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Author: AmberAlysonLover
Rating: R, coz of horror, blood and a little loving!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters of Buffy, or 28 Days Later. Also Alex Garland is brilliant!

Tara and Dawn are running towards the front door. Tara is scared to death while Dawn is looking and feeling really relaxed.

Tara - "Dawn, please Pumkin Belly, keep up with me."
Dawn (she giggles) - "I'm fine, Tara. I am really fine, dont worry about me."

Once they reach the front door, Xander and Gunn run into them. The girls are knocked to the ground and Xander points the gun in Tara's face.

Xander - "What the fuck is going on here? Why are people screaming?"

Soon Warren runs past them with Cordy and Spike in toe, everyone stands there just watching. No one can say a word till Xander rubs his eyes.

Xander - "Don't fucking stand here, go after him!"
Gunn - "What about the girls?"
Xander - "I'll take care of them, go and get them!"

Gunn nods and runs after Warren and the infected. Warren runs into the kitchen and hides under a sink, as Spike run in after him. He sniff the air and then hear a noise behind them, its Gunn. The two old friends look at each other and Gunn smiles.

Gunn - "Come on, William, come and get me!"

Yet Gunn didnt see Cordy coming from the side of him. Spike soon jumps on the attack and they rip Gunn apart. Outside the window, Willow is watching the killing and has a smile on her face. He had it coming to him. Willow then hears a loud scream from Tara and starts to head towards the noise, she wants to save her girls. Xander has now pushed them upstairs and has run into Riley and Warren, who had left the kitchen.

Xander - "We gotta get the girls somewhere."
Riley - "My room, we can do the job there."
Warren - "I say let Faith have them first, I wanna watch that."
Xander - "Forget sex, we are in deep shit."
Warren - "What can we do?"
Xander - "Riley comes with me and, Warren, you defend these stairs with your fucking life!"

With that Xander pulls on Tara's hand and with Dawn being drugged up, let's go of Tara's hand and goes off with Riley. Tara tries to run after Dawn, but Xander wants Tara and he isnt in the mood for games.

Xander - "No! You come with me, blonde."
Tara (yelling) - "Dawn! No, come back!"

Yet Dawn and Riley are off together and are now half way down the corrdor. Riley is scared and runs off after Xander while Dawn finds a small dressing room. A huge mirror stands in the middle of the room and there is Dawn's bag too, with a pic of Buffy, her mam, dad and her. They all look so happy. She runs her hands over their faces.

Dawn - "I miss you so much."

Suddenly Dawn hears a yell of the infected coming into the hall and looks for a place to hide. Then she hears Tara yell out

Tara - "I'm here, Dawn."

Then Xander runs into the dressing room and smells the air. He can smell human blood and takes a look around. He is then shocked by the sight of him in the mirror, so inhuman and such a killing machne. Soon he got bored and run out of the room, in sreach for blood. Then we see Dawn's hands come over the top of the mirror. She is scared but she needs to find Tara and Willow now.

Warren is standing at the top of the stairs. He is scared to death, he doesnt wanna stay here So, in fear, he runs down the stairs and into the grand hall. He runs as fast as he can and then suddenly stops, dead in his tracks. Willow is standing right in front of him. Warren looks shocked, his eyes are wide. He opens his mouth, but no sound comes out. Willow is holding a long knife and its gone straight into his guts, Willow grins as Warren falls onto the floor. She then slowly steps over his body and goes after Tara and Dawn. She knows Tara and Dawn have to be upstairs with Xander and Riley, yet where is Faith? No time to think, she's gonna save her girls.

Once Willow has gone, Faith walks into the great hall and kneels down at Warren. He is scared and knows he's gonna die, so Faith takes his hands in hers. She can feel she's gonna cry but holds it back, yet she wants to make Willow pay. Warren is trying to talk but he's too weak and Faith knows Willow killed him. She saw it all. Then Warren dies and Faith let's go of his hand and looks up the stairs.

Willow is trying every locked door and then then finds one unlocked. She heads in and takes a look around. No sign of her girls.

Willow - "TARA? DAWN?"

Then she can hear the infected coming to join her and she pulls the bed away from the wall, only to find Riley under it. The old friends look at each other and Willow can tell he's scared to death.

Riley - "I don't have any bullets! Please don't kill me!"

By now Spike, Gunn and Cordy are trying to back down the door. Willow has no idea what to do but then she opens the window and starts to leave. Riley tries to follow her but she knocks him back. Soon as Willow shuts the window and watches as Riley is ripped apart. Willow then heads around the roof and finds a skylight. Faith's still looking for Willow but finds a huge group of infected coming into the house. She opens fire and then hears Tara scream. Now Xander is pulling Tara by one hand and they are runnin down another corridor. The screams of the infected full the house.

Tara - "Dawn, can you hear me?"
Xander - "Shut the fuck up!?!? Do you wanna kill us killed?"
Tara - "Yeah, I do to be honest."
Xander - "Oh look, a door!"

