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Author: JustSkipIt - Debra
Rating: NC-17 - Really! Really! Very NC-17. Some B&D, fucking, toys, etc.
Disclaimer: Willow and Tara and any other character that appeared in the syndicated television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is property of Joss and Mutant Enemy, I'm only borrowing them and am not making any money off them Thanks.

The week was a busy one. Nonetheless, both girls were very much looking forward to their dinner date on Saturday. And of course, to what they knew would happen after their date. Not that either of them knew but all signs led to a very fun evening for everyone. And part of the fun was that they weren't really coming out and saying why they had this very important date planned. A few times they had asked should they go out on Saturday or Sunday and the implication was clear: Saturday was three months to the day since Tara had "picked up" Willow at the bar and Sunday was three months since the redhead first became her kitten.

But their discussions didn't state that they were celebrating an anniversary explicitly. Instead, they just discussed having a nice special dinner and each asked the other, "should it be Saturday or Sunday?"

Three months.

So much had changed and everything had remained the same But more so. The two witches were more in love than they had ever been or ever thought they could be. And their play seemed to have intensified their love and passion while tempering other aspects of their relationship.

Tara often thought about the difference in their relationship since she had taken Willow as her kitten. When they started the play, she had been somewhat concerned with Willow's increasing dependence on magic and need for power. But somehow, it seemed that by engaging in their play, the redhead had released that dependence when she released her control. At times the two witches would be in the Magic Box, disagreeing over magic or some other aspect of planning and Tara would give her lover a look. Willow would immediately acquiesce and both girls knew that they could expect a particularly fulfilling episode of their game that night.

In deference to the obvious reason for their celebration Tara made reservations once again to their favorite restaurant: Skippys. Throughout the meal Willow expected the blonde to bring up their last visit to the restaurant-the visit when Tara had sat them in the middle of the room to show off her kitten and teased and taunted her throughout the meal. When they had arrived at home she had fulfilled every one of her taunts and more.

But Tara never did mention the prior visit. The two girls enjoyed a pleasant meal with wonderful food and a few glasses of wine. Since the week had been so busy, they finally had the opportunity to catch up without being interrupted by demons, by Xander and Anya arguing over the wedding, by Buffy bitching about Spike, or by Dawn bitching about Buffy. Surprisingly, Tara even asked Willow to drive the short distance home.

Willow reached the house and let them inside. Everyone else was out as she had planned. "Tara?" she asked as she kissed the blonde.

"Yes, love?" Tara answered.

"I ...," she faltered, "I got you a present." Tara gave her lover a look and Willow attempted to explain: "I mean I got you a present and me a present and all with the presenty goodness and I think you'll like both..."

The blonde giggled as she hugged her lover. Without releasing her hold she answered, "I got you a present too, love. Do you want to go upstairs?"

"Can you give me five minutes?" Willow requested.

Tara smiled in satisfaction: "Absolutely."

Four and a half minutes later Willow checked her reflection in the mirror over and over again. Good thing I'm not a vampire, she thought, I'd have no way of knowing how this collar looks. She ran her fingertips again over the green leather and admired the way it accented her eyes. Nerves hit her again as she realized how audacious this plan was. Part of that Internet research, the research that Tara had discovered and which had led to Willow "entertaining" her Mistress multiple times now, had been to determine if there was collar etiquette. She had been unable to find any and hoped that this would be ok, that it wouldn't be too far for her lover. The redhead wanted to offer herself to her Mistress at a level deeper and more powerful than she had before. She wanted Tara to know just how much she served her, that she owned her kitten. She only prayed that Tara would understand the gesture. She kneeled in the center of the bed, hands behind her back and eyes down as she waited.

Tara used her five minutes to get two glasses of water and another glass of wine for their evening's refreshment. She had no need to prepare for her gift as it was securely hidden in the closet. At exactly the agreed upon time, she opened the door to the bedroom and smiled at the sight in front of her.

Without speaking, she closed the door and crossed slowly to the bed, setting the drinks on the nightstand. Gently she reached out and traced her fingers along the collar. Willow had fastened it securely and the blonde was surprised to realize just how excited she was by the sight and feel of her lover offering herself like this. "Is this my gift, kitten?" she asked.

"Mistress," Willow began, "your gift is wearing the collar." She waited a second before amending, "and what is in front of me."

Tara beamed with excitement but attempted to keep her feelings somewhat hidden from her lover. She knew without even looking at the bed what her present would be. "Look at me," she ordered as she lifted the bundle in her hands and slowly unwrapped it. She noted her lover trembling with excitement and the wetness already appearing at the red curly triangle between her legs. Holding the leash in front of her, the blonde teasingly ran the leather strap over her kitten's arm and chest.

