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Search and Rescue

Author: Rosemary
Rating: NC-17
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"So, I guess I should get up and get ready for work,"Willow said, her eyes on Tara's own, her fingertips lightly caressing her her face, thumb tracing her lips.

"Yeah, I guess you should," Tara said as she lightly kissed the thumb. Willow removed the thumb and it was replaced by her lips. It was a kiss that was meant to be light and chaste, but it was quickly becoming more.

Willow rolled over and was now lying on top of Tara. She was addicted. She couldn't get enough.

She began a rhythm with her hips that Tara quickly picked up. Their kissing had moved to the no-turning-back level and Willow remembered thinking that she was going to be late for work. She didn't care. She moved her hands to Tara's sides and slid them both underneath Tara and took a cheek in each one. The rolling movement was now a thrusting movement and Tara allowed her legs to fall open. Willow's mouth moved from Tara's lips and went to her throat. She was kissing and licking it in a spot she had learned drove Tara wild.

"Oh, God that's so good. Mmm, Willow, I... I'm so... God the things you do to me," Tara panted out.

Willow moaned loudly as she felt Tara's hand press her hips down more firmly and began thrusting upward. Willow kissed her way down till she was meet by a stiffened nipple. She pulled it into her mouth and began to suck it and pull at it with her teeth.

"Baby, I love you... I love you so much," she panted into Willow's ear.

She ran a hand down Willow's ass and her middle finger found the crack there and it moved in between the cheeks and slid downward, collecting some of the wetness there as she pulled it upward again. The finger was now slightly slicked and it once again slid downward till it found the entrance to Willow's core. She moved it in collecting more of the wetness there that she would need to do what she wanted to do. She had read somewhere that if this was done correctly it could be pleasurable. Once she felt it was sufficiently coated, she ran it back upwards till she found the other entrance that she had yet to explore.

She pressed the tip of her finger to it and Willow cried out, the sensation causing her to bite down on the nipple she held in her teeth. Tara moved her other hand down now in between the two bodies and turned it so that her palm now lay flat on Willow's stomach. She pushed upward, the action signaling to Willow that Tara wanted her to raise herself up. Eager to please, she did as Tara wanted and Tara then sat up on her folded legs. Her hand still remained in place at Willow's rear and her free hand now moved to the lips of Willow's sex. She opened them with her fingers and held them open.

She then put a small pressure at Willow's ass and pressed her open lips down onto her thigh. Her eyes fell closed from the sensation of Willow's sex covering her thigh with her juices.

"Do you want me to do this this way Willow?" she purred into Willow's ear as she pressed the tip of her finger a little harder at Willow's rear entrance and rocked forward slowly, causing Willow's clit to slide against her thigh.

"MMggoodd," Willow said.

"I will take that as a yes," Tara said as she pushed herself forward again, causing the finger to dip in just the slightest bit, and yet again stimulate the clit that was pressed down on her thigh.

"Oh yes, Willow, let me take you this way. Please let me," she whispered into Willow's ear as she sped the rocking up slightly. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she was sure Willow could feel it.

"Oh my God, this is... oh fuck Tara. God, oh my God I... I don't, mmmm, auggod, yes do it, please," Willow panted out between breaths.

That was all Tara needed. She scooted her self forward a little and she placed a hand flat on the mattress as she adjusted her possession for more leverage. She closed her eyes and began thrusting forward, the pace slightly faster then moments before. She pushed the finger tip inside and then she rocked backward. Her next forward thrust pushed Willow against it, forcing it in just a little farther. Again she pulled back. Forward again and it was in to the first joint. She curled it now and held it there, having reached the point that she knew was as far as she wanted it.

"Press your hands to the headboard baby. It will help to hold you when I start thrusting faster," she panted into Willow's ear. Willow did and Tara began.

