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Search and Rescue

Author: Rosemary
Rating: NC-17
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"So, Willow? Tell me. What do you want to do?" Tara said as she licked at Willow's lip.

"I... I want to... umm... check on my dog," Willow said.

"You want to what?" Tara said, sounding a little confused.

"Millo. He's in the truck. Can I bring him up here? I think I might want to stay for a while," she said as she leaned forward and kissed Tara's lips in a slow, loving kiss.

"Of course," Tara giggled.

"I'll be right back then." She leaned forward again and this time she increased the pressure of the kiss.

Tara put a hand behind her neck and pulled her in tighter. She opened her mouth and Willow pushed her tongue inside. She couldn't help but press it in deeper as she began to explore Tara's mouth. Her own mouth opened wider and Tara's tongue joined her in a beautiful passionate kiss. It wasn't like the earlier kiss, frantic and rushed. It was a slow expression of their mutual desire to learn each and every part of each other.

Tara broke the kiss and cleared her throat.

"So, Millo then."

"Yes, okay," Willow answered.

She leaned forward yet again and once again their learning began. Willow pushed herself up off of the door and wrapped her arms around Tara, one around her neck the other down around her waist. The kiss was once again growing in intensity and she began to move forward, guiding Tara till she could find something to accommodate the actions her body was demanding she take. She opened one eye and saw a couch at the front of the living area.

She slowly walked them to it and when they reached it, she pulled away.

"Will you wait here? I'll be right back."

"Oh yes. I'll be here."

Willow then turned and went outside to retrieve Millo from her truck.

She came back and Tara was sitting there waiting for her. There was a slight change in her mood and Tara looked up at her questioningly.

"What is it Officer?"

"Well, no more Officer please," she laughed.

"Sorry. Habit." Tara smiled at her.

"I haven't done this in a very long time. I don't want to disappoint you," she said looking at her hands.

Tara laughed. "Are you joking? Let me just say this. In my life, I have never been brought to orgasm during foreplay. So, disappointing? I doubt it."

"I did? I... Really?" Willow smiled a little and Tara laughed.

"Oh yeah. Hence the outburst."

"Oh wow."



"Get over here and kiss me."

Willow walked slowly over to Tara and sat down next to her. She turned and they looked deeply into each others eyes.

Tara then leaned forward and pressed her lips to Willow's. Their kiss once again began slowly. A quick reacquaintaince of the early kiss. Tara lay back on the couch and Willow followed after. Willow deepened the kiss and soon they were both ready for more. Tara sat up and pulled her shirt over her head and Willow followed in kind.

"Wait," Tara said. She stood up and put her hand out to Willow and she accepted it. She led Willow up the stairs to her bedroom and shut the door.

Willow stood behind her and before Tara could turn around she had slipped her arms aroud her middle and pulled her hands lightly into her belly. She began to nibble on Tara's neck and Tara leaned back into her. Her tongue began a slow journey upward till it meet her ear.

"Can I undress you?" Willow asked.

"Please," Tara said, voice shaking.

She ran her hands up Tara's arms and when they reached her shoulders she slowly pulled the straps of her bra down over her arms. Tara wiggled out of the bra and it fell to the floor. Willow's hands made their way once again to her stomach and pressed in again.

She turned Tara around to face her and she undid the button on her jeans and then the zipper. She hooked her fingers into the belt hoops and slowly lowered them. She followed them down and when she was on her knees, she lifted one of Tara's feet up and pulled it loose from the garment. She then repeated this with the other leg and soon they were across the room along with her panties.

She pressed her face into Tara's curls and her tongue darted in till it meet with Tara's clit and she curled her tongue and pulled it in with a slight suction from her lips. Tara let out a shuddering breath and placed her hand on top of Willow's head to keep her upright. Willow pressed at it now with her tongue and began to move it in a circular motion, building the pressure with every movement till she pressed it against the bone of her pelvis. Her tongue then began to rub it up and down then around and up again.

"Ohh Willow. This is... Oh God please."

She moved her hands downward till she found the pits off Willows arms and pulled her up.

"I want to touch you. I want to see you. All of you, please." She pulled Willow up and when Willow saw the look in Tara's eyes she almost passed out.

"Tara," she spoke the name as if in prayer, "you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Her eyes stayed focused on Tara's own and her hand gently traced the shape of her face. She took a deep gulp and her lips once again found Tara's and she began again to worship the inside of Tara's mouth.

Tara then began to free Willow of her pants and underwear and they were now free to touch and see each and every part of each other. Tara took Willow by the hand and laid her on the bed. She then crawled her way up till she was lying next to her. She rolled on her side and her eyes fell to Willow's breasts. She reached a tentative hand to one of them and began to massage it, placing her hand over the top and spreading her fingers then closing them catching the nipple between her middle and index finger. She moved her mouth down and kissed the nipple that stuck out between her fingers.

The taste was exquisite and her lips greedily pulled it into her mouth. She moved her free hand to the other one and began to squeeze it lightly, then a little harder. When she felt Willow react she bite down lightly on the nipple in her mouth.

"Oh, a little harder please," Willow requested Tara obliged and her teeth bit down just a bit more tightly and the hand squeezed and held firm the breast she was holding.

Tara then removed her hand from the breast and she slowly lowered it till it rest flat on Willow's stomach.She pressed down slightly and it began to circle. Circling and descending till it touched the curls that covered Willow's sex. She let it rest there momentarily and released the nipple from her mouth. She allowed the tip of her middle finger to work its way into Willow's folds and then straightened it and pressed down.

