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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: R to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

Faith was laying besides her new lover, Razz, studying every inch of Razz's face taking the notice that Razz has a small and thin lined scar along below his left eye.

"What happened?" Faith asked, fingering the scar.

"You mean the scar?" Razz shifted so he was facing Faith and Faith nodded. "It was a long time ago, before I moved to California for college, I lived in Brooklyn which is only a few hours drive south from here. I was helping a group of young boys set up a game of stickball and somehow a couple of men were trying to deal some kind of crack to the boys for quick cash. Of course, I knew them from school and they were nothing but troublemakers. So I got in fight with them in front of the boys which was something I shouldn't have done but it was well... inevitable, you know. Man, the odd was 2 to 1 for some time until my brother was just driving by and saw us. We told them never come back near them ever again. This scar is just a reminder that things can get really tough but eventually will get better." Razz explained, smiling at the last part.

Faith leant in for another kiss and pulled back, "I had no idea how passionate you are when it comes to helping the community."

"Thank you, so what about you? Got any goals?" Razz asked, taking Faith's hand and began caressing.

"Well, as you know that I am studying to become a schoolteacher for elementary kids. But it is so much more about seeing that the kids have more opportunities, especially the girls. I just want to give them what I didn't have when I was their age, you know." Faith said seriously, returning the caress.

"That's good, Faithy." Razz paused, lost in his own thoughts and smiled, "Listen, I know that we missed the second concert, I should apologize for that but I heard that Jimi Hendrix will be here tomorrow. So do you want to go with me as our first date? I know it's not much bu-"

"Yes, I would love to! I really dig Jimi Hendrix." Faith cut in.

"Groovy! So what do you want us to do in meantime?" Razz asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"I want to hear you sing some more, if you don't mind?" Faith asked.

"I am more than happy to!" Razz was smiling the kind of smile that made Faith's heart flutter. Picking up his guitar and set it on himself, "Come on, Faith and sit down behind me."

Faith quickly moved around to sit behind him and wrapped him across his midsection while Razz scooted backwards settling in between Faith legs, allowing Faith rest her chin onto his left shoulder and began to sing.

"Buffy, you know there will be a full moon tonight so do you want to go swimming tonight?" Jack asked the petite blonde.

"Sure, it would be fun but one problem..." Buffy trailed off, reaching for Jack's chin and tilted it upwards. "We won't be seeing the moon because it is raining tonight and it would be dangerous to go swimming anyway."

"Oh..." Jack sighed in disappointment.

Buffy quickly suggested that they could camp out in his school bus and allow ourselves an all night chat getting to know each other better, that Jack was grinning ear to ear.

"That's really a good idea! Come on, I am going to ask Red if I could borrow her lantern, she got several so I am sure she will spare me one."

With that, Jack and Buffy headed for Willow's spot. They were grateful that there were plenty of room to get through to Willow's spot and knew they would have to hurry to get back before the people came back from the concert and reclaim their spots, refilling the area again. As they reached to the brightly colored bus, Jack noticed that the door was closed so he got closer to peek inside. The bus was empty.

"Oh come on, Red... Where are you?" Jack almost whined.

As on cue, Willow appeared almost breathless with Tara right behind her holding her hand. "Something wrong, Jack?" Willow asked quickly, too quickly than she intended.

Jack smirked, "Whoo... in hurry, aren't you?"

Willow ignored that and said, "Do you need something, is that what you are here for? Hi Buffy." Willow quickly acknowledged Buffy and looked at her childhood friend.

"I am here to see if I could borrow your lantern." Jack said hopefully.

"Oh sure, you can have two if you want." Willow released her hold from Tara and proceeded to unlock the door.

"Just one will be just fine." Jack quickly said, winking at Buffy and realized that Tara and Buffy weren't properly introduced.

"Oh my bad manners! This is Tara, Red's girl and this is Buffy." Jack introduced the women while Willow was rambling inside looking for the lantern.

"Hi, nice to meet you, Tara." Buffy spoke, extending her hand.

Taking her hand and shook it, "Nice to meet you, too Buffy."

"So what school do you go to if you actually go?" Buffy asked causally.

"Well, I go to NYU." Tara responded simply, not wanting to get into this but quickly turned the conservation onto Buffy, "What about you?"

"I go to UC Berkeley which I met Red there when we had the same class in Studies of Feminism. Red is quite a firecracker, isn't she?" Buffy snickered.

Tara blushed when she remembered the way Willow defended her honor by punching that drunk guy a while ago and nodded in agreement.

"Aha! Here you go..." Willow announced, holding up the lantern for Jack to take. "Be careful with it okay, Joker." Willow said.

"Thanks Red, I owe you one." Jack responded, turning away with Buffy in his arm.

"Gimme a second to clear this out." Willow began to clear out the makeshift bed and turned on the Christmas lights.

Tara could see the colored lights coming out from the window and was wondering impressively how can Willow have gotten them lighten up. As Willow came out grinning knowing that she has impressed Tara by just looking at her.

