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Author: AmberAlysonLover
Rating: R, coz of horror, blood and a little loving!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters of Buffy, or 28 Days Later. Also Alex Garland is brilliant!
Note: Parts of this chapter are based on Britney's Caterer by Veronica.

We now see rollings hills, green fields and upon the green is the word:


There is a lovely small farmhouse and its a beautiful day. In bed is Willow, her somtach has white bedcovers over the gun shoot wound and there is dry blood on them. Willow is tossing and turning, she is having a nightmare and she suddely wakes herself up. She is alone but Tara's clothes are all over the room and Willow rises slowly off the bed. She takes a look around and then the sunlight hits her, she shuts her eyes and lets out a sigh.

Willow - "Oh Tara, I liked those curtains!"

She gets off the bed and finds a top, she then picks up one with a cute kitten on them. She knocks back two pills and heads into the living room and the sofa looks unkept and the covers are missing off them too. Tara is sat surrounded by lengths of material which is she stitching together. Willow picks up the very short skirt which Tara wore and she licked her lips.

Willow - "Honey, you looked AMAMING in this!"

Tara gives Willow a lopsided grin and rememebers thier first night of passion they had together at the farmhouse. They had been busy on that day, sorting out food and making sure Dawn was busy with work at the house. Willow had to re-fill the car full of petrol and Tara went along for the ride. When they had done that, they began to drive back to the farmhouse and along the way, Tara placed her hand over Willow's on the gearshift. At the final stoplight before the turn to into the small side room, Tara leaned across the console and kissed Willow full on the lips. They both knew it was time to get home.

Once they arrived home, Tara went to unlock the door while Willow kissed the back of her neck. Soon Tara turned to face Willow and their fingers entwined with each other's and Willow lifted Tara's hand to her lips, kissing it softly before pulling Tara's face to her to kiss her, giving Tara the same passionate but gentle kiss she had given Willow earlier in the car. Tara turned her body into Willow and pressed herself against Willow, both of them falling into a hot, loving kiss. Their bodies were so close that they couldn't tell whose heart was beating faster. It was electric.

Thank god Tara had one hand free to unlock the front door. They made sure Dawn was asleep and then headed up to their bedroom. Tara then had to unlock that door while Willow slid her arms around Tara's waist, standing behind her while she unlocked her door. Not being able to resist her bare neck exposed to Willow so invitingly, she bent down and kissed the side of Tara's neck, nibbling and sucking on it, savoring the taste of her skin. Willow sensed her pause a moment before opening the door and leading them both in. Willow held onto Tara's waist, kicking the door shut behind her while Willow moved her lips to the other side of Tara's neck. Willow felt Tara shiver and lean back against her chest, reaching around her to lock the deadbolt on the door. Willow smiled to herself as she moved her lips down to the top of Tara's shoulder... she didn't want anybody interrupting this either.

Willow's hands moved over her hips and down the sides her thighs, dragging her fingernails up the front of them until her fingers were grazing over Tara's stomach. A moan escaped Tara's lips and she turned around in Willow's arms to face her, wrapping her arms around Willow's neck and looking into her eyes.

"You know," she started. Willow could feel her fingers scratching the back of her neck lightly. "I'm a virgin and so I'm scared." I kissed her softly and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear that had slipped out of her ponytail. "I know, I won't hurt you. I promise," Willow told her and Tara give her a grin.

Tara seemed to relax a bit at this, and so did Willow. Tara leaned in and kissed her, this time having no reason to stop, they lost themelves in the kiss. Willow ran the tip of her tongue over Tara's bottom lip, gaining the response she wanted. Tara's lips parted, letting her tongue slip into Willow's mouth to find her own. Willow let her hands slide down from Tara's waist slowly, brushing over her bare lower back before daring to move one down to her gorgeous ass, the other holding the back of her neck. Willow darted her tongue into Tara's mouth, taking turns exploring each other's mouths, each of us trying to be closer to the other.

