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Search and Rescue

Author: Rosemary
Rating: NC-17
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Willow was behind Tara and Tara was on her hands and knees. She placed the head of the dildo at Tara's entrance and was now slowly pressing it into her.

"Mmmm, oh God that's good," Tara said.

"You like it baby?" Willow asked as she pushed it in a little deeper.

"Yes, I like, I like everything you do to me," Tara panted.

Willow felt her breath catch at Tara's words and ventured in just a little deeper. She was planning on teasing Tara for as long as possible before she would bring her to orgasm. She knew that it would pay off in the end for her and her life now was about doing anything she could for Tara. Her hips were moving in a rolling fashion as she pressed it in just a little bit farther.

Her eyes here closed and she was concentrating now on getting the rest of the dildo up her as slowly as possible. It was a chore because the very idea of this had her so on fire that she wanted to just slam it in the rest of the way and bring Tara to her destination as quickly as possible. Hearing and seeing Tara being brought to climax was something that had made her top ten list of all time favorite things. Actually Tara was her top ten list of favorite thing to do. In the last six months they had become inseperable. She had moved in with Tara after the first month and everything was just absolutely heaven.

She was three quarters in now and Tara could not stand any more, as she slammed back against it, forcing it in the rest of the way. The top of the dildo was now pressing into Willow's clit and with every movement here own pleasure was elevated.

"Ahh God Willow. You have to move. Please I need this to start now. I need you to make me come."

Willow moaned and now she was moving. Moving slowly but moving none the less and Tara cried out. She put a hand down flat on the mattress and leaned her weight on it. She began to move her hips up and a little to the side. She knew where Tara's G spot was and this angle would be sure to hit the target. Her eyes remained shut tight and she was beginning to whisper things to herself as she began to thrust in and out of Tara.

"Oh, yes... I love this, doing this to you."

"I love it, I love what you do to me Willow. No one else has ever done what you do to me. Never."

"Tell me again, tell me what I'm doing Tara," Willow said as she speed her movements up.

"You're touching me inside. You inside of me and you're loving me this way. Showing me you love me."

"I am. I'm showing you aren't I baby? Showing you how I love you."

"Ohhh God... yes you love me. I know... I know it."

Willow was moving faster now and she heard Tara gasp sharply as she at last found her spot. The sound caused Willow to shudder with sensation and she now moved her weight slightly to concentrate her movements to this area. She pushed up all the way and held there. Her movements now short, rapid upward jabs that hit their target everytime.

"Oh yeah, you have it Willow. It's right there. You know me inside and out don't you?"

Willow grunted and bit her lip as she now began to move faster. Her breath was coming through her nostrils and the work was causing her to overheat.

"Ohhh, I'm almost there... almost Willow."

Willow now adjusted again as she sat up on her knees. She held tightly to Taras hips and her weight rested on Tara's ass. She was thrusting in now at the maximum speed she was capable of and Tara was falling, falling over and thrashing backwards.

"Come on Baby. Come for me. I want to hear it. I want to hear you scream my name... scream it for me Tara," Willow rasped out. She was desperate to hear it. She put every muscle of her body into it now and to her own surprise, found herself moving faster yet.

Tara was still now. Her head held up, neck stretched, teeth clenched and short, sharp breathe were forcing themselves through her gritted teeth.

"Ohhh Willow, ohh God... Willow here it... I'm gooddd yes... Willow, Willow... So so close... OHH GOD."

Willow yet again found the strength to move faster. Slamming her hips against Tara's ass and she too was going to come. She collapsed herself on top of Tara and held her body still save her hips that were now pumping at an alarming rate. Her mouth found Tara's shoulder and her teeth clamped down on it as she began to scream.

"Tara, Tara... Ohh augghh please, God Tar say it say it now," Willow begged, near tears.


Tara exploded as she fell flat to the bed and Willow continued to thrust at her spot. She was going again, she was coming again with barely time to recover.


Again she climaxed, but it wasn't enough for Willow. One more, just one more Willow said to her self and she increased her pace yet again. Incapable of speech Tara just gasped and groaned as she was yet again pushed over.

