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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: Very NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

"Tara... that feels so good! Oh my... you are so good!" Willow's breathing was becoming ragged while her hands were dancing through Tara's long hair. She was already loving the way Tara was caressing Willow's torso while sucking her nipples. She had come once and knew she was on her way to her second orgasm.

"Taaaarra!" Willow arched as the wave spread throughout her body.

As Willow came back onto the bed, she was already wearing a lust-induced lazy smile with thin film of perspiration on her forehead. When her breathing became normal again, Willow spoke, "You were incredible and wow..."

"So that makes two of us." Tara smiled as Willow reached for her cutoffs.

"Let's get this off you." Willow spoke sultry, taking Tara back onto the bed and began to unbutton. ‘I could smell Tara and it is so intoxicating. I wonder if it tastes just as intoxicating as she smells.' Willow thought as she dragged the visible soaked cutoffs off Tara's curveous hips.

As Tara slowly spread her legs to reveal her glistening flower, she heard Willow catch breath. ‘Goddess, she thinks I am going too fast for her!' Tara thought almost bitterly, she was about to close her legs but a pair of hands stopped her movement.

"What do u think you are doing?" Willow whispered, gently rubbing Tara's soft but toned thighs, her eyes weren't meeting Tara's but they were gazing at Tara's pussy.

"I-I-I don't know but I thought I was going too fast for you." Tara said, nervously.

Hearing what Tara just said tore her eyes from what she was been gazing, Willow frowned slightly, "No you are not even going too fast, not that close. Lemme get out of these." Willow pulled back and turned around to slip herself out of cutoffs then turned back to face Tara.

"Tara, look at me." Willow slowly laid down besides Tara, at the same time gently pull Tara's shoulder so Tara could be hovering over her. Tara complied with caution and felt Willow's hands encourage her downwards. When Willow finally got Tara at where she wanted her to be, she spread her legs to expose herself completely only to Tara and chuckled silently when she heard the brunette gasp.

"Sweetie, you have seen me naked before and how is that different for you now?" Willow asked teasingly.

Tara was about to say something but nothing came out, instead of trying to get some words out, she continued to gaze at Willow's pussy glistened with juices of desire. Instinctively, she couldn't help herself when she dove in and locked her mouth onto Willow's center which surprised the redhead completely.

"Oh... Tara!" Willow gasped almost in disbelief, spreading her legs wider.

"Mmm... " Tara moaned in approval as she continued licking all over Willow's pussy but expertly avoiding her bundle of nerves.

Willow closed her eyes once she felt her mind began to swim and mumbled, "more... more..."

Wanting to feel Willow's legs pressing against her head, she locked her arms around Willow's upper thighs, closing her legs slightly and smiled when she felt Willow's calves rubbing against her back. While Tara continued licking, Willow was trying to get her attention onto her throbbing clit. She whimpered when she felt her clit becoming more engorged demanding to be tamed.

"Please... now... more... now..." Willow managed to get somewhat incoherent sentence out.

Tara knew Willow was practically begging which turned her on in so many levels she never thought possible. First Willow being a firecracker outside while with her, she is just a gentle lover who is not afraid to show what she wants. Tara gave a final and long lick before finally taking in Willow's clit and circled it with her tongue while being held in her lips.

"Tara!!!" Willow screamed, immediately cupping Tara's head and urged her to continue. Tara began to suck and flicker at it, driving Willow into sweet insanity. Willow was moaning loudly in pleasure while her toes were curled.

"I am coming! Oh god... I am coming!" Willow arched, releasing her hold on Tara's head and grabbed the door's frame with her right hand while her left was tangled up in blanket. The white-hot tendrils began to spread straight from her center to everywhere, striking every cell of her being. The orgasm shook her so hard that her eyes rolled back and her excessive juice squirted out from her center onto Tara's chin and some on her neck. Tara quickly lapped and allowed her ride out the most euphoric orgasm before bringing her slowly back down.

Some time has passed, Tara released her lock from Willow's center and hesitantly moved up to meet Willow once again, "Willow, I am sorry... I couldn't help myself a-"

Willow grabbed Tara's head and kissed her passionately, tasting herself on her lips and tongue. When oxygen was becoming an issue, they reluctantly broke apart and looked at each other allowing their eyes tell their own tales.

"You were so beautiful when you took me to the places I have never been to and I loved every moment of it." Willow whispered, brushing away a few strands from Tara's moisten forehead, after a short pause she added, "You should never apologize for it, you got me, love?"

Tara blushed feverishly and nodded.

"So... Ready for me?" Willow smirked, fingering Tara's left nipple.

"Are you sure? I mean, are you tired?" Tara asked, cupping Willow's cheek.

Willow grinned before leaning in for another kiss and whispered, "Me tired?" Willow began kissing across the valley of Tara's breasts and looked up to meet Tara's sapphires, keeping her eye contact with Tara's while continuing her journey down. Tara couldn't dare to tear herself away from Willow's lustful eye contact, not even a blink. When Willow reached to Tara's love center, she saw that the flower was almost dripping. Willow smiled secretly to herself when she realized that Tara was so wet from pleasuring her and wanted to do the same thing for her. With that, the redhead stuck out her tongue to flicker Tara's clit which made her jerk slightly and spoke with pure desire, "Never... Always have the energy only for you." Willow went straight for Tara's clit and began sucking.

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