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Author: AmberAlysonLover
Rating: R, coz of horror, blood and a little loving!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters of Buffy, or 28 Days Later. Also Alex Garland is brilliant!
Note: I have taken some lines off Buffy and put them in, coz it fitted better and I hope I don't get sued. So Joss, if you read this, I think ur stupid but you did make an amazing TV show - So I can forgive u.

Now the girls are been drove down a small-country lane from the blockade. Tara is holding a crying Dawn while Willow looked even more pale and shocked. Xander and Angel are in the back while Spike drove, no one said a word. Then Tara catches Willow's eyes.

Tara - "Have your friends always been like this?"

Willow shakes her head and then all their eyes turn to a huge house. It's got a high covered gate and it's an impressive garden. You can tell once it was loved and well kept, now it was a ungrown and unpretty. The van pulls up and stops outside the front steps. There stands a dark headed girl wearing leather. Willow's eyes wided - it was Faith. So Willow, Tara and Dawn are helped off the van and Faith walked over.

Faith - "Red, Dawn, it's lovely to see you. And who are you?"

She looked over to Tara and let her eyes look her up and down. Tara can also see that Willow isnt happy about that. She shook Faith's hand and give her a smile.

Tara - "I'm Tara."
Faith - "Welcome Tara, we have hot water for showers and clean beds. Why not go in and make yourselves at home?"
Willow - "Thank you."

So Willow and Tara took the tear streaked Dawn into a bedroom and then Willow had a hot shower. She washed her hair and loved the feeling of clean water fall over her body. Outside, all her old friends, Xander, Spike, Angel, Riley, Oz, Gunn and Warren were messing around and being boys. Soon the water was turned off so Willow got re-dressed and went to find Faith, who was sitting in the garden. The two old friends smiled at each other.

Faith - "So you heared the broadcast?"
Willow - "Yes we did. Look about Buffy, I do understand. I don't think Dawn will forgive you, but I will, in time."
Faith - "I loved Buffy, she was my everything. I wished she hadnt become infected, but life is unfair, Red."
Willow - "She's all alone now."
Faith - "She's got you and Blonde."
Willow - "Her name is Tara."

Faith nodded and give Red a smile. All Faith could think was 'Red's got it bad'.

Faith - "I guess you want the answer to infection?"
Willow - "You did say you had it here, we all wanna see it."
Faith - "Follow me and I'll fill you in, Red."

So Faith took Willow around the house. They had high walls, floodlights and land mines lying over the grass. No one could enter the house coz they would die. Faith and her little army has been doing a good job so far, Willow was impressed. Then Faith took her to the back yard and there was bloodsoaked bedsheets hanging off a line. Willow heared the sound of running and she came face to face with Cordy, she was infected. Willow jumped back as Faith went over to their old friend.

Faith - "You're safe, Red, she's chained up."
Willow - "When did this happen?"
Faith - "Two days ago. She was biten while she slept, outside! She was stupid at times, Oz knocked her out and Xander tied her up."
Willow - "You're gonna keep her alive?"
Faith - "Soon, Red, she will tell me how long it will take for the infected to die."
Willow - "Poor Cordy."
Faith - "Dinner's at 7, tell the girls."

Faith left Willow alone with Cordy and went back into the house. Willow walked over to her old friend and touched her face, yet Cordy wanted blood. Willow jumped back and ran into the house and headed up to the bedroom. Willow opened the bedroom slowly and walked in to see Dawn, fast asleep, with Tara's arm over her body. Tara saw Willow and nodded to the bathroom.

Willow - "How is she?"
Tara - "She's lost her sister. That's how she is. It's all fucked,Willow."

Suddenly Tara looks like she was on the verge of tears

Willow - "Oh, don't cry... Please don't. Look, Dawn... she's tough like Buffy. And she's gonna cope like we have done."
Tara - "Shut up, Red, shut up! I don't want her to fucking cope. I want her to be okay. And when she had Buffy, everything was fine. It was all okay, do you remember? It was okay for them and it was okay for us. Now it's really and totally fucked up!"

Tara was now crying and Willow didnt know what to do. She lifts Tara's face up and gently kisses Tara on the lips. Tara pulls back and looks deep into Willow's eyes, then she began to kiss Willow with full on passion. The kiss lasted for a while but then Tara knocked Willow off her and left the room. Willow shook her head and then went back into the room, her and Tara didnt say a word about what just happened. Around 7pm, dinner was ready and it was one crazy dinner. Faith had made sure they had Champange in crystal glasses and also a full good meal. Yet Tara, Willow and Dawn seemed uneasy and looked very much out of place.

