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Sometimes you just can't help it

Author: Amazonaa
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Willow's hand was slowly inching down to Tara's jeans. She slowly slipped the button out of the hole and unzipped her pants.

She was about to slide her hand under when two people fell on them.

Alisha fell next to Tara and Willow while Nicki fell on Willow's back. Tara looked over and saw Alisha and screamed, not realizing it's her. Which made Alisha scream. Which also made Willow and Nicki scream.

Willow jumped up and threw Nicki to the ground as Tara jumped off the bed into Willow's arms.

Tara ran out into the hall and Willow turned on the light.

Willow saw the two girls and sighed. "What the hell are you doing?! Arn't you already supposed to be in bed?" Willow asked.

Then Tara came running in there with a bat.

"Okay who are they?" She said swinging the bat around. She stopped when she saw Nicki.

"Um... Surprise!!" Nicki said. Alisha looked at her. Nicki just shrugged. Then Willow started laughing.

"What's so funny?" Tara asked pissed.

"You should have seen yourself. Swinging that bat around with no shirt and your pants open like that." Willow and Tara's eyes went wide.

Tara grabbed her shirt and tucked it in. Willow tripped over the bed trying to get her shirt.

Alisha rolled off the bed next to Nicki and helped her get her shirt done up right.

"You guys are going to do a lot of ex..." The doorbell rang. "Bed. Now!" Tara said pointing out the door.

They walked out.

"Surprise." Alisha mocked.

"Shut up. I couldn't think of anything else."

"How about 'Hey this isn't where I parked my car'." Alisha said. Nicki pushed her into her room. Tara laughed a little then went to answer the door.

Tara opened the door a police man was standing on the porch.

"Evenin' ma'am." He said smiling and tipping his hat.

"Hello officer. Is there a problem?" Tara said worried.

"No ma'am. I got a call sayin' that a few of your neighbors heard screaming. I just came to make sure everything was okay." The officer said.

Before Tara could answer Willow walked up behind her still shirt less.

"Baby I can't find my shirt. I think Nicki kicked it somewhere when she got off the be..." Willow jumped behind Tara. "Hello officer." She squeaked.

Tara turned wide-eyed at the policeman.

"Listen. Nothing's wrong. Sorry about the screaming." The officer raised his hands.

"Don't worry. I'm sure you had a good reason for screamin'. You three have a good night." He said smiling.

Tara closed the door. "Did he think...?" A very red Willow asked. Tara nodded.

"I think so." Tara shuddered.

"Uck! She's my daughter. Okay! Off subject!! Speaking of, why don't we go talk to the little Peeping Toms." Tara said grabbing Willow and taking her to Nicki's room.

"Tara you don't really think they were peaking do you?" Willow asked shocked.

"No you nerd. I was kidding."

"Oh." Willow said laughing. "Hey don't call me a nerd." Tara just laughed and opened the door.

Tara saw Alisha and Nicki snuggled together sleeping. She couldn't help but smile.

"Lets talk to them tomorrow." Willow said guiding Tara to her bedroom. "I want some Tara snuggles before someone else falls through the window."

As soon as Nicki heard Tara's door shut she opened her eyes.

"That was close." Nicki said. Alisha nodded.

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