She pulled back and press her free hand to the small of Willow's back and downward, so that Willow's center was now pushed more firmly to her thigh. She wiggled the finger that was inside of Willow and her head flew backward, a long drawn out moan escaping Willow's mouth. Tara began now, she pulled herself backward then slammed herself forward. Back and forward, back and forward. Faster and harder every time till Willow was reeling. Her head swayed loosely on her neck from side to side and back and forth.

Tara pressed the finger in a little farther and once again began to wiggle. Willow's hips were helping herself now as she rolled them into the thigh then slammed them backward onto the finger. There were sounds coming out of her mouth that Tara thought were possibly supposed to be words.

"Do you want to say something Sweetie? Do you? Are you trying to tell me you like this, hum? You like what I'm doing don't you baby? You like it as much as... ohh, fuck... aaagg... God, do you like it as much as... as much I... as... Oh God Willlow, Willow, what, what's... ohh God yes..."

Tara was in shock. She was going to come and she was the one doing the fucking. She wanted to tell Willow, tell her that she was making her come by letting her fuck her this way. "Here you go, here you go baby, mmm, ohh... Please... help me Sweetie, help me make you. Tell me, tell me what you need..." Tara could speak no more. She couldn't, she couldn't talk. Instead she fucked harder. She wanted Willow to come with her and she would do that by fucking her harder.

Her decision made, she flung them both forward, Willow landing on her back and the finger pressed in just a bit farther. Willow cried out in pleasure and Tara took her free hand and lifted Willow's knee and place her own sex against her thigh. Then the hand moved between Willow's legs and she thrust two fingers up the other entrance and the fucking really began. Thrusting and grinding and pushing and moaning. All of these sounds and actions now filled the room. Willow was up now, her feet laying flat on the bed and she was frantic. Her head twisted sideways, toes curling. She was wound up so tightly now that she was sure the orgasm that was starting to break would kill her. Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth was open wide.

It was erupting and now her legs were shaking. She was gasping for breath and her body was reaching, searching at a frantic pace for the touch that would end this beautiful misery. Tara was coming, she knew that she was. She was thrusting into Willow so quickly that the headboard was slamming into the wall. She looked down at the hand that was doing the fucking and it fascinated her. Fascinated and ended her at the same time as her eyes slammed shut and her center ground wildly against Willows thigh and then she screamed: "WILLOW... WILLOW... OHHH... YEAH... YEAH... BABY... I'M... I'M... YES... YES... OH GOD YES... WILLOW... AUGHHH... AHH... AHH... AAHH... AAAHHH... OH FUCK... AAUUGGHH..."

Willow followed right behind and she thrashed wildly as a long single screaming moan escaped her lungs.

They both lay there. Unable to move. Sweat covering their bodies.


"Yeah baby?"

"Go to work."

Willow rolled over and once again kissed Tara.

"Shower first. Then work," she said.

"Are you suggesting that I come with you?"

"Yes, yes I am," Willow answered

"You'll never make it to work if I go in there with you. You know that right?"

"I know. You're right."

Willow rolled over and tried to stand. She found it funny that she couldn't stand.

"What's funny sweetie?"

"I can't walk." She was laughing louder now, and Tara was right there with her.

She finally made it to the bathroom and finished her shower. She was looking around for a towel and she opened the cabinet to see if there was one there when something caught her eye. It was a little brown leather box and she thought she knew what it was. She took it out and was examining it when Tara came in and inquired: "Do you need a towel?"

Willow turned around and she turned bright red. "Oh yes, I do actually because I didn't see one here and so I was looking down here for one but, as I'm sure you know, with this being your bathroom and all, that there wasn't one down there and I saw this and I thought maybe there was a towel in here?"

(Oh please Willow, a towel in here? she said to herself)

Tara just looked at her with a smile on her face. "No, no, Willow. I don't keep towels in the case with my toy... And I just know you can't possibly be thinking about using that after six times yesterday and twice in one hour this morning, 'cause if you are I think you just might kill me."