He kicks the door open and pushes Tara into the bedroom. He then roughtly pushes Tara onto the bed and then locks the door. He then smiles as he undresses and Tara is scared to death. Then they hear Faith shooting the infected and Xander walks over and tries to kiss Tara, who bites his mouth. The more she fights, the more he gets off on it. He wants to get his way.

Xander - "It's just you and me now, Tara. I will take care of you. I'll get us a big house with a dog, would you like that?"
Tara - "No, I'm more of a cat person."
Xander - "Not if you're my girlfriend!"
Tara - "There's only one person for me."

Suddenly Willow drops down from the attic. Xander doesnt hear her, but Tara's eye light up and she smiles. Her smile confuses Xander and then he spots Willow. He is knocked off balance by Tara and then Willow was on him. With incredible viciousness, the power and savagery of an infected, Willow beats Xander to death. Any thoughts of their friendship was gone. She had used her thumbs to push into Xander's eyes, and then Willow beats him to death.

When it was over, Willow looks up at Tara and she has her machete in her hands. Yet Tara is frozen because Willow is covered in blood, yet Willow's eyes run all over Tara's body. Then Willow slowly stands up and takes a step towards Tara. Yet Tara remains totally motioness as she watched Willow approach her. Then Tara raises her machete and is about to cut Willow down.

Yet Tara hesitates. She can't do it.

Willow - "That was longer then a heartbeat."
Tara (still unsure) - "Willow, it's really you?"

Willow moves closer to Tara and gives her a very seductive smile, while her left hand caressed Tara's thigh and they start to kiss each other. It's full of passion. They move against a wall as the bedroom door starts to open, slowly.

Tara - "I... I thought you were..."

Willow is now nuzzling Tara's neck and her hand moves to Tara's waist. Tara hand rests on Willow's shoulder. The kiss is alot deeper and has more passion within it now. Then Tara pulls away from Willow and looks into her eyes.

Willow - "I couldn't leave you or Dawn, I think I love you."
Tara - "I feel the same too, god, Will, I thought you were dead!"

The bedroom door is wide open and Dawn has come up behind Willow. Willow is now biting Tara's neck and Tara is moaning and has her eyes closed. Dawn picks up a glass and smashes it over Willow head. The neck biting and passion stop as Willow holds her head.

Willow - "Ouch! What the hell is going on?"

Dawn is now on Willow's back and hitting her with the power she has. Tara is trying to pull her off and can tell Willow's head is cut.

Dawn - "Get off Tara! You can't take her away from me!!!!!!"
Tara (pulling Dawn off Willow) - "Dawnie, Pumkin Belly, it's fine. Listen to me, it's Willow!"

Dawn stops hitting and gets off Willow's back. Now Willow can turn around to look at her best friends little sister.

Dawn - "I thought she was biting you!"
Willow (rubs her head) - "I was giving her neck a bite, god, Dawn are you stoned?"
Dawn (grins) - "Hell yeah!"

Willow then turns to Tara and gives her a dirty look.

Tara - "Listen, Will, it's a very long story!"

Then Willow forgets the drugged up Dawn and her eyes light up as she looks at Tara. Willow's always liked the schoolgirl uniform.

Willow - "I love the outfit, Tara."

Dawn lets out a giggle and Tara looks down on her body. Her eyes light up coz Willow is enjoying the view. Tara was gonna say something but the sounds of the infected coming through the house.

Tara - "Let's get out of here!"
Willow - "Let's get the car and get as far away from here as we can!"

They head downstairs and out into the night air, its still raining. Dawn see's the car and runs over , quickly followed by Tara and Willow. Willow pulls open the the backdoor but only to find Faith, who isnt a happy bunny and has her gun in her hands. Willow and Faith eyes meet each other and Willow starts to back away.

Faith - "You've killed my boys, Red."
Willow (holds her hands out) - "Faith, just take a deep breath and..."

Faith shakes her head and pulls the trigger. Willow is hit in the stomach and falls into Tara's arms.

Tara - "Holy shit! Dawn, help me!"

Dawn is shocked and upset but she doesnt hear Tara's cry, she looks Faith and then hits the accelerator. She drives backwards and Faith looks around and see's about to hit the grand house, but Dawn stops and smiles at Faith. Then Faith hears her boys and Cordy running to the car and they hit the back window. It smashes and Faith is pulled out of the car.

Dawn (grinning) - "Payback's a bitch!"

Once Faith is being ripped apart, Dawn drives back to Willow and Tara. Willow has lost alot of blood but is still very awake, Tara puts Willow into the car and then they all drive off. Dawn reaches the huge gate and it's locked. There's no way out. Tara cant believe how their luck as run out.

Tara - "Great, just great! What do we do now?"

Dawn smiles and speeds towards the gate. They have to get out and it's the only way. Tara knows what Dawn has planned.

Tara - "Dawn, you are sure about this?"
Willow (in pain) - "Just fucking do it!"

Dawn pulls her seatbelt over her and Willow and Tara hold onto each other. Dawn gets more and more faster and hits the locked gate hard and fast. Willow and Tara fly towards the front seats as it all goes black for the second time.

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