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Resident Evil - Buffy Style

Author: Tru2urheart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The "Resident Evil" plot and stuff that I use from the movie isn't mine. Also, Joss owns the Buffy characters so, yeah. Blah blah.

Buffy removed an electronic box. At Willow's weird look she answered, "If we shut her down and remove her power source, she won't be able to boot back up. All the door are unlocked now. Let's get out of here stat."


"Why should we have to wait out here while they have all the fun," Anya asked.

Cordelia hung her head and squeezed her hands tightly, "You call that fun? Fun is shopping for clothes and sleeping in, which I didn't get to do. Someone woke me from my beauty sleep with that stupid emergency call in."

Xander grinned knowingly. Anya on the other hand couldn't stay as quiet, "Yeah. Your not the only one it annoyed. It interupted my orgasm time with Xan..." Xander quickly covered her mouth.

He blushed as he looked around, "Maybe we all need some sleep."

"Getting a little naughty with a co-worker there Xand, "Fatih gave him an evil smile, "Go you."

"Can we talk about something other than your private lives," asked Angel.

Riley looked at him. He didn't much like Angel, "If they want to talk about their private lives, let them. You don't have to listen."

Shaking her head, Sam addressed the group while the two argued on, "Their both still at eachother's throats because of the whole incident they had during our last mission." Everyone rolled their eyes. Just then the power went out. Lights all around them went down.

Everyones' guns went up pointing in all different directions, "Calm down yo," Faith called, "They just shut it down for a minute. Remember, that was our mission." Guns relaxed and the lights were back on in another 20 seconds.

They all relaxed until they heard the clink of metal on cement. They looked toward where the sound had come from. Riley lifts his gun, "I'll go." Everyone nodded. He started slowly down the isle of tanks. Looking past each one. He heard the sound again and turned toward that area. Slowly he made his way to the source of the sound.

He saw a mini metal tank full of air roll in front of him. He gripped his gun tightly and turned the corner. There stood a woman. She looked like she'd been through alot. Riley relaxed a little bit, "Hey, I found a survivor! She's over here," As he said these words, she kept walking closer to him, "Hey, it's alright. I'm a frien..." He didn't even get all the words out. She lunged forward and bit his hand hard, "Ahhh. What are you doing?"

He pushed her off of him and she landed on her butt about 3 yards away. She got up just as Faith, Angel, Sam, Cordelia, Xander, and Anya come up. Faith looks at him weird, What the hell is happening over here?"

He looked at her, "She's crazed. She bit me! Took a chunk of skin right out of me. Everyone get back away from her. You too, Sam."

"Get back or I'll shoot," Shouted Angel. She moved toward him, "I mean it. I'll shoot!" She kept moving toward him.

Faith stepped up and shot her with the machine gun. The woman flew back into a pile of soft insullation, "That should do it, "Faith deadpanned, Sam was wrapping Riley's wound by now.

Buffy rushed over to them, "What happened? We heard shooting!"

"We found a survivor, "Angel said.

Buffy looked confused, "And you shot her?! I know these people have a right to be cranky after what's happened, but she couldn't have bothered you that much!"

Riley looked at her, "She was insane! She bit me! She didn't try to shoot me, or punch and kick me. She bit me," He couldn't seem to get off that subject.

"She bit you," asked Dawn. Riley nodded, "And she drew blood? Okay, let me just express my opinion with a well deserved, eew."

Xander looked over where the person had landed, "Hey! She's gone."

"What? I shot her in the chest like, 6 times, "Fatih shouted.

Everyone started looking around. Oz looked at Buffy, "I think we should get out of here."

The woman came up behind Riley and tried to bite him again the whole room was filling with people. These weren't ordinary people. A man dragged a sludge hammer behind him as his broken ankle cracked each time he walked on it.

Spike yelled out," What are these bloody things?"

While guns were going non- stop, Riley was trying to open the elevator door, "No. That's not the code. Damn it."

Sam came up and pulled him away from it. She quickly typed in the code and the doors opened only to reveal more of the zombie like creatures. She was quickly taken into it and vanished in a crowd of the living dead.

"Sam!"Riley yelled.

Willow heard guns blazing all around, but had gotten seperated from the group. At the same time, Tara had gone off on her own little adventure. Except she seemed to know what she was looking for.

Willow had traveled far from the group by now. She remembered this place somehow. She kept having flashbacks of things she didn't quite understand.


"I can get you access codes, keys, the works," Willow said. She was somewhere outside the mansion talking to some guy, "But it's going to cost you."

The man answered, "Name your price."

End Flashback

She had to figure this out. Just then, a man came out of nowhere. He attacked her just like the ones that were down stairs had. Without thinking she did a spin kick in the air and knocked him down. Before he got up, she instinctivly broke his neck. How did I do that? I mean, I can't remember anything. How did I know how to do that? Well, it's possible that my body can act on instinct, well, it's possible for any body to act on instinct. Actually not every body, because some bodies are dead and... A noise cut her thoughts short. She looked down a hall that was lined with a bunch of small cages. She quickly looked around for something she could use as a weapon.

A gun was in it's holster on the dead man's belt. Very slowly she grabbed for it just as another sound was made at the end of the hall. She took the gun and put it out in front of her. She then realized what the cages were. They were kennels for dogs. Really big kennels for really big dogs.Something moved into the doorway.


Tara was in a room full of desks. She seemed to be looking at the desks trying to find a certain one. She looked from desk to desk, slowly making her way to different offices.

A huge dog emerged into her sight. The only thing she noticed before it started for her, was that is to looked dead.

She ran into another room and locked the door. The dog jumped up into the window but didn't get through. She truned around and sighed before opening her eyes to see nine more of them. She put the gun out in front of her and shot them one by one in the head. Only one was left when she ran out of ammo. She quickly walked up the wall and kicked into the dogs face.

Tara had finally come to the last office that had desks. She found that it was really quiet. She didn't like that one bit. At the end of the section of desks she found a name tag on the last desk. It read, "Donald 'Donny' Maclay". She searched through papers and things before it occured to her that someone was watching from behind. She turned around to face the owner of the desk.

"D-Donny," Tara sputtered. He slowly came closer. She took a step forward. He attacked but before he could do anything else Willow snapped his neck from behind.

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