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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: R to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

"Here we are!" Willow announced, getting no response and she glanced at the clock that read 3:27 in the morning. Everyone were asleep except for Willow who for some reason has plenty of energy. Willow scanned for a very good spot to park her VW bus and found it. "Perfect!"

As she turned off the engine and woke everyone up and had them set up their tents to sleep so she could sleep in the back with the door wide open because she wanted the warm night to be her blanket. Willow wasn't really familiar with the area very well but fortunately for her, there was plenty of light coming from almost full moon. She took a deep breath and coughed slightly because she wasn't used to upstate New York air while she is used to California air. It took her 2 and half days to get there straight from Berkeley where she is a feminist student at UC Berkeley, the school well known for its reputation of having students who are passionate activists.

'Gotta get refreshed... There should be a lake around here but where? I gotta ask someone.' Willow thought, walking around to get the feel of the place. As she spotted two laughing young women, they must be her age and once they got closer, Red took the notice that they are quite attractive and wet. Having an outspoken personality made her quite confident with herself when it comes to talking to beautiful women.

"Hey, can you umm direct me where you two just got wet from?" Red asked, already wearing a patented Willow-grin, eyeing at both women.

Ginger and Tara turned around at the sound of Red's voice, for some reason, Tara froze when she saw the most beautiful redhead she has ever seen. Ginger, of course wasn't feeling the effect Tara was feeling and pointed towards the lake. Red looked at the brunette for a second and something happened but the urge to get wet was overwhelming that she simply said thanks and headed for the lake.

"Come on, Tara let's get some sleep now that we are all refreshed." Ginger suggested.

"Sure." It was only Tara's response but didn't move. Tara was taking in the sight of the redhead in cutoffs and a light blue T-shirt and her eyes move until they reached to her feet. She was wearing slightly worn out black converse high-top shoes.

"Earth to Tara! You must be on good trip even though you didn't take anything ever since we took the swim." Ginger looped her arm through her best friend's arm and practically jerked her to move.

"Huh? Yeah... What happened? Who was that girl?" Tara mentally shook herself out of strange trance.

"That girl? You mean the redhead who just asked us where the lake was? What's going on? Are you okay?" Ginger asked, a slight frown developing across her face.

'That girl is really cute! I think I dig her. Wait! Dig her?! She's a girl! Gotta stop doing that dope!' Tara thought wearily.

"I am fine, I am just tired... You know all the driving does get to me."

Ginger shrugged and opened the car to retrieve the tent that has enough room for two. They began to set it up and settled inside for the night.

Feeling so much refreshed, Red bent over to gather her clothes that she stripped herself out of them before going into the lake. The water was almost cool but enough to wash Red off of the excessive residue that was left behind from the afternoon humidity. She pulled all of them on except for the shoes. As she walked back to her bus. Her head jerked towards to the voice that called out for her.

"Red! Where have u been?!" A pause of silence then, "How did you get wet?"

"Fuck you, you startled me, Top-X! The lake is right there." Red pointed her thumb in its direction. "I am gonna crash." Red called out when Xander immediately dragged Anya heading for the lake. 'They are fucking like horny rabbits. God, I really need to get laid.' Red thought, releasing the lock on the backseat to make it into a makeshift bed. As she lies down, she thought of that hot brunette with those deep blue eyes. 'I better see if I could see her again. But should I? What if she got a boyfriend around here?' Red smacked her forehead and spoke to no one in particular, "Fuck that! I am getting some zzz's." Red closed her eyes and allowed herself into the land of slumber.

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