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Resident Evil - Buffy Style

Author: Tru2urheart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The "Resident Evil" plot and stuff that I use from the movie isn't mine. Also, Joss owns the Buffy characters so, yeah. Blah blah.

"D-Donny," Tara sputtered. He slowly came closer. She took a step forward. He attacked but before he could do anything else Willow snapped his neck from behind. Willow looked down at the body of a man she somehow recognized. Then she looked up to find herself looking into a pair of deep blue eyes. The eyes started to water a bit and before she knew it they were both on there knees, Willow holding Tara. Tara cried into her shoulder.

Willow wished this could last, but if they wanted to live she had to find some things out. She lifted Tara's head from her shoulder, "Who was he," she gently asked.

"My brother. He was supposed to get something that would bring this coorperation down. It's full of things that shouldn't even be messed with. He was going to get a sample of the t-virus. A very illegal sort of thing. I don't really know much about it except that it would finally be proof enough that The Initiative thinks their ahead of the law, "She said.

"My brother had a contact. Someone who could give him full access to the t-virus, "Tara finished.

Willow looked over at the body, "What happened?"

"I don't know. Maybe they tricked him or betrayed him. Then I heard something happened down here so I came to investigate. If those people had been efficient they would have seen right past my fake badge. If I could just get my hands on the person that was supposed to help my brother..."She shook her head.

"You don't know who it was, "Willow asked.



"I can get you access codes, keys, the works," Willow said. She was somewhere outside the mansion talking to Donny Maclay, "But it's going to cost you."

Donny answered, "Name your price."

End Flashback

She shook her head. Then she gave Tara a hug and said, "Come on. Let's get back to the other's before anymore of these things decides to come after us." They started off for the queen's chamber through the route they were supposed to have taken.

"Ok. Not the type of thing you see normally. Spike, can you find anything in the database about this,Buffy asked. Spike was researching on his mini computer. He shook his head no.

Willow and Tara came up from another entrance through a door. All guns pointed towards them as they entered, "Don't shoot. Help us close the door. They're right behind us," yelled Tara trying hard to close the door. Xander went over to help as well as Dawn and Willow. Together they closed it.

Willow looked around. She pointed at the door near Anya, "Can we go out that door?"

"No it's blocked as well. We need to make a plan. Someone has to go out there and distract them or sometihng. I'll even do it," Danw tried suggest.

Buffy looked at her sternly, "You're the youngest of the group and the newest. I'm not letting you go out there. Especially alone. Not to mention that you're my little sister and if it wern't for the commander, you woulnd't be on this team or on the field because I wouldn't allow it."

Tara broke the tension, "How about through there?" She pointed towards the thick security doors.

"There's no fuckin way outta that bitch's chamber, yo. Plus, I don't fancy a nice walk down death row like those three did," Faith pointed towards the peices of Robin, Andrew, and Kendra, "Kendra was a great friend of mine. The stupid bitch, Red Queen would pay for that if she was anything but a computer."

Willow looked at Faith then grabbed the bag with the electronic box in it and started heading towards the computer. Xander looked after her like she was insane, "What are you doing. There's no exit that way."

Anya stood beside him, "I think I know what she's about to do." Xander made a gues and started after her to stop her, but Anya held him back, "Wild, man eating bunnies aren't going to stop her."

Everyone followed after Willow. Buffy stopped her before she took the computer out of the bag, "We can't turn her back on. We don't know what she'll do."

Willow looked at her, "She's our only exit out of here, "She turned to Spike," Is there a way you can make sure she doesn't try anything?"

"Well, if I hook this cable here and..., "He worked for a minute, then pulled out a control, "There. If she tries anything I'll fry her with this button."

Suddenly a red hologram appeared and then dissapeared, "There you are. I warned you."

"Give me that funcking remote! I'm gonna fry her ass!!" Faith was held back strongly by Anya and Xander.

"I told you what would happen. A part of my programming is disabled, may I ask why?"

It was Buffy who spoke, "For insurance. If ya don't help us out then you don't get to stay on. We'll fry you. Now if you'll be so kind to give us an exit, we'll be glad to leave ya alone."

Oz had been quiet through this whole thing but he wanted to get to the point, "What happened down here?"

The computer spoke as everyone gave their attention to it, "An experiment had been developed called the t-virus. It was a major medical breakthrough. It made dead cells reproduce living cells and make the body active once again even after death. But something went wrong with the chemicals and it didn't quite work the way they hoped it would."

"It brought the body back to moving form, but it didn't quite keep the souls that are originally what we have. The person has already moved on son the body is brought back with only the simplest motor functions. Mainly, the need to feed."

Cordelia spoke up this time, "So how do we kill them?"

"Snapping the top of the pinal column or direct damage to the head are the most efficient ways," it answered.

"You mean shoot them in the head, "Angel said.

"Now we have a bunch of living corpses ut there trying to eat us, "Cordelia laid it down, "What was the nearest exit did you say?"

Willow looked at Tara and they both knew that this was not going to be easy. Nothing mattered anymore except the crew and them, and of course, Survival.

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