She lifted the clasp to touch the D-ring centered on Willow's neck and asked, "are you sure, my love?"

Willow gulped as she watched Tara hold the leash. "Please," she finally whispered, "I ... everything." She hoped that her inability to express her needs would not deter Tara from taking what was hers.

Tara watched her lover with amusement and excitement. There was no doubt in her mind that she would attach the leash, nor was there any doubt what she wanted to do once she had it clipped on, but making her kitten wait was always fun. "Stay like that, kitten," she ordered as she turned and casually wandered over to the chair. First setting the leash on the armrest, she took a seat and slowly began disrobing. She could see the lust and anticipation in Willow's eyes as she watched the blonde's every move.

Once Tara had undressed completely, she returned to the bed, her every move slow and deliberate. Fingering the D-ring she gently kissed the redheaded witch. As she clipped the leash onto her lover's collar she declared, "Mine."

"Yours, Mistress," Willow agreed with a whimper.

"Mine completely," Tara commented. "Mine to do anything I want. To enjoy as I wish and pleasure and punish at my inclination." She paused. "Is that what you want, kitten?"

"Oh God, yes, Tara," Willow moaned.

Tara smiled at the way her pet was trembling with excitement. The redhead's curly hairs were soaked with her excitement and she could see a drop of wetness beginning to drip down her thigh. Gently the blonde extended one finger to gather that wetness on the tip and lifted it to her lover's mouth. She was pleased as the girl asked permission before taking the juice into her mouth. "Oh yes, kitten," Tara purred, "you always taste so wonderful."

Tara walked around the bed in both directions, still holding the end of the leash. She allowed the tension to vary from completely slack to rather tight and noted the way her kitten's breathing quickened from the pulls she gave to the lead. "You look so beautiful, my love," she complimented her lover.

Willow whimpered in response to Tara's compliment before answering, "thank you, Mistress Tara." She knew that she was shaking with excitement. Nothing in her imagination had given her a good idea of what it would really be like when Tara held the end of the leash in her hands. And now, she was just waiting for what would be next. Of course her Mistress loved making her wait and that was just part of what was so wonderful about their relationship.

But apparently the blonde was tired of waiting. She suddenly moved to sit at the head of the bed and tugged on the leash to turn her kitten around. "Come here, kitten," she ordered as she pulled on the lead rather more roughly than Willow expected. Gathering the leather in her hands she explained, "If you pleasure your Mistress well, you will get your present."

"Please, Tara?" Willow pleaded as she lay in front of her blonde goddess.

Tara looked at her lover as she held the leash in her hands. She tugged it occasionally just to remind the redhead that it was there but mostly just held it securely. "Earn your present, kitten," Tara ordered as she gave another tug on the leash.

The redhead smiled as she whispered, "Thank you, Mistress Tara," and immediately began licking her lover's wet folds. After giving one or two quick strokes, she slowed her pace to draw out her Mistress's pleasure. She knew that Tara liked her pleasure slow and sensual and wanted to please the woman absolutely. The blonde witch's sweet juices were escaping from her core almost faster than Willow could lick them but the kitten kept up her attention nonetheless.

Willow was not surprised to hear Tara's voice as she tenderly made love to the blonde: "Oh yeah, kitten, that's it." Tara loved to talk during their love making whether it was play or not. And during play, she seemed to love talking even more. She would frequently tell Willow everything she was going to do to her, teasing her into a frenzy before actually granting her punishment or pleasure. "Get that soft ass in the air while you pleasure me, kitten," Tara said, emphasizing her order with another tug on the new collar.

Willow moaned as she heard her Mistress's order and felt the tension again on her neck. Tara was certainly taking to the collar and leash well... Feeling a little frisky, the redhead followed Tara's order immediately and even added a slight wiggle to her hips to emphasize her bottom. "Yes Mistress," she remembered to mumble into her lover's wetness.

"Oh God, that's good," Tara moaned as she reveled in the pleasure her kitten's tongue brought. The girl had her mouth latched onto her Mistress's opening and her tongue buried deep inside her channel, thrusting deeper and harder with every movement. Within moments the blonde was no longer saying anything more coherent than, "oh God... oh God... oh Willow... yes... yes... yes...!"