She pulled it up slowly, stopping to circle in a series of rapid, firm caresses, then switching the motion to long slow pushes, first up then down, then the circles and back to the pushes. She stared into Willow's face, her eyes heavy from arousal and her mouth slightly open. Her breathing was short and slow and the look on Willow's face as she readied her for entry sent her heart into an irregular beat pattern.

Willow was moving with her now, pushing up against her downward motions and pulling down as she pulled the finger up against her clitoris. She was starting to lose control. What Tara was doing to her was like nothing she had ever felt in her lifetime. The low moans and grunts that escaped her lips only added to Tara's skillful love making, encouraging her to go forward.

Tara was desperately trying to keep herself from thrusting into Willow at full force, but she knew that it had been five years since Willow had been made love to and she never wanted to hurt this woman. As the sound of Willow's breathing gave away the fact that she needed to be penetrated Tara moved the tip of her finger to Willows entry and held it still. She kept the finger still save its tip and began to press it against her hole. Not putting it in but merely reintroducing it to the feeling of being touched by another. She could feel it puckering at every contact and Willow was now grunting into Tara's ear that rested on her shoulder as she watched every movement of Willow's face. She slowly raised her head and she waited for Willow to focus on her.

She looked into Willow's face and said with a voice that whispered and shook with desire, "I'll push into you slowly, I know it's been a while and I don't want to hurt you. Okay?"

Willow was unable to answer. She just looked back into Tara's face with an expression that sent Tara's own center into light spasms. She had to close her eyes and squeeze her thighs together tightly to calm the twitching that had taken control over her own sex. Once calmed she slowly opened her eyes and began to put pressure on the finger that sat at Willow's entry.

She slowly began to slide in. She managed the tip up to the first joint into Willow and slowly retracted it till it sat at the very edge of the now throbbing core of Willow's entry. She gave a slight swirling motion and she could feel as well as here just how ready she was for this amazing first joining of their bodies in an act of love. She slowly pushed in again, this time just a little bit deeper and she could feel how very tight this part of Willow's body was. She was yet again forced to still herself and close her eyes as the overwhelming feeling of Willow's sex as it grasped her finger sent a shot of arousal through her body so strong that she had to cry out.

"Willow. Oh God Willow I can feel you. Can you feel me baby? Can you feel me inside you?"

Willow was still unable to answer with words but the sounds that came from her mouth answered the question for Tara. Tara was again in motion, this time pushing the finger in to the knuckle and holding there. She pressed the tip to the wall of Willow's sex and began to wiggle it inside.

"Mmm, Oh God Tara. What are you... Oh God please... I... please."

"What baby? Tell me. Tell me what's happening to you."

"I... I never... never like this."

Tara then pulled the digit slowly out curling the tip as she yet again prepared for reentry. She was in again. This time to the knuckle. Again she pulled out, massaging the wall as she did. Now back in again. She picked up the pace and Willow was yet again speechless. Out, in deeper, out slowly curling then in again faster and faster grew her pace and at last she was in. All the way in.

"Oh Tara, Oh God I'm, I don't, what, oh, God."

Tara was yet again pulling out then pressing in .Her eyes glued to Willow's and her mouth hanging open as she saw the results of her ministrations on the woman that lay beneath her. She reached a hand down to her own sex and separated her lips as she rolled slightly on top of Willow and found her hip bone. She pressed herself against it and then she began again. The thrust of her fingers now accompanied by a thrust of her hips into Willow's hip as she ground her sex against it in perfect rhythm with the finger that would bring Willow to climax.

Her pace was increasing again and she saw that Willow was close. She pressed her thumb to the bundle of nerves at Willow's sex and began to thrust deeper and faster. Willow was panting now and her hips joined in the bringing on of her own release.

"Tara what are you doing to me? I've never felt this... never... it's almost... agg aghh, oh, oh, aggh, it, it's, ohh-"

"Let it go baby. Let it out," Tara encouraged.

Willow was flying. Every nerve in her body was brought to the surface and she felt as though she might die of pleasure. Tara was moving at an impossible pace and she rolled on top of Willow and used her hips to help to quicken and deepen her thrust. She pressed her own clit to a knuckle and she was thrusting in at a fierce pace.

She looked at Willow and she saw the beginning of her release. She was desperately trying to keep her eyes on Tara's but it was becoming and impossible task as the waves were taking over her body. She had to close them tight now as her body now flew up in sync with the hips and fingers that were driving her into blissful oblivion. She was pressing up on her elbows now, head held up neck stretched out, her mouth open in a silent scream, as her feet now searched for something to assist in the leverage she needed to bring this to climax.

She found it as she pushed her feet down on the mattress and raised herself almost completely of the bed. Her back arched and her hands feel flat as she reached with every muscle in her body for the orgasm that was building at a impossible rate. She was thrashing wildly now, her movements no long held any cadence and her mouth stretched wide.

And then she was still.


She thrashed wildly as the orgasm broke and then she collapsed on the bed. Her breathing was coming in desperate gasps as her body slowly came back to earth.

Tara was now lying on her back her fingers desperately working her own sex until she to broke with a shuttering cry and landed flat on the bed. She rolled over and looked at Tara. Tara looked back at her and they both erupted in a fit of giggles.

"Tara, never, never in my life have I ever..."

"Me either."

"Tara, I think I love you."

Willow looked at Tara and saw a tear roll down her cheek.

"I love you too."

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