Street Fighters

Author: Coopster
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Summery: Four gangs from different sides of town clash it out to see who's better.

Main Characters:

North Side - Donnie, Caleb, Eaten, Drac, Andrew, Warren, Jonathon, Snyder

East Side - Tara, Anya, Xander, Dawn, Devin, Larry

South Side - Willow, Buffy, Spike, Faith, Hunter, Echo

West Side - Riley, Oz, Angel, Dru, Parker, Kennedy, Cordelia, Harmony, Forest, Sam

Priest - Giles

A hand flew out and connected with an oncoming neck, creating a sickening snapping sound followed by a thump as the body hit the floor.

"Anymore of you basterds want a peace of me," Spike shouted out into the cold night air with a hint of a slur showing through do to his intoxicated state.

"Yea, I'll take a stab at you," said a rather well built man from behind Spike.

Turning around the bleach blonde recognized the other man right off the bat and gave him a devilish grin. "well lets have at it mate," taunted Spike.

The two men danced around each other in the barely lit ally way, gauging each other to see who will strike first.

"Are we gonna dance all night William, or are you going to hit me?" yelled the burly man.

"You first Skip," rebutted Spike.

Roaring in outrage, the man currently known as Skip charged at the man decked out in leather. Spearing Spike in the chest as if he was a football practice dummies, Skip ran with him for a couple of feet before slamming the peroxide male into the cement.

Arching his back in pain, Spike tried desperately to suck in air after being body slammed by what felt like a freight train. Rolling over onto his hands and knees Spike started sucking in some much need oxygen, but it was soon taken from his lungs again as Skip's steel toed boot made contact with his exposed stomach.

"Oh what's the matter Spike, can't take me on unless you have your little bitches around you?" Chuckled Skip as he kicked Spike in the ribs. "I'm surprised Willow let you out. Really," another kick to the stomach. "seeing as how she has your balls in a jar."

"Actually it's Echo that has my balls," grunted Spike as he pulled a switch blade out of his pocket. "and they sure as bloody hell ain't in any jar!" snarled Spike as he flipped the blade open and slammed it down into Skip's right foot.

"Aaaahhh," the brute of a man howled in pain as the knife sunk deep into his tendons.

Climbing to his feet, Spike took this opportunity to strike Skip in the face, causing the larger man to stumble backwards.

"An' mate," Spike said in a calm and eerie voice as blood piddled out of his mouth. "Don't call my ladies bitches." With that said he let loose with a right hook catching the slightly taller man across the chin shattering it in three places.

Once he was sure the heavy fucker was down and wasn't going to get up anytime soon, Spike reached into his duster pocket for his pack of smokes before turning around and leaving the ally. 'No need to run into another East Sider' he told himself as he lit his cigarette.

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