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Search and Rescue

Author: Rosemary
Rating: NC-17
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"Now, where were we?" Willow asked as she walked her way back to Tara.

"On the kitchen table?" Tara answered.

"Funny lady hum?"

"No, not right now. Finish your chore or you'll get a spanking," Tara panted out.

"Can I have one even if I do finish?"

"That will depends on how well you do this."

Willow returned to the task at hand and retook her kneeling possition. Her mouth found its target and she pressed her tongue back in. "Oh yeah, that's good. Good girl, very good girl," Tara said.

Willow opened her mouth wide and thrust her tongue up inside of Tara, swirling it around then pulled it out and began flicking it at Tara's clit.

"Fingers baby, where are my fingers?"

Willow, eager to please, wanting to earn her punishment, stood up and thrust three fingers deep inside Tara.

"Unmm, there you go, that's it. That's what I want."

Willow then began to thrust them in and out and moved herself farther up between Tara's legs. She was watching Tara's breasts as they wiggled with every deep thrust into her. She bent down and sucked one into her mouth. She used her free hand to hold it still as she opened her mouth wider and pushed as much of it into her mouth as she could. She slowly pulled her head up, freeing the breast in small sections as she went. When she got to the nipple, she bit down lightly on it and flicked it lightly with her tongue.

"Oh yes, yes, I love it like that, mmm, yes," Tara said between breaths. Willow removed her mouth from Tara's breast and went back down to her knees. She pulled her fingers out and moved them up to Tara's breast as her mouth took over their previous assignment. She began to pinch the nipple with her fingers as her tongue expertly worked Tara's clit.

"Ohhh Willow, ohh God I'm going to come, I'm going to come." She gritted her teeth and forced her breath through them as she began to squeeze her muscles tightly and then let them taunt again.

"Ohh, yeah, aaaggg-"

Willow pushed her face harder against Tara and her fingers squeezed Tara's nipple a little harder. Tara's hand found Willow's head and and pushed it down even farther. Her ankles wrapped around Willow's neck and she thrust herself violently into Willow's mouth.

"Fuck, ha, yes... umm..."

Her hand now left Willow's head and she used them both to grip the sides of the table. She pulled herself back and threw herself forward into Willow's mouth. Her forward thrusts so powerful that the table was now moving slightly across the floor. Her feet now momentarily uncrossed and she moved them down slightly before wrapping them back around Willow's shoulders.

"God, God here I come baby, here, I'm... oh are you thirsty baby... are you ready? Are you Willow?"

Willow stopped for a minute to answer: "Fuck yes baby I'm ready, give me what's mine."

"Mmmm, this is mmm, for you, yes all for you OHH, OHH GOD YES BABY YEAH!" Her hands flew to the back of Willow's head and pressed it harder down against her as her hips flew up off the table and forward. "OOOHHHWWW, YES HHHMM, AAAUUUGG, FUCKIN YES. FUCK THERE IT IS. OH YES!"

Then she erupted. Her hips sat still in the air for a moment before they once again thrust up against Willow's mouth. Then she let them down. She was sucking air deeply back into her lungs and she had to wait momentarily before she could open her eyes.

"So, someone gets a spanking, I take it?" Willow said as she crawled up on the table and shook her ass in Tara's face.

"Oh, you're a naughty little officer aren't you? You come over here now and take your medicine," Tara purred

"You make me naughty. You make me very naughty."

Tara then sat up and and knelt behind Willow. She took both hands and began to massage Willows ass cheeks, kneading them and pressing them together.

"Do you want a spanking then hum?"

Swat, swat, swat.

"There you go." Smack, thwap, smack. "I'll teach you to misbehave!"

"Oh yes, spank me baby, spank me hard, teach me a lesson. Ohhh owie, owie baby," Willow said, wiggling her ass again.

"Bad," smack, "bad," smack, "very bad girl." Smack, smack, smack.

"That's it, turn 'em red, make them match the red in the front," Willow growled.

"Oh I'll make them match." Swat, swat smack smack swat. "I will you bbbaaddd, bbbaaadd, bbbaaaddd officer."

"And you're a dirty little forest ranger. Come on baby, range my forest."

"Oh I will, I will range it. I'll range then I'll range it some more. That's what I do best. Gggrrrooowwwlll."