As she felt her Mistress quiver around her tongue, Willow thrust it harder before withdrawing it and immediately flicking at her lover's clit. Tara's hips arched from the bed as she orgasmed powerfully, not even noticing that she was still pulling on the leash. She felt her lover's fingers questing at her entrance and heard her low request: "Please Mistress?"

"Oh God, kitten," Tara groaned, "yes. Yes kitten. Use your fingers. Fuck me, baby. Make me come so hard, all over your hand and face, and you'll earn your present." She enjoyed the game of continuing to hold the enticement of the gift over her lover's head.

Willow needed no further encouragement to be inside her lover. Who could ever resist such perfection? Her fingers slid into Tara's wet core with no resistance and she added a third to Tara's shout and tug. The redhead was drenched with her own excitement and could feel her juices dripping down her thighs as she simultaneously absorbed the overwhelming taste of her lover, the clenching of her cunt around her hand, and the tension on the leash.

As Tara screamed again Willow smiled against her clit, glad that she had encouraged Buffy and Dawn to spend the evening elsewhere. Not slowing her hand's motion or her tongue on the blonde's clit, she knew that she was earning her gift as Tara came continuously or perhaps over and over again. Finally the redhead slowed her actions as she realized that Tara was whimpering with pleasure and fulfillment.

As she recovered from the intensity of her orgasms, Tara loosened her hold on the leash but opened her arms. "Come up here, kitten," she whispered.

Willow quickly moved into her Mistress's arms and placed soft kisses on her neck and collarbone. "I love you, Tara," she whispered.

"I love you too Willow," Tara answered, "but what are you giggling about, kitten?"

Willow glanced down and explained, "I was just thinking that it's a good thing I convinced Buffy and Dawn to be out this evening, Tara." She was surprised as the blonde also began laughing.

"What did you tell them?" Tara asked.

"I said that we were working on a spell and that it used a lot of ingredients that might not smell too great," Willow explained. As Tara started laughing even harder Willow added, "but I gave them $25 to go to the movies."

"Wow," Tara laughed, "they must be having a good evening since I gave them $30 to have dinner out while we celebrate the anniversary of our first kiss.

Willow laughed too. "What is that? The 2 year, 3 month, and 17 day anniversary?"

"It could be a Wiccan thing," Tara joked.

Willow again laughed and kissed her lover. "Did you like your present, Tara?" she asked.

The blonde wrapped her hand around the leash once again. "I'm not done with my present yet, my kitten," she answered with a grin.

"Oh really, Mistress?" Willow said, her tone a mixture of cheek and submission.

The blonde raised one eyebrow as she looked at her lover. Before Willow could process the meaning of her lover's look, she felt Tara's lips capture her own and roughly kiss her. The blonde rolled onto her smaller lover's body and thrust her tongue into her mouth, pleased to hear the girl whimper in response. Pulling her lips back she began to caress the redhead's body once again, occasionally pulling or pinching her nipples. "I think you definitely earned your present, kitten," she whispered.

"Thank you, Tara," Willow moaned as she absorbed the sensation of her Mistress dominating her by holding her down and working her nipples. She was surprised as the blonde rolled off her and smiled.

"I think I'll wait here while you go get your present, kitten," Tara smirked. Before Willow could answer Tara waved the leash and pulled it around her lover's back. "Hold this for me," she ordered.

"Yes, Tara," Willow answered excitedly; she loved it when her Mistress required her to restrain herself.

Tara gave a predatory grin as she was the excitement on her kitten's face and between her legs. She leaned forward to whisper in Willow's ear: "your present is in my closet between my black boots and my brown ones with a ribbon on it. Go get and bring it back for your Mistress.

"Thank you, Tara," Willow answered obediently as she fluidly rolled off the bed while still holding the leash behind her back. She hoped that she was putting on the kind of show that her lover would enjoy. From reading the "literature" she had seen on the Internet, she knew that she wouldn't have enjoyed if Tara had wanted her to crawl across the room, but at the same time she was aware that she would have to bring the present back in her mouth. The prospect was surprisingly enticing to her. Fortunately for the redhead, the closet door was slightly open and she was able to use her foot to open it enough to get inside. She had to drop to her knees to get to the present and it made her think of all the time she got to spend in that position while she served her Mistress. Knowing how Tara loved to talk about her dominating her kitten, Willow explained, "this position makes me think about serving you, Mistress."

"Mmm," Tara answered, "that's a nice thought, kitten." She languidly ran her fingertips along her wetness, enjoying the feeling and the relaxation she felt after her powerful orgasms. "You'll definitely be spending some more time on your knees tonight," she teased.

