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Sometimes you just can't help it

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

It was about quarter to seven when Kay and Jenn walked up to the Maclay's house. "Nicki! Alisha! They're here." Tara called.

Tara had gotten home an hour before and hadn't seen the two girls since she left earlier. There was something about a fish. Willow came in and wrapped her arms around Tara's waist. She leaned in for what was supposed to be a peck but turned into a full out tongue duel.

Nicki and Alisha came down. "God, get a room." Nicki said playfully.

"God, get out of my house." Tara said back as she opened the door for them.

"So did you figure out a name for the fish?" Wilow asked rubbing her hand across Tara's back. Nicki and Alisha both looked at each other then back at Willow and nodded.

"Suburban!" They both said with huge smiles on there faces.

Then they were walking out the door. "Don't forget. Back before twelve." Tara said. Then she closed the door and turned to Willow who had a very weird look on her face.

"Suburban?" Tara just waved her hand and pushed Willow on to the couch. Tara jumped on her straddling her. Tara bent down and kissed Willow long and hard.

"A little impatient are we." Willow said smirking and running her hands through golden tresses.

"What can I say. I like being on top." Tara said as she pinned Willow's arms above her head. "On top and in charge."

Willow kissed her but moved her leg and pushed with her arms so they rolled off the couch and on to the floor with Willow on top. "Well so do I." She said as she pushed her knee against Tara's center.

They were grinding against each other and touching light touches where ever they could. They knew where to touch and where not to touch. They may really like each other, but they also just met and they weren't ready to go that far.

Willow kissed along Tara's neck, then she licked up to her ear. That sent Tara over the edge just a bit. She had a very small orgasm, but an orgasm non the less.

"Ha. I win." Willow said playfully.

"Shut up. You haven't seen take charge Tara yet." Tara said leaning up against the couch with Willow still sitting on her.

"Ooh do I get to see now?" Willow asked bouncing lightly and tracing the stitching of the pockets on Tara's jeans. She looked so adorable. Like a little five year old.

"I wish you could sweetie, but now since you won. I have to go take a quick shower. Then you and me are going to see a movie." Tara said. Willow helping her up.

"What movie?"

"Whatever you want. The papers in the kitchen on the counter."

Willow kissed Tara one last time before skipping into the kitchen.

"So what are we gonna do tonight?" Alisha asked.

"Well we could head up to the Alien Parking." Nicki said getting a cigarette from Kay and lighting it. Then handing it over to Alisha.

Alien Parking was a little hangout spot that the girls had found when they were seven and had named it Alien Parking. It was in the woods so no one could find it. It overlooked Sunnydale's lake and part of the town.

"Ya okay. Plus look what I got." Jenn said pulling out a big round bottle. She handed it to Nicki. "Whiskey. Damn this is the good stuff."

"You know if my mom found out I was doin' this she would kick my ass." Alisha said handing the cigarette back to Nicki.

"Mine too." Nicki added. Wrapping her arm around Alisha.

"Well my parents really don't pay attention to me." Kay said. A look of sadness crossing her face.

"Ya and my mom's never around to notice so..." Jenn said lighting one of her own.

"Well here we are. Who's ready to party?" Jenn asked. Taking a drink from the bottle, then pulling out a coke to wash it down with.Kay pulled out her little radio and turned it on.

They passed the bottle and coke around as they danced.

Tara was out of the shower and dressed at about ten to eight. She was coming down the stairs and saw Willow sitting on the couch.

"Hey. Did you decide on a movie?" She asked as she grabbed her coat out of the closet.

"Ya, they're having this thing that they used to have at the old theater!" Willow said all excited.

"Well what is it?" Tara asked laughing at how Willow was acting.

"It's a surprise." Willow said looking at Tara hoping she still wanted to go.

"I love surprises. Let's go." Tara said.

She dragged Willow to the door and opened it. Willow was happy she still wanted to go. She pinned her to the door and kissed her. "Thanks." She said. Then she walked out and to the car.

Tara stood there a little shocked then snapped out of it when she heard honking and a very impatient redhead telling her to hurry.

She locked the door then walked down to enjoy what will be one of the strangest nights of her life.

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