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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: R to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

"You are very welcome." The redhead said, her usual confidence threatening to crumble just being so close to the brunette.

After a very awkward silence, "In case, you are wondering, my name's Red." Red was smiling nervously.

Tara cocked her head, raising one eyebrow, "Is that really your name, Red?"

Red knew she was definitely breaking through her solidified confidence wall that she has been building over years and almost stammered, "Well, I was called Red but my birth name is Willow Rosenberg."

Tara smiled, "Willow... Willow... That's a really beautiful name. It definitely suits you."

Willow's knees almost buckled at the sound of the way the brunette rolled her name on her tongue as if she was savoring the last most chocolate mousse on earth.

"So what about yours?" Willow forced herself to recompose.

"Tara... Tara Maclay." Tara answered with a half-smile.

"Tara, it's finally to meet you... well again, this time it was under different circumstance." Willow said, smiling brilliantly.

Tara looked away, blushing slightly remembering the second time she saw her.

"Shy chick, aren't you?" Willow asked teasingly.

"W-Well, I am not usually shy but..." Tara trailed off, trying to clear her throat.

"Take a deep breath, don't worry I wouldn't bite." Willow took a step closer but kept the caution in her mind.

"Why did you follow me?" Tara blurted out, mentally wondering where it came from.

Willow was a little taken aback but quickly explained, "Because I have been looking all over for you. After all, I have been holding onto your sandals you dropped back at the lake." 'I couldn't get you out of my mind and you have been haunting me since the day I saw you back at the lake.' She wanted to say but didn't. Her green orbs gazing at Tara.

Willow smiled when Tara's features turned into excitement and was about to say something but she was being hugged tightly. "Woah! What was that for?" Hesitantly returning her hug, afraid that Tara would be out of her arms before she could do so. Willow couldn't help but sigh in relief when her arms were actually wrapped around Tara. They felt being in each other's arms was the most natural thing on earth but they couldn't admit that to each other, not yet. A few moments have passed, Tara pulled back, "I can't believe you have held onto my favorite sandals!"

"Well... believe it, chick. They are back at my crash pad and want to come with me?" Willow asked, already walking which Tara happily followed.

"Hey, that's my tent and my car." Tara pointed.

"Really?! Mine is just a few meters away. I didn't know you were that close, I was looking all over for you. Far out!" Willow exclaimed almost in disbelief of what she just discovered.

"Thank Goddess, we don't have to be that far apart." Tara's brain dropped in the censor seconds too late. "Oh I mean... not that I don't want to walk all over to get to your spot... " Tara trailed off, already cursing herself for being slightly careless.

"Really?" Willow smirked, catching her slip. Deciding to let that slide this time. "Here we are, want something to eat or smoke some dope?"

Tara didn't respond, she was already in awe of Willow's VW bus and she noticed how colorful it was. "Did you paint that?" Tara asked, impressed.

"Me paint? Nah, Ashley had her friends do it for me." Willow shrugged easily.

'Ashley, is that a girl name?' Tara thought, "Who is Ashley if you don't mind I ask?

"Ashley is my best friend and my surrogate sister. She is crazy as hell but I love her. She thought if she was a blonde then she should be all about crazy and groovy. But I think Ashley is being Ashley." Willow unlocked the side door.

'Was that girl who kissed her, Ashley?' Tara thought with building jealousy. 'Why am I feeling jealous of that Ashley person? I barely knew Willow and I am not attracted to girls but am I?' Tara was having a mental debate with herself.

"I think it's gonna rain anytime soon."

Tara wasn't paying attention to what Willow just said, "Huh?"

Willow cocked her head and repeated, "I think it's gonna rain anytime soon." Looking up into the sky which is already filling with heavy clouds.

"Yeah, it will and at least it's still warm." Tara agreed, also looking up into the sky.

"Really? When it rains and it stays warm?" Willow asked in wonder.

Tara's eyes met Willow's and smiled, "Yes, I take it you are not from around here?"

"Far out! No, I am not from around here. I am from California, actually."

"California?!" Tara gasped, bewildered.

"Yes, good and old golden state. What about you?" Willow motioned her to sit down with her on her bus's floor.

"Around here, but actually several hours from here." Tara sat next to the redhead, feeling slightly overwhelmed being so close to the redhead. 'I am definitely very attracted to her. But what am I supposed to do? I don't even know if she likes girls too.'

"I kinda figured that out." Willow prompted, rummaging for a joint that Razz insisted for her to have later on in case.

Tara turned her head over her shoulder, "How did you figure?"

Willow turned her head to face her, "Your accent, of course."

Tara let out a soft laugh which sounded like the most beautiful music to Willow's ears. "I guessed you would figure that straight from my accent."

After finding the neatly rolled joint, Willow moved back to where she originally sat and fished for her zippo lighter in her right pocket of her cutoffs. Lighting it, Willow took a long hit before passing the joint to Tara which she accepted. After a few minutes of passing it back and forth, they finally finished the joint.

"That's pretty good." Tara said, already feeling the effect flowing throughout her body.

"Yeah, it was." Willow agreed, moving against the back of passenger seat so she could face Tara directly.

Basking in comfortable but euphoric silence, Willow whispered ever so soft but Tara heard her.

"Got a boyfriend?"

Tara slowly faced Willow and shook her head but didn't look away.

Willow cocked her head, "Really? Do you even date?"

"Yes, I have dated several but none have had light my fire yet." Tara answered, locking her blues with Willow's greens.

Willow smiled, it was more of a subtle smirk, she moved closer to the brunette and whispered, "I think you are a really beautiful chick and I really dig you."

Tara gasped at this revelation and whispered, "Really?"

Willow-grin got wider when she saw the blush creeping all over Tara's face visible in late afternoon sunlight and nodded.

It was getting too much for Tara but she couldn't move even if it was to save her own life. Her breathing become heavier every second knowing that Willow was making her feel something that she never had felt before.

"Can I?" Tara was looking into hopeful greens looking back at her. "W-What?" She asked confused.

"Can I see your pendant?" Willow clarified.

'Goddess, this is getting too much. I need to get out of here before I do something that would definitely scare her off. But she said she digs me but why couldn't I say the same?' Tara thought almost agonizingly and she simply nodded.

Willow scooted even closer that their breathing began to merge into one, Tara couldn't do anything but watch the redhead gently take her pendant into her hand to examine.

"This beadwork is really out of sight." Willow breathed the last word, looking up. "I have never seen this peace pendant made out of beads. You made it yourself?" She didn't let go of the pendant and she kept rubbing on it.

Tara was very well aware that her lips were so close to Willow's and she couldn't take it anymore. Feeling bold, she took the plunge by putting her lips against Willow's. Was it the dope or was it really real? It didn't matter to Tara once she felt Willow returning the kiss. 'I never knew I would ever felt something so soft. It felt so good and just perfectly natural.' Tara knew she couldn't deny herself to something more, with that she allowed a tip of her tongue probe against Willow's lips desperately asking for the invitation that she knew she could die if it was denied. She elicited a soft moan when she felt another tongue meeting her, welcoming her through the open door to the new place. The kiss was intensifying that they knew they wanted more. Tara felt Willow began to caress her cheeks. She has never felt so loved and so needed. She began to caress Willow's left knee and groaned slightly at the feel of how soft and smooth her skin was. As she moved her hand further up Willow's thigh, she moaned when she felt her bottom lip being sucked.

"Tara! What are you doing?!"

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