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Author: AmberAlysonLover
Rating: R, coz of horror, blood and a little loving!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters of Buffy, or 28 Days Later. Also Alex Garland is brilliant!
Note: I have taken some lines off Buffy and put them in, coz it fitted better and I hope I don't get sued. So Joss, if you read this, I think ur stupid but you did make an amazing TV show - So I can forgive u.

Willow came around slowly and all she can hear was the girls crying and Angel yelling at the small gang. Angel had his gun pointing at the Army but they were closing on him, even thought Angel could look after himself, he knew he didnt stand a chance.

Angel - "I thought we were never gonna do this again! I will shoot if you try, I mean it. I won't let you take these girls and use them!"

They didnt hear his words and nor did they care, they wanted woman and they have them now. Soon Angel was bought down by Gunn, Riley, Warren and Oz. Tara and Dawn were being kept underwatch by Xander and Spike. Once Angel was knocked to the ground, Willow went to sit up and help her girls, but was knocked down by Faith - who stood over her.

Faith - "I can give you a chance. You can join us and have Tara every minute, second, hour, day, month and year. So. Red, do you wanna join us?"

Willow looked up at her old friend. Faith, in return, gazes into Willow's and seaches for her answer. Yet both Willow and Faith knew the answer to the question.

Faith - "Okay, Red, it's okay."

Faith gives Willow's cheek a gentle pat and then pulls Willow roughly onto her feet.

Faith - "Take Red and Angel to the basement, Spike."
Spike - "Sure thing, Faith. What about Tara and Dawn?"
Faith - "Get them dressed and bring Tara to me. I have plans for blonde, keep Dawn for yourself."

Willow's eyes flick to the side, where Tara is holding a crying Dawn. They both looked totally terrifed and Willow wishes she could stop this. Then Willow looks over at Faith and their eyes meet and Faith gives her a shit eating grin.

Willow - "If you touch them, Faith, I will kill you! I swear, I will kill you!"
Faith - "Take them down!"
Willow (being pulled away) - "I MEAN IT!!!!! TOUCH THEM AND I WILL KILL YOU!"
Faith - "With what, Red? Magic?"

Spike and Xander have now locked Willow and Angel in the basement. There are dead bodies of men lying on the grounds and the smell of death is sicking. Willow and Angel are chained to the radiator and Angel isnt a happy man. Willow, who isnt happy at all, seems to be looking around the room for a way out.

Angel - "You think I'm the same as them, dont you?"
Willow - "Yes. I think you've had your fair share of woman, Angel. I ain't gonna act shocked or upset, men are animals when they want sex."
Angel - "That's a horrible thing to say, what about Faith?"
Willow - "She's just as sick as you lot!"

Then the door opens and in walks Spike and Xander. They seem to be happy and in a jolly mood, it breaks Willow's heart. Xander unlocks them and they all head outside. Along the way, both were beaten badly. Willow's shirt is ripped and her nose is bleeding, there's a very deep cut on her forehead too. She is dazed and numbed. Not by her beating but by the way everything has turned out. Willow loses her footing and falls onto the ground, soon Xander is on her and has his foot on her thoat.

Xander - "Get up, Red."
Willow - "Please, Xand, don't hurt them."
Xander - "You wanna know what's gonna happen? Faith's gonna have Blonde and then we'll have Dawnie. Don't worry about Tara, Faith's very gentle - well for the first time anyway!"
Willow - "Dont you dare touch Dawn! I won't let you hurt Dawn or Tara! I will kill you, Alexander Harris!"
Xander - "Not if I kill you first! Now get the fuck up!"

Willow stands up and is pushed next to Angel. They were walked out into an opening and then Spike turns his gun on Angel. Around them is dead bodies, stacked up high and they are covered with flies. Willow knows there is no way out. Xander looks scared coz they are still vampires around here while Spike looks exicted.

Angel - "Just kill me. I can't stand this any longer."
Spike - "I like it when you beg, keep going."
Xander - "Just shoot him! The girls are waitin' for us, Spike."
Spike - "Chill out! The infected won't come here, let's enjoy this moment."
Angel - "Shoot me, William, come on do it!"
Spike - "Any last words Angel?"

