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Street Fighters

Author: Coopster
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: The names of the gangs will be added into the story as it progresses along with other "fighters" so that's why I keep posting North Side, East Side etc.

Main Characters:

North Side, Turnball ACs - Donnie, Caleb, Eaten, Drac, Andrew, Warren, Jonathon, Snyder, Jarred

East Side, the Destroyers - Tara, Anya, Xander, Dawn, Devin, Larry, Skip, Chuck

South Side, the Warriors - Willow, Buffy, Spike, Faith, Hunter, Echo, John, Ajax

West Side, Moon Runners - Riley, Oz, Angel, Dru, Parker, Kennedy, Cordelia, Harmony, Forest, Sam

Priest - Giles

"Oh ladies, ladies. Don't stop on our account" said a deep gruffly male voice as he and his men circled the two females. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the blonde. Quickly two broad-shouldered men tattooed from head to toe raced towards the blonde women.

As one of the muscular men grabbed her by the arms, yanking them backwards and locking his own hands behind her head the other man, slightly shorter laid out a right punch to the pail haired woman's stomach.

"Haha, this is fucking brilliant," Willow let out in a throaty laugh. But before she could say anything else a short bulky black haired main with a crowbar ran up behind her an knocked her to her knees. "FUCK!" she shouted as she grabbed her back in pain. The chunky guy grasped a hand full of her hair while looping his other hand around her belt. picking her up he chucked the slim redhead into a row of trash cans adoring the street corner.

"Forget her. I want the blonde," said the leader as he shouted to the dark haired man who was circling the badly bruised redhead. With another snap of his fingers the man who was pounding the redhead and one of his soldiers standing at his side ran to aid in beating up the Destroyer.

Groaning in agony, Willow pushed sludge and trash off of her torso. As she removed a garbage can from off her leg she noticed the gang of men pounding on Tara. Probing threw the pile of over turn trash she searched for anything that could be used as a weapon. Upon finding a empty Heineken bottle, the Warrior jumped to her feet an ran to the blondes defense.

"Hey buddy," Willow shouted as she tapped on the shoulder of the man who had attacked her earlier. When he turned his head to look over his shoulder, Willow raised her arm an brought the glass bottle down on his face. Screaming in agony as shards of glass penetrated through the left side of his cheek and into his eye socket the man staggered backwards in absolute terror.

Picking up the neck of the bottle that some how remand in tack, Willow flipped it around so the jagged end was facing towards the back of one of the hefty men. "get off of her," she growled out. As one of the men turned to face her, she plunged the serrated end of the bottle into his meaty stomach. With a twist of her wrist she broke the bottle inside the mans gut. Broken fragments of glass barely stuck out of his stomach as blood seeped down the mans shirt.

"Now that wasn't nice," said the leader of the group as he grabbed a fist full of red hair, lifting her up off the ground. "now play nice." he tossed her aside without a care in the world. Again he snapped his fingers "bat!" he demanded. Within seconds the last man who had been standing at his side only seconds before removed a bat from underneath his large ripped denim jacket. The leader once again picked the redhead up by the hear.

Hissing in pain, she scratched at the hand holding her off the ground. "let go you bastard! You stupid mother fucker." the pain shooting through her head was unbelievable.

"Now why would I do that? You already killed Jarred, one of my best men and poor Jonathan looks like a shark just bit him in the face," said the man in a condescending manner.

"Put me down an we can find out what you will look like," Willow hissed through the pain.

"Umm," he said as he used his free hand to stroke the patch of tiny redish blonde hair on his chin. "nah I think I'll just let Warren here hit you repeatedly with the bat as I hold you."

"What's the matter... cant take me on yourself," she gasped, trying to rain in the tears that where threatening to escape due to the throbbing ache in her scalp.

"From you?!? Ha! Hardly!," he laughed viciously as he tightened his grip. Wrapping his other hand around the Warrior's throat, he turned her so she was facing the blonde who was being kicked by the two remaining Turnbull Ac's. "But I wouldn't want this show to go to waste." he nodded to Warren who was lazily swinging the bat in his right hand.

"Hey red," said Warren as he stepped up in front of the Warrior. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time," laughed the disturbed male as he swung the bat into the redheads stomach.

With a resounding crack, the air was knocked out of her instantly. If not for the harsh hands holding her up, Willow knew she would have sunk to the floor gasping and chocking for air.

"So I just have one question?" he swung the bat again at her midsection. "what is a Warrior doing all the way out here by herself?" again he swung the bat, not allowing her to regain her breath this time.

Her breathing was raged and inconsistent. A trickle of blood ran down her chin from when she coughed. "oh... no no no," the man holding her said as he slapped her face. "we want you awake for this," Her eyes started to role into the back of her head. She knew she couldn't last much longer without fainting.

"Let her go!"

"And what are you going to do about it Pop's," shouted Warren as he slammed the bat once more into Willow's abdominals.

"It's Father Giles," he said as he pumped his sawed-off action shot gun. "And I have a lot to do about it!" he slowly walked down the steppes leading to from the church, never taking his eyes off the man with the bat but also keeping the men next to Tara in his line of sight. "Back up," he ordered as he walked over to the fallen blonde.

He reached down with one hand to check her pulse, pushing aside her blood stained hair to check the weak rise and fall. "Get over there," he pointed to a far away parked car. As they walked backwards, one of the tattooed covered men stopped to grab their fallen soldier who was screaming in pain. "now Willow," he pointed the barrel of the shotgun at the leader who was hiding behind the redhead.

"Fine," he pushed the redhead away from his body with vigor. "We'll catch them again." the two men started backing up towards the car where the other men were waiting. One of the men opened the passenger side door for his leader before walking around to the driver side and speeding off.

"Willow are you alright?" asked Giles as he placed his gun on the ground so he could catch the stumbling redhead.

" is she?" she indicated the blonde laying semi motionless on the cement as she grasped her side in agony.

"Help me get her up," said Giles as he reached down, hooking an arm under the blonde's. "We got to get her inside."

"No," said Willow shaking her head.

"What!" The priest asked flabbergasted.

"I'll take her to her group," Willow wheezed out. "She can't stay here...neither can you." she bent at the knees behind the blondes head, placing both of her arms under Tara's armpits. "they'll come back, a shit load of them," she grunted in protest as her ribs shifted against each other from the weight.

"I'll get her to the Destroyers... now go," she shouted at the priest. "and take your gun, they'll be looking for you."

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