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Street Fighters

Author: Coopster
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: The names of the gangs will be added into the story as it progresses along with other "fighters" so that's why I keep posting North Side, East Side etc.

Main Characters:

North Side - Donnie, Caleb, Eaten, Drac, Andrew, Warren, Jonathon, Snyder

East Side - Tara, Anya, Xander, Dawn, Devin, Larry, Skip, Chuck

South Side - Willow, Buffy, Spike, Faith, Hunter, Echo

West Side - Riley, Oz, Angel, Dru, Parker, Kennedy, Cordelia, Harmony, Forest, Sam

Priest - Giles

The door flew open with a resounding crack as it slammed into the wall. The pictures on the wall shook before crashing to the ground due to the intensity of the vibrations.

"We found him!" shouted out Buffy as she and Faith dragged in a battered looking Spike. Each women had an arm draped over their shoulders and they were still having great difficulty holding him up.

"Where'd you find him," asked Willow as she walked down the stairs to stand in front of a half dazed Spike.

"A mile from East Side," replied Faith in a curt manner. "Took a swing at me too!"

"Well at least there's nothing to worry about anymore," Willow said in a curved tone.

"Actually Will..." Buffy hesitated, not knowing how to tell her friend and leader that there is a dead East sider laying in a ally somewhere due to Spike. "we found a body... Spike um... Spike killed an East Sider."

"What," she asked as she grinded her teeth together in agitation. "You two," Willow said, whirling around to point at two men sitting on a couch. "Find it, then dispose of the body. You know where."

"Yes Ma'am," they replied in union before exiting the house.

"Buffy, Faith, go find Hunter and Echo. There still out there looking for Spike." grabbing the bleach blonde by the shirt, "I wanna have a word with you," she hissed out.

"Where the fuck is Skip and Kyle?" Shouted Xander as he popped open a beer.

"Last I heard they were going out to a bar," Devin said as he checked his watch. "An that was about three hours ago."

The two men gave each other a knowing look before heading towards the front door. Before Xander even had the chance to reach for the doorknob the door was being flung open by a young man with curly brown hair.

"Whoa there speed race," Xander said a he grabbed the younger member of the group by his upper arms. "Where's the fire?"

"That guy Spike was cruising around on our turf before two chicks came and dragged him away." he weased a little before continuing reciting what he saw. "Spike, he... he looked like he'd been in a fight!"

Devin smiled at Xander before turning to the young fighter. "What's your name boy?"

"Chuck... Chuck Alcott Sir."

"Well Chuck Alcott , why don't you go find Larry and Wesley, that way we can go see what lil' ol' Spike was up to."

"Yes Sir, right away," Chuck exclaimed before dashing off further into the duplex they call home.

"Think they're still in the area?" asked Xander as he took a sip of beer.

"Not a chance," grinned Devin as he barried his hands in his pants pocket. "But it doesn't hurt to try."

"So tell me Spike, Willow started off in a sweet and calm voice "what the fuck possessed you to go to east side?"

"Oh you know... tits and booze." he answered back as he plopped down onto a chair.

"And you couldn't have stayed in our territory for that," asked the redhead.

"I needed to get out of here," he harrumphed as he yanked on his jacket lapels.

"Yeah well now, because of your bone headed decision I have to clean up the mess." yelled the redhead.

"Yeah well you made that decision on your own," grouched Spike as he shifted in his seat. "You should have left the body for Maclay to find."

"So we could have a war on our hands!" Willow shouted. "God dame it Spike, 'The Destroyers' were the least of our worries but now you just totally fucked that up for us."

Spike just rolled his eyes in response as he watched Willow grow even more agitated at him.

"Gahh," she shouted in aggravation. "Next time you plan on doing something stupid...DON'T!" she yelled before storming out of the room.

Xander, Devin, Larry, Wesley, and Chuck walked down the streets of East Side Hoboken in search of anybody from Willow's gang.

"Wesley, call the house," said Devin as he turned on his flash light and beamed it down one of the deserted ally ways. " see if Kyle and Skip returned."

"Okay," Wesley replied as he pulled out his silver cell phone from his pocket. "Anya? It's Wesley, listen is Skip or Kyle there?"

"He is?" questioned Wesley. "What happened to him? Alright, thanks."

"What was that about?" asked Xander, coming to stand next to Wesley.

"Skip returned, but his jaw was smashed in and the tendons in his foot were shredded. Tara had somebody just take him to the hospital."

"What about Kyle?" Devin asked.

"Nothing," replied Wesley as he slipped his phone back into his pocket.

"Looks like 'William The Bloody' is about to get himself a house call," said Larry as he cracked the knuckles on his right hand with his left fist.

"Or we can grab those two sons of bitches," chirped in Chuck, pointing at two male figures a few meters ahead of them wearing matching black jackets.

"I say we send dear old William a message," snarled Xander, hatred shone in his eyes. "and if he doesn't receive it... I'm sure Red will." he let out a sinister laugh while reaching into his baggy jean pocket for a pair of brass knuckles.

"Spike!" came a feminine voice from the parlor. "Spike!"

"I'm right here luv, no need to yell," grouched Spike as he lifted himself of the couch, removing the bag of ice from off his chest as he did so.

"Jesus Spike, you scared the hell out of me," said the women.

"I'm sorry love," Spike said in a pouty voice as he ran his hand through straight, silky soft brown hair. "Never meant to scare you." he kissed her soft lips with his rough, split open ones only to pull back when he tasted copper.

"Oh your lip," she said, putting a finger against it to stop the bleeding. "come on let me fix you up." she grabbed the front of his button down shirt and dragged him into the kitchen with her.

"Ooh are we gonna play naughty nurse," the blonde asked as he licked his top teeth.

"Only if I get to be the naughty nurse," the brunette teased back.

"Why Echo, by all means...," Spike said as he placed a hand over his heart. "... I will gladly be a patient to your naughty nurseieness."

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