"Willow, Willow. Wake up baby. You got to go to work," Tara said as she shook Willow awake.

"Oh yes umm... work yes, yes I do. Hi," she answered.

"Are you okay Willow? You look flushed," Tara asked, concerned.

"Yes, yes I'm good. Just, you know, a little tired," Willow answered

"So, are you coming back tonight? I've got some friends I want you to meet."

"Friends? What kind of friends?"

"You'll see."

"Okay then. I really had a great day yesterday. It was nice, you know with all the loving and fun stuff," Willow said. "Umm, was there spanking?"

"What?" Tara curled an eyebrow.

"No, it's nothing, but there was a kitchen table?" Willow asked.

"Yes, three or four times I think." She smiled at Willow and from the memory.

"Well it was all very nice anyway," Willow added.

Tara rolled over and slid herself between Willow's legs. "Very nice.Very nice indeed," she said as she bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. Willow reached up and placed an arm around Tara's neck. She ran her tongue along Tara's lip and Tara opened her mouth for her. She slid her tongue inside and Tara pressed a thigh between her legs.

"Well. It's too bad you can't call in sick again. How much time have you got Sweetie?" Tara asked.

"Enough," she answered as she pressed her hips up against the thigh. Tara moved her hand between Willow's legs and pressed her fingers into the damp curls she found there.

"Wow, you're ready to go already. Good dream baby?"

"No, you do that to me. I just look at you and that happens."

Tara then bent down and found Willow's mouth again. She slid two fingers deep inside of Willow and began to work her magic. She pushed her fingers in and upward curling her fingers as she drew slowly out.

"God, Tara you make me crazy. I love you so much."

"Say that again," Tara whispered.

"I love you. I really do," Willow gasped as the fingers began to move faster.

"I love you too, Willow."

She closed her eyes and and rested all her weight on one arm. She opened them again and she began the motion again.

"How do you do that, how do you make me feel this way when I make love to you?" Tara asked.


Tara was moving faster now. She moved slightly over and found Willow's mouth. She thrust her tongue inside and her fingers matched its rhythm.

"Oh yes baby. Right there. That's the spot."

She increased the pace yet again and pulled her mouth away. Willow was on the edge. Tara recognized it now. The facial expression, the sounds she made. The way her muscles griped and released. Every bit of it fascinated her. There were new things she was learning as well. Every time they made love she found a new secret that showed her what Willow liked. She was learning now as Willow had grabbed at her ass and was pressing her fingers into the flesh that she found and Tara thought it might make her come. She spoke her approval of Willow's new reaction not in words but with a shuddering sigh that she couldn't hold in.

Willow moved now, indicating that she wanted them on their sides. Tara complied and she felt Willow's fingers pudh deeply inside of her.

"Open your eyes baby. I want to look at you, please," Willow said.

Tara did as told and she began to move in sync with Willow, her hips following her fingers as they moved inside and pulling away from them as they made the retreat. They were right there in the very same place.

"Mmm yes, I feel you baby, I feel where you are," Tara said.

"I feel you too, I love how it feels. So warm, so open."

"Only for you baby, only for you," Tara rasped out.

They were both on the edge and they increased their rhythm yet again. They were both panting now, moaning softly as they approached fulfillment. Willow was there now and her eyes closed tight. Her moans grew louder and her hips thrust more rapidly. Tara was ready and she felt her muscles tighten. Drawing Willow's fingers deeper inside herself.

"I'm coming Willow, I can't hold on. I'm coming right now," she said.

"Oh yes, yes I can feel it, I can feel it happening to you."

They were both thrusting at each other in a maddening pace. Tara's jaw clenched along with her sex and she knew it was over. She let out a scream as her body shook with the strength of the orgasm. Willow followed suit as she fell over with her.

"Oh God Tara... I love you so much. Thank you, thank you for saving me."

There were tears in her eyes and Tara pulled her close.

"No, no Willow, please don't cry. No more crying. You're safe here now, right here with me. Never again, no one will ever hurt you like that. Never again."

Tara was crying now too. God how she loved this woman. She would never let her go now. She couldn't survive it. She knew that as much as she knew Willow would never go. This was forever, just theirs and it was forever.

She kissed the tears from Willow's eyes and Willow let the last of the pain that she had carried for so long disappear. Tara had done what she never thought would happened. Tara had rescued her and she would never be lost again.

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