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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: R to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

"Come on, wake up... We are here." Jack was shaking Buffy gently to bring her from the slumberland.

"Uhm... already? What time is it?" Buffy asked sleepily. "It's nine in the morning. Want something to eat? I got some grease." Jack offered, running his hand through wavy dirty blonde hair.

"It would be good, cat." Buffy widened her eyes, realizing what she just called him.

"Cat, eh? Am I that cool?" Jack asked, teasingly.

"Well, yeah I think you are really cool." Buffy said, blushing.

"Thank you, love. I think you are really cool too. Come on, let's get off and I will get you something to eat okay." Jack said suggestively.

"Sure thing, I got bread so need some?" Buffy asked.

"No need for that and it's my treat, love." Jack was standing up and putting out his hand which Buffy gladly took and allowed herself to be pulled up.

As the beautiful people got off the school bus painted with bright colors, they began to set up their tents and got themselves settled, Buffy was already in the middle of setting up her own tent when Jack brought her some food.

"Thank you, Jack. That looks good!" Buffy complimented, picking up a piece of fruit and popped in her mouth. "Hmm, these are great!"

"Thank you, they are straight from my family's farm and I got a lot of grease to go around for few days so we don't have to run out." Jack was beaming in the morning sun.

Buffy almost choked when something popped in her mind and asked for confirmation, "Jack, are you in any way related to the Stevens Fruits and Vegetables, Inc?"

Jack looked surprised and almost hesitated, "Yes, guilty as charged. But does that bother you, love?"

"No, not really... Just that I didn't picture the children of Stevens Fruits and Vegetables, Inc to be like us, you know."

"I know, my sister is an activist for pro-choice movement and I am so proud of her but I am not into violence as she is. I am always the only one she would call if she got thrown in jail cell. Our parents weren't so happy about it but they were trying to be as supportive as possible." Jack explained.

"But you were in the jail with us." Buffy pointed out, continuing to eat her breakfast.

"I know, I was only telling the Fuzz about spreading the love and they just arrested us. I think they couldn't stand the idea of us being like that. They have something personal against us. But it was more of being there at wrong place and wrong time." Jack took a bite of his granny smith apple.

Buffy said nothing but looking back at Jack with profound admiration and respect.

The parking lot was already filing up with incoming guests from all over the country and even from Canada. Red began to stir while the morning sun is creeping through the open windows, shining against her eyelids. Finally she opened her emeralds to the world and turned onto her back, yawning and stretched at the same time.

"Red, you slept good?" The female voice asked.

Propping herself on her elbows and saw Faith looking at her questioningly, "Yeah, it has been so long since I had that good sleep. You?"

"I slept good but after Top-X and Anya finally stopped screaming in ecstasy." Faith added with a lazy grin.

"They are so much like rabbits, don't you think?" Red asked, slipping off the makeshift bed and onto the grass full of morning dew.

"Yeah, as long as I have known them, they definitely are. But Top-X got a great mind but a little slow on certain things but he can manage." Faith said of her long time friend.

"I don't know him that well but he does have that sense of humor which is pretty positive, you know. A great leader should always have a sense of humor otherwise they would put us to sleep." Red pinpointed, picking up a bag of trail mix to snack on.

"You girls, talking about me already? Man, I am so beautiful!" Top-X popped up with a boyish grin.

"We were but you are only beautiful for your chick." Faith said, punching him on his arm playfully.

"Hey Faith!"

Three of them looked at Buffy running towards them, Faith smiled knowingly when she saw her best friend grinning like crazy.

"So you got a guy already?" Faith asked which Buffy nodded excitedly.

"Far out! How is he?" Top-X asked.

"You won't believe this!" Buffy exclaimed.

"Believe what?" Faith asked, raising both eyebrows.

"His name is Jack Stevens as in-"

"Stevens Fruits and Vegetables, Inc." Red finished.

All of them looked at her slightly surprised so Red began explaining, "I have known him ever since we were kids and in fact my parents and his parents are very close friends. So Jack and Jack's sister, Ashley are like my surrogate siblings since I am only child."

"Whoa, you got a rich cat!" Top-X whistled.

Buffy almost blushed which Red just shrugged.

"Wanna go for a swim? Naked?" Red asked, standing up pulling the door close on her bus.

"I am in!" All of them said in unison.

"Hmm... it has been ages since I slept that good!" Tara murmured of her sleep the night before, running her hands through her fair brown hair untangling any tangles that she might have came across while asleep. Looking over her shoulder at her friend. "Got a brush, sweetie?"

"Yeah, it's in here somewhere, hold on." Ginger began rummaging for it. "Here you go... you know, I am thinking why don't we go to the lake for the morning skinny-dipping? It's really humid in here."

"Skinny-dipping you say..." Tara trailed, scanning the meadow which is already filling up with continuing stream of people arriving.

"Yeah... come on, I am sure not that many people knows where the lake is anyway unless you tell them now."

"Okay... why not." Tara accepted, grabbing her leather sandals.

As two best friends neared to the lake, they didn't see the other four people stripping themselves of clothing because there were some thick bushes lining around the lake leaving a several openings.

Ginger quickly undressed and dove into the cool water thanks to lack of sun all night but Tara was taking her time taking in the view in the daylight. She has always loved the view and she was scanning the bushes.

"Ginny, I am taking a walk around before I join you, I just wanted to see how much it has changed since the last time I was here. Is that okay?"

"Go on and hurry." Ginger shouted back.

Tara smiled and took the sandals off then began walking.

"Are you coming, Red?" Faith asked.

"Yeah, go on and I will be right there, I have to put on some sunscreen or I will look like a red lobster." Red said, squirting some goo on her palm.

"Need some help?" Faith asked, making sure her new friend will be fine.

"Nah, go on. I will be okay."

"Okay see you in few."

Now topless, Red began to rub the sunscreen lotion on her arms, lost in her world that she didn't hear someone walking around into her.

Tara could see the some clothing being laid around and she figured there are no more than a few people who are already in the water. 'So much for total privacy. I wish I am that spontaneous like Ginny.' Tara thought. When she saw an opening in between the bushes and walked towards it intending to go through it. When she went around and gasped at the sight.

Hearing someone gasp, turning around to see the same girl she saw the night before. Red didn't even bother to cover herself while the only thing covering her was her cutoffs. Tara couldn't help herself from looking at the redhead's topless torso, taking the notice how strong she looks but somewhat petite. 'Her breasts... oooh... they are beautiful and perfect.'

"Hi..." Red said with a smile, yanking Tara out of her own lust-filled trance.

Tara tried to say something but nothing came out but she was already blushing feverishly. The only thing she could do was, run.

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