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Resident Evil - Buffy Style

Author: Tru2urheart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The "Resident Evil" plot and stuff that I use from the movie isn't mine. Also, Joss owns the Buffy characters so, yeah. Blah blah.

They started off for the route Spike had found. Tara was with Willow. Willow was still a little shook up. Tara put her arm around her and they started off with the rest of the crew. Just as Willow and Tara round the corner, the body of the girl moves against the glass. She opens her eyes.

Spike leads them through different hallways and down more sets of stairs until they reach a huge room, but this isn't a dining hall. It's a huge room full of machinery and military experiments, "I don't get it. It says on the map that this is the bloody dining hall."

"Maybe the company is trying to keep secrets from all of you, "Tara replied distractedly.

"We don't have a lot of time, "Buffy announced, "Look for survivors, but keep tight! We need to shut her down as soon as possible." Everyone went off in seperate little groups. Willow fell away and found herself alone. She looked in one of the tanks, only to see something she didn't quite like. A brain with needles attached into it. There was a body with it, but it wasn't really seeable as far as she was concerned. A voice in her ear made her jump, "I said, keep it tight," Buffy whispered while looking into the same tank.

The group assembled in the middle of the room.Buffy decided since no survivors were found that they would go ahead with the mission, "Alright! I want Spike, Kendra, Andrew, Robin, and Dawn to come with me. The rest of you wait out here and keep an eye out for anything. I also want Willow, Tara, and Oz with me so I can keep an eye on you."

They set off through a door and into a room with computers in it and a huge metal security door, "Spike, I need you to open the door at the end of the hall that's through this door, " He nodded, "When I give the signal I want Kendra, Robin, and Andrew to come after me." She went through the metal securtiy door. Slowly she walked up the isle.

Spike's voice interupted her walk, "The Red Queen knows we're here. She's locked onto us, " He stated. Buffy nodded and started walking again. The lights on the walls suddenly popped on. Buffy stopped instanly and held her gun tighter. Spike spoke again, "It's alright. The lights are automated."

Buffy resumed her way to the end of the hall and stopped at the door. She placed a device on the keypad next to it, "Alright Spike. Figure out this code."

He started typing something and then numbers stared appearing on the device she had put on the keypad. In a minute, the code was there and the door opened. She stepped into a dimly lit room. Signaling to the others to follow, Robin picked up the big bag that he'd been carrying the whole time and followed the other two through the door. When they were halfway through the room the door closed behind Buffy who was surprised at what was happening. The door behind them closed as well.

Robin dropped the bagged as a green laser light came on at the end of the hallway. Buffy voice came through Spike's walky talky, "What's going on?"

Spike shook his head as he typed quickly on the computer, "I don't know! Some bloody defense system was activated after we opened the door."

"Hurry up! Open the doors back up, " shouted Willow. She was looking straigt at the laser through the window in the door, "Somthing's killing them in there!"

Robin quickly jumped for Andrew making them hit the ground as the lazer whizzed across the room. Robin looked at Andrew who was holding his hand up. The hand had all the fingers sliced cleanly off along with part of the hand. He then looked at Kendra, just as part of her head fell to the ground followed by the rest of her.

Tara saw what was happening as well. She quickly grabbed Willow away from the door. Willow had tears running down her cheeks, but didn't look sad. Tara held Willow's head to her shoulder so that they both didn't see anything more of what was happening.

When Spike finally got the door opened, the looked inside. there were little pieces of Robin everywhere and at some point, Andrew has his head sliced cleanly off. Buffy stood at the end of the hallway just inside the other door. She looked fine, but extremely pale as she observed what was in front of her."We need to finish the mission, " she sputtered.

Oz was on the other end with everyone else, "Are you kidding me? I'm not going in there! That's a death sentence!"

Spike nodded at Buffy, and slowly emerged into the room with his former comrades, "H-her defenses are d-down now. She won't do anything else, " he muttered to them as he made his way to the bag that Robin had left on the floor. He didn't seem all that assured. He reached down for the bag slowly. Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He jerked around in time to see Willow helping him with the bag.

Willow had liked the feeling of being in Tara's embrace, but realized that part of this was her fault and reluctantly pulled away to go help Spike. If I get out of this place alive, I'll have to divorce my fake husband and ask her out.

They made it to the end of the hall. Dawn, who had been standing next to Oz, knew that she should have been helping Spike but figured she should stay with the other two since Willow already went to help him. They watched in silence as Buffy lead the other two into a room with a big, round machine in the middle. Spike and Buffy started unpacking the bag. Just as soon as they started putting they're equipment on the machine, a red hologram formed into a little girl.

"Stop. You have no idea what you're doing. You are in grave danger. You must get out now," said the hologram.

Buffy was taking another peice out of the bag, "Don't listen to her. She's a holographic form of the red queen."

The hologram turned to her and said with an confident voice, "You're all going to die down here." Just as soon as she said that, Spike hit a button and the power went down in the whole place.

Doors are opening. Water is pooring out onto the floor of hallways and the labs are quiet.

Thirty seconds later, everything turns back on. Buffy removed an electronic box. At Willow's weird look she answered, "If we shut her down and remove her power source, she won't be able to boot back up. All the doors are unlocked now. Let's get out of here stat."

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