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Sometimes you just can't help it

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.
Note: The italics are what the audience is doing or saying at the movie theater.

Willow and Tara pulled up outside of the old theater at exactly 8:00 o' clock.

Willow turned to Tara. "Okay. Now I don't know if you have ever done this before so I will probably have to help you get into the swing of things." Willow said.

"Will, why don't you just tell me what we're doing?" Tara asked.

"I don't want to ruin the surprise." Willow said. Tara gave her a look. "Okay. Have you ever been to a movie where the audience participated?" Willow asked. Tara shook her head. "Okay this is one of those. It's called The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Tara gave Willow a weird look. "So let's go so we're not late."

They had gotten some pretty good seats and Tara had no idea what was going on.

When they had came in and Willow had paid Which was very sweet. they had handed both of them a booklet and a big sack of objects. Now that they were inside Tara saw that everyone had a sack.

"Tara. The stuff in the sack are things that you use when a certain part of the movie comes on. Or you yell stuff." Willow explained.

"How do we know when to do what?" Tara asked. Willow pointed to a mini screen like thing in front of her latched on to the seat in front of her.

"That will tell you when and what to do." Tara was thinking about it for a second. Then a huge smile came across her face. She turned to Willow. "This is going to be fun." She said. Willow also smiled and they waited for the movie to start.

The movie had started about ten minutes later.

Tara watched as a pair of lips floated onto the screen. And a voice said, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, God said: "Let there be lips." And there were. And they were good.

The lips started talking and they said, "Michael Rennie was ill, The day the earth stood still, But he told us where to stand Everyone stood and said, "On our feet."
And Flash Gordon was there, In silver underwear. "It was gold!"
Claude Rains was the Invisible man. "Outta sight."
Then something went wrong, For Fay Wray and King Kong. Echoed "Sexual." jam. "69."
Then at a deadly pace, It came from... Outer Space. Echoed "It sat on where... Janet's face."
And this is how the message ran. Freeze!

About an hour later Tara was having the time of her life. She had already been soaked by water, got to light matches, scream obscenities, and she got to sing 'If your horny and you know it, beat your bars.'

This was the greatest thing anyone has ever introduced her to. Except for that. Tara thought.

After the movie was over it was almost eleven.

They pulled up to Tara's house and Willow turned the ignition off.

"I had a great time. It was so cool. Do you think we could do it again sometime?" Tara asked. Willow smiled and got out of the car. She went around and helped Tara out. And walked her to her door.

"Willow? I know you probably won't want to but I was thinking that if you wanted you could stay over again tonight. We could talk or we could sleep or we could do some other things." Tara said. Her finger trailing down Willow's neck and barely brushing her left nipple.

Willow moaned quietly. "That could be fun." She said as she kissed Tara.

They opened the door and flew into the house. Throwing there coats and shoes by the door all without breaking the kiss. They had made it upstairs and fell onto Tara's bed as they started to take it slower.

The girls were walking down the street not exactly sure where they were going.

"I thinks it's my and her stop." Joey said indicating to her and Kay.

"Alright. See you guys tomorrow." Nicki said. As her and Alisha headed to her own house.

They came to Nicki's back yard. Where Nicki pulled Alisha into a very heated kiss. "What time is it?" Nicki asked. Kissing down Alisha's neck.

"Almost one." Alisha answered.

"Hows we get inside." Nicki slurred. Alisha agreed.

Nicki climbed up the side of the house using the home made ladder her uncle helped her make when she was ten.

They got up on the roof and went over to a window.

Nicki are you sure this is your window?" Alisha asked confused.

"Yes I am sure." Nicki said opening it.

Nicki turned to Alisha grabbed her and pulled her into her arms. As they started making out against the open window.

Tara had gotten Willow's shirt off and was kissing along her collarbone. Willow lost in the feel of Tara's lips. Neither of them noticing the girls right outside the window. Nor noticing when the window opened.

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