Faith - "So, what do we have to eat? Ham, Peas and an Omelette. Harris, you have cooked us a tastey meal."
Xander - "In honor of our friends, Boss."
Faith - "Very kind of you, so lets make a toast to our friends . Yet I am dying to have some of this omelette."

She takes a huge bite but quicky spits it onto the table and looks at Xander.

Faith - "Harris, did you know the eggs were off?"
Xander - "I thought the salt would have covered the taste."
Faith - "Just great." (She looks at Dawn) "I know you can cook, are you up for the gig?"

Dawn looks right through her sister's old girlfriend and then looks at the plate. Soon the Ham and Pea's are spread out along the table and everyone starts to eat.

Xander - "I thought this meal was gonna be amazing, I wish McDonalds was open."
Oz - "Don't we all, but its never gonna happen."
Spike - "I do believe everything will turn back to normal soon."
Faith - "It's never gonna happen, William. We are here coz we kill or be killed, they wouldnt stand a real chance if we had a fill Army line up. We are here thank to being killers, in a good way."
Tara (looking at Dawn) - "You're not eating, sweetie?"
Dawn - "I don't wanna eat."

Faith picks up the chat

Faith - "You have to eat, Dawn."
Dawn - "I don't want food, I want to bury my sister. The girlfriend you used to love. The girlfriend you killed ."

Faith looks at her girlfriend's little sister and suddenly a mine goes off and the house is being attacked by the undead. The boys jump up and head outside, Willow watches as they shoot a tthe undead and Tara takes Dawn to their bedroom. After a short while, the boys have killed the undead and come back in, where Tara is now with Willow - with her knife in her hands. Xander walks over to Tara and gives her a smile

Xander - "Put down the knife, Tara."
Tara - "I'd rather keep it, thanks."
Xander - "Listen, you don't need that. You have me from now on, so give it to me."
Tara - "Fuck you!"
Xander - "Let's go for it then."

Before she can stop him, Xander is pulling at her shirt but Tara isnt one to give up. She fights him off and Xander seems to enjoy that

Xander - "Whoa! Aint you feisty!"
Tara - "Fuck you!"
Xander - "Twice in one night? Ain't I lucky!?!"

Now he's really ripping off her shirt and pushing her to a wall. Yet she is still fighting him like mad and he doesnt seem to stop.

Xander - "You like it rough, so do I!"

Then Angel comes behind them and points his gun at Xander.

Angel - "Leave Tara alone, Harris."

Xander grins at him and carries on pulling at Tara. Willow cant stand this anymore and snaps.

Willow (angrily grabs Xander) - "Leave Tara alone!"

What shocks Willow is that Xander can turn back to violence quickly.

Xander (He hits Willow against a wall) - "Try it Red and you'll lose a head!"
Willow - "Don't touch Tara, Xander!"

Then Angel isnt happy and hits Xander in the back and he falls to the floor. He looks up at Angel and isnt happy.

Xander - "I am gonna kill you, dead boy!"

Then - as if in sixth sense - they all see Faith walk into the room and they all act normal and Xander stands up.

Faith - "Leave us alone, go and clear the bodies off the yard!"
All - "Yes, boss."

Then once they have left, Faith hands Tara's knife back and gives her a smile.

Faith - "My apologies, Tara."

She shakes her head and goes off to their room. Faith and Willow look at each other and Faith nods to the bar.

Willow - "You have read my mind!"
Faith - "I know, I can read you like a book."
Willow - "Listen, Faith, we are grateful for your help. Yet you can't treat us like pieces of meat. We wanna live here and be with you, but that was out of order."
Faith - "Have you killed anyone, Red?"
Willow - "What's that gonna do with this?"
Faith - "Have you killed anyone?"
Willow - "Yes, a little boy. It breaks my heart."
Faith - "Don't be sad, it had to happen. It was you or him."

A moment passes between them.

Faith - "I promised them women."
Willow (shocked) - "What?"
Faith - "I found Xander and Oz with their guns in their mouths last week. They told me they had nothing to live for. I promised them women. After all women mean children."

Willow is shocked and heads for the bedroom to get the girls. Yet she can hear Faith call out after her.

Faith - "And children mean a future."

Willow reached the bedroom door and kicked it open, which shocked Tara and Dawn. They get off the bed and give Willow a funny look. Willow throws their bags at them.

Willow - "Let's go, come on! No time for goodbyes, let's go!"
Tara - "What?"
Willow - "We have to GO! COME ON!"
Dawn - "Why? What's going on?"
Willow - "Please, get up! I will tell you once we go!"

So the girls head out of the bedroom and down the stairs, heading for their car. Yet Xander was waiting with his SA-80 in his hands.

Then everything for Willow went black.

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