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Street Fighters

Author: Coopster
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: The names of the gangs will be added into the story as it progresses along with other "fighters" so that's why I keep posting North Side, East Side etc.

Main Characters:

North Side - Donnie, Caleb, Eaten, Drac, Andrew, Warren, Jonathon, Snyder

East Side - Tara, Anya, Xander, Dawn, Devin, Larry, Skip, Chuck

South Side - Willow, Buffy, Spike, Faith, Hunter, Echo

West Side - Riley, Oz, Angel, Dru, Parker, Kennedy, Cordelia, Harmony, Forest, Sam

Priest - Giles

"Willow! Fuck, Willow we need help," screamed a voice. "Anybody help!"

"Ughh, come on just a few more feet," another voice grunted.

"What's the matter?" asked Echo as she came skidding out of the kitchen, to stop dead in her tracks at the sight of the women trying to hold up two fellow bloody Warriors. In a matter of seconds Spike came out behind her but in a much slower pace.

"Spike...?"Buffy gasped out. The weakness in her arms visible by the quickening of the spasms."

"Give it her luv," he said as he reached out and took the badly bruised man into his arms. "Faith you okay?"

"Five by five," she smirked as she tightened her grip around the other mans waist, "John here is still conscience. Aren't you John." she said as she gave his side a squeeze.

"Ahhh," the banged up man yelped in absolute pain.

"See, still with us," she said.

"Where's Hunter?" Echo asked noticing that the tattoo covered man wasn't present.

"He's taking a breather outside," said buffy as she wipped blood off an away from her eye. " he took a few good hits to the stomach."

"I'll go get him, you bring them into the living room," said Echo as she walked out the front door to retrieve Hunter.

As Echo got on one of Hunter's side and started slowly moving him towards the living room to sit him down on the couch she noticed that Buffy and Faith had a few cuts of their own.

"Where's Willow?" Buffy asked as she looked up the stare case.

"She's in her room," the brunette said. "but Buffy I need to look at your cuts first."

"You can look at them later," the blonde said as she blinked away the blood that dripped down her left eye.

"Willow I need to talk to you," shouted Buffy as she pounded on the redheads door.

"It's open," Willow responded never once turning to look at the door.

"Will, we have a problem."

"Yea you could say that," the redhead said in a sarcastic manner.

"Will, the Destroyers almost took out two of our guy."

"So it's already begun," she said with a said, pathetic smile on her face as she turned around to look at her life long friend. "guess it's time to call the troops together."

"We could always back out," Buffy said sincerely.

"We wouldn't be the Warriors then," Willow smiled half heartedly. "Go gather everybody up. Oh and make sure Ajax brings his paints."


"We have much tagging to do."

"Those fucking Warriors got their asses kicked," laughed Xander as he downed a colt 45.

"What pussies" yelled out Larry. "That first guy went down like a sack of bricks."

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