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Resident Evil - Buffy Style

Author: Tru2urheart
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The "Resident Evil" plot and stuff that I use from the movie isn't mine. Also, Joss owns the Buffy characters so, yeah. Blah blah.

The leader looked at him, "Well, I know you three probably want an explanation?" Willow nodded showing she wanted one, as did Tara. The man just stared at the leader, "Well, to start, your name is Daniel Ozbourne, "she pointed at the man, "You're known as Oz for short."

The leader then turned to Willow, "You are Willow Rosenburg. You two are married, but it was a fake marriage as a cover up. You are really guards, working for the Initiatve Company. One of the biggest companies in the world. It supplies medical supplies and health care. You were guarding the second entrance to the hive. The entrance to the train, which we're on now. The hive is where most of the experiments were held. Unknown to the outside world, they also help give supplies to the military. Experiments are conducted down here with hundreds upon hundreds of scientists."

"A problem supposedly came upon the hive and we were sent to check it out. The red queen killed everyone down in the hive for some reason. The reason is unknown to us right now. We are going to shut her down. Any questions?" The leader looked at them, but the train stopped before any of them could reply.

"We're here. The other part of the team should be meeting us at the first entrance to the hive. They should be right outside the double doors." The british speaker commented, "Also, maybe it would be better, ma'am, if these three knew all of our names."

The leader nodded, "Yes, but when we get our other team members. Let's move out!"

The blonde man and the girl named Faith were first out and they looked around, guns at the ready, before giving the announcement that all was clear. The leader went to the door and unlocked it. Light sprung from the other side. Seven more people stood on the other side of the room. Four men and three women.

One man had short, light brown hair and was really tall. Another was black and had no hair. The other two had spiked hair as well,but one was a dark color and the other was blonde and brown. The first woman ahd long, black hair that was braided. Another looked as though she didn't want to be there, but rather in a mall, shopping. The last one was talking to the man with short, light brown hair.

The seven people looked up when the door opened. The one with dark colored, spikey hair spoke first, "Welcome. The perimeter is secure and the elevators seem to be out. We'll have to take the stairs, " he then saw Willow, Oz, and Tara, "Civilians? Are they survivors?"

The leader shook her head, "No, Angel. They were the guards to the second entrance. The blonde is a cop as far as we know, " She turned to the three, "Ok. I'm going to start pointing to people and saying their names. This man's name is Angel as you already heard, "She started pointing to people and saying names, "I'm Buffy, that's Dawn, Faith, William or Spike if you wish, Anya, Xander, Riley, Kendra, Sam, Andrew, Robin, and Cordelia."

Everybody nodded when their name was spoken, "Let's get this done and get out of here. We have two and a half hours before the doors close. Move!!"

They all headed for the stairs and put their guns out in case they needed to fire. Tara decided to talk to the redhead named Willow because she was looking pretty pale, "Hey, you ok? You seem a little nervous."

Willow looked at her and smiled, "I just have this bad feeling. I mean, if everyone down here was killed, then why haven't we seen anybody yet? I also feel bad. Hundreds upon hundreds had been killed. If this is such a secret, then how are they going to tell everyone's families? You know?"

"It'll be okay, Willow. They seem to have all this figured out. Plus if you need any protection while we're down here I'll protect you, " she put on a half smile that made Willow jump inside.

"You seem to be in handcuffs still, "Willow turned to Buffy, "Can she get out of those now? I don't think she's going to try anything?"

Buffy nodded and removed them just as they walked into a hall of labs. The labs were totally flooded though. The one named Cordelia spoke, "How are we supposed to get through all this? Our route is supposed to be straight through these labs."

Buffy looked at her, "Okay, Riley and Sam, I want you to go check how bad the flooding is, "She turned to Spike, "Can you get on your mini computer and find us an alternate route?" He nodded.

Tara spoke to Buffy, "What happened in here?"

Buffy looked to Tara, "The Red Queen must have turned on the fire sprinklers." Just then they heard Willow shriek.

"What is it, "asked Robin, "Oh god!" A body of a young girl was floating in one of the rooms and it had gone up against the glass of the wall.

"I've found an alternate route, but it will cost us time. We've got to go through dining hall B, "Spike took the attention away from the body.

Buffy nodded just as Sam and Riley came back, "We'll have to take that route because the whole floor is flooded, " said Riley.

They started off for the route Spike had found. Tara was with Willow. Willow was still a little shook up. Tara put her arm around her and they started off with the rest of the crew.

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