"Oh baby," she told her lover, "I wish I had a camera to take your picture." Willow stood just outside the closet, her hands still clasped around the leash and a black riding crop with a green ribbon around it in her teeth. Her face was graced by an unmistakable grin.

The redhead quickly crossed to the bed, dropping the present on the bed and kneeling once again in the center. "Oh thank you, Mistress," she sincerely moaned as she looked at the toy now in her lover's hands.

Tara turned the crop over and over in her hands as she pulled off the ribbon. "I saw the way you liked this toy when we visited the club." She ran the tip over Willow's upper arm. "Would you like me to use this on you, kitten?"

"Please, Tara, please..." Willow pleaded.

"Please what, kitten," Tara continued to tease.

"Please use the riding crop on me, Mistress," Willow whimpered. "I'm yours, please..." she trailed off.

"Well," Tara appeared to think it over but both girls knew she was just teasing her kitten, "if you insist." She moved around behind her lover and took the leash from her hands, giving it a tug. "I'm going to use this on you, not to punish but because you want it and because I want to give it to you, kitten." She emphasized her promise with another tug on the leash.

Moving in front of the girl she kissed her lovingly before looking her in the eye for a long moment. She wanted to give Willow every chance to safe word but none was forthcoming. "You don't have to count, kitten, but you are welcome to scream," she whispered as she flicked the tip of the toy against her lover's soft breast.

"Mmm," Willow moaned as she felt the contact of the leather flap at the end of the crop. She hadn't expected her Mistress to use the crop on her front but it was amazingly powerful and erotic. The blonde was varying the location and intensity of each hit so that each was sharp but not overwhelming, seeming to heighten her senses. As she felt the crop strike her across the upper thigh, she cried out, "Thank you, Mistress."

Tara watched her lover for signs of distress but Willow seemed almost transported by her sensations. Tara had spent hours earlier in the week testing out the crop to get used to it. She started by hitting a pillow to get the range and eventually used her own forearms and legs for determining how hard to hit. The session quickly reminded her why she had no interest in being dominated but it was obvious that the groundwork was paying off as Willow continued to moan with each hit. Gently she ran her hand over her lover's body, tracing the marks the toy had left before offering the girl a drink of water.

Moving a pillow for Willow to lay across, Tara ordered her, "lie on your stomach, kitten."

"Yes, Mistress," Willow eagerly complied, "thank you for my present."

Tara lay next to her kitten and began stroking her back with her palm and the tip of the riding crop. She could feel the girl's body shaking with excitement and the smell of her arousal permeated the room. "Do you remember the first night we played like this, my kitten?" she asked. "The night I picked you up at the bar?" she clarified.

"Yes, Tara," Willow groaned, "it was wonderful."

"Well," Tara explained, "do you remember our game that night?"

"Of course, my Mistress, it was wonderful," Willow eagerly reminisced.

Tara smiled at her lover's answer. "I cheated that night," she explained cryptically.

"Cheated, Tara?" Willow asked confused about the conversation. In addition to her confusion at the turn the conversation was taking she was having trouble concentrating. Tara was running her hands over her back and ass and had begun playing with her tight hole. The redhead realized that her lover's finger was lubricated and vaguely wondered when she had gotten the lubricant from the nightstand.

"Do you remember the numbers you chose, kitten?" Tara continued as she gently slid a finger into her lover's body. Before Willow could answer she told her, "God kitten, I so love taking you like this. You feel so tight around my finger. All mine."

"Yours, Tara," Willow moaned as he attempted to remember the numbers. "I think I chose four, uh, for the blindfold, three for the ice, eight for the, oh Holy God, nipple clips, and eleven for the whip, my Mistress?" Tara was beginning to move her finger inside the redhead's tight hole and Willow had to concentrate to keep from moving into the action.

"Eleven wasn't really the whip," Tara explained. "I didn't think you were ready for eleven yet. This is eleven." As she spoke she removed her finger and slid a small butt plug into her kitten's ass. "Are you mine?" she whispered.

"Oh ... God... yes... Tara...," Willow gasped as she felt the intrusion. Even though her lover had gently relaxed her sphincter with her finger and lubricated both her hole and the plug, the sensation was overwhelming.

Tara smiled as she explained, "I want you to hold this plug in your tight little asshole for your Mistress while I whip your ass. Do you think you can do that, kitten?"

"Please. Yes. Please," the redhead whimpered as she tightened her muscles around the plug.

"Good girl," Tara said as she delivered the first snapping blow with the crop. By the third stoke Willow was moaning and whimpering wordlessly. Tara could see that the girl was trying but was having trouble keeping the plug held tight so every few strokes, she pushed it back in for her.