"H-H-How did you get these lighten up?" Tara asked, looking inside.

"Well, don't be too impressed, I just had them wired with batteries and bam, they light up." Willow explained modestly, motioning Tara to get inside.

"No, I am really impressed and I have never seen these like that before." Tara crawled inside on her fours looking around inside Willow's comfortable bus, involuntarily wiggling her round and firm ass clad in damp slightly mud-stained cutoffs.

Willow was enjoying the view a lot, a whole lot and she was already mesmerized with the sight that she didn't hear Tara say, "Are you coming in or are you going to stand there staring at my ass?"

"Huh... what?" Willow stammered, caught. Looking into Tara's laughing blues, she almost melt at the sight of the blue-eyed chick and she felt the rain starting to fall and she hurriedly got inside and slide the door shut.

As Willow was setting the lock in, "Oof!"

Tara grabbed Willow and pinned her onto the blanket covered makeshift bed. Pressing her lips against Willow's eliciting a moan of pleasure from Willow. Willow began to caress Tara's bare back, groaning slightly at how soft and smooth her skin felt under her hands. Tara pulled back only enough to grab Willow's bottom lip and began to suckle gently which Willow did the same to Tara's upper lip. After a short moment, they wanted more, they began to kiss with more passion that they could feel the ache starting to form in between their legs. They were trying to get any more closer to each other which they were already so close that not even an atom of air could pass through. Willow began to probe her tongue asking for an invitation which Tara immediately accepted, their wet tongues were dueling for the superiority. Willow slid her hands up until they were met with Tara's fair but silky light brown tresses and began to caress Tara's scalp, sending shivers throughout Tara's body. Tara never knew having her head caressed would turn her on.

"Oh Goddess... It feels so good..." Tara breathed between kisses.

Willow responded by moving her lips along Tara's jawline, kissing along the way until her lips reached Tara's pulse point. Then she licked at it a few times before taking a piece of her soft skin in and began to suck, wanting to leave a passion mark.

Tara involuntarily bucked her hips against Willow, enjoying the sensation being marked. As Willow continued sucking Tara's pulse point, Tara ducked low enough to reach Willow's earlobe and covered it with her hot mouth, began to nibble gently while her left hand was tangled up in Willow's red tresses. Willow finally released her hold from Tara's neck and moaned passionately while Tara continued to nibble her earlobe then suck then nibble which was driving Willow crazy with untamed delight.

"Oh Tara..." Willow gasped, slightly shuddering in pleasure.

Tara released Willow's slightly bruised earlobe with a pop sound and cupped Willow's head just to look into darkened emeralds. Willow never looked so beautiful while she looked flushed with multicolored lights dancing across her face. Tara gazed downwards to Willow's lips, they were already dark red from kissing, they were slightly parted as if they were begging to be reacquainted with Taralips again.

Willow grabbed Tara's head and pulled her down, crushing their lips together once again. Willow's hands slid in between of their bodies in search for Tara's breasts. Tara knew what Willow was trying to do, with that she propped her elbows on both sides of Willow's head just above Willow's shoulders. Tara gasped when she felt Willow's hands cup her ample breasts and dove in to thrust her tongue into Willow's mouth. As Willow began to knead them and twist already hard as pebble nipples, drawing a loud moan from above. Tara knew her cutoffs were soaked with her juices that she could feel her pussy hole tingling in need of attention. Tara knew she was supposed to be embarrassed but her desire to give herself to Willow was overwhelming.

"Baby, move up a little, I want to suck your breasts now." Willow said almost breathless.

'Oh Goddess, Willow is really driving me insane.' Tara thought as she scooted up a little till her breasts were at the level of Willow's waiting mouth. When she lowered herself, she shifted her legs so Willow's left thigh was having the direct contact in between of Tara's legs.

Willow cupped Tara's right breast and gave a long but agonizing lick across her strawberry-colored nipple.

"Oh, please..." Tara whispered, rubbing herself against Willow's thigh.

Willow smiled, already loving how she was making Tara respond, circled her nipple before taking it into her hot mouth and sucked hard.

Tara gasped loudly when a wave but a very gentle wave of orgasm shot through that her left hand grabbed a piece of blanket and curled it into a fist.

"Willow!" Tara moaned, wanting more.

Willow was astonished when she saw that the blue-eyed brunette just climaxed by her devoted attention to her breast. She couldn't wait to give her another breast the same respect.

'Who knew I was destined to be crazy about breasts!' Willow thought, giving Tara another gentle orgasm.

"Goddess, I never imagined it would be that incredible!" Tara said, trying to catch some air.

"Me too... You know I never done that before." Willow confessed almost shy.

Tara blinked a few times, "You never done this before?! No, no... you are just yanking my chains, chick." Willow raised her auburn eyebrows and shook her head, smiling.

Tara arched her right eyebrow and breathed, "Well... I haven't so we are gonna find out." With that, she pinned Willow's hands above her head and growled, "My turn!"

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