Angel nods and spits into Spike's face. The two friends smile and then Xander's gun goes off and Willow jumps onto the floor. The bullet hits Angel who goes down with Willow, Spike quickly turns on Xander.

Spike - "You stupid wanker! You could have shot my head off!"
Xander - "You were taking too long, the girls are waiting for us."
Spike - "I couldn't care less! I wanted to kill him myself!"

Now Xander looks really really worried, Willow is gone.

Xander - "She's gone! Willow's gone!"
Spike - "That's just great! Shoot everywhere and we might hit her!"

They then hear a noise coming from behind them. The tree's are moving and Willow's smell can be smelt too.

Xander - "She's over there!"
Spike - "Shoot!"

They shoot for ages, hitting bodies and trees but nothing comes from it. Yet Spike sees Willow's red shirt hanging over the wall. She was out of the woods and back on the motorway. Both boys look at each other and Xander starts to worry.

Xander - "We are dead!"
Spike - "No it's fine. She's got no gun, no car and no help. She's gonna die soon. Let's go back and say we killed them both!"
Xander - "I hope you're right."

Just outside of the woods, Willow is running towards the blockade, away from the house. Her hands are still tied and is very much out of breath. She is still scared and jumping at every single sound she hears, then she falls over her own feet and rolls down a hill. Once she has come to a stop, she looks into the sky and see's a plane fly overhead. It's a sign in Willow's mind that everything is gonna work out.

Now back in the house, Tara and Dawn are locked in a room with the boys. Dawn is still crying while Tara is yelling hard and desperate.

Tara - "You can't do this to Dawn, she's only 17!!!!!"

Xander smiles at Tara and is also pulling at her clothes. She is fighting him off as Spike has hold of Dawn, who is fighting him off and crying. Then a plan comes into Tara's head, if she plays nice, they might calm down. So Tara pulls Xander into a hug and then looks into his eyes. He seems to calm down and even smiles at her. The whole room has stopped talking now.

Tara - "Let me and Dawn get dressed alone."
Xander - "Faith told us to..."
Tara - "I will go to her and do whatever she wants, but I wanna help Dawn get dressed."
Xander - "I dont know..."
Tara - "Please, Xander, it's just fucking polite."
Xander - "I guess that would be fine, come on boys, let's leave them alone."

They all leave and then Tara walks over to Dawn. In her hands is the bottle of Valium.

Tara - "Eat them."
Dawn - "Are you trying to kill me?"
Tara - "No, Pumkin Belly, I am gonna make you not care. Please eat them?"
Dawn - "Ok, I will."

Dawn necks down half a bottle and they get dressed. Dawn has a long red dress on while Tara's outfit is an eyeopener. Tara has on a very short black skirt, a very revealing white shirt - open to show off her black bra and stockings. Once they are dressed, the boys walk in and their eyes lit up.

Xander - "Faith is gonna love that! Let's get Tara into Faith's room and then Dawn and us can have some fun."
Tara - "No. I wanna be with you if that happens, so let me deal with Faith and then it can happen, okay?"
Xander - "Whatever. I've always loved girl on girl action."
Tara - "Just take me to Faith."

When Tara and Dawn walked into Faith's room, Faith's eyes lit up and she couldnt believe her luck. Tara walked over to Faith and stood right in front of her and then Faith's eyes roamed all over Tara's perfect body. Tara felt herself go cold by the look in Faith's eyes

Faith - "You have such clear skin, huge ample breasts, curvaceous hips and luscious lips, Tara. Do you really wanna wait for the right girl?"
Tara - "I think Willow's that girl, I'm sorry."
Faith - "Listen, Red, well she's dead. I am here to make you feel amazing. Blondie you are a real hottie. I wonder what it would be like to watch you come. I bet you'd be a wildcat in the sack - most shy ones are. Too bad you've got eyes set on Red - I'd love the chance to drag you away somewhere... pin you down... taste you... fuck you. Oh yeah, I bet you'd taste as sweet as honey..."
Tara - "I guess it will never happen, Faith. I ain't a toy for you and your little Army play with, that goes for Dawn too."
Faith - "I can give you what you want Tara," she whispers seductively, making sure to let her lips brush against the blonde's as she speaks. "I can be whoever you want me to be..." she pauses a moment to look into the deep blue eyes "I can even be your precious Red"
Tara (grins at her) - "Willow is a million times worthy of my love, Faith."

