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Search and Rescue

Author: Rosemary
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimers: They are Joss Whedon's.
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"Yeah, so I'm just really tired and I think Millo and I are just going to... Ohh haha... stay home," Willow told the desk sergeant as she pressed herself farther into the kitchen counter Tara, currently on her knees, had her pinned against, nibbling on a butt cheek.

"Okay, Rosenberg, no problem," the voice on the other end said.

"Willow, you can call me Willow," Officer answered.


"Hello? Are you there?" Willow said.

"This is Rosenberg, right?" the voice asked.

"Yes, why?" Willow asked.

"No reason, so, okay. Oh by the way we got that report in from last week on..."

"Ohh God baby, stop for a... no don't actually," she spoke to Tara as she dropped the phone to the ground. "You are a hungry little thing aren't you Tara? We just had breakfast," Willow said as she pushed her ass against Tara's mouth.

"It's dessert," Tara answered.

Tara now stood up and turned Willow around and leaned in as she went after her mouth and thrust her tongue inside. Willow broke the kiss and said, "Mmm God, you make me crazy. I want you right now. Right here, right now," as she moved them toward the kitchen table.

"Oh Fuck yes, right here Willow," Tara panted out.

Gulp. "Officer Rosenberg?" the desk sergeant said. A beat. "Willow?" He then leaned back in his chair, eyes lit up in delight.

Tara turned and cleared the table with a sweep of her hand, sending dishes and the centerpiece flying. Willow lifted her up and sat her on the table as Tara leaned back and opened herself wide for Willow.

The officer sat at the desk. His phone to his ears, eyes wide. He giggled and said, "Holy shit! Guys you gotta hear this. It's Rosenberg." He put the phone on speaker.

Willow leaned in and took both of Tara's breasts in her hands and began to squeeze them, teasing the nipples with her fingertips as she pulled them to hard peaks. She bent her head down and asked, "How baby? How do you want me?"

"I want you to Fuck me. Fuck me with that ohh-so-talented mouth of yours."

"Woo who!! Oh man. So do we!" the officer said, as they were now a group of about six.

"Put it on record, put it on record," one of the other officers said.

"Okay baby. Anything you want," Willow said as she lowered herself to her knees and pushed her tongue into Tara's folds.

"Oh yes, just like that Willow... mmm... just like that... you know what to do..."

"Tell her anyway, tell her anyway!!" one of the officers yelled.

"I love the way you taste. Sweet and salty, I just, fuck... I can't get enough," Willow said as she ran her tongue up the full length of Tara's now dripping center.

"Oh yeah baby. Clean it all up. Every drop," Tara moaned.

Various sounds of middle aged, hyperactive-testosterone-gland-induced, cat-calls, followed by applause. Sounds of chairs being pulled up to the desk as the number of listeners increased to eight.

Willow began to work at Tara's clit. Her tongue pressing down firmly, lips wrapping around it as she slowly built a light suction. She brought a finger up and added it to the game, pushing it inside of Tara and pumping it in and out.

The suction increased and Willow now held the bud lightly between her teeth as her tongue began to flick at it with a slightly stronger pressure. She sucked it in farther and then released it.

"Mmm God don't stop Willow. Please don't stop. Don't ever stop."

They were beside themselves, some stomping their feet in their chairs, while others felt it necessary to stand and clap. They were like children at the circus.

"Oh Willow... I need I... please I need-"

"What do you need? What do you need?" one of the officers yelled at the phone.

"More fingers. I need more fingers."

"How many baby? How many do you want?" Willow asked.

"Ummm... fuck... Three, give me three. And harder... give it to me harder."

One officer bit his lip, closed his eyes, and raised his hands to the heavens in a silent prayer of thanks.

Then Tara noticed it.


"pwes?"she answered, mouth still on target.

"Hang up the phone Sweetie," Tara panted out.

"Oh yeah, sorry."

"NO!" they all yelled.

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