Willow then let her hand slide over the curve of Tara;s ass and moved it between her legs, pressing her fingers against her pussy. Willow could feel the heat through her pants, and it was even a bit damp. Tara bit Willow's lip when she touched her and Willow jerked her hand away, not wanting to move too fast for her. "Why did you stop?" she asked, looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. "I thought you wanted me to." Tara laughed. "Are you serious? No I don't want you to stop, you just surprised me, that's all, I hope I didn't hurt your lip!" Willow flicked her tongue over the sore spot on her lower lip, tasting a hint of blood. "Oh I think I'll survive," She said as she reached up and teased Tara's nipples that were visibly straining against her tight T-shirt.

Tara closed her eyes as Willow stopped to lift her shirt over her head, both of us sighing as she ran her hands over Tara's bare skin. It was hot to the touch, but Willow saw her shiver. She bent down to kiss Tara's neck, her tongue grazing over her warm skin, moving her lips down Tara's neck and shoulder, eliciting appreciative moans from her. Willow's tongue slid down into the valley between Tara's breasts and Willow reached behind Tara's back, undoing the clasp of her bra as Willow pulled it down off Tara's arms.

Then Willow started sucking her nipples and Tara smiled at Willow and placed her hand on the back of Willow's head, urging her lips back to her skin. Willow happily obliged, kissing one of her nipples before flicking her tongue over it. Tara moaned and leaned back slightly, Willow felt her grip tighten in her hair, pulling her closer. Willow sucked Tara's nipple into her mouth, bathing it with her tongue, letting her teeth graze it slightly. Willow reached up with her other hand, not wanting to ignore her other breast, tickling it gently with her nails before massaging and playing with the nipple, feeling it harden beneath my fingers. Then Willow moved her lips to Tara's other nipple, not wanting to give them unequal attention. Tara shuddered when Willow licked it, catching her off guard. Tara's breathing had significantly quickened, and Willow knew she was getting more pleasure out of this than most girls would, for sure. Her nipples must be incredibly sensitive.

Tara was now undressing Willow and playing with her body. They wanted each other so much and nothing was gonna stop them. Willow could smell her arousal and it only made her hungrier. Tara then looked at her girlfriend and said "Willow please, I need you. " Willow leaned down and kissed the tops of Tara's thighs as she opened her legs invitingly. Willow could see a significant wet spot on her panties and she reached for it with her fingers, massaging it, pressing into Tara slightly through her panties, teasing her. Her hips bucked under Willow's touch and Tara moaned. Willow couldn't take it anymore; Tara was begging her to taste her. So Willow took her fingers away from Tara and pulled her panties off, revealing her noticeably wet, perfectly trimmed pussy.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked, giving her one last chance to decide if she really wanted it. "Yes, oh God yes I want it, I need you babe."

That was all the more encouragement Willow needed. She nudged Tara's beautiful thighs apart further, pulling her swollen lips open with her fingers, Tara's wetness leaking out of her opening. Willow looked up into Tara's eyes and leaned down, running her tongue up the length of Tara's pussy to her engorged clit, circling it with her tongue slowly. Tara groaned and fell back on the bed, pushing Willow's head closer between her legs. Willow teased her clit with the tip of her tongue, making Tara's hips buck every time she touched it. Willow held her hips down with her hands and ran her tongue down, slipping it inside Tara's pussy, tasting her juices that were flowing freely now.

"Willow don't stop, please don't stop, oh God." Tara was begging her girlfriend. Willow could never stop, even if she had the desire to do so. She slid her tongue in and out, fucking Tara slowly with it as she tried to push herself further onto Willow's tongue. She let go of her hips and moved her tongue back to Tara's clit, sliding two fingers inside in its place, giving Tara what she wanted. Yet Willow started off slowly, she didnt wanna hurt Tara. Then Willow sucked on Tara's clit as her tongue teased it in her mouth, her fingers pumping into Tara's pussy, quickening her pace when Tara started grinding her hips back against Willow.

Willow pushed her fingers into Tara harder, feeling her pussy squeezing around them slightly. Willow knew Tara was going to come soon, her moans were getting louder by the second. She let go of Tara's clit to blow on it gently, making her squeal in delight before flicking my tongue against it quickly.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come!" She was screaming it and Willow felt her pulling on her long red hair. Willow hoped Dawn couldnt hear this. Tara had now broken a sweat. Her hips bucked against Willow fast and she felt her pussy contract around her fingers. Both of them were moaning as Willow watched wave after wave of pleasure wash over Tara. Willow nearly came, too, from watching Tara orgasm.