"No, no. I was just curious because it's so big." Willows eyes went wide when she realized what she said. "I mean the case, not the toy."

"I know what you ment. Yes that's a pretty neat little thing there. I got it in Nevada at a place called Miss Kitty B's Naughty World of Whoopee. It has seven speeds."

"Seven? Wow that's scary. Probably dangerous," Willow said eyeing it carefully.

"It is. It has a earthquake warning here, see?" Tara pointed.

"Do not use above setting four in San Andres Fault area. Oh yeah. That's good. Safety first," Willow answered.

"Yes. I'm glad. I know I feel safer," Tara said as she tossed it back under the sink.

"So. What time are you off tonight?"

"Four. I should be back by, umm four thirty?"

"Sounds good. I'll see you then. I have to go down and feed the horses now. So I'll say goodbye now okay?" she said as she leaned forward for a kiss.

Willow got to work and she noticed right away that everyone was looking at her smiling. "What?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing, nothing Officer Rosenberg," Marco said. "So, you got plenty of rest yesterday?" he said a smirk on his face.

"Yes, yes I did. I spent half the day in bed."

"pphhhff... hahaheehee... pppffff..."

She swung around and looked at Al. "What's so funny"

"Nothing, really nothing," he smiled.

"Okay, I'm going in there now," she said pointing to her office.

"Where did you spend the other half?" asked Leo, the least bright of them all.

"The other half of what?"

"Your day. You look, I don't know, full? Did you get plenty to eat or something?"


"What the hell is wrong with you people?"

"Nothing Boss, really. We're just glad your feeling better."

"Okay. Do I have any messages?" she asked.

"Yeah, they're on the machine," Al said.

Willow walked into her office shaking her head. She pushed the play button on the machine and heard

"You are a hungry little thing aren't you Tara?

"We just had breakfast."

"It's dessert."

"Mmm God you make me crazy. I want you right now. Right here, right now."

"Oh fuck yes, right here Willow."

Sound of dishes crashing to the floor.

"How baby? How do you want me?"

"I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with that ohh so talented mouth of yours."

"Okay baby. Anything you want."

"Oh yes, just like that Willow... mmm... just like that... you know what to do..."

"I love the way you taste. Sweet and salty, I just, fuck... I can't get enough."

"Oh yeah baby. Clean it all up. Every drop."

"Mmm God don't stop Willow. Please don't stop. Don't ever stop."

Willow just stood there. Eyes wide. "Oh my God," she said. "I cannot believe how turned on that just made me. Oh that Tara is a vixen."

She went to her office door and said: "Jealous aren't you? Do you ever get reactions like that boys?" She winked and closed the door.

Willow got back to Tara's house and she saw her. She was stunning. She was on a horse and she was trotting him toward her. The smile on her face made Willow's mouth go dry.

"Well hello there beautiful," Tara said. She reached a hand down, signaling for Willow to take it. "Come on Sweetie. Come up here with me."

"You want me up there? On that?" she said, pointing to the horse.

Tara laughed. "Don't you trust me? It's safe. I promise."

Willow reached a hand down and Willow accepted it this time. She pulled her up and Willow sat behind Tara and wrapped her arms around her waist. They took off trotting till they reached the stable and Tara jumped down. Willow followed behind and she led the horse into the stable.

"How was your day Sweetie?" she asked Willow as she leaned down for a kiss. Willows lips meet Tara's and they shared a slow loving kiss.

"Mmm, Much better now."

"So are you ready to meet my friends?"

"Do you mean the horses? 'Cause they don't like me."

"Don't be silly. This is Maverick. He's a Palomino. He's five years old and gentle as a lamb. Go ahead. Pet him," Tara said.

Willow reached her hand up and she gave him a scratch on the nose. He pushed his nose up and made a horse noise. You know, the 'pppppp' sound. (Brilliant writing, no?)