Then at that moment, the sound of a distant siren begin to rise

Tara - "WILLOW!"
Faith - "Fuck! I thought she was dead!"

Faith is joined by the boys and she gives Spike and Xander an evil look.

Xander - "We thought she was dead, Faith."
Spike - "She was all alone!"
Faith - "Let's go and kill her now!"

Willow is at the blockade, turning the handle of the siren. The rain is pouring down and her face is covered in blood. Then Willow sees 2 jeeps turning onto the motorway and she takes off and gets ready for her fight. The jeep stops and everyone gets out. They take a look around. Faith is standing in front of her boys.

Faith - "Let's get this over and done with."

Faith opens fire and the bullets rip through the blockade. Faith stops and takes another look around, the rain is heavier now and the boys are still standing behind Faith.

Faith - "Find her and kill her!"

Oz walks off and heads behind a van and she see's a flash of movement behind a plane. Oz stops and rubs the rain off his eyes, he knows it's Willow. So he heads that way and reaches the end of the plane, but there is no one there. Oz isnt scared coz he could take on his ex - girlfriend.

Oz - "Where are you, Willow?"

Then Oz turns to see Willow flying towards him, holding Buffy's lead pipe. Her lips are drawn back over her teeth. She has a murderous smile on her face. To Oz she looks infected and can only yell as Willow hits him hard on the head. Once Oz let out his scream, Faith hears and turns to the sound. Yet behind her, there is a huge group of infected coming towards her. She fires her gun again and they all fall to the ground. She then goes off to find Willow and Oz. She walks over to the plane and see's Oz sitting inside. She opens the door and sits inside. She touches his arm.

Faith - "Oz?"

He is dead. His head is ripped open and there is blood everywhere. Willow went wild on her ex and Faith wasn't happy. She got out and locked the door, she saw the rest walking towards her and they headed to the jeeps. Faith's car wires had been cut by Willow and now they were being attacked by the infected. Yet Faith wasnt in the mood for this shit anymore.

Faith - "Fine, you little shit! You can die out here!"

They drove back to the house but little did they know, Willow was back in the house and was now standing on the wall which overlooked the yard with Cordy. Willow also found herself a gun and shoot off Cordy's chain. Cordy looks up at her old friend and heads off in seach for blood.

Tara and Dawn are now with Warren, Spike and Gunn in a small bedroom. Oz seems worried about the noise of Willow's gun going off outside. Spike and Gunn are planning their nite of fun with the girls. Warren then jumps as he hears another loud bang.

Warren - "Did you hear that? It sounded like a gun?"
Spike - "You are too jumpy, chill out."
Gunn - "I thought I heared it too, I'll go and check."
Warren - "Thanks man."
Gunn - "Now girls, play nice with them."
Spike - "Coz we won't!"

Gunn leaves and they all sit and wait for him to return. Tara is worried yet Dawn is totally chilled out.

Dawn - "Those pills are working. I dont feel sleepy..."

She stops talking and looks at Warren.

Dawn - "He's been gone too long, I bet he's dead."

Warren just looks at her and rolls his eyes

Dawn - "What will happen if Faith or Gunn doesnt come back? Does that make you the boss man? Does it work that way?"

Tara pulls on Dawn's hand.

Tara - "Shut the fuck up!"
Dawn - "I don't think Gunn is coming back. I think Gunn is dead."
Spike - "Tara told you to shut up!"
Dawn - "They are dead!"
Tara - "Please, pumpkin belly, shut up."
Dawn - "They are dead and you're gonna be next."

Dawn's eyes flick over to Spikes and then through the window, Cordy smiles. Spike and Warren yell as Cordy breaks the window and jumps on top of Spike, they start to fight.

Warren - "Shit, I'll get the gun!"

Yet it's too late coz Cordy has bitten Spike and now he has become infected. Tara pulls Dawn up and they head to the door. They get outside and are followed by Warren, who is scared to death. Dawn is now so drugged up and seems to be giggling.

Tara - "Dawn! Dawn, listen to me! We have to run, can you do that for me?"
Dawn - "I'm fine, don't worry about me."

Tara pulls Dawn down the stairs as the bedroom door opens and the now infected Spike and Cordy start to give chase.

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