"Ohhhhh fucking Christ... oh my God... oh my God..." Tara repeated, coming down off her incredible high. Willow let her fingers slip out of Tara's soaking wet pussy and climbed onto the bed over her body to bend down and kiss Tara's lips, letting her taste her own juices off her sweet lips. "Willow... that was incredible. It was so perfect... wow." She was still panting. Willow blushed a little at the extreme compliment. "Well, a woman knows what a woman needs, right?" "God, absolutely." Then Tara started kissing Willow deeply as she moved to lie down next to her, running her fingers over Tara's body slowly. Willow could worship Tara's body forever, it was so incredibly perfect. "Should we see if I have the same woman's intuition?"

Willow smiled at Tara and nodded, pulling her body onto Willow's as she rolled from Tara's side to her back. Tara didn't spend the time teasing her like Willow had done to her. Hell, Willow didn't care, she didn't need it. Willow didn't know if she would be able to hold back once Tara touched her. Tara kissed Willow once more, tugging her lip between her teeth before moving down Willow's body. Tara pulled at her pants and Willow lifted herself up to let Tara pull them down, taking Willow's new black panties with as she went. Willow ran her hands back through Tara's hair as she lay down between Willow's legs, looking up at her for a moment, making Willow wait just a little.

"Please..." is all Willow had to say. Tara leaned down and pushed her tongue inside Willow. The redhead gasped from the sudden, unbelievable stimulation. Willow saw Tara smile at the reaction and she went to work. She slid her fingers over Willow's clit and started rubbing it, pressing on it as Tara tongue fucked her. Willow don't know how she held off for the time that she did; she knew she didn't want the night to end. Then Willow felt the bed moving from more than her own movements. She looked down to see Tara playing with her pussy with her free hand. It was too much for Willow. Tara was as horny as Willow was and wanted it just as bad. The hardest orgasm ever rocked through Willow's body, nearly making her pull away from Tara's mouth, but she grabbed Willow's thigh and held her close. Willow heard Tara moaning and felt her shuddering, too, and Willow knew Tara was coming too. It only made her own orgasm more intense. It was too good to be true. And Willow was high as a kite as she saw Tara lift her head up, licking her lips.

"Fuck, talk about intuition," Willow said as she started to catch my breath. "It was ok?" Tara asked, completely serious as she moved up to lie down next to Willow. Willow let out a little giggle. "Are you kidding me?" Willow couldn't believe this woman who was the best at everything she seemed to do was doubting something she did. "Tar, it was fucking amazing!" She leaned over to kiss Tara, both of them basking in their incredible afterglow.

Once the daydream was over, Willow looked around for Dawn. Tara looked up the stairs to the small bedroom and Willow headed off to check on her little Dawnie. There was music coming from Dawn;s bedroom and when Willow opened the door, she was hit by the sight of Dawn's bed piled with clothes but she's not there. Willow turns away with a sigh. Then she hear's a sound from outside, she is out there and puttin the letters on the ground.

So then Willow goes back downstairs and kisses Tara softly before she goes outside. The view is stunning. It's a lakeside valley, a small single farmhouse and Buffy's car is parked outside. Dawn see's Willow and she runs over to her and Willow gives Dawn a small kiss on the forehead. Around them is the infected and they are all dying out. It seems without human's to fed on, they cant live and so the gang stand a chance now.

In the sky a vapor trail flies past the bodies. It's a plane with the letters RAF written on the side. On the grass below Dawn's huge letter's now spell out


Soon as the plane flies over Dawn and Willow, they both get exicted and Dawn yells out

Dawn - "TARA!!!! TARA!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!! COME NOW!!!!!"

Tara stops whats she's doing and heads outside to see the plane fly away. Willow, Dawn and Tara are really transfixed as it flies back over them. Once its overhead, the gang jump up and down and Tara pulls Willow and Dawn into her arms. The air around them almost knocks them off their feet and they all feel so alive. Once the plane has gone again, Willow looks at her girlfriend and Dawn and with a grin asks

Willow - "So do you think they saw us?"

Or is it...?

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