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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: R to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

Both women jerked apart at the sound and faced towards to the owner of the voice that just called out for Tara.

"G-G-Ginny..." Tara stuttered, her face flushed with embarrassment.

Ginger was standing there, looking at both women in both bewilderment and disgust. "What are you doing, kissing her?!"

"I-I-I don't know. That was n-not what you think..." Tara trailed off, cursing her stutter.

Ginger turned on to Willow and spoke with venom, "Who the hell are you, dyke?! Were you molesting my best friend?!"

"Hey! I wasn't molesting her!" Willow stood up challengingly.

Tara knew how strong the redhead was and wouldn't let this get out of hand, Tara got in between them, turning to Willow and pressed her left fingers gently against her lips. "Please don't... She doesn't understand all this and to tell you the truth, I am not even sure I understand, myself." Tara whispered with tears. Willow softly nodded in understanding.

Turning away from Willow, Tara began to walk towards her best friend. Willow watched the women walk away and she felt a lump forming in her throat. She thought about going back to the concert but decided against it, she locked her bus and headed for the lake for a swim.

"Look, Ginger I know what you saw but I-" Tara was cut off.

"How long was this going on? I thought you don't like girls that way." Ginger snapped.

"I wasn't... No, actually I am really attracted to Willow. I don't even understand all this and it is so new. But Ginny... you are my best friend, I have known you practically all my life. Please don't hate me." Tara pleaded.

Ginger's features changed from anger to apologetic, "Tara, I am really sorry. Just that it took me by surprise." She paused, looking upwards for a moment before resuming. "Tare, I don't hate you, you are my best friend and you have been so much like a sister to me. Even if you are certain that you are really attracted to that redhead, and it was not even a fling, I will never hate you. I only want to see you happy." Ginger closed the gap and wrapped her arms around her best friend.

Tara began to cry when she realized that the only person who would look out for her doesn't even hate her. "Thank you, Ginny. You have no idea how much it means to me to know that you will still be here." Tara pulled back and looked at her friend, "I think she is the one. I really hope so..." Tara trailed off, glancing in the direction where she left Willow.

"Er... I think I should apologize to her. I can't believe I thought she was trying to molest you." Ginny said, biting her lower lip.

"That's okay, I would think the same thing if I were you. I will properly introduce you two when I find her." Tara reassured with a soft smile.

"So how is she?" Ginger asked with teasing sparkle in her blues.

"How is she what?" Tara asked confused.

"Is she a good kisser because you two were about to take your clothes apart?" The blonde clarified.

Tara looked away, blushing but forced herself to answer when she knew her best friend wouldn't let it go, "Yes, she just light my fire."

"Wow... she must be the grooviest kisser!" Ginger exclaimed, impressed.

They yelped when the water began to pour. They glanced at the crowd at the concert, they were showing no signs of clearing the area too quickly. They knew they will eventually clear out with given time.

"Lake?" Ginger asked.

"Oh yeah, let's go!" Tara agreed.

The women ran through heavy rain until they reached to the dock, stripped themselves out of already soaked clothes. They screamed in unison, "Cannonball!"

Willow was swimming nearby and jerked her head when she heard a familiar voice scream, she knew it wasn't a scream out of fear just the opposite. Willow turned around and swam away back to the dock. Pulling herself onto the dock and laid on her stomach to allow the warm raindrops fall against her naked back. Not wanting to think about what just happened earlier, she closed her eyes allowing herself get lost in her own world.

"Ginny, it has been ages since we swam in the lake in rain." Tara said, wiping the water off her face.

"Yeah, it has. Tara... is that her?" Ginger was pointing past Tara towards to the second dock.

Following Ginger's finger, Tara gasped when she saw the redhead lying on her stomach, apparently enjoying the rain water hitting onto her. She could recognize the redhead anywhere. "Hmm, I better get to her, will you be okay?"

"Go on, you can introduce her later on okay but I think you two should have some alone time." Ginger encouraged.

Tara smiled and mouthed, "Thank you."

Being a strong swimmer, she managed to get across the lake in less than five minutes but she slowed her speed when she neared the dock, careful not to alert Willow. Feeling somewhat mischievous, Tara pushed herself out of water only long enough to grab Willow and pulled her down into water.

"Aaa!" Willow shrieked making a big splash when her body hit the water.

Tara burst in heartfelt laughter but still holding the redhead around her waist.

"Tara! You scared the shit out of me." Willow turned around and wrapped her arms around Tara's neck.

"At least this time, I am not running away." Tara said, tucking the wet red strand behind her left ear.

"Do you still want me?" Willow said in small voice, taking the notice that Tara was indeed naked.

"Yes, I have always wanted you from the night I first saw you. I never thought I would find something so perfect but after meeting you, everything is possible, more than I have thought. It was almost like my soul has known you longer than I physically have."

"Really? I feel the same way, love." Willow said, leaning in for the kiss that she had no intention turning it into a passionate one yet a simple one.

Oblivious to them, Ginger was looking on with a smile before disappearing underwater to continue her swimming. 'I am so happy for Tara, she really deserves that after everything that have happened back at NYU.' Ginger thought.

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