Willow pulled her hand away and Tara laughed again. Maverick put his nose down again asking Willow for another scratch.

"He's from Texas.He was a lead pony at Sam Houston Racetrack. That's where they have Quarter horse racing. I've had him for two years."

"What's a lead pony?"

"It's a horse that walks to the gate with the entry. Helps keep them calm till they load in the gate."

"He is very nice. I think he likes me," Willow said, smiling, proud of herself for overcoming her fear.

"How could he resist? You are so very likeable."

Willow smiled at Tara again.

"And this is Juju. She's a thoroughbred. She's actually from France," Tara said proudly

"Wow, really?"

"Yep. She comes from a long line of champions actually. Her sire was the Winner at the 2001 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe."

"The what?"

Tara smiled, "Well, it's a major stakes race in France. It's part of the Arc de Triomphe or Arc day, that's held at Longchamp in Paris. It's really the equivalent of The Breeder's Cup or Derby Day here. It's a pretty big deal."

"So you know a lot about horse racing?"

"Yeah, I grew up around it. My parents were big in it. We owned a racing stable in Kentucky."

"Wow. Do they still own it?"

"Well my Mom passed away about four years ago, but yeah my dad and brother still operate it. It's a good business. Maybe we can go there one day."

"I'd love that. I'm sorry about your mom."

"She was a wonderful person. I miss her terribly," Tara said, her voice dropping a bit.

"You okay baby?"

"Yes I'm good. Better than good."

"I think I like your horses Tara. They seem very nice. Just like their owner."

Tara bent down and pressed her lips to Willow's. She pulled Willow in and the kiss was heating up quickly.

Tara broke it and said: "So, what would you like to do now?"

Willow smiled as she took Tara's hand and led her toward the house.

"Auugggh, auughh, aaauuugg, mmm, haagod, mmmmoh..." Tara was wild now. Willow had her pushed up against the wall and was thrusting up into her with three fingers. Her hands were digging into Willow's ass as she pulled her tighter to her body. She was slowly sliding down the wall and now she was lying on the floor. Willow was on top of her now and she was slamming her entire body into the thrusts now. Tara's hands let go off her hold on Willow's ass and she threw them up and against the wall as she used it to push herself more forcefully at Willow's hand.

Willow place her thumb at Tara's clit and pushed down lightly on it and Tara screamed: "OH FUCK YES!" Willow yet again increased the speed and Tara was now reduced to only loud grunting noises. She arched her back and pulled one hand off the wall. She moved it to her own breast and began to tweak her own nipple. Her head now bent back and her mouth fell open as she felt the burning sensation start in her belly and she knew she was going to orgasm. She thrashed at the fingers inside and Willow felt the muscles begin to grip at her fingers.

"You're going to come, I can tell," she growled into Tara's ear. "I can feel it. You're going to come and I'm the one that's doing it to you. Do you know what that does to me baby? Do you? It makes me want to fuck you harder. Does it make you want that too? Do you want me to fuck you harder?" Willow rasped out.

"Harder, God yes, do it harder. Willow fuck me, fuck me harder please." Willow then put her weight on one elbow and did just that.

"Is that hard enough baby? Is it?"

"No, nommm... do it harder... still do itohhh yyeees, fuck me harder," Tara whispered out. Her hands yet again found the wall and she pushed back and raised her hips off the floor to give Willow more access. Her body was beginning to shake uncontrollably and her hips jerked wildly against Willow.

One, two, three thrusts and she was over. She let out a long scream and her body twisted uncontrollably and exploded.

She let her hips hit the ground again and when she could speak again she could only laugh.

"Oh my God. That was, ha, God. I don't have words Willow. I just don't."

Willow then began to laugh as well.

"We didn't even make it to the door this time," Willow said.

"No, we didn't did we."

"Can you move?"

"I think so. But I don't want to."

"I like your hallway Tara. The carpet's a really nice color."

They both began to laugh again.

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