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Author: AmberAlysonLover
Rating: R, coz of horror, blood and a little loving!
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters of Buffy, or 28 Days Later. Also Alex Garland is brilliant!
Note: I have taken some lines off Buffy and put them in, coz it fitted better and I hope I don't get sued. So Joss, if you read this, I think ur stupid but you did make an amazing TV show - So I can forgive u.

To pass the time away, still driving up to Manchester, they began talking about their nicknames.

Tara - "So do you all have nicknames?"
Buffy - "Willow really hates hers."
Tara - "Why, what's wrong with it?"
Buffy - "Faith would call her Red 24/7, drove Willow crazy."

Tara let out a giggle and looked at the cute Redhead. She found her nickname cute.

Tara - "I love it, Red."
Willow - "Please, I beg of you, dont call me that!"
Tara - "So, Red, does Buffy have one?"
Willow - "It's the Buffster."
Dawn - "Xander picked that one."
Tara - "Xander?"
Dawn - "He and Willow dated back in High School. Yet they were both dating other people."
Tara - "Is that true?"

She looked at Willow, she didn't look Tara in the eye, all Willow could wish for was the ground up open up and eat her alive.

Buffy - "Tara, they were very young. Nothing came of it and Xander, well, I'm sure he's fine."
Tara - "Moving on, does Dawn have one? Oh apart from Dawnie?"
Dawn - "Mum used to call me Pumpkin Belly and Xander called me Dawn Giovanni."
Tara - "Awwww, which you do you like best?"
Dawn - "Pumpkin Belly coz I feel safe when I hear it."
Tara - "I will remember that, Dawn."
Dawn - "So, do you have one?"
Tara - "No, I was never cool enough."
Dawn - "I will think of one for you, Tara."

Tara reaches over and gently touches Dawn's cheek.

Tara - "I'm sure you will, Pumpkin Belly!"

Around 11.30am, the car pulls up to a stop and everyone is looking at something ahead of them. They are awestruck.

Willow - "Bloody hell!"
Buffy - "It must be Manchester."
Willow - "But, its the whole of Manchester! The whole City?"
Tara - "Where was no fire crews to put out the fire, Will."

Ahead on the horizon, there is a huge glow of a truly massive fire. The smoke spreads into the sky, an amazing sight. The whole City is burning and slowly Buffy drives into the City and they are really shocked. As they drove, pale flakes begin to fall, drifting onto the window

Dawn - "It can't be..."
Willow - "Is it snowing?"
Tara - "Nope, its ash."

They drive through the whole City till they reach and they found themselfes on the motor way again, but its where they have been traveling too.

Buffy - "Okay, everyone, I think we are here!"

There is a huge blockade in front of them. There are high iron walls, covered in razor wire and the towers are held together by scaffold pipes. They stop driving and spot a sign which reads: 42ND BLOCKADE.

The only problem is there is no sign of life.

Willow - "Try the horn."
Tara - "No, we dont wanna attract the wrong kind of people."
Buffy - "What shall we do, Tara?"
Tara - "Check it out and see what we find."

One by one, they all leave the car and start to look around. Each had hold of weapons and were walking in a tight group. Dawn picks up a bag and finds Army clothes and Tara looks into the tents, no sign of anyone alive. Dawn now has hold of Tara's hand.

Dawn - "I don't understand, did they all leave?"

Willow opens another tent and looks inside, ready for anything which will jump out. Like all the others, it's empty.

Willow - "They couldn't have just left?"
Tara - "Maybe they aren't human?"

On cue, they find a tent of dead bodies. Heads have been shot off and cut off, someone had killed these infected. Tara looks at Willow and shakes her head.

Tara - "I don't like the look of this place. I think we should go?"
Buffy (snaps) - "NO! Look check everywhere. There has to be something around here."

She opens a truck door and looks inside, there is nothing. No hope. No life. It's all empty.

Buffy - "Nothing. There is nothing here. I cant believe this!"
Tara - "Buffy..."
Buffy - "Oh yeah, we should go."
Tara - "Yes."
Buffy (exploding) - "GO BLOODY WEHRE! What the fuck are we gonna do? Hoe is this gonna fucking end? It's never gonna..."

Buffy stops her rant off and sits on the ground.

Tara - "We have to get into the car and leave right now."
Buffy - "Tara, we cant just sit put like cattle, waiting for them to pop out everytime they get rather peckish!"
Tara - "I do understand that, Buffy. We have thought this plan over and over, there is no more we can do."
Buffy - "Well ... that's not completely true, is it? (Tara frowning) I mean, not everything. (looks at Willow) Not exactly. (Willow looking nervous) We are here with an incredibly powerful witch..."

Tara looks at Willow in shock.

Tara - "You're a witch?"
Willow - "I can't."
Buffy - "No, see, that's not exactly true either. (angrily) Not can't, won't. You're gonna let us all die!"
Willow - "You don't know how much I hate this. I don't know if there's even... anything I could do."
Buffy - "Yes ... and a good way to find out is to sit around and try nothing. That was sarcasm, by the way."
Tara - "Buffy, please calm down."
Willow - "Black magic is evil. It's dangerous."
Buffy - "And so is all of us dying! Willow, get over yourself and help us, please?!"

Suddenly Dawn walks forward from behind Tara.

Dawn - "Will... look, I don't wanna gang up on you... but my sister kinda has a point. (Willow looking anxious) We brought you back from it once. We're all here, it's just one little spell, (Tara shaking her head) I know, with our help, we can bring you back."
Willow - (firmly) "No. I can't. (to Buffy) If I start, I... I might not be able to stop."