"How are you doing?" she asked as she took a break from using the crop on her kitten's ass.

"I... the... thank you," Willow barely managed to gasp as she tried to control her breathing.

She was confused by Tara's statement: "you're doing so well that I have another surprise for you." Then she felt the blonde touching the plug again and it began vibrating.

Willow gave up any hope of containing her shouts as she felt the vibrations through the plug. "Oh God! Tara!" she shouted over and over occasionally interspersing a "thank you" as the blonde returned to whipping her with the crop.

Knowing how close her lover was to completely losing it, Tara dropped the crop but tugged on the leash. "Mine," she growled again as she brushed her free hand across the redheaded witch's clit. "Come for me, kitten," she ordered as she speeded up her hand's movement, feeling the vibration from the small "bullet vibe" through the prone girl's body. "Come all you want!"

Willow needed no further encouragement to release her climax. Her body felt like she was exploding and she couldn't even identify if the climax was coming from her skin where Tara had whipped her, from her ass still holding the shaking plug, her cunt, or her clit. "Fuck! Tara! Yes!" she shouted. Her excitement was even further increased as her lover continued talking to her: "Oh yeah, kitten, come for me. Come while I fuck you so good."

Then she felt the blonde's hand pass along her lips and when she parted her teeth, she felt the handle of the leash inserted between them. "Hold this for me, kitten, so I can fuck you with two hands and hear those wonderful whimpers you make while you come," her Mistress purred. The redhead didn't even have time to wonder why Tara needed two hands before the girl placed both hands on her hips and pulled back lightly. "Up on your knees, kitten," she ordered and Willow complied immediately, moaning her compliance into the leather of the leash handle.

Her screaming moan was wordless but easily understood as Willow felt her lover press against one leg from behind and insert her fingers into her cunt. She couldn't tell how many it was but the fullness she felt from the plug still shaking in her ass made it feel like the blonde's whole hand. "Oh baby," Tara whispered, "you're taking me so good. Three fingers and I'm fucking you so deep and hard." Suddenly the vibration was gone but the plug remained and she felt the rubber starting to saw in and out of her loosening hole.

Tara knew her own climax was approaching as she dominated her lover so thoroughly. She loved the way the girl gave everything up to her, surrendered every ounce of control, every ounce of resistance. Her thumb in the end of the butt plug allowed her to press it in and out of Willow's ass and each time one of the indentions on the surface passed her sphincter there was a small pop as well as a sexy moan from the redhead. Her own clit was pressed against Willow's thigh and slid wetly against her skin. "Keep coming, kitten," she whispered. As she felt Willow's cunt contract around her fingers she promised her, "not today but another day, I'll fuck you like this but with my strap on. Would you like that, kitten? If I stretch you out with this plug and tie you down and whip your ass and fuck you, slapping against the marks?"

Willow could only scream and moan against the leather, finally dropping it from her mouth and collapsing on the bed, her body shaking from the power of her orgasms. She didn't know if her Mistress wanted her still on her knees or holding the leash but there was no way she could stay like that for another moment. Unable to form coherent thoughts she simply moaned and whimpered, "Thank you... Need... Love... Hold... Please... Please..." Apparently it was clear enough as the blonde gently pulled her fingers and the toy out of her lover's body and moved to gather her in her arms.

Both girls lay unmoving from the intensity of their climaxes and their play. Tara's hands idly caressed Willow's spent body and nimbly removed the collar which she dropped with the other toys on the floor. "Did you enjoy that, my love?" she asked quietly as she offered Willow a drink of water.

"Couldn't you tell by the incoherent moaning and screaming?" Willow giggled as she nuzzled into her lover's neck.

"It w-wasn't too far?" Tara asked again, hungry for reassurance.

Willow leaned forward cupping her lover's face in her hands. "Never, baby. It's never been too far. I love you and I love everything you do for me." She gently kissed the blonde before hugging her tight. Suddenly she let go and flopped back onto the bed. "But now I need to pass out and dream of this for about 18 hours," she tiredly informed her lover.

Tara smiled down at her love. "I'll clean up the toys and get a washcloth to wipe you off and then we can sleep as long as you want, my love," she told her as she moved quickly to the bathroom. A few minutes later she wrapped her arms around the smaller girl who was already falling into slumber. "Happy Anniversary, my love," she whispered as she placed a kiss on her neck.

"You too," Willow mumbled, "thank you, my Mistress..."

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