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Street Fighters

Author: Coopster
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: The names of the gangs will be added into the story as it progresses along with other "fighters" so that's why I keep posting North Side, East Side etc.

Main Characters:

North Side, Turnball ACs - Donnie, Caleb, Eaten, Drac, Andrew, Warren, Jonathon, Snyder

East Side, the Destroyers - Tara, Anya, Xander, Dawn, Devin, Larry, Skip, Chuck

South Side, the Warriors - Willow, Buffy, Spike, Faith, Hunter, Echo, John, Ajax

West Side, Moon Runners - Riley, Oz, Angel, Dru, Parker, Kennedy, Cordelia, Harmony, Forest, Sam

Priest - Giles

"Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been several days since my last confession."

"Tell me child what have you done?" said Father Giles as he made himself comfortable in the confessional.

"Giles, you know it's me." huffed Tara "you don't have to do your whole fatherly arth now thing."

"Tara, what may I do for you dear?" asked the priest.

"I need to repent Father," said Tara. "a war has started with my bidding, though Rosenberg did cast the first stone if I may say so."


"Yes, leader of th..."

"I know who Miss. Rosenberg is child," said Father Giles, " no need in describing her to me."


"She is a common visitor among my church," He pointed to the door of the confessional indicating that he wanted to step out.

"But... This is a Christian church. She's, she's Jewish!"

"You wouldn't be talking about me now would you?" questioned the redhead as she leant up against a pew.

"Willow," snarled Tara.

"Maclay," Willow said back in a even tone.

"Now, now. This is a place of sanctuary there will be no fighting," protested Giles as he stepped in between the two women.

"Oh Father you know we wouldn't fight," Willow said with a fake smile.

"I hope your not planning on leaving here by yourself Warrior?"

"O' threatening Maclay," she gave her a sinister grin. "plan on taking me out with some of your boys in front of the church?"

"Ladies I will not here of any of this!"

"Then don't,' snapped back Willow. "leave us."

"Now see here! This is my church and I demand respect," rebutted the priest in outrage.

Willow and Tara both slowly turned their heads to look at the ordain minister. With wicked grins they both took a step back from one another.

"As you wish Father," said the lead Destroyer as she repositioned her jacket into a better position. "Care to take this outside Warrior?"

"So you an five of your men can jump me," she stroked her chin as if in deep contemplation. "Nah I think I'll stay here. Tell God all of my sins." she sat down in the closes pew kicking her feet up onto the bench in front of her.

"What's the matter red," Tara said with a devilish smirk. "afraid you might get your ass kicked?"

"From you? Hardly," she let out a boisterous laugh, cocking her head back in the process.

"I hope you remember that. Especially when I'm feeding your face to the asphalt," Tara grouched back as she cracked her knuckles.

"Now ladies this is no way to behave inside of a church."

"Well it's a good thing we're leaving then," said Willow as she shot to her feet.

"Dude hurry up!"

"I'm going as fast as I can."

"We've been here to long. We gotta move," said the first voice again as he checked his watch.

"Almost finished...okay done," said the second voice. "they're gonna flip when they see this!"

"Yeah well hopefully we wont be hear when they do."

"What the matter Sawn scared of a few Destroyers?"

"No, no Spike just said..." Sawn sputtered out.

"Fuck what Spike said!" yelled Ajax as he grabbed another red spray paint can out of the book bag laying on the ground. "so what if I'm using a little extra time, this shit will be seen a mile away," he indicated to the big W that was neatly spray painted over the Destroyers logo.

"What ever, lets go. We have another two places to hit before we meet up with Mort." John bent down an picked up the bag that had a few red and white spray cans still in it.

"Oh you got to be kidding. Is that all you got?" teased Willow as she wiped a trail of blood from her nose.

"I thought I'd start you out easy," said Tara as she took another swing at Willow's face. "didn't want you to experience an ass kicking to fast."

"Your funny," Willow said in a dry tone. She deflected a block to her face an quickly took the opportunity to punch the blonde in the ribs. "but seeing you get your ass kicked is funny too."

"Ahh," she absorbed another rapid punch to her mid section. Quickly an without hesitation she dropped to her knees only to spring back up again, sacking the redhead in the midriff. The two women fell too the ground in a heap.

"Get off of me," growled Willow, her teeth grinding together as she pushed the larger women off her chest. In one quick motion she flipped herself back onto her feet an into a fighting stance. " now your really starting to piss me off!"

"Aww, maybe you'll fight better now," grinned Tara as she spat blood out of her mouth. Before the redhead could make a come back, Tara let loose with a round house kick, nailing her enemy in the chin. "or maybe not."

"Bitch!' shouted out Willow from the ground. Pushing herself up, she let loose with a series of left and right hooks accompanied by a few knee jabs to Tara‘s body. Grabbing a fistful of blonde hair, Willow yanked the women's head back. With a fierce right punch she sent the Destroyer sprawling to the blacktop. "oh I'm sorry did I hurt you."

Pulling a switchblade from inside of the opening of her shoe, Tara took a swipe at the redhead hovering over her. Scampering to her feet, Tara held the knife in front of her to warn off the warrior.

"Oh baby you know I love when you play dirty," smirked willow as she jumped back when the blonde took another strike at her with the knife.

"I'm not the only one that plays dirty," snarled out Tara as she swung the blade at the redhead again. Jumping to the side so that the tip of the knife only caught the fabric of her shirt. Fingering the whole in her black polyester button down shirt, the redhead looked up in disbelief.

"What?" Willow said, looking over the Destroyers shoulder.

"An all that time you were bitching that I was gonna get my men to jump you!"

"They're not mine," Willow said as she looked around at the half a dozen men surrounding her and the blonde.

"What?" Tara yelped.

"They're not mine," she said again.

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