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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: R to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

"Hey, you dropped your shoes!" Red called after Tara but Tara was too far away to hear her. Red debated with herself whether she should go after her or let her be, after all she scared her into running. She will hold on those shoes until she finds her again, she decided with a determined face expression. 'I will see you again...' Red thought and looked down at herself, 'well, fully clothed this time.' Putting them under her clothes, Red sprinted for the lake after tossing her shorts and dove in.

"About the time you joined!" Top-X shouted before disappearing into the water.

"The water is really great!" Buffy said, wiping water off her eyes.

"Yeah, thanks to that cute girl I met... well not really meet because I don't even know her name. Anyway, she told me about this place." Red explained, glancing at the direction the brunette disappeared before disappearing into water.

A loud splash was made, Ginger jerked her head upwards from floating, looking around until Tara popped up.

"You startled me!" Ginger scolded her best friend but quickly soften with concern when she noticed her best friend blushing feverishly. "Are you okay, honey?"

"I-I-I a-accidentally walked on a n-n-naked girl." Tara stammered, the images of half naked redhead still fresh... too fresh on her mind.

'Did she just stutter? She hasn't stuttered since she was fourteen. Besides she has seen a lot of naked girls and even I am naked, she never blushed like that since her first time in the locker room.' Ginger thought, "Tare, you have seen a lot of naked girls so what's really going on?"

Tara's eyes widened realizing what just happened and tried to weasel herself out of this but she knew if she even tried, Ginny would be right onto her.

"Hmm, I am waiting and besides I thought you don't want to get your favorite shorts wet." Ginny pointed, eyeing her best friend still fully clothed and in water with her.

Frowning, Tara touched herself underwater and realized she was indeed clothed and wearing her favorite shorts, "Oh Goddess! I can't believe what I just had done." Tara cursed, allowing herself disappear under then came back up to face her best friend. "I think something's wrong with me."

Ginger tilted her head in concern and suggested, "Come on, let's get out and I am all wrinkly. We will talk about this okay, honey? And get you out of these clothes so they can dry okay."

Tara nodded and swam back to the dock, pulling herself onto the smooth but wooden surface. She turned around to help Ginger up onto the dock with her. Tara took the notice of her wet clothing which is sticking to her body and blushed slightly. Ginger quickly dressed and looked around for something.

"What are you looking for, Ginny? Tara was already walking off the dock.

"Where are your sandals?" Ginger asked.

Tara looked around and blushed when she realized where she dropped them. 'The redhead turning around, stopping in middle of rubbing the lotion of some kind on herself. Her beautiful naked torso right in front of her, starting with her muscular stomach reaching to those breasts. They were small but yet they suited her perfectly. The redhead was calling her name, Tara... Tara... What? How did she know my na-' Tara realized it wasn't the redhead who was calling for her, it was in fact her best friend.

"Oh yeah, I am sorry I was thinking w-w-where..." Tara trailed off when the image of the half naked redhead turning to her appeared in her mind. Shaking her head and tried again, "I mean, I was thinking about my sandals and I know where they are. Come on, go with me."

"Okay, so what's going on with you, ever since you got here, you have been acting a little weird. Was it the dope we smoked? Are you sick?" Ginger reached for Tara's forehead which was playfully swatted by Tara.

"No it wasn't the dope, the dope was really good and no, I am not even sick." Tara smiled her famous half smile.

"So spill, chick." Ginger probed.

"Okay... I am not sure what it is but I think I am attracted to someone and Ió"

"What?! Who? Is he cute?!" The blonde interrupted excitedly.

"Er... yeah... he is really cute." The brunette half lied, already hating herself for lying to her best friend but she wasn't even sure herself yet.

"Really, how did you meet him? We weren't even apart ever since we got here." Ginger raised her left eyebrow.

"Oh no! My sandals!" Tara cried, frantically looking around.

"Don't tell me they were stolen or something?" Ginger asked, helping her friend look.

"N-No, I dropped them here... Oh shit, they are my favorite!" Tara said disappointedly.

"Everyone, I am blowing this. I am hungry and I will see back there."

"See you there, Red." Everyone said.

Swimming back to the dock and pulled herself onto the dock, twisting her slightly wavy long red tresses for excessive water to come out. Allowing the hair rest against her bare back, not caring about some water riveting across her firm ass. As she reached to her clothes in the bushes, she quickly dressed and took the sandals with her with every intention to look for the cute but shy brunette.

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