a smile.

"Because you got the most beautiful hazel eyes and besides hazelnuts are my favorite." Jack pointed out.

"Oh Jack, you are really incredibly groovy!" Buffy exclaimed, cradling his head to meet his lips with her own.

"You like it?" Jack mumbled between kisses.

Buffy responded by deepening their kiss, feeling Jack respond.

As they descended themselves onto the floor with Buffy on the top since the floor was quite narrow but they were comfortable enough to continue their make-out. When the oxygen was becoming an issue, they reluctantly pulled apart and to Jack's suggestion, they moved onto one of the blanket-covered seat. As they got comfortable snuggling in each other's arms, they began to tell each other their own tales, reliving their past. They shared a lot of laughter together.

"Buffy, can you keep a secret?" Jack asked, looking at Buffy.

"Of course I can... so what is it?" Buffy supposed.

"It was when Ash, Red and I were kids, we were about ten years old. You know much about fortune tellers?" Jack paused until Buffy nodded acknowledgement then resumed, "Anyway, there was this state fair up in Sacramento... we all went there with our parents, of course. When we begged to be on our own but we are to meet them at the certain time. Man, we were so excited and we thought we were being cool. But Red spotted this tent and curious as always she was, she peeked inside and saw this gypsy woman sitting in the middle. So my parents warned us about gypsies but there was something about this woman, she was unlike the ones that my folks preached us about."

"Why did they warn you about gypsies? They are just people, you know." Buffy pointed out.

"I know but my parents traveled a lot and they were warned about them as well so they thought they should repeat whatever they were told. So anyway, Red wanted to get her fortune told, Ash and I went inside just to make sure Red is safe. Sometimes Red would jump in anything without checking, you know. That gypsy woman would have charged fifty cents to have their fortune told but as soon as she saw Red holding up a crisp one-dollar bill in a challenging manner."

"Did she take it?" Buffy interrupted, already intrigued with Jack's tale.

Jack shook his head and pressing a single finger on Buffy's mouth and said, "Hush... lemme finish and I am glad this story is fascinating you." Jack leant to seal his point with a kiss and continued, "The gypsy didn't even take Red's money and practically told her to sit down. Being fearless Red always was, she sat down wearing that smug face as if she was certain nothing would shake her. But all of sudden, the gypsy grabbed Red's hands that Red yelped almost in fear and spoke in a very weird voice, "You will find your other half and never let her go or you will die without her." Then Ash and I had to pull Red out of her grasp and we just ran and ran until we saw our parents and we swore never to tell our parents, not ever. It was the first time I have seen Red that scared and very confused." Jack concluded.

"Wow, that was quite a tale! I will be scared if I was in her place." Buffy said, absorbing the whole story.

"Yeah, I don't think Red remembers now and but I think this Tara is really Red's other half like that gypsy said. Because I have never seen that much of spark between them like anyone else before but it is not even a spark, it is like the fireworks." Jack said almost in awe of Red's growing relationship with Tara.

"Yeah, I am really happy for Red, you know. Red has had so many girls flocking to her as if they were flies and she was the honey. I could tell that she loved the attention but none of them actually light her fire until Tara." Buffy agreed.

"Yeah, so what about we make our own fireworks?" Jack wiggled his dark blonde eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh yes!" Buffy was already straddling Jack's lap, kissing all over his face before landing onto his lips.

Back to the present...

"Are you hungry? I could get you something to eat." Jack asked, hoping Buffy was actually hungry because he was as hungry as hell.

To Jack's relief, Buffy was equally hungry as he was, off he went to grab some food down at the end of the school bus.

"It really sucks knowing that today's the last day of the grooviest party but at least I am grateful that we met back in California and we can go back home together."

"Yeah... Me too... Here you go." Jack passed some granola bars and some fruits followed with soda pop.

"Thanks honey. But what about Red? I mean, Tara is from New York City." Buffy asked, ripping apart the wrapper.

"I don't know and either Ash or I would be around to lend our shoulders if Red needs it." Jack said.

"I hope so... I would do the same thing for Red, you know. After all, she helped me ace my exams." Buffy chimed.

The new couple continued their chitchat while eating breakfast.

Meanwhile, inside of the waterproof tent, there laid the mixed couple still in each other's arms doing nothing but talking.

"Man, Red did pretty well on my tent, not a drop of water got through. It was really far out, don't you think?" Razz said.

"Yeah, she was really good. Good thing Red insisted that we get that done before the storm hit. So how did you sleep?" Faith asked, her head laying against Razz's bare chest, lazily fingering along Razz's strong six-pack abs.

"Pretty good and it got even better having you right in my arms. Did you know that you snored?" Razz asked, struggling to keep his face straight.

Faith jerked her head up to meet Razz's laughing eyes, "I didn't!" She immediately sat up and slapped loudly against Razz's stomach.

Razz burst in laughter while Faith looked on with a smile, "I know you didn't snore, I was just teasing you. But you looked beautiful while you slept." Razz said once his laughing receded.

"No, I don't think I was..." Faith said modestly.

"Yes you are... I have spent last fifteen minutes watching you sleep and kept telling myself how lucky I have you in my arms." Razz alleged.