Buffy stands up and walks over to Willow. The two best friends are standing nose to nose now.

Buffy - "And whose fault is that? You know, if you hadn't gotten so much of this in your system in the first place-"
Tara - "Hey! You're gonna back off!"

Tara gets in between Willow and Buffy, faces Buffy down.

Tara - "She said no, and that's it. You're not gonna make her do something that she doesn't want to. And if you try... (unfolds her arms from across her chest and holds up her machete up) You're gonna have to go through me first. Understood?"

Buffy glares at Tara and at Willow.

Buffy - "Fine. If you all aren't willing to get us out of this, then I will do it myself."

Then Buffy walks past the girls and off to the tower, she needs time alone. We see Willow and Tara looking at each other, then Willow, takes Tara's hand and looks into her eyes.

Willow - "Thanks, for helping me. I've never seen Buffy that angry before."
Tara - "You know, I don't know if you noticed, but it actually did get bad in there. Really bad, and ... and you still said no."

Willow nods and turns to smile at Dawn, who is looking at her sister. Buffy is alone and sitting on the egde of a tower. She looks ahead of her and see's a dead infected. They are both sittin the same and both feel worthless. The body is just looking at Buffy and she smiles at it, one down, millions to go. Buffy looks up and see's a number of birds pecking at another dead infected. The noise starts to piss her off and she stands up.

Buffy - "Leave it alone, go on, fuck off!"

The bird looks down and then carries on eating. The noise gets louder and Buffy kicks the tower and it shakes, the bird stops and looks at Buffy. Yet it carries on and Buffy loses her temper again and kicks it harder this time, making the bird drop a small single drop into Buffy's eye. She looks down and rubs her eye, makin the blood go in deeper.

Dawn - "Buffy, are you ok?"

Buffy turns to see her little sister, looking at her. Buffy can tell Dawn is worried and scared, this wasnt gonna help. Behind Dawn, Willow and Tara are talking and keeping a look out for the infected.

Buffy - "I... I'm fine, Pumpkin Belly. I'm sorry I lost my temper, I didn't mean to scare you."
Dawn - "Buffy, you called me Pumpkin Belly?"
Buffy - "I know I did, Dawnie."

Then Buffy stops talking and rubs her eye again.

Dawn - "What's wrong?"

Buffy shakes her head and then her hand hits her temple.

Buffy - "Dawn..."

The colour has drained from Buffy's face.

Buffy - "Dawn, I love you very much."
Dawn - "What are you talking about?"

Dawn starts to walk over to her big sister, yet Buffy tries to push her back.

Buffy - "Get away from me, Dawn."
Dawn - "Buffy, what's wrong?"
Buffy - "GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!"

Buffy's voice rings out as Willow and Tara turn to see what's going on. Now Buffy is facing Willow.

Buffy - "Forgive me, Willow, I didn't mean to lose it with you."
Willow - "It's fine, but what's wrong?"
Buffy - "Just get Dawn away from me now!"
Dawn - "No! I don't understand."

Buffy lashes out as Dawn goes in for a hug. As Buffy is such a stronger people, she knocks Dawn onto her butt.


A trickle of blood runs out of Buffy's nose and then she doubles up in great pain, holding her head and she screams in pain.

Tara - "Willow! Buffy's infected!"
Dawn - "NO! NO! Please, Buffy, don't die."

Dawn throws herself at Buffy but is held back by Tara.

Tara - "Willow, you have to kill her!"

She has Dawn in a tight hold but Willow hasnt moved, she's in shock. Buffy is still screaming in pain and is now on her knees. Meanwhile, Tara is still pulling Dawn back away from her, now infected, sister. Yet Dawn is fighting to get away from Tara.

Dawn - "Don't let her die, Willow."
Tara - "Kill her now, Willow!"

Willow is still frozen, her baseball bat half raised, ready to kill her best friend.

Tara - "Kill her now!!!!!!!!!!"

Then Buffy looks up, her face contorted. The infection has taken hold. And at the moment, just before, Willow took her bat to Buffy's head, a rush of air went around Willow as a rapid, thump of bullets hit Buffy on impact. Buffy screams and falls onto the ground, her blood is everyewhere now.

A moment of silence follows.

Dawn - "Buffy?"

Tara lets Dawn go and then the gunfire comes back. Dawn falls into Tara's arms again and then it stops, Buffy's lifeless body is totally dead now. In a daze, Dawn starts to crawl to her sister's sister side, then a loud male voice calls out making Dawn go back into Tara's warm arms.


Willow turns to the sound of a rather familar voice. There is an guy dressed in Army gear walking to them, the blond hair is a total giveaway.

Willow - "Spike?"

Spike rips off his mask and looks at his old friend, in shock, and then onto Dawn and Tara. He then looks at Buffy's dead body. From behind him, comes another 2 soldiers, their guns pointed at the body. This time Willow was in more deeper shock. It was Xander and Angel. This was madness.

Willow - "Xander, you're alive?"
Xander - "Yes I am, Will. It's good to see you, let's go now."

Willow nods at Xander and turns to the others. Dawn is still looking at Buffy, her eyes cant look away. This time Tara lets go and Dawn runs to her sister's side. Yet Spike pulls up Dawn and leads her to a jeep. Willow and Tara follows and Tara lets a sigh.

Tara - "God help us."

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