Willow came now. In a flurry of frantic movements she raised her head and howled: "TARA TARA TARA OHH AUUGGHH AAAGGHHHMMM OHHH PPFFAAGGGHH." Her teeth clamped down hard now on Tara's shoulder and she collapsed.

And then it was over. She lay atop Tara panting, desperately sucking air into her burning lungs as she began to come back. She placed light kisses on the shoulder where she had bitten Tara a little to hard.

"I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?" Panic filled her voice as she rolled off, desperately needing to see Tara's face.

Tara laughed, "Hurt me? No Willow, you didn't hurt me."

She kissed Willow's face and they lay there, side by side, staring into each other's eyes, and within minutes they had both fallen into a peaceful sleep.

Willow woke to find that Tara was no longer in bed. She got up and found Tara in the kitchen making something that smelled positively delicious.

"Wow, baby that smells amazing. What are you making?"

"Lasagna. But you know, we could use a bottle of red wine to go with it if you don't mind."

"No problem baby. I'll go down to Gills and get one," Willow answered.

"You might want to take Millo. I think he's feeling a little left out. Especially since you yelled at him earlier."

"Well he needs to stop harassing the horses. He's gonna get himself killed one of these days."

"I know baby. Just give him time. He'll get used to them."

"I know. You know what else?"


"I love you more today then I did yesterday."

This was something Willow said to Tara every day, and every day it still had the same effect.

"I love you too, so much more then you know," she said as she leaned down for a kiss.

Willow pulled up to the convenience store and got out of her truck.

"I'll be right back. Now you be a good boy okay?"

"Orworworw," said Millo.

Well it's about time she paid some attention to me. What's up with that? Oh I hope I get that hard chewy stuff that taste like that shoe she used to have. Ohhhh pllleeaaaase give me some chewy stuff.

Millo's tail was wagging at the thought of beef jerky when he heard a loud bang. His head immediately flew up and his senses kicked in. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. His immediate reaction was to jump to the front seat and jumped out the window.

He ran in the direction of the bang and he saw her. She was sleeping? In the middle of the chewy food place? Why would she be doing that?

He ran toward her and was almost run down by two other people who were running out.



He tried again. "OWROWROWR!"

Still nothing.

'Mom, come on Mom,' He said to her. 'Get up. Please get up.'


Millo sat and licked her face.

'Oh no, oh no, please get up. Mama please. I'm sorry. I won't scare those horses anymore, just please can we go home?'


He ran outside and down the street. He knew where he was going and when he got there he called at the door.


"Hey Millo buddy, what's up big guy?" Leo asked.

He put a hand down and Millo took it in his mouth and began to tug. He didn't bite him, he was just trying to get the point across he needed help.

"What, what is it boy?" Leo asked.

He looked down on the floor and he saw blood in the shape of Millo's paw print.

"Did you cut yourself Millo? Where's Officer hum?" Leo said.

He picked up the foot and saw he wasn't cut. "Oh God." Leo knew now what was wrong.

"Guys, we got trouble!"

He was out the door following Millo and Millo stopped to make sure he was following him.

They got to the store and when Leo walked in he immediately ran to Willow.

He could see she had been shoot at least twice and he immediately reached to see that there was still a pulse.He found one and the ambulance pulled in as he sat on the ground trying to apply pressure to the worst of the two shots that had landed in her back.

He was shaking, "God, please no." He was crying now as the blood was escaping Willow's body at a rate that his attempt at slowing it was becoming a losing battle.

"Is she okay, is she okay?" Ed asked Leo as he sat on the floor in Willow's blood. It was in his mind that he was probably contaminating evidence from a crime scene, but he coulsn't move.

"Umm, she's alive, but it... it's not looking very good."H e collapsed then as the sobs shook his body.

"Someone needs to call Tara," Leo said.

Tara heard the phone and she wiped her hands off on a towel. She thought it would be Willow and she was just slightly miffed because their dinner was now getting cold.

"Where are you? Dinner's getting cold."

Her facial expression changed and the phone fell from her hand as she collapsed to the floor.


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