Faith almost blushed at that, "Thank you, Razz." Faith moved back to laying down with Razz then began to stroke his bare jaw line and urged him to turn his head towards her. Razz knew what Faith wanted and leant in to press his lips against hers. As their kiss deepened, Razz moved onto Faith, careful not to put all his weight onto her, not that he was too heavy but he just wanted Faith to be comfortable. Faith's hands were caressing all over Razz's back, feeling his muscles shifting in response to their passionate make-out.

When the need for air was overwhelming for both of them, they broke apart but stayed close enough to look into each other's eyes for a moment. Faith was smiling at the fact that Razz was truly an extraordinary man. She couldn't have asked for anything better than this. Her heart swelled when she found out that Razz could wait until Faith was ready to make love. In the past, she had some trouble with boys who were interested in her in a very lustful manner which usually turned her off. She made a mistake having sex with her first boyfriend because she thought it was the way to get him to tell her how much he loved her. However after all, this scenario he didn't even bother to acknowledge her and immediately moved onto another girl. Of course, Faith was so torn and used, it took her a long while to get over that and forgave herself for what happened. She realized her first time wasn't that special.

The night before...

"I want to make love with you." Faith said in total darkness.

Razz moved to whisper in her ear, "You are not ready for this, I don't want this to be an obligation for you if you are not sure how I really feel about you. Faith, I really like you very much and I care very deeply about you but I want this to be special. It shouldn't be all about sex, it should be something intimate and personal that we can share and we have plenty time for that. I can always wait for you when you are ready. I got my moms to thank for because she worked so hard raising us and she always slapped my head each time I disrespected a lady. She is really a strong woman, I respected that. You are a strong woman, I dig that very much."

Faith swore she could hear Razz smile and burst in tears.

Razz could feel Faith crying and quickly took her in his arms to comfort the brunette, "Shh... that's okay Faithy... You ain't have to cry."

"No no... that's not it, you just melt my heart and you are really wonderful. I never had anyone tell me that before. Thank you." Faith clarified, placing a few kisses against Razz's right breast before leaning her head on it. She allowed Razz stroke her shoulders as she allowed herself slip into slumber.

Faith was brought back by Razz's voice...

"I gotta take a leak and I will be right back okay." Razz said, crawling out of the green colored tent.

"Sure thing, I will have the food out okay." Faith prompted.

"Thanks, Faithy... Be back in jiffy."

Faith watched Razz jog down, and loved the way sunlight shone against Razz's mocha-colored skin making him look as if he has metallic skin. "He is really beautiful." Faith said to herself before getting busy getting everything set up for the brunch.

When Faith was done putting out folding chairs and laid out some food, Top-X was walking towards her obviously looking for Razz.

"Hey Faith, where's Razz?" Top-X asked, looking around.

"He will be right back and why are you looking so tired?" Faith asked, noting the fatigue written all over his face.

Top-X grinned and said only word that Faith would understand in any circumstances, "Anya."

"Ah, I see... So is she all satisfied?" Faith asked teasingly.

"I hope so! But I really need some caffeine anyway, so you got some?" Top-X asked, munching on some potato chips that he brought with him when he walked to Razz's spot.

"Yeah, Razz got some Cola..." Faith trailed off, looking for a bottle of Cola and handled it to Top-X.

"Thanks, Faith..." Top-X said but his eyes weren't on Faith anymore, they were looking past Faith. Faith turned her head, following Top-X's glance and saw Razz returning.

"Hey Top-X... How was it?" Razz asked knowingly.

"Ooh, don't start." Top-X groaned, twisting the top off his bottle.

Razz chuckled and grabbed Faith by her waist and hugged her, "I missed you! Do you need to go and do your business now?"

"Yeah, I should and see you soon." Faith headed off.

When Top-X was sure that Faith was out of earshot, he asked, "Did you two do it yet?"

It was Razz's turn to groan, "Oh come on, man... is sex all you think about besides protesting?"

"Well... did you?" Top-X asked dismissing Razz's last remark.

"No, we are not ready and I would rather wait until she is ready because I can see that she got some issues and I think I am falling in love with her. You know how I am, being all sappy romantic. She is really beautiful and I want it to be special with her. You dig?"

"Yeah man, Faith is lucky to have you, you know. Know what... Red got it!"

"Oh shut up, man! You are always onto girl on girl action." Razz said with a smile, picking up the plate that Faith laid out for him and began eating.

"You know me so damn well, Razz! Are you going to catch Jimi Hendrix today?" Top-X asked.

"Oh of course, I wouldn't dream missing it! Faithy is going with me and you better go with us anyway. He rocks!" Razz suggested.

Faith returned along with Red and Tara, Razz turned around and asked Red and Tara if they are going to listen to Jimi Hendrix later on. They both nodded in enthusiasm.

"I think Jimi Hendrix really rocks!" Tara exclaimed, intertwining Willow's hand.

"I really wish I could meet him up close, you know." Razz said.

"Maybe you could, anything is possible." Willow said, looking at Tara when she said the last word.

"Thanks for saying that, Red! By the way, the tent was dry all night, you rock!" Razz enthused.

Willow was grinning ear to ear at his compliment.

"Why don't we go swimming before the concert starts, just to cool off a little?" Razz suggested when Faith finished eating and added, "Unless anyone got weak stomach?"

Everyone began their trek to the lake.

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